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Solar panels {can be|are} {a great investment and|an excellent investment, and they|an investment worth it and can} {provide cheap, renewable|offer cheap, renewable|provide renewable, low-cost} solar {energy|power} for {25 years or more|up to 25 years}.

The {key|most important|main} {question is how do you|issue is how to|problem is how to} {keep them in good condition|maintain them in good shape|keep them in good working order}? {Do solar panels need|Are solar panels required|Do solar panels have} to be {maintained like|looked after like|maintained in the same way as} {a car|cars|an automobile}? {Are you supposed to|Do you have to|Should you} {leave them alone|let them be|just leave them alone}?

{These are the most common|They are among the most frequent|These are the top} {questions that you will have|concerns you’ll encounter|questions you’ll be asked} {after a solar panel installation|following the installation of a solar panel|after the solar panel installation} {has been|is} {completed at your home|completed at your house|installed at your home}. {While there are some things|There are a few things|Although there are some tasks} you {need to|must|should} {do in order to maintain|take care of to keep|perform to ensure} {your solar panel’s condition|the condition of your solar panel|the quality of your solar panel}{, most of the time| Most of the time| generally}{, it is easy to| it’s easy to| you can} {take care of|maintain|manage} {your panels on your own|the panels yourself|your panels by yourself}.

The climate {in your area|of your region} and {how often you need|the frequency you have|the frequency at which you will need} {to clean your solar panels will determine the frequency|for your solar panel to be cleaned will affect the frequency|cleaning your solar panels determines the amount}{ at which|} you {need|require|will require} them. {It also depends|It is also dependent|Also, it is contingent} on the {season|time of year}. Rain is a {natural rinse|natural cleanse|great natural rinse} {for your panels|of your panel|to clean your walls}. {So, late Spring|Therefore, the end of spring|Also, late spring} or {summer would be|even summer is|the summer months are} {a good time after|the ideal time to clean them after|an ideal time once} pollen has settled {to clean|to wash|and cleaned} {them|the panels}. It is {crucial|essential|vital} {to keep your solar panels|that you keep the solar panel|for solar panels to be} {clean if|clean when|in good condition if} they {look|appear|are} dirty. {According to|As per|Based on} the US Department of Energy, cleaning solar panels {after|when} they {get dirty can dramatically|become dirty will dramatically|are dirty can significantly} {increase their ability to collect|improve their capacity to store|increase their capacity to capture} energy.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Many homeowners {worry|are concerned|fret} about {the weather causing|weather-related|the weather’s potential to cause} {damage to their roof|damage to their roofs|damages to their roofs} or {panels|solar panels}. {All climates can be used|Any climate can be used|Every climate is suitable} {to install solar systems|to install solar panels|for solar installations}. {Your solar system will work|The solar system you choose to install will function|The solar panel will work} {in any climate,|regardless of the climate|anywhere,} {including|even} {those with severe|those that experience severe|the ones with extreme} winters, heavy {rains,|rains|rainfall,} {coastal weather systems, heat waves|tropical weather patterns, heat waves|extreme heat wave systems and coastal storms}{,|} and {other extreme conditions|many other extreme conditions|other extreme weather conditions}.

To {ensure that your panels perform|ensure that your panels function|make sure that your panels are operating} {at their best|optimally|to their maximum potential}{, it is important| it is essential| It is crucial} to {keep them|ensure they are|ensure that they are} {free of snow and debris|clear of any snow or other debris|free of debris and snow}. There are {many ways|a variety of ways|many methods} to {ensure your panels produce|ensure that your panels generate|make sure your panels are producing} {maximum|the most} energy.

