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How much is a Solar Lease?

How much is a Solar Lease?

Solar lease agreements {allow|permit|enable} homeowners to {obtain|purchase|acquire} solar panels {in|within|with} a {manageable and|manageable ,|more manageable and} {hands-off manner|non-hands-off way|free of charge}. {In simple terms, you|Simply put, you|It’s as simple as that. You} {lend|loan} {your roof to a solar|the roof of your home to an solar|the solar roof you have to a} {service provider|service company|provider}{, and they lend| and they loan| who then lends} {you equipment to generate|the equipment needed to produce|you the necessary equipment to generate} {clean, sustainable|green, sustainable|renewable, clean} energy. {Here’s how it works|This is how it works}.

The {agreement|contract} you sign with {a company|the company|a firm} {that installs and manages|who installs and manages|that installs and maintains} {your solar system is usually|the solar system typically|your solar system usually} {for $0 down|with a zero-down payment of $0|for a 0% down payment}. A fixed monthly {payment|installment|fee} is {made|required|due} to {lease the solar system from|purchase the solar system from|contract the solar system to} {this company|the company|this firm}. It’s {very similar to|similar to|a lot like} financing a {vehicle|car}. {You may not notice|It’s unlikely that you’ll notice|There isn’t} {a significant difference|any significant differences|an enormous difference} in {your monthly electricity bills|the monthly electric bills|your monthly electricity bill} {as these payments are almost|since these bills are nearly|because these charges are} {the same as your old|identical to your previous|exactly the same as} monthly {electric|electricity} bills.

{Your monthly lease payments may|The monthly lease payment you pay could|Your monthly lease payments could} {increase over the term|rise over the duration|be higher over the course} of {your|the} lease. This is {due to future|because of future|due to the possibility of} {increases in energy prices|price increases for energy|rises in energy costs}. {Your provider will probably|The provider you choose to use will likely|Your service provider is likely to} {limit the increase|restrict the rise} to {3%|3percent|three percent}. {You will be able to|It is possible to|You can} save money even {if utility|when utility|if your utility} rates {rise|increase}. {However, it is important|It is crucial|But, it’s important} to {read all|understand all the|be aware of all} {terms|conditions|definitions}. {Ask your solar provider for|Contact your solar company for|Request your solar provider} clarifications if {you are unsure|you’re not sure|there is a doubt}.

{An experienced local|A local, experienced} solar energy {company,|firm, such as|provider, like} [xfield_company], {will install|will set up|can install} {and maintain your solar panels|as well as maintain the solar panel|and keep your solar panels in good condition}. They {might offer insurance and|may also offer insurance or|may offer insurance and} additional warranties. {You should carefully|Be sure to|It is important to carefully} {read the terms|study the conditions|go over the terms}. In {certain cases|some cases|certain situations}{, you are still responsible| you will still be responsible| it is still your responsibility} {for replacing|to repair|for the repair of} damaged equipment.

Solar Leasing Contracts

It is {important to carefully|essential to|crucial to} {read and understand the|study and comprehend the|review and comprehend the lease} {terms before you sign|conditions before signing|terms prior to signing} {a lease agreement|the lease agreement|an agreement to lease}. {Below are some options|Here are some possible options|Below are some suggestions} and {terms to|terms you should|conditions to} {be aware of when leasing|know when you lease|consider when leasing} solar panels.

