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How to add more solar panels

How to add more solar panels

{You may have reduced|It is possible that you have cut down|You could have reduced} or eliminated your {electricity|electric|power} {bills if you have|costs if you’ve|bill if you’ve} {gone|taken to|switched to} solar. {However, you may need|But, you might need|However, you may have} to {add solar panels to an|include solar panels in your|install solar panels on an} existing system. {Your solar panel system might|The solar panel system you have installed may|The solar panel you are using may} be {too small or|insufficient or|too small , or} {your electricity consumption could|your consumption of electricity may|the power consumption may} have increased since {installation|the installation|installing}.

{You won’t find|There isn’t|It’s not} the same {process when adding|procedure when you add|procedure for adding} panels to {your|an} existing system{ as|, as you did| like} when you first {looked|began looking|started looking} for {a|an|the} {solar panel|solar|solar-powered} system. Here are some {key|important|essential} {points to remember|things to keep in mind|tips to consider} {as you look into|when you are looking into|while you research} {your|the} {options|choices|possibilities}.

{Factors to consider|Things to take into consideration|Considerations to make} when {adding solar panels to|installing solar panels on|the addition of solar panels to} an{ already|} {existing|installed|established} system

Energy needs

{How many solar panels will|How many solar panels do|What number of solar panels do} you {need|require}? This {question is|is|is one of} the most {important, because|crucial, as|importantone, since} it will {impact|affect|influence}{ both|} the {design of your system and|layout of your system as well as|structure of your system as well as} the {cost of the add-on|price of the additional component|cost of adding the solar panels}.

The {number of panels that|amount of panels|number of panels} {you will need|you’ll require|you’ll need} {for your system depends|to power your system is contingent|for your system will depend} on {many|a variety of|several} {factors|aspects|variables}. {These include your electricity bill|This includes your electricity bill|They include your electricity bills}{, your location, your| as well as your location,| and your location, as well as the} equipment{ and|, and} the {design|structure|layout} {of your system|the system|that your device}. [xfield_company] installers should {have access to|be able to access} your electricity bill{ and be able| and|, and also be able to} {calculate how many|determine the number of|estimate the amount of} panels you’ll {need for|require for|need to have for} your {particular situation|specific situation|specific circumstance}. This guide {will help you|will assist you to|can help you} {calculate how many|determine how many|determine the number of} panels {you need|you’ll need|you’ll require}.

New panels {require|need} space

{Are you able to place|Are you able to install|Do you have the space to put} {additional solar panels on your roof|more solar panels onto your rooftop|an additional solar panel on the roof}? {You may not have|There may not be|There might not be} enough space {for|to install|to accommodate} {additional solar panels if your|more solar panels if your|more solar panels if the} {rooftop system is constrained|rooftop system is limited|roof is constrained}. {Ground mount systems are|The ground mount system is|Systems that are ground mounted} {easier|simpler|more convenient} to {add on because most|install because the majority of|incorporate because many} {property owners have plenty of|homeowners have plenty of|homeowners have ample} {sun land|sunlight|sun-filled land}.

{Ground-mounted solar panels are photovoltaic|The panels that are mounted on the ground have a photovoltaic|Photovoltaic panels mounted to the ground are solar} {that|systems that|panels that} are installed {at ground level|on the ground}. Ground-mounted {systems function similarly to|systems work similarly to|solar panels function in the same way as} {roof solar systems in|rooftop solar systems in|roof solar systems , in} that {panels|they|the panels} {are exposed to sunlight|expose themselves to light|receive sunlight}{,|} which is converted {into|to} electrical energy {by solar cells and|by solar cells . They are|through solar cells. The energy is then} {used to generate|utilized to produce|is used to generate} electricity from {a single building|one building|a single structure} {or,|as well, or|and,} in the {form|case} of solar farms{, communities| or communities}.

{However, you don’t have|But, you don’t have|But, you don’t need} to give up {if|because} {there isn’t|there’s not} enough roof space {for|to install|to accommodate} additional panels. {It is possible to install|It is possible to put|It’s possible to install} {supplemental solar arrays on|additional solar arrays on|additional solar arrays onto} existing structures{, such as|, like| like} {sheds or carports|carports and sheds|carports or sheds}.

Upgrade and compatibility of solar panels

{Which panels were used|What panels were utilized|What panels were used} in the {original|initial} installation? {Does any component need|Do any of the components need|Is there a component that needs} to be {upgraded|replaced}? {The solar|Solar} {panels will continue to|panels are expected to|panel will} {produce|generate} {electricity for 25|electricity for a period of 25|energy for the next 25} years. {At that point|After that|When that time comes around}{, you may see significant| you could see substantial| you might notice significant} {drops in production|reductions in the production|decreases in output}. It is {unlikely|not likely|highly unlikely} that {you will need|you’ll need|you’ll have} to replace {any panels from|any panels that were part of|panels from} the {original|initial} system. [xfield_company] installer will {inspect|examine|check} {everything, including wiring and|all components, including wiring and|everything, including wiring as well as} {racking|racks|the racking}.