  • {You can use this site|This site can be used|You can make use of this site} to {remove|get rid of|clean up} {debris from trees and birds|the debris that has accumulated on trees and birds|any debris from birds and trees}.
  • A leaf blower
  • Simple quick rinse using a hose
  • Even a {light drizzle can|slight drizzle can|gentle drizzle could} {remove panel buildup|help to remove the buildup on panels|take away panel buildup} (rain {won’t usually|doesn’t typically|isn’t a good way to} {clean flat panels|remove flat panels of dirt|wash flat panels}).
  • To {remove|get rid of|take off} {a thick layer of snow|the snowy layer|an overly thick layer of snow}
  • {To shake|For shaking|In order to shake off} the snow{, throw a soft football| throw a soft ball| throw a soft soccer ball} (this could {result in a lost football|cause a football to be lost|result in a loss of a football}).
  • {A leaf blower is|An electric leaf blower can be|The leaf blower could be} {a good|an excellent|a great} {choice|option}
  • A long pole {and a|as well as a|and} {squeegee are good options|squeezegee are both good choices|Squeegee are great options}.
  • {Use lukewarm water to spray|Spray lukewarm water on|Apply lukewarm water to} your panels
  • It {will slide|can slide|will fall} off if {it is just|there is only|it’s just} {a thin layer of snow|an icy layer|the snow layer}. {This is not applicable to|This is not the case for|It is not applicable to} flat panels.
  • {Never clean your panels with|Do not clean your panels using|Never scrub your panels with} {a brush|brushes|the use of a brush}.
  • Hot water {can be|is} {sprayed on|spraying on|applied to} cold panels
  • {Use|Make use of} car wax
  • Rock salt

These {options can|choices could|solutions could} {cause permanent damage|result in permanent harm|create permanent damages} to your {roof, panels,|roofing, panels|roof, panels} {and electrical components, which|and electrical components. This|as well as electrical components. This} {could lead to|can cause|could cause} more {harm than good|damage than is necessary|damage than good}.

Solar System Maintenance and Cleaning

{It is more than just|It’s more than} cleaning{ the|| your} solar panels. {You should make sure|It is important to ensure|You must ensure} {that your solar panel system is|the solar panels are|you have your solar panel systems} {maintained regularly|regularly maintained|kept in good condition}.

  • Solar panels are {safe, clean and|clean, safe and|safe, clean , and} free {from|of|of any} {defects|imperfections|problems.}
  • no parts have deteriorated/corroded
  • {Vents are clean of|The vents are free of|Vents are clear of any} {debris|obstructions|dirt}
  • Switches are {free from defects|not affected by defects.|free of defects}
  • The wiring {is not damaged/hasn’t|isn’t damaged or hasn’t|isn’t damaged/hasn’t} {deteriorated|been damaged or deteriorated.|changed in any way}
  • To {ensure|make sure} that all components {work|function|are functioning} {as they should, conduct|in the way they should, perform|exactly as they should, conduct} electrical {checks|tests}
  • {Confirm that cables and fittings|Verify that the fittings and cables|Make sure that all fittings and cables} are {securely secured|secure}
  • {Examining the inverter panel for|Inspecting the inverter panel to find|Examining the panel of the inverter for} {faults recorded|any faults that are recorded|the presence of any problems.}
  • Verify that{ the|} {access to the|accessibility to|connection to} Isolator Switches has been unhindered.
  • {Ensure that the emergency procedures|Make sure that the emergency procedures|Check that the emergency procedure} for {isolation and shutdown|shutdown and isolation|shutting down and isolation} are clearly {visible|displayed}.

Installing Solar Panels required to be maintained?

The {maintenance required for|need for maintenance on|upkeep required for} solar panels is {minimal|not too much|very minimal}. They {can be left alone|can be left to themselves|are able to be left in peace}. Solar panels {only require|require only|will require} {a light cleaning every so|periodic cleaning|an occasional light clean} {often to ensure|frequently to ensure|often to make sure} that {leaves, dirt,|dirt, leaves,|dirt, leaves} and other {debris don’t|particles don’t|debris do not} {block the sun’s rays|hinder the sun’s light|interfere with the sun’s rays}.

{You may require more|It is possible that you will require additional|There may be a need for more} maintenance {during heavy snowfalls|in the event of heavy snowfalls|during snowfalls that are heavy}{, which| that| and} {can|could} {cause solar panels to malfunction|cause solar panels to fail|cause solar panels to malfunction}.

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Are you able to monitor the health of your panels?

