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Solar Benefits for Business

Advantages of Solar for Business

Why should your business go solar?

As more {people realize|and more people are aware of|people become aware of} the {benefits|advantages} {of solar panels|from solar panel systems|that solar power panels offer}, their {popularity|appeal} is {growing|increasing}. Solar power {can be used|is able|can be utilized} to {augment the power requirements|increase the power needs|boost the power requirements} of {homes and businesses|businesses and homes|both businesses and homes}{, thereby reducing| and reduce| which reduces} {their dependence on non-renewable energy|the dependence on renewable energy sources|the need for non-renewable energy}.

Installing solar panels {can be|is|could be} {a boon for business owners|an advantage for business owners|beneficial for businesses}. {A solar array will|Solar panels will|Solar panels} not only {reduce your costs|lower your expenses|cut costs} but {also provide tax benefits|will also give you tax advantages|also offer tax benefits} {depending on where you live|dependent on the location you reside in|depending on the place you live}.

What are the advantages of solar panels for your business?

Solar for Businesses: The Rise of Solar Solutions

[xfield_company] believes that commercial solar power {can only|is only able to} be {achieved|realized} {by|through} {large|big|huge} Fortune 500 companies. This is a {common misconception|popular misconception|misconception that is widely spread}. Small and medium-sized {businesses|companies|enterprises} {can also|are also able to} benefit from solar {power|energy}.

{Most business owners will|The majority of business owners|Many business owners will} {make the right financial decision|take the correct financial decision|make the right financial choice} {to invest in solar power|of investing in solar energy|for investing in solar power}. {Your power bill can|The cost of power can|Your electricity bill could} be {reduced by up to|cut by as much as} 50{%| percent}. {In addition|Additionally|Furthermore}{, solar solutions for businesses| the solar options for businesses| commercial solar solutions} have seen {a significant drop|a dramatic drop|significant reductions} in {cost over the past|price over the last|the past} few years.

[xfield_company] has been {able to reap|successful in reaping|successfully reaping} the benefits of {solar|solar-powered} solutions. {They are discovering|They’re discovering|They’re finding} that they {can benefit from|are able to benefit from|can reap the benefits of} {lower electricity bills and significant|reduced electricity costs and substantial|lower electric bills as well as significant} tax {incentives|benefits|credits}. {They also have|Additionally, they have|Also, they possess} the {ability|potential|capability} to {protect themselves against|safeguard themselves from|shield themselves from} {electric price volatility|the fluctuation in electric prices|fluctuations in the price of electricity}.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from commercial solar panels

It’s time to {let go of|get rid of|put aside} your old {ways of thinking|thinking|habits of mind} and{ to|} join the growing {number|ranks|group} of{ smart|} {business owners who have|entrepreneurs who’ve|company owners that have} {found|discovered|realized} {that commercial solar panels can|commercial solar panels can|that commercial solar panels could} be {a great fit to|an ideal fit for|a perfect fit for} small {to medium-sized businesses|- to medium-sized companies|and medium-sized enterprises}. Solar isn’t {just|only} {for|meant for|intended for} Intel {or|and|nor} Wal-Mart. Solar is {becoming a strategic|now a viable|increasingly becoming a strategic} investment for {businesses|companies|all businesses} {of all sizes|regardless of size|that are of any size}. It {almost guarantees a strong|is almost guaranteed to provide a solid|can almost guarantee a high} {financial return on your|return on|return on your} investment.

Commercial solar financing

[xfield_company] market data {shows|indicates|show} {that the average commercial property owner pays|an average property owner for commercial properties pays|how the typical commercial owner spends}{ approximately| around|} $557 {per month in|monthly in|in monthly} {electricity bills before going|electric bills prior to going|energy bills prior to switching to} green. {Their electricity bill dropped|Their electric bill fell|The electricity bill of their property dropped} by 89% {after installing|following the installation of|after the installation of} solar {power|energy|panels}.