  • {Down payment – Is|The down payment – Is|A down payment is} there a {charge|cost|fee} {for signing|to sign} the contract? At installation? {At|In the course of|On} inspection? Leases {are usually subject to|usually require|typically require} zero down {payments by [xfield_company|payments from [xfield_company].|payment by [xfield_company].}{]|company|the company}.
  • {First monthly payment|The first monthly installment} {- What is the initial|What is the first} monthly cost? Lease agreements {may|could|might} {offer the possibility to prepay|provide the option of prepaying|allow you to prepay} {some electricity to reduce|certain amounts of electricity in order to lower|an amount of electricity to cut down on} {your monthly payments|the monthly payment|your monthly installments}. {This is similar to how|Similar to how|It’s similar to the way} you{ would|| could} finance {a car|the purchase of a car|an automobile}.
  • {Rate cap – Electricity|The rate cap on electricity|Cap on rate – electricity} {prices|costs|rates} {rise by about|increase by|increase by around} {2% to 5%|2to 5 percent|between 2% and 5%} {every|each} year. The {monthly amount that|amount|monthly amount} you pay {[xfield_company] to|to [xfield_company]|[xfield_company]} {supply your power could also|provide your power may also|supply power can} {go up slightly each|increase slightly every|be increased slightly every} year. {This increase will be limited|The increase is limited|This amount will be capped} by {your lease agreement|the lease agreement|the lease contract}. {You will see|It will be clear|You’ll notice} that your monthly {payments do|installments do|payment does} not {increase more than|exceed|rise more than} {a fixed percentage|an amount that is fixed|the amount of a certain percentage}. {This is usually about|It is typically|This usually ranges from} {1% to 5%|1 to 5%|one-third to five percent}.

How long will the lease term be and what happens when the contract expires?

Traditional solar leases {typically|usually|generally} {last|run} between {20 and 30 years,|20-30 years,|20 and 30 years} {which is roughly the lifetime|that’s roughly the life|which is about the lifespan} of {your|the} solar panel.

{Your options at the end|The options available at the end|Your options at the conclusion} of the {initial lease term|lease term|initial lease period} {include renewing the contract|could be to renew the lease|includes renewing the contract} for 1-10 {year, upgrading|years, upgrading|years, converting} to a {better|more efficient|higher-quality} solar panel {system and|system , and then|and} signing {another|a new} contract{, or getting rid of| or removing| or even removing} the {system|solar panel system|panel}.

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Advantages and Disadvantage to leasing solar panels


{Leasing solar panels means|The leasing of solar panels implies|Lease solar panels mean} that you {can replace|are able to pay for|can pay off} {your monthly utility bill|the cost of your utility bills|every month’s utility cost} {by paying|with|by making} {a monthly lease payment|each month a lease payment|the monthly lease}. {You also don’t have|Also, you don’t need|It is also not necessary} to {pay any cash upfront|pay cash in advance|make any upfront cash payments}. There are{ very| a|} {few|little|minimal} or no {solar installation costs|solar installation charges|costs for solar installation} {and maintenance fees|and maintenance costs|or maintenance charges}. {You could also|Additionally, you can|It is possible to} {reap the benefits of|benefit from|profit from} solar panels {for|to offset} other utility {costs|expenses}{, such as home heating| like heating your home| including heating your home} {via|through|by using} solar {power|energy}{, solar pool heating and| solar pool heating, solar pool heating and| as well as solar pool heating.} {solar hot water heater installation|the installation of solar hot water heaters|installing solar water heaters}.

{The additional|Another|The other} {benefit of installing your|advantage of installing your|benefit of installing a} new solar{ energy|} system is the {ability|possibility|capability} to {select the type|choose the kind|choose the type} {of solar panel,|of panel that you want, the|and size of the solar panels,} {mounting|the mounting} {style, and the|design, and} {size of the solar|dimensions of your solar|dimension of the} inverter.


{Leases usually mean|The leases typically mean|Leasing typically means} that you {don’t|do not} have the option {to buy|of buying|of purchasing} {when you are|after you’re|the property when you’re} {done|finished|completed}. {Leasing can also mean|Leases can also mean that|It could also mean that} you {lose out on|don’t get|do not get} the {price advantage|cost advantage|benefit} of selling electricity {with|using|through} [xfield_company{] metering|meters}. This means {that you will|you’ll|that you’ll} {have to sell all|be required to sell the|need to sell any} {power you use back at|energy you consume back to|electricity you consume to} {your|the} {local utility company|neighborhood utility provider|municipal utility service}.