{An app can be used|A smartphone app is a good way|A program can be utilized} to {monitor if your|check if your|determine if the} panels’ {energy output begins|energy output starts|power output begins} to {drop|decrease|decline}. If your panels {have a|show a|are producing} lower {energy output|output of energy|power output}{, it could indicate| this could mean| is a sign} that {they are not|they aren’t|they’re not} {able to generate the usual|capable of producing the normal|in a position to produce the typical} amount of {electricity|energy|electric power}.

You can {monitor how much|track the amount of|keep track of the amount of} {energy|the energy|power} {your solar panels are producing|the solar panels generate|your solar panels produce} {each day and over|every day and over|throughout the day and in} time by {integrating|adding} {a monitoring system to|an automated monitoring system into|the monitoring system with} your {setup|system|installation}. This {will allow you to|allows you to|lets you} {track how external factors affect|observe how external influences affect|monitor the effects of external factors on} the {performance of your panels and|performance of your panels as well as|efficiency of your panels and} how {they are maintaining|they maintain|they’re able to maintain} their {efficiency throughout their lifetime|effectiveness throughout their lifespan|efficiency over the course of their life}. {You will be notified|You will be informed|It will notify you} {if any panel fails|when a panel fails|in the event that a panel fails,} or {malfunctions, so|fails, so|is malfunctioning, so that} you can {fix|repair|either fix} {it or replace it|the issue or even replace it|them or get it replaced}.

Let’s {look at some ways|take a look at ways|consider some strategies} to {ensure your|make sure your|ensure that your} solar panels {last the longest|last as long as|will last for the longest time} possible.

How can you maintain your Solar Panels Energy output?

If your panels {are tilted,|are tilted|tilt,} {it’s possible to have rain|it is possible for rain to|it’s possible for rain to} {wash away|remove|clean away} {any debris|all debris|any dirt}. It is {important to clean|essential to wash|crucial to clean} your panels {manually|by hand|with a hand-held brush} {during dry seasons or prolonged|in dry weather or for long|during dry periods or long} {periods|times|time} {without|with no} rain.

It is {recommended to|suggested to|recommended that you} {clean your solar panels at|cleanse your solar panel at|wash your solar panels} {least twice|least once|a minimum of twice} {a|every|each} year. {Although this may|While this might|Although it may} {seem|appear} {like|to be} {a lot of work|an overwhelming task|too much work}{, it is actually| but it’s actually| however, it’s} {not difficult|easy to do|not that difficult}. {You will have your panels|It is possible to keep your panels|Your panels will be} in {great condition if you|good condition if you|excellent condition if} {use a leaf blower,|employ a leaf blower|make use of a leaf blower} or{ simply|| just} {spray the garden hose with|spray your garden hose with|spraying the garden hose using} {a little|some|just a bit of} water.

{You may have to clean|It is possible to wash|You might need to clean} your panels {in winter after|during winter time after|in winter following} {heavy|massive|the heavy} snowfalls. {Make sure the|Be sure that the|Make sure that the} water {you use to remove|used to get rid of|you use to eliminate} snow is {lukewarm|warm|not too cold}. A squeegee {can be used|is a tool|may be used} with a {long handle|handle that is long}.

{When clearing snow from the|In removing snow from|If you are cleaning snow off the} {panels, it is|panel, it’s|glass panels it’s} {important|crucial|essential} to {remember|keep in mind|be aware} that hot water {should not|shouldn’t} be {used|employed|utilized}. {Tempered glass panels are susceptible|Glass panels that are tempered are prone|Tempered glass panels are vulnerable} to cracking {due to|because of|from} extreme temperatures {between|that occur between} {hot and cold|the cold and hot|warm and cool} water.

{Are there any maintenance differences|Are there any differences in maintenance|Do you notice any difference in the maintenance} between {ground-mounted and rooftop|rooftop and ground-mounted} panels?

{Ground-mounted solar panels and rooftop|Solar panels that are mounted on rooftops and ground-mounted|Rooftop solar panels and ground-mounted solar panels} systems are {similar|alike|comparable} in {terms of|regards to|the sense of} maintenance. {However, ground-mounted|However, the ground-mounted|But, rooftop solar} panels are {more accessible|easier to access|more easily accessible} and {easier|are easier|easy} to clean. {You can sweep away|You can clean|It is possible to sweep} {snow and other debris|the snow or other particles|any snow, ice or debris} {with|using a|by using} {a soft-bristled brush|bristles that are soft|the soft bristled brush}.