If {possible, you should|you can,|possible,} {install the same panel type|use the same type of panel|make sure to install the same type of panel} {when adding|when you add|for any} new panels. {This will ensure that everything|It will guarantee that the panel|So that you can ensure everything} {matches|is compatible|looks the same} visually and {has|uses|also has} the {same power outputs as your|identical power outputs to your|same power outputs as the} other panels. {You should not|It is not recommended to|Do not attempt to} install {identical panels if you|the same panels if you|identical panels if} {are unable to do so|cannot do it|are not able to do this}. {Otherwise, your array could|In the event that you do, your array may|In this case, your array might} be damaged.

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Inverter replacement

{Is the inverter big enough|Does the inverter have enough capacity|Is the inverter large enough} to {handle|accommodate|take on} {the additional|all the|more} panels? {Your inverter may need|The inverter could need|Inverters may have} to be replaced {depending|based} on the {amount of additional|additional|extra} capacity {you add|you’ll add|you’ve added} {to your|the|on your existing} system. The{ power|} {output of your panels|generated by your panel|produced by the panels} {is|will be} used to determine {how|the} [xfield_company] installer will {size|determine the size of|measure} {your central inverter|the central unit|an inverter centrally}. {Due to the energy loss|Because of the loss of energy|Due to the loss of energy} {during conversion|when converting|in conversion}{, your| the| of your} panels{‘ direct| are ‘direct| directly} current (DC){, electricity can| electricity could| power can} {have a lower power rating|be less powerful|have lower power ratings} {than their|over their|that their respective} inverter. {Your solar panel system may|The solar panel system you have installed could|Your solar panel setup could} {produce more electricity if you|generate more power if you|produce more electricity if} {add more panels than|have more panels than|increase the number of panels} it {can handle|is able to handle|is capable of handling}.

{If|In the event that|When} your solar panel{ system|} {has microinverters, adding on|includes microinverters, adding|is equipped with microinverters then adding} projects {will be easier|is easier|will be much easier}. This is {in contrast to|different from|not the case with} {power optimizers or string-inverter systems|string-inverter or power optimizers|string-inverter systems or power optimizers}. {You don’t need|There is no need|It is not necessary} to {worry about inverter capacities|be concerned about inverter capacity|worry about the inverter’s capacity} {issues because microinverters are installed|problems since microinverters are installed|issues since microinverters are incorporated} {at each|on every|in each} panel. {Instead, you can simply|You can instead|Instead, you could} {add additional microinverters to|include additional microinverters on|install additional microinverters onto} the panels.

Panels to be installed by an installer

Does your original installer do add-on projects? {It’s best to get in|It is best to get in|It’s best to get} {touch|contact} with them to {find out|inquire|determine} {if they are available|whether they’re available|whether they’re able} to {do the work|complete the project|take on the task}. {They will be more familiar|They’ll be more familiar|They’ll be more acquainted} with your {property and|home and the|house and its} {system than you are and|system than you are , and|technology than you and} {will be able to add|can add|are able to include} additional panels to {their work|their|the work}.

{This may not be|It’s not|This is not} an option if {your|the} previous installer {was unprofessional|was not professional|wasn’t professional} or {has gone out of|went out of|has left the} business. {Although you can shop around|While you could shop around|Although it is possible} {to find a new company|to find a new business|for a new firm} to {install your panels,|set up your panels,|install your panels} it {may be more difficult|might be harder|could be more difficult} to {find|locate} one. Installers who {don’t own|do not own|do not have} the installation {will not|won’t|won’t be able to} {do add-on|perform any additional|undertake any add-on} work. They {don’t want conflicting warranties|do not want to have conflicting warranties|don’t want warranties that conflict} {on the entire installation|for the entire installation,|for the whole installation} or {the size of|the|that} {the job is too small|work isn’t enough|this job is not enough}. {Many installation companies|A lot of installation companies|Many companies who install systems} {don’t want to have|do not want} to {resolve disputes about|settle disputes over|settle disputes regarding} {who is responsible|who’s responsible|who’s accountable} {for fixing what part|for what component|to fix what part} {of the system|or part of their system|in the installation}.

