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{How does Net metering work|What is Net Metering|How is Net metering used}?

What is net {metering|meters|measurement}? {How does it work|What is its purpose|What does it do}?

Net energy metering {is a utility|is a|can be described as a utility} rate {initiative in which|initiative where|program in which} your {battery powered company|battery-powered company|battery powered business} {is required to purchase extra|must purchase additional|must buy additional} solar energy {produced|generated} by {your solar panels at comprehensive|your solar panels at a comprehensive|the solar panels at full} {electricity rates|electricity prices|electric rates}.

{When your solar power|If your solar power|If your solar} system {generates|produces} more {power than one’s|power than your|energy than the} {home requires, it transmits|home needs, it sends|home’s needs, it will transmit} {the excess to|the excess power to|excess energy to} the grid. {Your utility company will then|The utility company will|The utility company then} {reimburse you|pay you back|refund you}. {Rooftop solar panels are|Solar panels on rooftops are|The rooftop solar panel is} {an excellent|a great|a fantastic} {way to save money by|method to save money|option to save money} {utilizing|using|making use of} net {metering|meters}. The {best|most suitable|most ideal} {locations for solar installations|places for solar panels|spots for solar installations} {are not those that accept|aren’t those that receive|are not the ones that get} {the most|more|much} sunlight. {It is the state with|This is the state that has|The state that is the most favorable has} {the most favorable net-metering|one of the best net-metering|Net-Metering policies that are the least favorable.} {policies|policy|laws}.

{How does net metering work|What is net metering|What exactly is net metering}?

Net {metering|Metering} is {a credit system that allows|credit system that permits|an option for credit that allows} {you to return solar electricity|you to transfer solar energy|the solar power to be returned} {to the|back to|into the} grid. {This also offsets|It also helps offset|This can also reduce} {future utility electricity consumption|the future consumption of utility electricity|future electricity usage by utilities}. This calculates the{ monetary|| financial} {value of the renewable radiation|value of the solar radiation|worth of the energy} {you generate|that you produce|generated by your solar system}. {By correctly sizing|If you are able to correctly size|When you correctly size} your solar {system, you can|array, you will be able to|panel, you can} {remove your monthly electricity costs|reduce your monthly electric bill|eliminate your monthly electricity bills}.

{The middle of the day,|In the middle of the afternoon,|It is the time of day} {when|during which} the sun {shines|is shining}{, is when| is when|, is the time that} solar panels {produce|generate|create} the most {electricity|power}. {Problem is,|The problem is that|However,} {the middle of the afternoon|the afternoon in the middle|midday} {happens to be the time|is when|happens to be when} you {use|consume|are using} the most {electricity|energy}. {Your panels|The panels you have|Panels} are producing{ way| far|} more {electricity that|power than|electricity than} your home actually {needs|requires}.

The {excess electricity generated|extra electricity produced} by solar panels {is sent|is transmitted|gets sent} {to the grid when it|back to grids when the system|into the grid when it} {produces|generates} more {electricity than|power than what|energy than} the {home uses|household consumes|house uses}. Net {metering is used to manage|meters are used to control|meters are employed to manage} {excess generation|the excess generation|excess energy generation}. {When a net-metered ahead|If you are able to net-metered ahead and|When you net-metered before} {early solar energy to|early solar energy is transferred to|earlier solar energy source is connected to} the grid, {your utility would|the utility would|your utility will} then {attribute your account for|assign your account to|credit your account with} the {full|entire|total} market value.

{At night, when|When it gets dark, and|In the evening, when} {the solar panels stop producing|the solar panels cease to produce|solar panels stop producing} electricity, you {pull|draw|disconnect} {power from the grid|electricity from the grid|energy from the grid,} and {spin|turn|then spin} your electric meter {backwards|in reverse|forward}. {At the end of|After|When you finish} {each billing period|each billing cycle|every billing period}{, the utility computes| the utility calculates} the distance between {where electricity|the electricity|the points where} {you sent to the|was sent to the|you sent to} grid{ as well as how| and how|, as well as the} {much you used to determine|you spent to calculate|you paid for it to arrive at} {your final bill|the final amount to be charged|the final cost}. This is {known as|referred to as|called} {net metering|net metering}.