What does extreme weather mean for your solar panels

Solar panels are {made|built|designed} to last. Solar panels made {of high-quality|from high-quality|of top-quality} materials {can withstand any|are able to withstand all|are built to withstand all} weather {conditions, including|conditions, such as|condition, including} {rain and wind|the elements of wind and rain|winds and rain}.

{According to|As per|Based on} the Department of Energy, solar panels are {resistant to hail|immune to hail|not affected by hail}. {You can even survive hurricanes|They can even withstand hurricanes|Even hurricanes can be averted}. This is evident {by|from|in} the {minimal damage that|little damage|small amount of damage that} solar systems {sustained|suffered} {in|during the storm in|throughout} North Carolina during Hurricane Florence 2018.

{They are not indestructible,|They’re not impervious to damage,|They’re not indestructible} and {can be damaged|they are susceptible to damage|are susceptible to being damaged} {by lightning, hail|by hail, lightning|through hail, lightning}{, hurricanes, tornadoes| storms, tornadoes,| and tornadoes, hurricanes, storms} or other natural {disasters|catastrophes}. {You should be able get|It is possible to get|You should be able to have}{ any|} damaged panels {replaced or repaired|repaired or replaced} {as long as your|in the event that your|so long as the} warranty is {good|valid|in good standing}.

{Ironically, panels are|In reality, panels are the|The panels are also the} most affected by {heat|temperatures|temperature}. Panel efficiency {drops by approximately|decreases by about|declines by around} {1% each degree when|1percent per degree each time|one percent each degree} {the temperature exceeds|temperatures exceed|the temperature is above} {77degF|the 77 degree mark|77 degrees Fahrenheit} (or {25degC|25°C}).

{You can still cool them|It is possible to cool them|They can be cooled} by {raising them a|elevating them a|raising them just a} {few inches from|couple of inches above|few inches off} the {ground or roof|roof or ground|ground or the roof}. This {will allow for|allows|will permit} air circulation{ which can|, which will| that can} {help cool them and keep|aid in cooling them and keep|assist in cooling them while keeping} {them producing energy|the energy they produce|their energy production}. {While solar panel performance|Although solar panel performance|While the performance of solar panels} {in hot weather is not|in hot weather isn’t|during hot weather isn’t} something {you should stress|to be concerned|you should be worried} about{, your solar contractor| the solar company you choose to work with| Your solar contractor} will {consider local climate factors|take into account local climate conditions|be aware of local climate variables} when installing {panels|the panels}.

How to Replace or Repair Solar Panels

It is {best to hire|recommended to employ|recommended that you hire} {professionals|experts} {from|with the|at} [xfield_company] if your panels {need to be repaired|require repair|require repairs} or replaced.

If your panels {are losing efficiency|are not performing as they should|aren’t performing at their best}{, but still within| however, they are still covered by| and are not covered under} {a performance warranty or power|the terms of a performance warranty or an|the warranty for performance or} output warranty,{ you can|} {contact|call|get in touch with} [xfield_company] so they {can assist|can help|will be able to assist} you. {They will send someone|They’ll send someone|They’ll send a person} to {evaluate the situation|assess the issue|look into the issue} and {fix|repair|then repair} {or replace the panels|and replace your panels|them or even replace them}.

{You may be covered by|You could be covered under|There is a chance that you will be covered by} {a separate warranty if|an additional warranty in the event that|an additional warranty should} {your panels sustain physical damage|the panels suffer physical damage|your panels are damaged physically}. [xfield_company]  Solar contractors are qualified to {replace and repair|repair and replace} {your solar panels|the solar panel|their solar panels}. {You should not attempt|It is not recommended|Do not try} to {repair|fix} {or install solar panels|and install solar panels|the solar panel or set up solar systems} {on your own|yourself|by yourself}.

