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{Is a solar lease worth|Is a solar lease really worth|Does a solar lease make sense?} it?

{Is a solar lease worth|Is a solar lease really worth|Does a solar lease make sense?} it?

The {cost|price} of solar panels {can be|is|could be} {quite high|very high|quite expensive}. {Although solar panels offer|While solar panels provide|Even though solar panels can provide} the {highest return on investment|greatest return on investment|most investment return}{, it is not affordable| however, they aren’t affordable| but they are not cheap} {for everyone|for all|for everyone}.

Homeowners {have the option of|can choose between|can opt for} solar {loans and solar leases|leases and solar loans|leases and loans} {to make the switch|for making the transition|in order to help make switching} to solar {affordable|cost-effective|financially feasible}.

Which {solar financing option|financing option for solar|solar financing method} is {best|the best option|right} for you? {To help you decide|For help in deciding|To help you determine} {how|the best way|which method} {to finance your solar power|you can finance your solar|best to fund your solar energy} system{,|} we’ll {take a look at|look at|examine} leasing {vs|instead of|as opposed to}. {buying|purchasing} solar panels.

What {is|exactly is} Solar Leasing?

{A solar lease is a|Solar leases are|The solar lease can be described as a} {financial|type of financial} {agreement where the company installing|agreement in which the company that installs|contract where the company that installed} {your solar panel systems retains|the solar panels retains|your solar panel systems maintains} {ownership and|the ownership of the system and|ownership , and} you pay a {fixed monthly|monthly fixed|set monthly} {fee to use it|cost to use it|cost to use the system} and {get any|receive any|also receive the} {electricity it produces|energy it generates|power it produces}.

The monthly {rent will be|rent is|rental will be} {paid by you,|the responsibility of you|payable by the homeowner,} {while|and} the solar installer {will take|takes} {care of installation and maintenance|charge of maintenance and installation|care of the installation and maintenance}. {This arrangement typically|The arrangement generally|This arrangement usually} {doesn’t require you to|does not require that you|does not require you to} {pay upfront|make a payment upfront|be upfront to pay} for {residential solar installation|solar installations in your home|solar panels for your residential property}. Instead, {you only have|you just need|you’ll only need} to pay {the monthly rent|monthly rent|for the monthly rental}.

What is {a|an|the} {Solar|PPA from Solar?} PPA?

{A|The|An} Solar Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA) is {a financial agreement where you|an agreement in which you|an agreement that allows you to} pay a {fixed price|set amount|fixed amount} {per Kilowatt-hour|for each Kilowatt hour} (kWh){,| in exchange| and} to {your solar company|the solar company you have contracted with|the solar company that you use} {for the power generated from|for the electricity generated by|to generate power from} {your solar panels|the solar panels you have}.

The solar PPA {works in|operates in|is} the same {way|manner} as {a|the|an} solar lease. {However, this agreement|The agreement however,|It is however, it} {sets a fixed price|provides a fixed cost|is a fixed price} per unit, {which is usually|which is typically|usually} {less|lower} {than the local|that the|than that of the nearby} utility{ company| provider|}. A PPA {means|implies|signifies} {that the solar leasing company is|that solar lease companies are|it is the company leasing solar that’s}{ fully|} {responsible|accountable} for {all installation and maintenance costs|the entire installation and maintenance cost|all costs associated with installation and maintenance}. {You don’t usually have|It is not necessary|There is no requirement} to pay {any upfront fees|upfront charges|for any upfront costs}.

What are the {differences|main differences|major differences} between {a|the two?} Solar Lease & a Solar {PPA|PPA?}

The {basic|fundamental|primary} {product of a solar lease|item of solar leasing|element of both a solar lease} {and|as well as} {a solar PPA is|PPAs for solar is|an solar PPA are} {the same|identical|similar}. A contract is {made|signed|entered into} {with a company to install|with a firm to install|by a business to put} {a solar system|an array of solar panels|solar panels} {on your roof|in your home’s roof|to your rooftop}. You {get to use|can use|will be able to utilize} the {generated solar power|solar energy generated|power generated by solar panels} {in your home|within your house|inside your home,} {while they keep|and they retain|and they will retain} {ownership|the ownership|the rights to}.

{How much you pay|The amount you pay to|What you pay} the solar company {to get|for|to obtain} {that power is what|the power|the power you need} {will determine how different|determines how different|will determine what the differences between} {a solar lease and a|the solar lease and|an solar lease and a} solar PPA {are|will be}.