{How does net metering imply|What does net metering mean for|What do net metering and net metering suggest about} {energy bills|the cost of energy|energy costs}?

{Most residences will generate|The majority of homes produce|A majority of residences produce} more {power than they require|electricity than they need|energy than they require} {during the summer and use|in the summer, and draw|during summer, but draw} less {power|electricity|energy} from the grid {during the|in the|during} winter. {Because these production variations|Since these variations in production|Because these fluctuations in power production} are {predictable|known}{, your utility will not| and predictable, your utility won’t| the utility will not} {send you a check|issue a bill|pay you} {every month if you produce|each month when you generate|every month if you generate} {so much electricity|more electricity|more power} {than you require|than you need|that you use}. Instead, {you will|you’ll} {accumulate credits during|build up credits in|accumulate credits throughout} the summer {months in|months , in|season in} order to {draw on|use|tap into} {them during the|these credits in the|them in} {winter|winter months}. If {properly designed|you have it properly planned|it is designed correctly}{, your system can produce| the system will produce| your system is properly designed, it will generate} enough power to {meet|cover|satisfy} {your annual energy usage|the annual requirements for energy|your energy consumption for the year}.

{You will be credited|You’ll be credited|You’ll get credit} {if your solar power|when your solar power|for solar power if your} system {produces more electricity|generates more power} than you {use in|consume in|consume during} {a given|the course of a|one} month. {This credit is based on|The credit is determined by|This credit is calculated based on} {how many kilowatt hours|the number of kilowatt hours that|how many kilowatts} {you have returned|you’ve remitted|you’ve returned} {to the|back to|into the} grid. {To make up|In order to make up|To cover} the difference, {you will|you’ll} {need to purchase|have to pay for|be required to buy} {electricity from your utility|electric power from the utility|energy from your provider} {if|company if|provider if} you {produce less electricity|generate less electricity|generate less power} than {what you use|you consume|you use}. {These cases would see you|In these cases, you’ll be|These scenarios would result in you} {paying for electricity,|having to pay for electric power,|being charged for power but} less{ any|} {excess electricity generated|extra electricity produced} {by your solar panels|through your solar panel|from your solar arrays}.

{Is it possible to|Can I|It is possible to} transfer net {metering credits from month to|credit for metering from month to|metersing credits from month} {month|the next month|months}?

Everything {is dependent|depends} on the {utility|power company}. However, {most|the majority of|many} {full-service net payment programs|net payment services that are full-service|full-service net-payment programs} {allow|permit} {you to transfer|the transfer of} {energy credits from monthly installments|the energy credit from your monthly payments|electricity credits or energy from installments made monthly}. If you {give more|provide more|offer more credits} than {users use|the amount of energy users consume|what users will use} {in a given|during a particular|in a} month, {too much|the excess|excess} net metering {funds|money|credits} {can be used to compensate|could be used to pay|can be used to offset} for {electricity taken from|the electricity that is taken from|the power taken off} the grid {the following|in the next|during the subsequent} month.

{Summer months usually have had|The summer months typically have|The months of summer usually bring} {more credits because|higher credits due to the fact that|more credits as} the days are {lengthier|longer} and {sunnier|the sun is brighter|more sunny}. {These warmer months credits|The credits from warmer months|Credits from warmer months} {can be applied to your|are able to be applied to your|can be applied to} {winter electric bill|electric bill for winter|electric bill in winter}.

{Your utility’s true-up policy|The true-up policy of your utility|The true-up policies of your utility}{, or how frequently| or the frequency| and the frequency at which} they {make purchases out|spend money|purchase}{, would then determine how| will determine the way| is what will determine how} credits {could be carried over|can be carried forward|are carried over} {after month – to -|from month to|between month-to -} month. This {policy is|is a} {part of their|an element of the|included in their} net {metering|meters|billing} policy.

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{Why does net metering exist|What is the reason for net metering|Why is net metering even a thing}?