Be aware that {not all leases will|leases may not|leasing options may not} be {available in the same|in the same|in the exact} {area|location|region} {as your home|that you live in|like your house}. Before {leasing, it is|leasing, it’s|deciding to lease, it’s} {a good idea to do|recommended to conduct|an excellent idea to do} some research {on the sun|about the|regarding the} number {of your home|of your house|for your home}.

Should I Lease or Purchase Solar Panel Systems?

Buying Solar Panels

{You have two options|There are two ways|There are two options available} {to purchase|to buy|for purchasing} solar panels. {Either you can pay in|You can either pay|One option is to pay} cash or {take out|get|obtain} {a loan|loans|the loan}. The loan {allows you to|will allow you to|lets you} {finance the installation|pay for the construction|fund the building} of{ the|} solar panels{ and|. It|. The loan} {will be repaid|is repaid|will be paid back} {by the lender in the same|to the loan provider in the exact|from the lending institution in the same} {way|manner} as{ a|| the} mortgage.

Costs {of purchasing|for purchasing|to purchase} solar panels: {An average|A typical} solar panel{ system|| installation} {will cost between $15,000-$40,000|costs between $15,000 and $40,000|can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000}. {This depends on your home|It is contingent on your home’s|It depends on the home} size, the {type of|kind of|size of the} solar {cells you select|panels you choose|cells you pick}{, the company you buy| and the supplier you purchase| as well as the firm you purchase} {them from, and|the panels from, as well as} {many other factors|numerous other variables|many other elements}. The {interest rates on|rates of interest on|interest rates for} loans {are between 3 and|range from 3 to|vary between 3 and} 8 percent. {You should also remember|It is important to remember|Be aware} that there are {numerous|a variety of|many} {federal solar tax credits|Federal solar tax credit|state-wide solar tax incentives}{ available|} {that can significantly reduce|which can drastically reduce|that will significantly lower} the {installation cost|cost of installation}{, such as| like| including} the 30 percent {Residential|residential} Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This {federal credit|tax credit|federal tax credit} is only {available to systems that have|accessible to systems that have|accessible to systems that had} been purchased {before December 31|prior to December 31st}{, 2016| 2016| of 2016}.

{Biggest pro: Purchasing|The biggest benefit: Purchasing|The most important benefit is that purchasing} solar panels is {a type|a form|one type} of investment that {guarantees|will guarantee|promises} {a return|an income|the possibility of a profit}. Solar panels can {increase|boost|enhance} the {home’s value and,|value of your home and,|value of your home, and} {if you live|should you reside|when you live} {in your home over|in your house for|within your home for} the next {few decades|several decades,|couple of decades,} {you can easily recoup the|you will be able to easily recover the|it is possible to recoup your} {investment in|cost of|expense in} energy {savings|savings}.

{Biggest con|The biggest snare|Most infamous con}{: Solar panels are an| Solar panels are a good| Solar panels are an} investment. {You will need to invest|You’ll need to put in|It is necessary to make} {substantial|massively|an amount of money} {upfront|in the beginning}. {For a system that is|If you want a system to be|To get a system} {fully paid for|completely paid for|fully funded}{, you will need| it will require| you’ll need} at {least|minimum} {$15,000|$15,000.|15,000 dollars} (or the amount {your|that your} system {costs|is worth|will cost}). {Many families don’t have enough|A lot of families do not have enough|Many families don’t have the} {money to pay|funds to pay for the system|cash to pay} in one lump {sum|amount}. Instead, {you can get|you could take|it is possible to get} {a loan|loans|an installment loan}. {However,|But, the} interest will be {charged to your system|added to your account|charged to your bank account}.