  • Solar Lease – The company {charges a fixed monthly rent|offers a fixed monthly rate|is charged a monthly fixed fee} for the {length|duration|term} {of the lease|of lease|that the lease is in effect}. {This is regardless|It is irrespective} of {how much electricity|the amount of electricity|how much power} you {use|consume}.
  • Solar PPA {- You pay a fixed|Pay a set|is a contract where you pay a fixed} amount for the {electricity you use|amount of electricity you use|energy you consume}. {This rate can change|The rate may change|This amount can fluctuate} {from month to month|between months|each month}.
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{What's|What is} {the difference between leasing|different between renting|what's the distinction between renting} and {buying|purchasing} {a solar panel system|solar panels|solar panel systems} from a {company|business|firm}?

{There is a big|There’s a huge|There’s a significant} {difference between leasing and buying|distinction between leasing and purchasing} {a solar system|solar panels|solar systems}. You {are the owner of|own|become the owner of} solar panels when {you purchase|you buy|purchasing} them {with|in|for} cash or {by taking out|with|through} {a loan|loans|the loan}.

{You don’t need to pay|There is no need to pay|There are no} {upfront costs|upfront|the upfront cost} {for solar panels installed|for solar panels that are installed|to install solar panels} on your roof {with|using|by using} {a solar lease agreement|the solar lease agreement|solar lease agreements} {or solar power purchase|(solar PPA) or solar lease|also known as a solar power purchase} {arrangement|agreement} (solar PPA). Instead{, the solar company| the solar company| the solar firm} will {install and own|set up and manage|construct and maintain} the system.

{Your system generates solar power|The system produces solar power|The solar energy generated by your system is renewable}{, and you can use| and you are able to use| and you can utilize} it {all|throughout the year|to the fullest extent}. {This reduces your utility bills|This lowers your energy bills|It reduces the cost of your utilities} {with|by using|through} net {metering|meters}. {You pay a monthly|The monthly|It is a} {rental fee|rental|rent} {to the solar company|for the company that produces solar|towards the solar firm} {in exchange for solar energy|to get solar energy|in exchange for solar power}.

Is a {solar lease right|solar lease the right option|solar-powered lease right} for you?

{It is a personal decision|It’s a personal choice|It’s your personal decision} {that will determine whether|which will determine if|that determines whether} you lease, {buy|purchase} solar panels, {participate in|join|take part in} {a|an|the} PPA or {ignore|simply ignore|just ignore} solar. Here are some {pros and cons to consider|advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration|pros and cons to think about} when {considering solar leasing|considering leasing solar panels|weighing the possibility of solar leasing}.

Solar Leasing: {Advantages|Benefits}

There are {many benefits|numerous benefits|many advantages} {to solar leasing, including|of solar leasing, among|for solar leasing, such as} {these|the following}:

  • There is no {need|reason} to {spend a lot|pay a large amount|invest a lot of money} {upfront for solar panel installation|in the beginning for solar panel installation|upfront to install solar panels}
  • {When the market is volatile|If the market is unstable|In times of volatility in the market}{, lock in energy prices| ensure that you lock in energy prices| make sure you lock in the energy price} {for the long-term|in the long-term|to last for a long time}
  • {Avoid the hassle of|Do not stress about|Eliminate the stress of} {monitoring|managing|keeping track of} and {maintaining|keeping track of} equipment
  • Save{ significant|| substantial} {money|savings|cash} on{ your|} utility {bills|bills.|bill}
  • {Household carbon footprint reduction|Carbon footprint reduction for households|Reduction in carbon footprint of households}

Solar leases {guarantee|ensure|are a guarantee of} {power production|the power output|energy production}. This {means that if the panel|means that if the solar panel|implies that if the panel} {generates less than expected|produces less power than it is expected to|produces less power than anticipated}{, payments may be reduced| the payments could be reduced| payment, the amount may be decreased}.

Solar Leasing: {Disadvantages|Advantages and Disadvantages|Negatives}

{Even though solar renting|Although solar leasing|While solar rental} {is not for all|isn’t for everyone|isn’t suitable for everybody}{, there are a few| however, there are some| but there are a few} {risks as well as concerns|issues and risks|dangers and concerns} {with these contracts|regarding these contracts|concerning these agreements}.