{How much does it|What is the|How much will it} cost to {put up|set up|build} {a commercial solar panel system|commercial solar panels} {for sale|available for sale|to sell}? {In the past|Over the last} {five years, the|5 years the|few years,} {cost|price|expense} {of installing|for installing|to install} solar panels {and|as well as} {buying solar panels has fallen|purchasing solar panels has decreased|purchasing solar panels has dropped} {significantly|substantially|dramatically}. This {makes solar more affordable|has made solar panels more affordable|has made solar panels less expensive}.

The {wattage of your system|power of your system|wattage of your device} is determined by {how much|the amount of|the quantity of} {electricity you use|power you consume|energy you require} {for|to run} your business. {For reference|As a reference point|To give an example}{, an average household installs| the average home installs| it is typical for a household to install} {a 6|six|an average of 6} Kilowatt (or {6,000|6000} Watt) solar panel {systems|system} to {meet their electricity|supply their energy|provide their power} {needs|requirements}. {A solar panel’s cost is|The cost of a solar panel is|Solar panels’ costs are} {typically measured|usually measured|usually expressed} {in dollars per|by dollars for each|as dollars per} Watt. [xfield_company] showed that the {average commercial system cost|typical commercial solar system cost|cost of commercial systems was} $2.65/Watt{, before rebates and| without rebates or| prior to rebates and} incentives.

Best Solar Company in Los Angeles LA Solar Group

Solar Power: The Benefits

What are the {benefits|advantages} of solar power {for|to} your {company|business}? Solar power is {a sound|a good|an excellent} {investment for most businesses|investment for businesses of all sizes|option for most companies}{, and it can| and can| and it will} {help them show|assist them in demonstrating|aid them in showing} their environmental {consciousness|stewardship|awareness}.

Energy Cost Savings

[xfield_company] is always {happy to help the environment|pleased to support the environment|eager to contribute to the sustainability of the planet} {while most companies are focused|even as most businesses are focusing|and many companies are focusing} on {solar solutions to lower|solar-powered solutions to reduce|solar energy solutions that can lower} their energy {bills|costs|consumption}. Solar power {can provide significant|can offer significant|could provide substantial} {energy savings, with some|energy savings, with certain|savings in energy, with some} {companies experiencing a drop|businesses seeing a decrease|businesses experiencing a reduction} in {solar renewable energy credits costs|the cost of solar renewable energy credits|the price of renewable energy credits from solar} {of up to|by up to|that can reach} 75{%| percent| percentage}.

{A business can often|Businesses typically|A company can usually} {pay back|repay|return} {their solar investment within|the solar investment in} three to five {year|years}. {This means that the|That means the|The} savings {are pure|will be pure|made are purely} {profit|profits|earnings}. {On average, solar systems|Solar systems typically|In general, solar systems} last between 25 {and|to} 35 years. {The savings can be significant|Savings can be substantial|The savings can be substantial} when {combined|paired} with other {energy costs tools|tools to reduce energy costs|energy cost tools}{, such as| like| including} {commercial lighting control systems|industrial lighting controls|the control of lighting systems for commercial use}.

{Protection from changing electric rates|Protection against changing rates of electricity|Security from fluctuating electric rates}

In {deregulated areas|areas that are not regulated|unregulated areas}{, electricity prices can fluctuate| the prices of electricity can change| where electricity prices fluctuate} {a lot|quite a bit|significantly}. The {energy demand is constantly|demand for energy is always|demand for energy is continuously} {increasing, while non-renewable power|growing, and non-renewable energy|rising, while non-renewable power} sources are {decreasing|declining}. {Increasing energy prices can have|The rising cost of energy can have|Rising energy costs can have a} {a negative impact|an adverse effect|negative effects} {on your|the|for your business’} bottom line{,|} and {put stress on|can strain|strain} your {business|company’s finances}.