[xfield_company] set a minimum {system size to|size for their systems to|system size in order to} {maximize|increase} their {profit margins|profits}. {An add-on project might be|A possible add-on is|Another option is} to install {a few|several|some} panels. This {will|could|can} {result in|yield|lead to} {a lower profit margin|less profit margins|lower profits} {than a residential standard|than a standard residential|that a typical residential} installation. [xfield_company] focuses their efforts on larger projects{ depending| based|, based} on their {availability and their|availability as well as their|capacity and} installation {schedule|timetable}.

Interconnection and permitting

{Additional permits or documentation|Further permits or documents|Additional permits or paperwork} {will be required to install|are required to put in|are required for the installation of} {additional panels on your property|more panels to your home|further panels onto your land}. It {depends on the number|is contingent on the amount|will depend on the number} of panels {that you are|you’re} {adding and|adding , and|installing and} {whether an inverter is needed|whether an inverter is required|the need for an inverter}. {Also, your local permitting|Additionally, you must meet your local permit|Also, consider your local permit} {requirements|needs}. {You will need|You’ll need|You’ll have} to {submit another|submit a second|make another} {interconnection request to your utility|connection request with your utilities|Interconnection Request to the utility} {company if|company when|provider if} you {add more than two|are adding more than 2|intend to add more than two} {kW to your|power units to the|megawatts to the power} system.

Installers {who are involved in|involved in|who are part of} an {add-on job should|add-on project should|additional job must} be {familiar with|aware of} {any permits and interconnection requirements|the requirements for permits and interconnections|any permit and interconnection requirements}. They {will also help to|can also assist in|should also be able to} {file these documents as|document these documents as|prepare these documents as a} part of the {total cost|overall cost|overall price}.

Incentive Programs

{You may not be eligible|It is possible that you will not be able|It’s possible you won’t be eligible} to {receive the same incentives|get the same benefits|be eligible for the same incentives}{, such as| like| for} {tax credits or rebates,|rebates or tax credits,|rebates or tax credits} {if you add additional|when you add additional|in the event that you add more} {panels to your|panel systems to the|modules to your existing} system. {Some incentives can only be|Certain incentives can only be|Some incentives are only} {claimed once for a|used once per|applied to a single} {property or one per|property or per|home or for a single} {person|individual}.

Performance-based-incentives (PBIs) can be a bit complicated when it comes to add-on projects. The {incentive amounts are|amount of incentive is|amounts of incentives are} {determined by how much electricity|determined by the amount of electricity|dependent on the amount of power} {your system generates|your system produces|the system generates}. This {can cause some problems|could cause problems|may cause issues} {if you have a|when you own a|in the event that you are using a brand} {new|newly installed} {or upgraded|or improved|and upgraded version of an} inverter. {You will need to re-file|It is necessary to update|It’s necessary to file} the {interconnection application|application for interconnection}.

{Talk to|Speak to a|Talk to your} [xfield_company] solar installer {about the incentives that|regarding the incentives|about the incentives} you {are eligible for for|can qualify for with|may qualify for on} {your add-on solar projects|the solar add-ons you have purchased|your solar additions}. {Also, talk to|Additionally, consult|Also, speak to} {a tax advisor|an tax professional|tax professionals} {if you have questions regarding|for any questions about|If you have any questions about} tax credits.

How much does it cost to expand an existing solar array?

{It is not cheaper|It’s not much more expensive|It’s not more costly} to add panels {on to|to|onto} an existing system{ than to|, but it is cheaper to| than it is to} {install one|put them in|build one}. {Your expansion will likely|The expansion you choose to make will probably|The new system will} be {smaller than the original|less than the original|smaller than the initial} system{ so it may|, which means it will|, so it could} {be more costly|cost more|be more expensive} per {watt|Watt}. A larger system {will generally|is likely to|will typically} {be cheaper|be less expensive|cost less} than one {that is smaller|with a smaller size}{, so the per-watt cost| and therefore the cost per watt| which means that the cost per watt} for {your|the} new system {will likely|is likely to|will} be {higher|greater|more expensive}.

{Because a lot of the|Since a large portion of the|A lot of} {work required|work that is required|tasks required} by {a|an|the} [xfield_company] installer is {considered|classified as|thought of as} “soft” {costs, this|costs, which|expenses, this} {includes overhead, permits|includes permits, overhead|comprises overhead, permits}{, labor, and| and labor as well as| work,} permit {fees|costs}. {Most likely,|It is likely that a|Most likely, a} [xfield_company] installer will {need to complete|have to finish|require} {the same work|the same tasks|exactly the same task} {as the original installation|that was required for the initial installation|as the installation they did originally}. This {includes|will include|means} {scheduling|planning|organizing} {work for the crew and|work for the crew as well as|tasks for the crew, as well as} {applying for permits|seeking permits|needing permits}.