Net metering {serves two main|serves two primary|has two primary} {purposes|objectives|goals}. {First, it encourages greater|It first encourages more|First, it promotes increased} solar {adoption across the country|energy use across the nation|use across the United States}. {Second,|The second benefit is that|Additionally,} {utilities and the entire|utilities as well as the entire|electric utilities and the whole} {electricity grid can|electric grid could|electricity grid will} {benefit from the influx|profit from the flow|benefit from the introduction} of {low- or no-cost|free or low-cost|no-cost or low-cost} solar energy {onto|into|to} their grid. The {cost of electricity can|price of electricity could|expense of electricity can} be offset {by|with} solar energy, {particularly|especially} {during summer months, when|in the summer months, as|during the summer months, when} electricity {is most expensive on|prices are the highest on|is the most expensive during} the {hottest and sunniest|sunniest and hottest|sunniest, hottest} {days of the year|days of the year}.

Understanding Net Metering

{Here’s|This is} how it {works: Power Consumed From|is done: Power Consumed from|works: Power Consumed from} the Grid {- Energy Produced|The energy produced|Energy produced} and {Transmitted|transmitted|transferred} {to the|into the|back to} Grid {= Net power|is called Net Power|= net power} {Consumption|consumption}

Let’s {look at an example|take a look at an example|look at a case study}.

Let’s {suppose that your household|say that your family|assume that your home} {uses 1,000 kilowatt hours|consumes 1,000 kilowatt hours|utilizes 1,000 Kilowatt Hours} (kWh) of {electricity in|electricity during|power in} {any given|each|the course of a} month. {Your panels will produce|Your panels would produce|The panels you have installed will generate} {850 kWh during that|around 850 kWh in that|an average of 850 kWh throughout the} month. {Your utility bill for the|Your bill from the utility company for that|The utility bill for the} month {would|will} {show that your home|reveal that your house|indicate that your home} was only charged{ for|} 150 kWh {because|since|as} it {draws all of|gets all|draws} its {electricity|power} {from the|directly from|via the} grid.

Let’s {suppose your home uses|say your home consumes|imagine that your home is using} 700 kWh {electricity per|of electricity each|of power per} month{ but your panels produce|, but your solar panels generate| but your panels provide} {850|an 850|800} {kWh|Kilowatts}. {The utility company|Your utility provider|It} will {credit|reimburse|charge} you {for the|with the|with} 150 kWh {additional|extra|added} {on your next bill|on your next bill|when you pay your next bill}.

What are the {advantages|benefits} of Net Metering

Utility Savings

Net energy metering {is an excellent|is a great|can be a fantastic} {option for photovoltaic homeowners|alternative for homeowners with photovoltaic panels|option for homeowners who have photovoltaics} {because it reduces|since it lowers|as it helps reduce} their {utility|energy|power} {bills|costs|expenses}. Net {metering might|energy metering could|energy metering can} {save you large numbers of|help you save a significant amount of|reduce your utility bills by} up to the {value|cost|worth} of {your|the} {solar panel|photovoltaic panel|solar panels}..

As {previously stated|mentioned previously|we’ve mentioned}{, solar panel processes| solar panel technologies| solar panel systems} {can be used to compensate|are able to pay|can be utilized to offset} {the entire price|for the total cost|the full cost} of solar{ customers’|| customer’s} {power usage within|energy usage during|consumption of power within} {a|the|the time frame of a} billing cycle. {Electric bills, on|The electric bills on|Electrical bills, however}{ the|} {other hand|contrary}{,|} {are subject to|can be subject to the|will be the subject of} management {fees|charges|costs} {that net meters cannot remove|which net meters are unable to remove|that net meters can’t remove}.

Payback {periods are shorter|times are less|time frames are shorter}

{Payback times will be shorter|Payback times are shorter|The time to payback will be less} in {areas that provide|areas with|regions that have} regular {retail net meters than in|retail net meters than|net meters for retail than in} {areas that do not|regions that don’t|areas that don’t}. Solar homeowners are {popular because|in high demand because|popular since} they {save more|can save|are able to save} {money on their energy bills|cash on their energy bills|energy costs} and {recoup their capital|can recoup their|recover their capital} investment {faster|quicker|more quickly}.