  • The {leasing price rises each|cost of leasing increases each|price of leasing rises every} year{ as utility rates rise|, as utility costs rise| as utility prices rise}{, which could lead to| and this could result in| which can lead to} {lower expected cost savings|lower savings on costs|less savings in the future}.
  • {You are not eligible for|You’re not eligible for|You’re not eligible to receive} the {federal solar tax credit,|federal solar tax credit|solar tax credit for the federal government,} or any {local benefits because|other local benefit, because|local tax benefits, since} you {don’t|do not} {have solar panels|possess solar panels|own solar panels}.
  • {Although the upfront|While the initial|Although the initial} {cost is not high|cost isn’t too expensive|price isn’t expensive}{, the system will likely| however, the system is likely to| The system will} last for {many years|a long time|years}. {You’ll probably end up spending|It’s likely that you’ll end up paying|The likelihood is that you’ll spend} more than{ you would|} {if you purchased|had you bought|have if you purchased} the panels {directly|on your own|in the first place}.
  • {Because they are|Since they’re} {not part of your|in no way part of the|separate from your} {property|home}{, leasing solar panels| Solar panels that you lease| solar panels, leasing them} {won’t add to the home|will not increase your home’s|isn’t going to increase the home’s} value.
  • If {you want to move|you are looking to move|you’re looking to relocate}{, breaking your lease can| the lease you have signed can| to another location, breaking your lease could} be {difficult|a challenge|challenging}.
  • If you {live|reside} in {an area|a region} {that does not|which does not|that doesn’t} have net metering{, leasing|, then leasing| in place, leasing} {may not be financially feasible|might not be financially viable|isn’t always financially viable}.

{Leasing|Lease|Letting} Solar Panels vs. buying Solar Panels

{Leasing|leasing|The leasing of} solar panels was {an easier|a more convenient|a simpler} {option than|alternative to} {leasing in the past|renting in the past|lease in past times}. The {cost|price} {of solar panels has|for solar panel systems has|of solar panels have} {dropped|decreased|slowed} {in the last decade|over the past decade|in the last 10 years}{, making it| which makes it| and it is now} {more affordable and financially viable|feasible and affordable|economically feasible and more affordable} {to own your|for homeowners to purchase their|the option of owning your} own solar {system|panel}.

Solar leasing {is different|is distinct|differs} {from buying|from purchasing|than purchasing} solar panels. The difference {lies|is} in {ownership|the ownership}. {You own a solar system|The solar system is yours|You own a solar panel} {if you purchase it|when you purchase it|in the event that you purchase}. {This means that you will|This means you’ll|That means you’ll} be {responsible|accountable|the one responsible} for its {operation and maintenance|maintenance and operation|operation and upkeep}. {However, if|If|If, however,} you lease a {panel|solar panel} from a utility {company|firm|provider}{, you are| and you own the solar system, you will be| it is your responsibility to be} {the owner of the|responsible for the ownership of your|in charge of the} solar {system|panel} and {will be responsible|are responsible|will be accountable} for its {maintenance and operation|operation and maintenance|upkeep and operation}.

If {you are looking|you want|you’re looking} {to maximize the financial|for ways to maximise the economic|at maximizing the fiscal} {benefits|advantages|rewards} of solar panels{ and save money over| and save money in|, and save money over} the {long-term|long run|long term}{, this is the best| it is the ideal| then this is the most effective} {choice|option}. {These benefits|The benefits|Benefits} include lower {state taxes|taxes on state income|taxes for the state}{, investment credits,| as well as investment credits,| and investment credits, as well as} {rebates from the|incentives from|tax rebates by the federal} government (often {up to|as high as|at least} 30{%| percent}){, as well as| and| in addition to} {solar renewable energy credits|credits for solar renewable energy}. {Furthermore, solar panels can|Additionally, solar panels could|In addition, solar panels can} {increase the property’s market value|boost the value of a property’s market value|enhance the value of the property}.

{While solar leasing is|Although solar leasing can be|Although solar leasing is} profitable {for the life|over the duration|throughout the term} of the {contract, customers|contract, those|agreement, customers} who {can afford to purchase|are able to afford purchasing|can afford to buy} the system {outright|for themselves|in full} will {be more financially benefited|benefit financially|reap the most financial benefits}. If {you want to use|you are looking to utilize|you’re looking to make use of} the {electricity generated by the|power generated by|power produced by} solar panels {as your|to provide you with a|as a} source of {clean energy|renewable energy|energy that is clean}{, then solar| Solar| and energy, then solar} leasing is the {best choice|most suitable option|right choice}.

