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Q cells q peak duo g5

Q cells q peak duo g5

The Q. The {new|latest|brand new} Q.ANTUM DUO technology {allows for|provides|is able to provide} {exceptional performance on a very|extraordinary performance in a|outstanding performance even on a} {small area|tiny area|small amount of}. {This is|It is|The model is called} {the|Q.ANTUM DUO, the|an example of the} PEAK DUO G5 {solar module|solar panel|module for solar power} {by Q CELLS|manufactured by Q Cells|from Q Cells}. Q. {ANTUM|Quantum|Antum}

The {world-record|world’s record|world’s best-known} cell design {has been combined|has been paired|is complemented} {with half cells|by half-cells|with half cell technology}, {state-of-the-art|the latest|cutting-edge} circuitry{ and a six-busbar design|, and a six-busbar design| and a six-busbar layout}. This combination {achieves|delivers|is able to deliver} {outstanding performance in real|amazing performance under real-world|remarkable performance under actual} conditions, {both under|including|both in} {low-intensity solar radiation and during|sunlight with low intensity and on|the sun’s low-intensity radiation as well as during} {hot, clear summer days|the summer heat and clear, hot days|sunny, hot summer days}.

[xfield_company] Q Cells is {one of|among} the {most prominent|most well-known|top} {manufacturers in the solar industry|producers in the solar industry|solar panel manufacturers}. {They are a company that|The company|It is a company that} {has a large production area|has a huge production area|is a major producer} {in high-quality|of high-quality|in premium} solar panels. {The|Q Peak Duo G5 Module|Its} Q Peak Duo G5 Module is {one of|among} the most {intriguing|interesting|fascinating} Q {Cells products|Cells ‘ products|Cells’s products}.

The {innovative|revolutionary|ingenuous} {Q|technology of Q|design of the Q}. ANTUM technology was the reason {this product won|why this product was awarded|for this product to win} the Intersolar Award 2018, Photovoltaics Category.

{This product has many|The new version has many|This version comes with a lot} {more benefits than the|advantages over|advantages over the} {previous versions,|earlier versions|prior versions,} in terms of {performance, design and|design, performance and|performance, design , and} {standards|standardization|the standards}. Let’s {look at|take a look at|examine} some of {these amazing features|the amazing features|the features that are amazing}.

What are Q cells?

[xfield_company] is a representative of their technology {around|across|throughout} the {globe|world}. They {have high standards|are a leader|meet the highest standards} {in R&D testing|in testing R&D|for R&D testing}{,| and| as well as} {efficiency|effectiveness|efficacy} (up to 19.9{%| percent}!) and manufacturing {capability|capabilities}.

{This technology is based upon|The technology is based on|This technology is based on} the {concept|idea} {of|that} PERC cells (rear contact {in the cell|within the cell)|within the cell} {that permit the|which allow|which permit} reflection of {photons and increase|light and increases|light particles and boost} {energy output, but|the energy output, however they|the output of energy, but they} {also greatly reduce system performance|also significantly reduces system performance|it also drastically reduces the performance of the system}{, optimizes production, and| improves production and| as well as optimizes production. It also} {redefines structure|changes the structure|transforms the design} {of the modules|for the module|that the components}. It {takes|elevates|brings} PERC {tech up|technology} to a{ whole|| completely} new level.

Six Busbar Technology

{Photons that hit|The photons that strike|Photons that strike} the solar {panels’ surface|panel’s surface|panels’ surfaces} {activate or release electron flow|trigger or release electron flow|cause electron flow to be released or activated}.

To {reach the busbars,|get to the busbars|reach the busbars} {which act|which serve|that act} as electron highways{, these|, the|} {electric charges must pass|electrons must travel|electrons have to pass} {through a thick layer|over a good layer|across a thick coating}{ of|} phosphorus. {Many electrons are unable to|A lot of electrons cannot|Many electrons are not able to} {reach the busbars due to|get to the busbars due|reach the busbars because of} {lack of kinetic energy|the lack of kinetic energy,|insufficient kinetic energy} and {so|thus|therefore} {get|are|become} lost. This is {usually represented by|typically represented by|typically represented with} {a series resist|the series resistor|an inverse resistor}.

{This solar panel has|This solar panel comes with|The solar panel is equipped with} {a unique feature|an unique characteristic|one of a kind feature}{: instead of| that instead of| it does not have} {2 or 4|two or four} busbars (conductors {through the electrons|that allow electrons to|which allow electrons to} flow {to|into} the output){, it is equipped| It is fitted| it comes} {with six|by six|with 6} busbars.

The {greatest advantage to|most significant benefit of|main benefit of} {increasing|growing|expanding} {the number of busbars|busesbars’ number|the amount of busesbars available} is {the reduction|the decrease|a reduction} {in distance between them|of distances between them|in the distance they travel between}{, which|. This} {results in a lower|leads to a decrease in|result in a lower} {series resistance|resistance to series|resistance in series,} {as well as reducing|and also reducing|as well as lessening} {electron congestion|the amount of electrons that are pushed|the congestion of electrons} {through|in|between} the busbars.