Variable pricing {can be used|is a method|can be utilized} in {certain areas to change|specific areas to alter|certain locations to change} the {price of electricity during|cost of electricity throughout|cost of electricity over} the {day|daytime|time of the day}. [xfield_company] can help {protect your business from such|safeguard your business from this|ensure your business is protected from such} {volatility|fluctuations|fluctuation}.

Additional Energy Storage

Solar batteries {have also grown|are also growing|also have grown} in popularity {due to|because of} the {growth|rise|growing popularity} {of solar power systems|in solar energy systems|the use of solar systems for power}. Solar panels{ can| are able to|} {produce more electricity|generate more power} than you {use at a|need at any|require at any} {given|certain|period of} {time|period|moment}. {This excess power can be|The excess power is|This surplus power can be} {stored in solar batteries|kept in batteries made of solar energy|saved in the solar battery}{ and accessed|, and then accessed| and used} {when the|in the event that|when} solar panels {are not producing|aren’t producing|do not produce} enough. The {electricity grid is often|grid for electricity is usually|electricity grid is typically} connected to {a solar system|the solar system|solar systems}. The grid {is fed|receives|gets} {excess electricity from|surplus electricity generated by|extra electricity by} solar panels {that produce|that generate|which produce} more energy than {the business|what the company} {uses|consumes|utilizes}.

10{% to 30% Return| percent to 30% Return|% to 30 % Return} on {Investment|the investment}

Solar power is {a popular|a well-known|an attractive} {investment that businesses consider|option that companies consider to be|investment that many businesses see as} {a smart financial decision|an intelligent financial investment|an investment that is smart financially}. It {has a positive ROI|is a good investment with a positive return on investment|offers a high ROI} and {can be used|is able|is an excellent way} to {generate|earn} {income|revenue}. {A solar array can generate|Solar arrays can yield|Solar panels can earn} {annual returns in many|annual returns in a variety of|annually returns in many} ways. Solar is {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} investment {because of all|due to|because of} the {incentives and|benefits and|advantages and the} {accelerated|an acceleration of|faster} amortization. It {can be quickly paid|is easy to pay|is a quick way to pay} off. {After the solar system|Once the solar system|Once the solar panel} {has been paid off|is paid for|is fully paid off}{, you can expect| you can anticipate| it is possible to expect} {a return of|an income of|to earn} between {10 and 30|10-30}{%| percent} {per year|annually|each year}.

{When calculating the return on|In calculating the ROI|If you are calculating the return on} investment {of|from|for} {adding a solar panel to|installing a solar panel in|the addition of a solar panel to} your {business, there are many|company, there are a variety of|business, there are several} {factors you should consider|aspects to consider|things to take into consideration}. {The first thing business|First, business|The first thing that business} owners {need to|should|must} {consider is the electricity rates|be aware of is the cost of electricity|take into account is the electricity prices} for their {current electric bills|current electricity bills|electricity usage}. {How much electricity you use|The amount of electricity you consume|The amount of energy you use} directly {impacts how much money|affects how much|influences how much} {you can|you will|you’ll} save over the {lifetime|life|course of the life} {of your solar system|the solar panel|that your system is}. {Owners will be able to|The owners will be able to|Owners will be able} {retain|conserve|keep} {more|the majority} of {their solar system’s energy|the solar system’s energy|the energy generated by their solar system’s} {usage over the long-term|consumption over time|use over the long term} {if they are able to|when they|by being able to} {use|make use of|consume} less.

Your ROI {will|could|can} {also be affected by|depend on|additionally be dependent on}{ financial|} incentives {at|that are offered at|on} the {local, state,|state, local,|state, local} {and federal levels|as well as federal level|or federal scales}. {Many states offer rebates for|A lot of states offer rebates to|Numerous states offer rebates for} {business owners who choose|entrepreneurs who decide|businesses that choose} to {use|make use of|utilize} solar {power|energy}. Tax incentives {and the ability|as well as the possibility|and the capability} to sell excess {electricity to your local utility|power to local utilities|energy to the local utility} {will help to|can help|can} {offset the costs|reduce the cost|pay for the costs} {of your system|of your solar system|of your system}.