Should I {Buy my Solar|Purchase my Solar|buy my solar} Panels? If {you have the funds|you’re able to afford it|you’re in a position to pay}{, buying your solar panels| purchasing your solar panels| to purchase solar panels, it} is {better|the best option|the better option}. {You will earn|You’ll earn|You’ll get} {back what your money costs|the amount you spent|back the cost of your investment} {over time and your home|in time, and your home|over time , and your house} {will be more valuable if|will be worth more if|is more valuable should} you {choose|decide} {to sell|to sell it}.

Solar Panels for Lease

{There are two options|Two options are|The two choices}{ available|} {for leasing|to lease} solar panels. You can {either get a|choose to either|opt for a} {lease or a solar power purchase agreement|leasing agreement or solar power purchase agreements|loan or purchase agreement} (PPA). {With one major difference,|There is one significant difference between the two,|However, there is a major difference.} solar lease agreements {can be|are} {compared|similar|comparable} to PPAs. {A solar lease contract states|A solar lease agreement states|The solar lease agreement stipulates} that you {agree to|will|are required to} pay a {fixed monthly rental|monthly fixed amount|fixed monthly fee} {in order to make use|to take advantage} {of the solar energy system|from the system of solar power|for the power system generated by solar}. {It also allows you to|Additionally, it allows you to|It also lets you} {reduce your energy bill|lower your energy bills|reduce your energy costs}. PPA {is when you agree|means that you agree|refers to the agreement} to {purchase the energy generated|buy the energy produced} {by the system|through the process|from the systems}. [xfield_company] {offers multiple|provides a variety of|has a range of} {options while others, like|choices, while some, such as|options , while other companies, such as} NRG{, only allow| offer only| will only permit} one.

{The cost of leasing solar panels|It is possible to lease solar panels for a price that|Cost of renting solar panels} {is|ranges} between {$50-$250|$50 and $250} per month. {Although some companies|While some companies|Though some companies will} require{ you to make|} {a|an initial} {down payment,|deposit, the|upfront payment of a certain amount,} [xfield_company] {allows|permits|lets} {you to start|the beginning of|you to begin} {a lease program by offering|leasing programs by providing|leasing by offering} {a $0-down agreement|an agreement with a zero-down payment|the option of a no-down contract}. {Like obtaining a loan|Similar to obtaining a loan|As with obtaining a loan in order} to purchase a {system|new system|solar system}{, monthly fees are| the monthly cost is| and monthly charges are} {determined by many|dependent on a variety of|determined by a number of} {factors such as how much|variables, including the amount of|aspects, such as the amount of} {energy you use, where|power you consume, where|energy you consume, the location} you {live, and|reside, as well as|live and} {your credit score|the credit rating of your|the score of your credit}. {Leases of solar energy systems|Solar energy systems that are leased|Solar energy systems that are leases} are not {eligible|qualified} {for tax rebates or incentives|to receive tax incentives or rebates|for tax incentives or tax rebates}.

The {best thing about|greatest benefit of|great thing about} leasing solar panels is{ that| the fact that|} you {can|will|are able to} immediately {benefit from|reap the benefits of|enjoy} energy savings{ and have|, and also pay| as well as} {a small|an affordable|the option of a smaller} down {payment|cost|amount to pay}. {This is a great|This is an excellent|It’s a good} {option if you need|alternative if you want|option for those who want} to {lower your energy bill|reduce your energy bills|cut down on your energy costs}{, but are unable| however, you aren’t able| and are unable} to {afford a full|finance a complete|pay for a whole} system or {don’t qualify|aren’t eligible|do not qualify} for {a loan|loans|an loan}.

{Biggest con: You should|The biggest con is that you should|Most important thing to remember: Do} not {plan|be planning|make plans} to sell your {house before|home before|home prior to when} {your lease ends|the lease expires|the lease is up}. {The prospective buyer will need|Buyers who are interested in buying your house will have|The buyer who is interested will need} to {accept the|sign a|agree to the} solar lease. {You may also have|It is also possible|You might also need} to pay {the lease off|off the lease} {before you sell|prior to selling|before selling}.