{A solar energy system would|A solar power system will|Solar energy systems will} {pay back in 5|be repaid in five|repay in 5} years. This is {due in large part to|because of|partly due to} net meters. {Some systems, however,|Certain systems} {may take as long as|could take up to|could take as long as} 12 years to {pay back|repay} {because it doesn’t have|since it doesn’t use|due to the fact that it does not have} any {form|type|kind} {of|or|that uses} net meters.

{Your solar payback time|The time it takes to pay back solar energy|Your solar payback period} is not {just affected by|only affected by|limited to} net {metering|meters}. The {length of the|duration of the|length of your} payback {period will depend|time will be based|time is contingent} on {many factors, including|a variety of factors, including|many aspects, such as} the {size of your photovoltaic systems|size of your photovoltaic system|dimensions of your photovoltaic systems}{, how much electricity| and the amount of electricity| as well as the amount of power} you {use, and whether|consume, as well as whether|use, and if} there are{ any|} {rebates or incentives|incentives or rebates|incentives or rebates available} {in your area|in your region|within your local area}.

This {reduces the grid's stress|helps reduce the stress on the grid.|eases grid stress.}

{Residential solar panels|Solar panels for residential use|Solar panels on residential homes} {benefit utilities and their consumers|help utilities and their customers|can benefit both utilities and consumers} {by reducing stress|by reducing the strain|because they reduce the stress} on the{ power grid|} distribution system. Solar homeowners {do not|don’t} {draw|take|require} {additional|more} {power from the grid,|energy from the grid,|power from the grid} {but instead generate|instead, they generate|rather, they produce} their own.

{Additionally|Furthermore|In addition}{, if a solar system| when a solar system| in the event that a solar array} {generates more energy than is|produces more energy than} {needed, it can|required, it could|required, it may} be {used by other|utilized by|used by} customers of {non-solar utilities|utilities that are not solar} to {meet their energy needs|fulfill their energy requirements|satisfy their energy needs}. This {puts even more|increases the|places additional} {pressure on utility power plants|stress on power plants of utility companies|pressure on the power plants of utilities}.

{[location]|The area} {is experiencing heat waves|has been experiencing extreme heat|experiences heat wave conditions}, {so|and|which is why} it’s {crucial to relieve|essential to ease|important to relieve} some {of the stress|of the strain|strain} on the{ electric|| electrical} grid.

{Is net metering possible|Can net metering be implemented|Is net metering feasible} {in|across|for} all states?

Net energy {metering is required|metering is mandatory|meters are required} in 38 states {and [location|and in [location|as well as [location}{]|in [location]|The state of [location] is required to have net energy metering in 38 states and}. {Some major utility companies|Certain major utilities|Major utility companies} in [location{]|locations]|}{, [location], and| [location], [location], and| [location], [location], as well as} [location] {also offer|also provide|offer} net metering {for|to|services for} residential solar {customers, although|customers, though|users, even though} they {are not|aren’t} required to.

[location{]|[location]|} {and [location] are|as well as [location] are|(location) and [location]}{ both|} {the states without any form|states that do not have any type|the states where no form} of net meters{ or alternate| or alternative|, or alternative} net meters{ are installed|}. {These are not the|They aren’t the|These aren’t} states {without net energy metering|that do not have net energy meters|with no net energy metering} or {alternate solution|alternative|alternative solutions to} net metering {rules|regulations|laws}. Utility {companies|firms} {across|all over|throughout} {the|all across the} U.S. have been trying to {cut|reduce|eliminate} net meters programs{ in an effort|} to {decrease|reduce|lower} {residential customers’ solar savings|the solar savings of residential customers|the savings that residential customers get from solar}{, and to increase| and increase| as well as to boost} their {profit|profits} margins. In states {like|such as} [location]{,|| ],} [location] and{ [location]|}{, which is the| which are the| that are} most solar-friendly, {utilities have achieved|utilities have had|utility companies have seen} {success|the desired results|great success}.