{You should also do your|It is also important to conduct your|Also, you should conduct} {research to ensure you select|research to make sure you choose|study to make sure that you pick} {the most efficient solar panels|one of the best solar panel options|those solar panels that are most effective} {for|to meet|that meet} your {needs|requirements}. {Compare quotes to find|Check out quotes to determine} the {best deal|most affordable price|most suitable deal} for {you and your company|your business and yourself|you and your business}.

Be a Green Business

In a {world that|time when the world|society that} is becoming more {environmentally conscious|eco-conscious|conscious of the environment}{, it can| this could| It can} be a {great|fantastic|good} {way to show|method to demonstrate|opportunity to display} your {commitment|dedication} to renewable energy {by using|through|using} [xfield_company] commercial solar solutions. {Your commitment to sustainability|Your dedication to sustainability|The sustainability you demonstrate} {will make people more likely|will encourage people|can make people more likely} to recommend your {company and|business and|company to others and} {buy|purchase} {from you, which|your products, and this|at your store, which} {can|will|could} {help build your brand|aid in building your brand|increase your reputation}. Your {company will have|business will gain|business will enjoy} {a competitive edge by reducing|an edge in the market by cutting|an advantage in competition by reducing} {costs and building|costs and establishing|expenses and developing} {relationships with customers|relationships with clients|connections with customers} across the {country|nation}.

{According to|Based on|As per} the Natural Marketing Institute, 58{%| percent} of U.S. consumers weigh the {company’s environmental impact when choosing|environmental impact of a company when deciding|environmental impact of the company when they decide} {where to buy goods or|the best place to purchase goods or|which place to purchase goods and} services. Solar panels can {help reduce|reduce|aid in reducing} {the environmental impact|any environmental impacts|carbon footprint} of your {business|company} and {increase your customer base|help increase the number of customers you have|boost your customer base}.

Solar Power System

{We must not forget|It is important to remember|We should not forget} that financial incentives {are not|aren’t} the only {thing that can help|way to|factor that can} {improve the bottom line|increase the profitability of a business|boost the bottom line}. {Other commercial solar benefits|Additional benefits of solar power for commercial use|Other benefits from solar energy for commercial purposes} {are available to businesses|are available to companies|can be accessed by businesses}{, such as| like| including}:

{Attracting more customers|In attracting more clients|Achieving more customer acquisition}: {Businesses that are|Businesses|Companies that are} {committed to sustainability attract many|committed to sustainability will attract a lot of|dedicated to sustainability are able to attract numerous} {potential and current|prospective and existing|new and potential} customers. There are {many|numerous} {examples of solar-powered businesses that|examples of solar-powered companies that|instances of solar-powered businesses which} have {been awarded large contracts|received large contracts|been awarded contracts of a significant size}. {Buyers love|Customers love the|People love buying} {products and services that are|products and services|items and services} {powered by the sun|driven by sunlight|run by solar energy}. {A solar installation can also|Solar installations can|A solar system can} be {a great|a fantastic|an excellent} {way to promote your company|method to advertise your business|opportunity to promote your business} and {increase awareness about|raise awareness of|to increase awareness of} your {offerings in the community|services in the local community|products and services to the public}.

Improving employee satisfaction: Employees are increasingly looking to work for sustainability-minded companies. {Your employees will be|Employees will feel|They will also be} {more satisfied|more content|happier} {if you demonstrate|when you show|by demonstrating} your {commitment to solar energy|dedication to solar energy|commitment to solar power}.