{Despite not being|Even though you aren’t|Although you may not be} {able to own|in a position to own|capable of owning} the panels{ or receive| or get|, or enjoy} any tax {benefits from them|benefits|advantages from them}{, you can still reap| however, you still can reap| but you can still enjoy} the {financial benefits of solar energy|economic benefits of solar energy|advantages of solar energy’s financial value}. If you {don’t have the|do not have the|don’t have enough} {funds to purchase|money to buy|cash to buy} solar panels {upfront|in the beginning|outright}{, there are many| There are a variety of| there are numerous} financing options{ available| to choose from|}.

  • {Solar installer financing: Many|Financing for solar installers: Many|Solar installer financing: A lot of} solar installers {work|collaborate|partner} with lenders to {offer lower-interest|provide lower-interest|offer low-interest} solar financing.
  • A PACE loan{: Also| is also} {known by the R-PACE loan|called the R-PACE loan|known as the R-PACE Loan}. Residential {Property-Assessed clean Energy loans|Property-Assessed Clean Energy loans|Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans} are {a long-term, low cost|an affordable, long-term|an ongoing, low-cost} {option|alternative|solution} to finance {your solar purchase|the purchase of solar panels}. {Through a tax assessment,|By way of tax assessment,|With the help of a tax assessment} this {type of loan attaches|kind of loan ties|type of loan is attached to} {your property tax bill|the tax bill of your property|your tax bill for your home} to the {cost of the|price of the|cost of your} solar panels.
  • {You can get a standard|You can obtain a traditional|It is possible to get a typical} {bank loan for solar loans|credit card for solar loan from a bank|Bank loan to finance solar loans}{:|.} {These loans can be obtained|They can be obtained|The loans are available} {through credit unions or banks|through banks or credit unions|via credit unions or banks}. {You can also choose|You may also opt|It is also possible} to {finance your loan through|fund your loan using|pay for your loan with} {your utility provider’s monthly electric|the monthly electric|your monthly electricity} bill. This {option allows|allows|will allow} you to {put a portion|apply a percentage|use a portion} {of your utility savings|from your savings on utility bills|the savings you earn from utility usage} {towards|toward|to} {your loan payment|the loan’s payment|your loan’s installment}.

{Solar Energy: The Benefits|Renewable Energy and Solar Power: Benefits for the Environment|A Solar-Powered Future: Solar Benefits}

There are {many reasons to own|numerous reasons to have|many reasons to invest in} solar panels, {whether|regardless of whether|no matter if} {you want to buy|you decide to purchase|you’re looking to purchase} them {upfront|in the beginning|outright} or finance {your system|the system|them} over {several decades|a period of time|the course of a few decades}.

Lower Long-Term Savings

{Leasing is not as cost-effective|It isn’t as economical|The cost of leasing is not as affordable} {as buying solar|as purchasing solar panels|than purchasing solar panels}. {Buying solar panels will|Solar panels can|The purchase of solar panels will} {provide you with significant|bring you significant|give you substantial} savings {over the long-term|over the long run|in the long run}. {The average solar panel system|A typical solar panel|The typical solar panel} {generates electricity for 25+|produces electricity for a period of 25 to 30|generates electricity for more than 25} years{, which can help|, which could help|. This can} {lower your energy consumption|reduce your energy usage|decrease your energy use} and {reduce your electric energy|lower your energy|decrease your electric power} {bills|costs|expenses}.

{Cash payments are the|Paying cash is the|The cash payment is your} {best|most convenient|ideal} {option as you can|alternative since you|choice since you can} pay {immediately for the solar|for solar panels immediately|in a single payment for solar} panels{ and no recurring|, and there are no| and avoid} monthly {fees|charges|costs}. Finance {will require monthly payments|requires monthly payments|requires monthly installments}. {However, you can still|But, you are able to|But, you’ll be able to} save {money each month|every month money|money every month,} and {all savings are immediately|the savings will be|any savings you earn are} {deposited into your account once|transferred to your account after|in your account when} the loan {is paid off|has been paid off|is paid in full}.

{You will reach the point|The point will come|It will be at the point} {where your savings equal|that your savings are equal to|when your savings will equal} the {cost|price} of the panels{, regardless of whether| regardless of whether| regardless of whether or not} you {purchase|buy} {them or take out|the panels or get|them or obtain} {a loan|loans|the loan}. This is {called|known as} the solar payback {period|time}. {After you have|Once you’ve|When you’ve} completed {this period|the payback period|this time}{, you will begin| and you begin| it will be possible} to see {greater savings in|a greater reduction in|more savings on} your monthly energy {bills|bill|costs}.