This{ means that there|} is {3% more|an increase of 3% in} {nominal power output|theoretical power produced|actual power production} than {traditional|conventional|the traditional} {technologies|technology}.

Q Peak Duo Half Cells Technology

{The|It is the|This} Q Peak Duo model also {has a unique feature:|features a unique feature:|is unique in that} {the cells are cut in|The cells can be cut into|cutting the cell in} half {with|using|by} laser technology.

The current {can be reduced|can be decreased|could be cut} {by cutting cells in|through cutting down cells to|when cells are cut in} half. This {reduces heat in cells|decreases the amount of heat that cells produce|helps to reduce the heat inside cells} and {reduces losses due to|decreases the loss due to|also reduces losses caused by} thermal {factors|effects|elements} (generally {due to higher temperature|because of higher temperatures|due to higher temperatures} and {less|lower|lesser} {air circulation|circulated air|oxygen circulation}).

{Furthermore, resistive losses are|Additionally, the losses from resistive is|In addition, losses due to resistivity are} {reduced|decreased|diminished} {because current values are lower|due to the fact that current values are lower|because current values are less}. {Therefore,|Thus, the|This means that} production {has increased by 3 percent|has increased by 3 percent}.

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Q Peak Duo & Parallel Connection

{The majority of solar panels|Most solar panel|A majority of solar panels} {include|have|contain} {3 bypass diodes|diodes with 3 bypass|diodes that have 3 bypasses}.

{These devices permit|These devices allow|They allow} {current to flow from|the flow of current from|current to flow between} modules {on|that are on|connected to} the same {string in case|string in the event|line in the case} of shading{ without creating hotspots|, without generating hotspots|. This does not result in hotspots}.

One bypass diode {is|occurs|happens} {when a sub-module,|the case when a sub-module,|an instance of a sub-module} or a {section|portion|part} of the panel{, stops|, ceases| stops} producing electricity. Only {2/3 of the panel generates|two thirds of the panel produces|2/3 of the panel is able to generate} electricity.

If the shaded {area grows|area expands|region expands} to {the entire lower portion|cover the entire lower part|cover the entire lower section} of the module{, all bypass diodes will| the bypass diodes will| then all bypass diodes} {act|be activated|perform} (even {if it|when it|even if the shade} {covers less than|is less than|does not exceed} 30{%| percent}). The module will {stop|cease} {producing until the|making output until|production until it is clear that the} shade {has been|is} removed. This is a {huge problem|major issue|serious issue} {as it can cause significant|because it could cause huge|since it could result in significant} {losses|loss}.

This {problem is solved by|issue is resolved by|issue can be solved with} {the|using the|this model, the} Q Peak Duo model, {which connects two modules in|that connects two modules in|which connects two modules} parallel.

{Also, even|Additionally, even|Even} {if the shade covers|when the shade is covering|in the event that the shade covers} the lower {portion|part|half} {of the panel|on the screen|of the panels}, {it will still|it will|it’ll still} produce!

Leading Industry Warranty

[xfield_company] manufacturers offer {warranties that their modules|guarantees that their solar panels|guarantees that their modules} {will not lose|won’t lose|will not suffer a loss of} {more than 80%|greater than 80 percent|over 80%}{ in| of their|} {power output over 25|power output over the course of 25|output power over the span of 25} years.

{This is the standard warranty|It is the norm for warranties|The standard guarantee is offered} {for|offered by|that comes with} {most|the majority of|all} {technologies|technology}. {This aspect is also innovative|This feature is unique|It is also a feature} {in|with|for} {the|Q Peak Duo.} Q Peak Duo, which {offers a warranty|provides a guarantee|comes with a warranty} of {85% nominal power output|85percent nominal power output|an output of 85% of the nominal power} {after 25 years of service|after 25 years of use|for 25 years after the date of purchase}.

This {results in|gives|is a result of} {a maximum annual degradation factor|the highest annual degradation rate|an annual maximum degradation factor} of 0.544{%| percent}.

Round Shape Conductors

Another {innovation is the shape|interesting innovation is the design|innovative feature is the shape} of conductors. {Flat ribbons are|Ribbons that are flat are|The flat ribbons} {used to transport electricity in|utilized to transfer electricity within|utilized to carry electricity through} {typical|conventional|ordinary} solar panels. {This creates shading from|They create shading on|This causes shading of} the cell’s ribbons{ and decreases|, and reduces|. This reduces} the amount of {photons|light|light that is} {absorbed|that are absorbed|absorption}.