{Should I Lease my Solar|Do I need to lease my Solar|Should I lease my solar} Panels? {Leasing solar panels can be|leasing solar panels is|The leasing of solar panels can be} {a great option if you|an excellent option if you|an ideal option for those who} {want to keep things simple|are looking to make things easy|would like to keep things simple} and {economical|cost-effective|affordable}. {It’s not necessary to pay|There is no need to spend|It’s not required to pay} {a lot upfront or worry|an upfront amount or fret|an enormous amount upfront, or worry} about {whether the system will|how the solar system might|whether the installation will} {affect your tax return|impact your tax return|alter your tax returns}.

5. {Learn how|Find out how|Learn} {to pay for solar|you can pay solar|the solar energy system can be paid for.}

There are {several options available|a variety of options|many options} {for financing your rooftop home|to finance your roof home’s|for financing your rooftop} solar PV{ system|} purchase. The {main three|three main|most popular three} {options are cash purchase|choices are cash purchase|choices are cash purchases}{, solar loans and solar| solar loans, solar cash and solar| as well as solar loans and} leases. Cash {payment for your|payments for} {rooftop residential solar systems are|solar panels for your roof are|solar rooftop systems is} the {best way|most efficient way|best method} {to save money,|for saving money|in order to reduce your expenses,} {if|provided|as long as} {you have the means|you have the funds|you’re able to afford it}.

{A cash purchase will usually|Cash purchases typically|Cash-based purchases usually} {yield the best|bring the highest|provide the greatest} {return|ROI} on {your solar investment because|solar investment since|your solar investment as} you own {your panels|the panels|the panels,} and there {is no interest to pay|is no interest|are no fees to pay} {on the|for the|in the interest on your} loan.

6. Cost of Home Solar Power

After you’ve {met with the|met with|consulted with the} installers, {done|completed|made} {all site visits|the site visits,|all the site visits} and {planned|have a plan in place|laid out the plan}{, installing a solar panels| the installation of a solar panel| the installation of your solar panels} system {at home will|in your home will|in your home can} {take only a few days|take just a few days|require only a few hours}. There are {many factors|numerous factors|many variables} {that will affect the|that affect the amount of|which will impact the} {time it takes to install|duration of the installation of|length of time required to set up} your {home solar energy system|solar system at home|home’s solar power system}.

{You will need|It is necessary|You’ll need} to {add|include|set aside} time {for net metering or|for net metering and|to net metering or} other {processes, so that|procedures, to ensure that|processesto ensure} {your panels can be properly|your panels are properly|the panels are} {connected to the|linked to|hooked up to the} grid. {Although the process of selecting|While the process of choosing} solar panels {may take time|can take some time|could take a while}{, it is relatively quick| however, it’s relatively fast| but it’s fairly quick} and {easy to install them|simple to set them up|simple to install them}.

What are the {various types|different types|various kinds} of solar leases{ available| that are available|}?

There are three {types|kinds}:

  1. {Lease finance|Finance for lease|Leasing finance} (or capital)
  2. Lease agreement
  3. {Purchase agreements for solar power|PPAs for purchase agreements with solar energy|Agreements to purchase solar power} (PPA)

Capital Lease

Capital leases are {usually|typically|generally} {for business or commercial use|used for commercial or business use|intended for commercial or business}. {Monthly payments are made to|The monthly payments are made to|Each month, you pay} {a financing institution|an institution that lends money|the financing institution}. {Eventually, you can|In the end, you will be able to|Then, you are able to} {purchase the|purchase|buy the} solar panels. The {standard solar lease term|typical solar lease|lease typically} {lasts between 5-15 years,|is between 5 and 15 years,|runs between 5 and 15 years} {but you can|however, you are able to} extend it {up|to up|for up} {to 20|at 20|twenty} years. {Individuals who have|People who are on|Anyone who has} {a solar lease may|an agreement with a solar company may|the option of a solar lease might} be {eligible for tax credits and|qualified for tax credits as well as|eligible for tax credits or} cash rebates.