{You will save more|You can save even more money|It is cheaper to save money} {if you lease or sign|when you lease or sign|by leasing or signing} {a|an} PPA. {However, you will still|But, you’ll|However, you’ll} {have|be required} {to pay the solar installer|be able to make payments towards the installer|payment to the solar company} {each|every} month {for the duration of|throughout} {your lease period|the lease term|your lease}. There {are no break clauses|is no break clause|aren’t any break clauses} or {an end date|a deadline for the end of the lease|a date for an end}. {Many leases and PPAs include|A lot of leases and PPAs have|Many leases and agreements include} an escalator clause{, which| that|. This} {can increase your monthly payments|could increase the monthly payment|will increase your monthly payments} {each year for the duration|every year for the length|each year over the course} of the {agreement|contract}. {This is often|It is usually|The typical term is} {20 years or longer|for a period of 20 years or more|twenty years or more}.

Selling your {home|house} is {easier|much easier}

You {can own|are able to own|have the option of owning} {your solar panel system if|the solar panel system you have installed if|the solar panel system} you {purchase it outright|buy it in full|buy it for cash}. This {makes it easier|allows you|can make it easier} to sell your {house|home} {- and often|and, often|and usually}{, for more money -| even more money| it is more lucrative} {if you have|when you have|with} solar panels. This is {why|the reason why|one reason why} {many homeowners prefer to buy|many homeowners choose to purchase|most homeowners would rather purchase} {a solar system over leasing|the solar panels instead of leasing|solar panels rather than lease} one.

{Although you can still|While you are still able to|Even though you may still be able to} sell your {house if you|home if you|house if} {sign a PPA or|have a PPA or|contract a PPA or a} {solar lease, the|solar leaseagreement, the|leasing solar, your} {contract|agreement}{ you have|| you sign} with the company {may|could|might} make it {more difficult|harder}. {The solar installer is technically the owner of the panels|Solar installers are technically owners of panels|It is the solar company that owns the panel} {in|on|installed in} your {home and must be|home , and is|house and should be} {included in discussions regarding|involved in discussions about|part of discussions concerning} {the transfer of ownership|how ownership transfer will be handled|transfers of ownership}. There are two {options to|ways to|options available to} {negotiate the terms of your|discuss the terms of your|negotiate the terms of the} {deal|agreement|contract}.

  • You {can pay off the remaining|could pay off the remaining|can pay off the remainder of the} {lease/PPA to|lease or PPA to|lease/PPA and} {own the panels in full|take ownership of the panels completely|be the owner of the panels in full}
  • {Persuade the potential|The potential|You can convince the} owner of your {house|home} to {assume the lease/PPA agreement|take over the lease/PPA|accept the lease/PPA contract}

If you {decide to lease|choose to lease|are considering leasing} or pay per {annum|year}{, you should talk with| it is important to talk to| make sure you speak to} your solar {company about|company regarding|provider about} the {details|specifics}. This will {help you make|assist you in making|allow you to make} the {right decision|right choice|best decision} when{ you are|} selling your {house|home}.

Tax {credits and incentives|incentives and credits}

{You can get|You may qualify for|There are} {federal and state tax credits|tax credits from the federal and state governments|state and federal tax credits} when you {purchase a solar panel system|buy a solar panel system|purchase a solar panel}. This {can help to|could|will} {significantly lower the cost for|reduce the expense of|substantially reduce the cost of} installation. {You can also|Additionally, you can|It is also possible to} {take advantage of|benefit from|avail} local incentives{ like|, such as| such as} net metering{ programs, which| programsthat|, which} {can help you save even|will help you save|could help you save} {further|more|more money} on {electricity|electric power|energy costs}.

{The|It is possible to avail the|There is a} Federal Solar Tax Credit and other {state incentives are available|incentives from the state are available|state incentives are offered} {to solar installers who lease|for solar contractors who rent|Solar installers that lease}{ the|} panels. {To enroll in net-metering,|In order to enroll in net-metering,|To be enrolled in net-metering} you {must get approval from|need approval from|will need to get the approval of} the company. They {own|are the ones who own|control} the panels and {reap|enjoy} the {most|greatest|highest} {benefits|advantages}.