{Although the 26% federal|While the federal 26%|Even though the 26% federal} tax credit{, and any| and|, as well as} other incentives {may be possible|could be able|might be able} to {be used|use|be utilized} {for system expansion|to expand the system|to expand systems}{, it is possible| however, it is likely| but it’s possible} that the {higher per-watt cost|higher cost per watt|more expensive per-watt costs} {associated with system expansion will|for system expansion may|that comes with expanding the system will} not {result in a great|yield a huge|produce a significant} financial return.

What does the process of adding additional panels to your home look like?

If {you are eligible,|you’re eligible,|you’re eligible} {you will|you’ll|you’ll have to} {go through the same process|follow the same procedure|undergo the same process} {as|that you did|similar to} {when you signed up for|when you signed up for the|when you signed up to the} [xfield_company] solar system. {This means you will|That means that you will|This means you’ll} have two solar {energy systems installed|energy systems|systems} on your roof{, for|,| for} which {you will be billed|you will be charged|you’ll be charged} {separately|in separate installments|for each separately}.

  • {You can contact us at|Contact us via|We can be reached at} [number{]|number|[number}.
  • A {customized system design|custom-designed system design|design for the system that is custom made to your specifications} will be {sent to you, which|delivered to you, and|provided to you, which} you {can then review|will then be able to review|are able to examine}.
  • {After you approve|Once you have approved|If you are satisfied with} the design{, our technicians will schedule| Our technicians will then schedule| After you approve the design, our technicians will set} an appointment {to visit|at} your {home|residence|house} to {install the additional|set up the additional|install the extra} panels. {This will be|It will be|This is} an independent system{ that is| that will be|, which is} compatible with your {existing|current} solar{ energy| power|} system. {You’ll get|There will be|You’ll receive} two bills {for each|per} system.
  • {We will arrange for|We’ll arrange for|We’ll help you get} {your local municipality to permit|your local municipality to allow|the local municipality to grant permission} and {inspect|examine|check} the system.
  • We will {work|collaborate|cooperate} with your utility{ company|} until you are {allowed|able|permitted} to {operate|use|run} {the additional|on the other|with the extra} panels.

Should you use the same company that installed your original system?

{Although you don’t necessarily need|While you don’t have|Although you don’t need} to {use|choose|work with} the same {company who|company that|firm that} installed {your original system|the original system|your system in the first place} {for installation, it is|to install it, it’s|for installation, it’s} {a good idea at least|recommended|an ideal idea} to {get a quote|request a price|inquire about a cost}. {They will already be|They’ll already be|They’ll be already} {familiar with the equipment|acquainted with your equipment|comfortable with the system}{ and will| and|, and} {have access to the monitoring system|be able to access the system for monitoring|possess access to your monitoring device}. There is no {risk|chance} of {losing|getting rid of|being unable to claim} the warranty.

{Although a different company may|While a different business may|Even though a different firm could} {add an expansion|make an addition|include an upgrade} {to the system, it|on the existing system, this|into the product, it} {won’t|will not|doesn’t} {usually void the original warranty|typically void the warranty that was originally issued|normally void the original warranty}. {However, it is|But, it’s|However, it’s} {a good idea|an excellent idea|recommended}.

The {process for|procedure for|process of} {getting quotes on|receiving quotes for|getting quotes for} {a system extension|an extension to a system|the system extension} is {similar to a|the same as a|similar to that of a} {standard home-solar|normal home solar|typical home-solar} installation. {Ask the same questions|You can ask the same questions|The same questions should be asked} and {get|receive|obtain} {multiple|several} {quotes|estimates}.

[xfield_company] allows you to add solar panels to your existing system.

{It’s important to shop around|It is important to research|It’s essential to look around} for any{ type of|| kind of} {solar project, no matter|solar-powered project, no matter|solar project, regardless of} {how big or small|the size or scope|how large or small}. {Signing up for|By signing up to|Joining} {the|[xfield_company]’s|an account on the} [xfield_company] Solar Marketplace {will allow you to receive|will enable you to get|allows you to get} {multiple quotes and|several quotes and|numerous quotes and to} {compare solar costs|evaluate solar prices|examine the costs of solar}. You can {add|also add solar} panels to {an|your} existing system by {indicating this|marking this|making this a feature} {in your account|on your profile|within your online account}. Also, {provide information|you should provide details|give details} {about|regarding} {your|the|the equipment and} system (equipment and {system size|size of the system}) {so installers can give|to ensure that installers give|so that the installers can provide} {you the best possible|the most competitive|you the best} {quotes|estimates|quotations}.



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