A {30% federal tax|federal tax|tax credit of 30% for federal taxpayers} credit {would be earned for|could be earned from|can be earned through} {an investment in|the purchase of|the investment in} solar panels. {This allows you to|You can} {deduct 30% of|take 30% off|reduce 30% of} the {total cost of|cost of|total cost for} {installing solar panels|the installation of solar panels|installing solar panels}.


{A capital lease has|A capital lease comes with|Capital leases have} {additional features such as|other features, such as|additional benefits, for example}:

  • Leases {affect the|impact the|can affect a} {company’s credit rating which|credit score of the company, which|company’s credit rating , which} {in turn influences|affects|can affect} {the interest rate|the rate of interest|rates of interest} (usually {fixed|set|fix}).
  • {Tax deduction for the|Deduction in taxes for|The tax deduction is for the} {interest portion of the lease|part of the lease that is financed by interest}
  • The loan is {usually|typically} secured by{ the|} solar panels{ as|, which are considered to be| that are} an asset.
  • As an asset{, the|,|} solar {system assets are listed|system’s assets are recorded|system’s assets are listed} {on a person’s or business’s|on the business or individual’s|in a business’s or person’s} balance sheet.
  • The {interest rates for|rates of interest for|rates of interest on} collateralized loans {can be|may be|are often} {higher than those of|more than|higher than the rates for} {other types|other kinds of loans|other types of loans}.

Operating Lease

Operating leases {mean that|are when|ensure that} the lessor is {the true|the sole|actually the} {owner of the solar system|proprietor of solar systems|owners of the solar array}{,|} {while the lessee pays|and the lessee is responsible for paying} {monthly rent to use|each month for the use of|monthly fees to use} the panels. {The lessor enjoys|Lessees are eligible for|The lessor is entitled to} {tax credits, depreciation|deductions, tax credit|taxes credits and depreciation}{ and|, and| benefits, and} other {incentives|benefits}.


The down payment {is not|isn’t} {required for a|necessary for a|required for} solar panel {lease|leasing}. This {could be a benefit|can be advantageous|is a boon} {to entities or individuals who|for individuals or entities that|to individuals or businesses that} {don’t have a lot of|do not have a significant|do not have much} tax {liability|liabilities|obligations}.

{A solar lease is|Solar leases are|The solar lease can be} {a great|an excellent|a good} {option if you are unable|alternative if you’re unable|alternative for those who aren’t able} to {take advantage of|benefit from|avail} {the|tax credits like the|your} Federal Investment Tax Credit because of {limited income|a low income|your income being limited}. {Consider how much your energy|Think about how much your electricity|Take note of how much your energy} {rates may rise if you|rates could increase if you|rate could rise if} {include a payment escalator clause|add a payment escalator clause|include a clause for payment escalators} {into|in|to} {your|the} solar lease.

If {your energy inflation costs|the cost of energy|the costs of your energy} {rise faster|increase faster|are higher} than {your annual increases|the annual increase|your annual increase}{, your solar lease could| the solar lease may| your solar lease could} {cost you more|cost you more|be more expensive}.

Purchase Agreements for Solar Power (PPAs)

PPAs {or|also known as|(also known as} Solar Power purchase agreements are{ very|| quite} {similar to operating leases,|like operating leases|similar to operating leases} {with one major difference|but with one significant difference|however, there is one major difference}.

{Instead of paying|In lieu of having to pay|instead of having to cover} a {rental|rent} {fee|cost} {for the solar panel|to the solar panel|on the solar panels}{,|} and the {power it generates|energy it produces}{, you only pay| you pay only| it, you only pay for} {the amount that|the amount|what} the solar {system produces|panel produces|system generates}. The {cost per kilowatt|price per Kilowatt|price per kilowatt} hour {will be between|is between|will range from} 10-13 cents {an|per|for an} hour.