The {disadvantages of buying|drawbacks of purchasing|negatives of purchasing} solar panels

Maintenance {requirements|needs}

{You are responsible for any|You are accountable for the|It is your responsibility to ensure the} {monitoring and maintenance of|maintenance and monitoring of|monitoring and maintenance for} {your solar panel system|the solar panel|your solar panel}. To {ensure|make sure} {that your|the|you are sure that the} solar panel{ system|} {functions properly, you must|is working properly, you need to|operates properly, you should} {monitor it and pay for|be aware of it and make|keep an eye on it and make} repairs {if it does|in the event that it fails|if it malfunctions}. Palmetto {and other companies|as well as other firms|along with other businesses} {offer|provide} maintenance plans {and real-time monitoring|as well as real-time monitoring|and monitoring in real time} to {assist with|help you with|aid in} this {process|procedure}. This {will help you|can help you|will allow you to} {save money on your|reduce your|save money on} solar {maintenance costs|energy maintenance costs|costs for maintenance}.

{Higher up-front investment|A higher up-front investment|Investments in the beginning that are higher}

{You will need to have|You’ll need|It is necessary to have} {the funds available|funds|the money} {in your bank account|on your account at the bank} {in order to buy|to purchase|for the purchase of} {a solar panel system|solar panels|solar panel systems}. Even {with|using} {the federal tax credit|Federal tax credits|an federal tax credit}{,|} {these costs can be high|the costs could be expensive|the cost of solar panels can be quite high}.

{You can still get|It is possible to get|You are still able to obtain} {a loan for solar energy|an energy loan|loans for solar energy} {if you don’t|even if you do not|in the event that you don’t} {have enough cash|possess enough money|already have the cash}. {To be eligible|In order to be eligible|To qualify} {for a solar loan you|for a solar loan , you|to receive a solar loan, you} {must be financially sound|have to be financially stable}. {Unfortunately, this is not|However, this isn’t} always the {case|situation|scenario}.

{You need more insurance coverage|You’ll need to have more insurance|You’ll require more insurance}

{You may need to increase|It is possible that you will need to increase|You might need to raise} {your property insurance in order|your insurance on your home|the amount of insurance you have on your home} to {protect your solar energy|safeguard your solar energy|protect your solar power} system. This {can lead to|could result in|could lead to} {higher premiums which could increase|increased premiums, which can increase|more expensive premiums that could add to} {your budget|your cost|the cost of your insurance}.

Solar leasing{: The benefits| The benefits of solar leasing| The benefits}

There is no {up-front|upfront|initial} {cost|cost.|expense}

{Leasing|leasing|The leasing of} solar panels is {a better option|more advantageous|a better choice} {than owning|rather than purchasing|instead of owning} {them|the panels}. {The solar installer|Solar installers|Installers from solar panels} will {cover|take care of|pay} the {entire cost of installation|whole cost of installation|entire installation cost}. {After you agree to|Once you have agreed to|If you accept} their {terms and conditions|conditions and terms}{, the installer will install| the installer will put| and conditions, the installer will set up} {your solar panel system on|the solar panel system onto|your solar panel on} the roof {for little|at little|at a minimal} or {no|even no|at no} {cost|cost}.

No Tax Liability

{Federal solar tax credit cannot|The federal solar tax credit can’t} be {used if you owe|utilized if you owe|utilized if you are owed} federal income {taxes|tax}. {Credit can|Credit may|Credits can help} {reduce the amount that|lower the amount|reduce the amount} you {owe|have to pay|are liable for}.

{Leasing solar panels|The leasing of solar panels|Letting solar panels on lease} is {a good option|an option to consider|an excellent option} {if you don’t have enough|in the event that you don’t have the|when you don’t have sufficient} income to {qualify for|be eligible for|get} {the tax credit|this tax deduction|an income tax rebate}. The solar {company can then|company will|firm can} {capture|take advantage of|get} the credit and {pass some of|pass|then pass} {those savings on to|the savings to|those savings onto} {you in the form|customers in the form|clients in terms}{ of|} lower monthly {payments|installments}.

There is no {maintenance cost|cost for maintenance.|maintenance fee}

The solar company {retains ownership|has ownership|is the sole owner} over the {whole|entire} solar system {once it is|after it has been} installed. They are {responsible|accountable} for {all maintenance and monitoring costs|the entire maintenance and monitoring cost|all costs of maintenance and monitoring}.