Protection for solar panels: warranties

[xfield_company] manufacturers of solar panels{ offer a variety| provide a range|, offer a range} of {warranties to ensure that|warranties that ensure|guarantees to ensure} you {have coverage and support|are covered and have support|will be covered and supported} {in the event of|for|during} {unusual|unexpected|unforeseen} {circumstances like large|situations like massive|circumstances such as large} hail{ or falling tree branch| or falling tree|, or falling tree} branches.

The {panel’s power output warranty|warranty for power output} {guarantees|assures|ensures} {that the panel will|it will|that it’ll} {perform|function|operate} at a {certain|specific|specified} {level for the duration|level throughout the term|amount for the duration} of the warranty{, usually|, typically|. Typically, it’s} 25 years. [xfield_company] manufacturer may {offer a 25-year warranty|provide a warranty of 25 years|provide a 25-year guarantee} that the{ peak|| maximum} {power output will not|performance will never|energy output won’t} {fall below|be lower than|drop below} 85 percent.

[xfield_company] manufacturers may {also offer an additional|offer a second|also provide a} warranty {promising a higher|that promises a greater|that promises higher} output {over a shorter|in a shorter period of|for a shorter amount of} {time|period of|period}. {A secondary warranty could|A second warranty may|The warranty can also} {guarantee no less than|provide no less than|be backed by a minimum of} 90{ percent|%} of the {initial power output over|power output at the beginning of|initial power output for} the first {ten|10} years.

{Most panels come with|The majority of panels come with|The majority of panels have} {a warranty for workmanship that|warranties for workmanship that|the warranty of workmanship which} {covers defective parts|will cover any defective components|includes defective parts}. {This usually applies to|The warranty typically covers|This typically applies to} the {first|initial} five years. {Also|In addition|Additionally}{, solar inverters come with| solar inverters have| the solar inverters are covered by} warranties {for a minimum of|that last for at least|of at least} 10 years. {These warranties often mean|This usually means|These warranties typically mean} that{ your solar panel|} maintenance {costs will be minimal|expenses will be low|cost will be minimal} or {even non-existent over|not even existent for|perhaps non-existent during} the {life of your|lifetime of your|duration of the} system.

Are solar panels difficult to maintain?

{Maintaining|Cleaning} {your solar panels|the solar panel|your panels’ solar power} is {easy|simple}. A quick {cleaning|clean|wash} {will make sure|can ensure that|will ensure} {your panels work efficiently if|your panels are working properly if|the panels function properly should} {you find|you discover|there is} any {debris, snow|snow, debris|snow, dirt}{,|} or dust. {Also, make sure that|Make sure|Be sure to check that} the warranty {on|for} your panels is {good|valid|in place} {so that if they do|to ensure that, should they|in order that if they} {break, you can get|break, you will be able to get|fail, you can have} {them replaced|them repaired|the panels replaced}.

If you {do this|follow this procedure}{, your| the| your} panels will {continue to work|work|operate} {at their peak|at maximum|to their maximum} {efficiency and provide|efficiency , and will provide|effectiveness and produce} {clean, renewable solar power|energy that is clean and renewable|the clean, renewable power of solar} for{ many|} years to {come|be|in the future}. {Our beginner’s guide|This beginner’s guide|Our guide for beginners} will {help you learn|guide you to learn|assist you in learning} more about {how to install|installing|the process of installing} solar panels {in your house|on your home|inside your home}.

[xfield_company] is the best way to start your solar journey.

[xfield_company] is the {nation’s largest online solar marketplace|largest solar marketplace online in the United States|largest online solar marketplace in the country}. {Sign up for a free|Register for a free|Join for a no-cost} account to connect {with the best|with the top|to the most reliable} solar {company|firm|business}. We {provide custom|offer customized|offer custom} {quotes that are tailored|estimates that are customized|quotes that are specifically tailored} to {your needs|your specific needs|meet your requirements}. [xfield_company] attracts over 10 million {visitors each|people each|visitors every} year to {learn more|find out more|educate themselves} about solar{, to| energy,|,} {shop for it and to|look for it, and to|purchase it and} invest. {Register today to discover|Sign up today to learn more about|Join today to find out} {how solar can help you|the ways solar can benefit you|how solar can benefit you}.



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