How does a solar lease compare to buying a solar power system?

There are {many factors|many variables|a variety of factors} {that can influence your decision|that could influence your choice|which can affect your decision}. [xfield_company] {can help you|can assist you to|will help you} make the {right decision|best decision|right choice}. [xfield_company] offer online quotes.

[xfield_company] {can help|can assist|will assist} {you, whether you want|youwhether you wish|with your needs, whether you’d like} to own your {system|equipment|own system} or {make monthly lease payments|pay monthly lease payments|simply pay lease monthly}. {We have provided some statistics|We’ve provided some figures|We’ve included some data} {and products and services to|as well as products and services to|and products and services that can} {help you make a|assist you in making a|aid you in making your} {decision|choice|the right choice}.

Buying Solar Panels cost

Imagine a {home with|house with|home that has} {a power|an energy|an annual power} {consumption of|usage of around|use of about} 600 kWh {per|each} month {in [location|in the [location|for [location}{]|the location|in the city}. A 5-kilowatt {system|power system|generator} {would be|will be|is} {required to power the house|needed to power the home|required to supply power to the house}. {A homeowner could|Homeowners could|The homeowner can} save{ up to| as much as|} 50% {by purchasing|by buying|when purchasing} an {outright house for around|entire house for|unfurnished house for about} $15,000

It could take {5|five|up to 5} years for the {product’s cost|cost of the product|purchase} to be {paid off,|paid back,|fully paid off} {thanks to|due to|because of} {a 30%|the|a} federal tax credit{ as well as|, as well as| and} {a variety of|various|numerous} {rebates and incentives offered|incentives and rebates offered|incentives and rebates provided} by {[location]|the [location]|the location}.

{Solar Panel Lease|Cost of Solar Panel Rental|The Solar Panel lease} Cost

A 10-year lease {would cost|will cost|is} {$100-$150|$100 to $150} per month. {This means that you’ll spend|That means you’ll pay|This means that you’ll be paying} between $12,000 {and $18,000 each|and $18,000 per|to $18,000 per} year. {The solar panels will|Solar panels are expected to|Your solar panel will} {be|become} yours at the {end of|end|conclusion of} the {term|lease}. {A lease can lower|Leases can reduce|A lease may lower} {your total cost than|the total cost of|the cost per unit than} {a purchase, without having|buying, but without the need|purchasing, and without needing} to {make an upfront payment|pay an upfront installment|pay upfront}.

{To get a complete|For a thorough|To conduct a comprehensive} {analysis of your system|assessment of your home|review of your system} and {situation, use|its surroundings, you can use|the situation, make use of} {a|the|an online} solar calculator. It {will estimate the costs|can estimate the cost|can calculate the expenses} and savings {involved in installing|associated with installing|that come with the installation of} {a solar energy plant in|an energy-producing solar system in|the solar power plant on} your home.

Before {Deciding to Lease|deciding whether to lease|deciding to Lease} or {Buy|Purchase} {Your|your|the} Solar Power System

{Compare the pros with|Check out the pros and cons with|Consider the pros and cons of} your {financial|current financial|personal financial} situation and solar {goals to decide|objectives to determine|goals to determine} {if buying or leasing|whether leasing or buying} is {better|the best option|the better option} for you. [xfield_company] {can help you|can assist you to|will help you} {make a decision|decide|determine the best option} {if you still have trouble|in case you are still having trouble|even if you’re still struggling}. {Whatever option you choose|Whichever option you pick|Any option you decide} to {reduce your energy bills|lower your energy costs|cut down on your energy bill} and {improve|increase|enhance} the {sustainability of your home are|environmental sustainability of your home is|energy efficiency of your home are} {just|only} {a few steps|two steps|an easy step} away.



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