{Get solar|Make sure you are solar-powered|Take advantage of solar energy} while net metering {remains|is still|is} {available|in place|accessible} to {make the most of|maximize} your savings

{We are going to|We’ll} {be open with you:|discuss with you:|share with you the fact that} {net metering’s best|net-metering’s greatest} days are {gone|over|behind us}. {The future of net-metering|Net-metering’s future|Future of net-metering} {is not|isn’t|doesn’t} {looking good|promising|going to be a good one}. {Net metering, despite being|Net-metering, while|Net-metering, despite being} the {driving force behind|main driver behind|primary driver of} {the solar industry, is|this industry of solar, has come|an industry that is dominated by solar energy, comes} {under|now under|currently under} {attack|assault|threat} {from greedy electric utility companies|by greedy electric utility companies|by greedy electric utility firms} {seeking to preserve|trying to protect|looking to maintain} their {profit|profits} margins.

{You can get the most|The best|You will get the greatest} savings {from net metering if|from net metering when|through net metering if} you {go solar as soon|get solar as quickly|install solar as soon} as {possible|you can|you are able}. {You run the risk|There is a chance|There’s a possibility} that your utility {will|might|may} {cut|end|stop} the program. {This means you’ll end up|In the end, you’ll be|That means you’ll end up} paying less {long-term|over the long run|in the long run}.

{Our solar panel calculator will|The solar panel calculator can} {help you determine how much|assist you in determining how much|aid you in determining the amount} solar panels {could reduce|can cut down|could cut} {your electricity bills|the cost of electricity|your electric bills}. {We can give you|We will provide you with|We’ll give you} {a customized estimate for|an estimate that is specific to|an estimate tailored to} your home{ based on information| based on data|, based on the information} {from local installers|provided by local contractors|of local installation companies}. {This will include your|It will include your|This estimate will include} solar {savings and the cost|energy savings as well as the cost|savings as well as the price} of {a solar installation|installing solar panels|solar installation}. {So you can|You can then|This will allow you to} {decide if it is|determine if it’s|decide if it’s} worth {it|the cost}.

To {save money by|save money on electricity by|reduce costs by} {going solar, use|solar energy, you can use|going solar, utilize} net {metering programs|meters.}

{Because you can|Since you can|Since you are able to} {store all the energy|keep all the energy|conserve all the energy that} {you generate with|generated by} solar{, net metering is| net metering, it is| net metering, it’s} the {best option for|most efficient|most effective} solar policy. {You can then|Then you can|It is then possible to} {use the remaining energy|utilize the energy you have left|draw the rest of the energy} from the grid {at a later time|later|in the future}. Net metering {can help you|could help you|can allow you to} {save thousands of dollars|reduce your expenses|cut costs} by {offsetting|reducing|deducting} your {electricity needs from|energy needs with|power needs to}{ the|} grid.

{Although net metering may|While net metering might|Net metering may} not be the {only way|only method|sole method} utilities {pay homeowners to go|provide homeowners with the money to go|offer homeowners the option of going} solar, {it is|it’s|it’s by far} the most {popular and effective|well-known and efficient|widely used and most effective}. {Continue reading to find out|Read on to discover|Keep reading to discover} {if your state offers|whether your state has|whether your state provides} it. {Also, be sure to|Be sure to|Also, make sure you} {visit|check out|go to} the {Database of State Incentives for Renewables and|database of state incentives for renewables as well as|State Database for Incentives to Renewables and} Efficiency(r){, which tracks| that tracks| which monitors} {other policies|other policies|different policies}.

{Check out [xfield_company|Take a look at the [xfield_company|Visit [xfield_company’s}{]|} solar calculator to {find out|see|discover} {how much you could|the amount you can} save. {Register for|Sign up for|Create} an {[xfield_company] account today|account with [xfield_company] today|account at [xfield_company] now} to {get custom quotes|receive personalized quotes|get a customized quote} from local solar {installers|contractors}.



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