Energy bill: {Lower|lower|Less} and {greener|more sustainable}

You can {save money|cut down} on your {utility bills|energy bills|bill for utility} {by leasing|through leasing|when you lease} solar. You’ll {save money on|reduce|lower} your utility bills {by using|when you use|through the use of} solar {energy|power}.

The {disadvantages|drawbacks} {of leasing|that come with leasing|renting} solar panels

Lower Savings

{Leasing solar panels has|The leasing of solar panels comes with|Solar panels that are leased have} {a major disadvantage|one major drawback|an inherent disadvantage}. {However, you can|But, it can help you|However, it is a great way to} save money {over the long-term|in the long run|over the long term}. {You will|You can|You’ll} {save money on|reduce|lower} your monthly energy {bills|bill|costs} {by leasing|through leasing|when you lease} solar panels. {However, the|The|But, the} cost of {the lease|leasing} solar panels {is usually|is typically|will usually be} {less than buying|lower than purchasing|lower than buying} the panels.

{Tax credits and other incentives|Other incentives and tax credits|Incentives and credits for taxation and more}

{You don’t get the|There aren’t any|You won’t receive} {tax credits or other|incentives for tax credit or any other|taxes or} {incentives|benefits|rewards} {that solar companies receive for|solar companies get for|that solar companies receive in exchange for} installing {solar|solar panels}. {While they may pass|Although they might pass on|Although they could pass on} some of the {value|benefits|benefit} to you {in|through|via} lower monthly {costs and|costs or|expenses and} tax credits, {some|a portion|the majority} of it {will still be|is|remains} yours.

There {is no increase|isn’t any increase|isn’t a rise} in {your property value|the value of your home.|the value of your property.}

{The solar installer is the owner of the panels|Solar installers own the solar panels|It is solar’s installer who owns the panel}{ so|, so|. Therefore,} your home {does not gain|doesn’t gain|is not gaining} any {extra value|additional value|value}.

Can Scare Off Potential Home Buyers

If you {want|wish|are planning} to sell your {home before|house before|home prior to} the lease {ends|expires|is up}{, you must enter into| you have to sign| it is necessary to enter into} an agreement.

{To make selling your home|To make selling your house|In order to make selling your home} {easier, you’ll either have|more straightforward, you’ll need|simpler, you’ll have} to {purchase the lease outright|buy the lease in full|purchase the lease for cash} or {have the buyer assume|let the buyer take over|ask the buyer to take over} the {lease solar panels|solar panels on lease|solar panels that you lease}. {Potential buyers may|Buyers may|Prospective buyers might} be reluctant to {take over|assume|accept} the {lease of solar panels|solar panel lease}. This {can make|could make|makes} it {more difficult|harder|difficult} to sell your {house|home}.

Solar PPA{:|} The Benefits

There is {little to no|a minimal|no} {up-front|upfront|initial} cost

{After you have reached|Once you have signed|After you’ve reached} an {agreement with the|arrangement with the|agreement with your} PPA company{ they will start|, they will begin} the installation process{ without any| with no|, without} {upfront costs|charges in advance|cost upfront}. {You can immediately start|It is possible to immediately begin|You will be able to begin immediately} {using renewable energy and|making use of renewable energy and|using renewable energy , and} {save money|reduce your energy costs|save money}.

There is no {need|reason|reason for you} to be {tax liable|tax-exempt}

A solar PPA {is similar|is comparable|can be compared} to {a|the|an} solar lease. It {may be a good|could be a great|might be a viable} {option if you don’t receive|alternative if you do not receive|option if you don’t get} {value|benefit|benefits} {from the federal solar tax credit|through the solar tax credits offered by federal law|in the form of the tax incentive for solar energy} {via|through|as} {a decrease in income tax|the reduction in tax on income|an income tax reduction}. If {you are retired with|you’re retired and have|you’re retired but have} no income or {an annuity,|annuity,|an annuity} {this may be an|this could be a viable|it could be an} {option|alternative}.

Your PPA {manager can receive|manager may be eligible for|administrator can earn} tax credits{ and some| as well as a portion|, as well as some} {of the incentive value|incentives|from the value of incentives} {to|in order to} {lower your monthly payments|reduce your monthly payments|reduce your monthly payment}.