Q {cells|cell|Cells} q.peak Duo Cell Modules are{, in comparison, designed| constructed| made} {with a round-shaped six busbar|with a round-shaped six-busbar|using a rounded six-busbar} design{ which dramatically reduces| that dramatically reduces the|, which drastically reduces} {shading of the silicon layer|shade of silicon|shades of the silicon layer}.

This technology {maximizes|increases|boosts} production{ and adds| and provides|, and also adds} 2.5{% energy to each| percent energy per| percent of energy to each} cell{ compared with traditional|, compared to traditional| when compared with conventional} technology.

Additional Features

The {lifespan|life span|longevity} and production of{ traditional|| conventional} solar panel {modules is also|panels is|modules are also} {affected by other factors|dependent on other elements|affected by other variables}.

{Potential|Potentially} {induced degradation|degradation induced by|degradation induced} (PID){, for instance| For instance| such as}{, is an undesirable| is a negative| is an unfavorable} {consequence of the presence|result|consequence of} {of leakage currents on high-voltage|in leakage currents that are present on high voltage|the leakage currents in high-voltage} strings{ with elevated| that have high|, which have elevated} {humidity levels and temperatures|humidity and temperatures|temperature and humidity}.

Q Peak Duo tech is more resistant to this effect{,|} and {can even withstand|is able to withstand|even stand up to} installations {up|of up|that go up} {to 1500 VDC|at 1500VDC|1500 VDC}!

LID {can also|could also|is also able to} {play a role|be a factor|help} in reducing {power|the power} output. [xfield_company] Q Cells is {one of|among the|among the very} few companies {to have studied|that have researched|to have investigated} {this issue and created|the issue and developed|this issue and designed} an Anti-LID {technology|system}.

Benefits of your Q.Peak duo g5 Solar Panel

  • {STATE OF THE ART MODULE|MODULE STATE OF THE ART|MODULE OF THE FUTURE} {TECHNOLOGY|Technology|technology} Q. ANTUM DUO – Q.ANTUM DUO combines cutting edge cell separation {and innovative|and cutting-edge|with innovative} wiring {with|using|technology with} Q.ANTUM Technology.
  • Q. ANTUMTECHNOLOGY: INVESTMENT PAYBACK TIME{ – Higher| – More|: Higher} yield per {area|square meter}{, lower BOS cost| and lower BOS costs| Lower BOS cost}{, higher power classes| as well as higher power classes,| Higher power classes,} and efficiency {up to|as high as|of up to} 19.9{%| percent}
  • {INNOVATIVE ALLWEAR TECHNOLOGY -|Innovative All-Wing Technology -|INNOVATIVE ALLWEAR TECHNOLOGY FOR} {Optimal yields, whatever|Maximum yields, regardless of|optimal yields, no matter} the {weather with excellent|conditions, with exceptional|weather , and with superb} low-light and temperature {behavior|performance|control}.
  • EXTREME WEATHER RATE {- High-tech aluminum alloy frame|Aluminum alloy frame with high-tech features|High-tech aluminum alloy frame}{, certified for high snow| that is certified for high snow| approved for snow loads of high} (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) {regarding|in accordance with|for} IEC.
  • {PARTICULARLY HIGH PERFORMANCE -Long-term|Particularly high-performance – Long-term|Particularly high performance -Long-term} yield security {with|using|through} {Anti|the latest Anti|anti} LID {and Anti|as well as Anti|and} PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q
  • {RELIABLE INVESTMENT – Inclusive|Reliable investment – Includes|AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT – Includes} {12-year product warranty and|12 year product warranty and a|twelve-year warranty on the product and a} 25-year {linear performance guarantee|guarantee on linear performance}.

Q cells q.peak duo g5

These solar {modules are a true|panels are a real|modules are an absolute} {gem in the solar industry|jewel in the solar industry|shining star in the solar market} {because of the innovation|due to the ingenuity|because of the creativity}{, creativity, and development| and creativity| of the design, development, and creativity} {involved|that are involved|of the}.

{They are not only|They’re not just} more efficient than{ conventional|| traditional} monocrystalline solar cells{ technology||,} and {look better|appear better|look more attractive}{, but| however,| and look better, but} they {also address the|address|are also able to address} {issues|challenges|problems} of the {solar panel manufacturing industry today|manufacturing of solar panels today|manufacturing of solar panels in the present} and {offer|provide|have} {a unique module that addresses|an innovative module that solves|an exclusive module that tackles} {all these problems|the issues mentioned above|every issue}.

Are you {interested in|looking to go|considering} solar? {Visit our website below|Go to our website here|Check out our website} to {access our smart solar|access our solar smart|get access to our smart solar} calculator. It will {show you|tell you|let you know} how much solar {you could|energy you can|power you can} {save, which|save, the|reduce your costs, what} rebates you {may|might|could} be {eligible for, as well|entitled to, as well|eligible for, as} {as the environmental impact|as the impact on the environment|in the impact on the environment}.

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