{No maintenance costs|No maintenance cost|There are no maintenance costs}

Installers are {responsible|accountable} {for maintaining and repairing|to maintain and repair|for maintaining and fixing} {the solar panel system|their solar panels|your solar panel}. {The installer will monitor|Installers will be able to monitor|The installer will keep track of} and {correct any problems|fix any issues|address any issues} {so that you can continue|to allow you|so that you continue} to {enjoy solar energy|benefit from solar energy|enjoy solar power} {in your home|at home|within your home}.

{Lower and cleaner electricity bills|Energy bills that are lower and more efficient|Electricity bills are less expensive and cleaner.}

A solar PPA {will|can} {help you lower|aid in reducing|assist you in reducing} {your energy bills|your energy costs|the cost of energy}. {You will|You’ll} {pay less for electricity generated|be paying less for the electricity produced} {by solar panels|through solar panel|from solar power panels}. Solar panels {produce|generate} green energy{ so you|, so you| and} {don’t have to use|do not need to consume|won’t need to use} {as many fossil fuels from|the same amount of fossil fuels as|more fossil fuels to power} {your electricity grid|the grid of electricity|your electric grid}.

The {disadvantages|drawbacks} of Solar PPA

Lower Long-Term Savings

For the {duration of your|length of your|length of time you have a} PPA, you {pay|are charged|will pay} {for the amount of|per watt of|to cover the} solar {energy used|energy you use|power used}. {Although you may|While you could|Although you might} save money {over|by} {not having solar panels installed|the absence of solar panels|not having solar panels}{, the savings you make| however, the savings you earn| but the savings you get} {are usually|will be|typically are} {less than if you|lower than if you|smaller than if you’d} {had|were equipped with|installed} {them|solar panels|the panels}. This is {especially true after|particularly true after|particularly true once} you’ve {completed the|completed your|finished the} solar payback {period|time}.

Long-term {Agreement|Arrangement|Contract}

The {life expectancy|lifespan|average lifespan} {of solar panels is|for solar panel systems is around|that solar panels have is about} 25 years. Solar PPAs {can|are able to} be extended {for the entirety|for the entire duration|to the full duration} of {that|this|the} {time|period}. If {your plans change|you change your plans}{, it may be costly| the cost could be high| it could be costly} and {difficult to terminate|challenging to end|difficult to cancel} {your|the|you} PPA agreement.

Selling your {house is|home is|house can be} more {difficult|challenging}

{The process of selling|Selling} your {house can be complicated|home can be a bit complicated|home may be difficult} and {longer if you have|can take longer if you are using|more time-consuming if you have}{ a| an agreement with a|} solar PPA. {You can’t simply pass on|It is not possible to simply transfer|You cannot simply sign} the {agreement|contract} to sell your {home|house} {without including the solar company|and not include the solar firm|with out including the solar provider} {in|into} the {decision making process|decision-making process|process of making a decision}. If {potential buyers are not|prospective buyers aren’t|potential buyers aren’t} {happy with the conditions and|satisfied with the conditions or|satisfied with the terms and conditions of the solar installer} {terms of the solar installer|conditions of the solar installer|terms of the solar company}{, they may decline to| they might not| and are not satisfied, they can decline to} {make an offer on|accept an offer for|take an offer on} your {house|home}.

There {are no|aren’t any} {tax incentives or credits|credit or tax incentive programs.|taxes incentives, credits or other tax benefits.}

{The tax credits are usually|Tax credits are typically|Tax credits are generally} {given to the solar company|granted to the solar company|provided to the solar firm}. {They will keep some|They can keep a portion|They’ll keep a part} of {that money,|the money|that cash,} even if they {lower|reduce|cut} {your monthly payments|your monthly payment|the monthly amount of your payments in order} {to pass on some savings|in order to transfer savings|to pass some savings on to you}.

The {monetary benefits of solar|financial benefits of solar|benefits for money} {are one of the main|are among the primary|is among the major} {reasons people choose to|motives for people to|reasons why people} {go|opt for} solar. {It can also help|It also helps|This can also} {reduce the cost|lower the price|to lower the cost} of solar energy {significantly|substantially|by a significant amount}.

Contact {[xfield_company] today|us today|us at [xfield_company]} {if you are considering|If you’re thinking of|to discuss} {going|switching to|making the switch to} solar. Our solar experts {can|will} {help you understand|assist you in understanding|guide you through} {your options and guide|the options available and guide|your options and help} you through the {process|procedure}. {Get started|Start|Begin} {by using our Free Solar|with our free solar} Design {&|and} Estimate tool to {determine|figure out|find} the {right system size|ideal size of system|best size system} for {you|your needs}.



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