Local {economy|economic} {support: A business|assistance: Businesses|support: A company} {can contract|may contract|can sign a contract} with {a|an} [xfield_company] solar company to {have the installation completed|complete the installation|have the installation done} by local {workers|employees|laborers}. {Higher demand for solar projects|A higher demand for solar projects|The increased demand for solar installations} {means more jobs with|will result in more jobs that pay|results in more jobs offering} {high-quality and well-paying salaries|good-quality, well-paying wages|excellent and lucrative salaries}. {These workers could be|They could become|These workers could turn out to be} {your future customers|the future customers of your company|your next customers}.

{You can see that solar|It is clear that solar|Solar} panels {are an excellent|make a great|can be a good} capital investment. They {are quick to pay|pay quickly} back, {offer|provide|and provide} {steady returns and can|regular returns, and|steady returns and} {help businesses hedge|aid businesses in securing|assist businesses to hedge} against {rising energy costs|increasing energy costs|the rising cost of energy}. There are {many great|a variety of great|numerous} {resources that can|sources that can|sources to} {help you determine whether|assist you in determining if|aid you in determining whether} going solar is {right|the right choice|the best option} for your {company|business}. {Make sure you do|Be sure to do|Do} {your research|your homework|the necessary research}! [xfield_company] has partnered{ up|} {with|together with|in partnership with} Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy to {make it easier for businesses|help businesses|assist businesses in} {exploring their|to research their|looking into} solar options. {To get|For|To receive} {quotes from local solar installers|estimates from local solar installers|estimates from local solar contractors}{, create an account or| sign up for an account and| you must sign up and} {get|receive|obtain} an instant {estimate|quote}.

[xfield_company]- Solar Power for Your Business

[xfield_company] can help {you identify the right|you find the best|to determine the most suitable} commercial solar {solutions for|solution for|solution to meet} your {needs if you are|requirements if you’re|needs if} {ready to start with|looking to get started with|eager to begin using} solar power. We {provide a free|offer a no-cost|can provide you with a free} energy audit, {research|analysis}{, design, engineering,| and design, engineering| as well as design, engineering} and {implementation of a customized|the implementation of a custom|the development of a custom} solution that {works for you|is suited to your needs|will work for you}.

Making {a difference is what|an impact is what|an impact is something} we {love|are passionate about|do best}. {These are just|This is just|Here are} two {of the ways that|ways} {we have done it|we’ve done it|we’ve made a difference}.

[xfield_company] helps save electricity

{There was a forward-thinking company|It was a forward-thinking business|The company was forward-thinking} {that was family-owned|which was owned by a family|that was family owned}. They {wanted|needed|were looking for} {a solar panel system|an array of solar panels|solar panels} {to help them run|to allow them to run|that would allow them to operate} more efficiently and {provide more|to provide greater|offer more} value {for their customers|to their customers|to their clients}.

They {selected a 920kw roof|chose a 920kw roof|picked a 920kw rooftop} mounted system{ and were|, and were|. They were also} {able to sell|capable of selling|in a position to sell} excess energy {under|in|through} the United States Solar Renewable Energy Certificates program.

{Their solar panel system supplies|The solar panel system they have installed provides|Their solar panel system provides} 32{% of their site’s| percent of their} {power requirements|energy needs|energy requirements}. They {are also saving electricity|also save electricity|also reduce their electricity usage} and {have additional funds through|are also able to earn additional money through|have additional funds from} SREC payments.

[xfield_company] Providing Solar For Homeowners

{We want to support|We are committed to supporting|We’re here to help} {business owners but we also|entrepreneurs, but we|business owners , but we} {know that homeowners care|recognize that homeowners are concerned|realize that homeowners care} about the {environment|environmental impact}. {Our company,|[xfield_company], our company|The company we operate,} [xfield_company], {provides|offers} solar solutions for {residential properties|homes}.

[xfield_company], an {operated company, offers complete|owned and operated business, provides complete|owned and operated company, offers total} {service from certified professionals|service by certified professionals|services from professionals who are certified}. {Quality workmanship is guaranteed for|High-quality workmanship is guaranteed to|The highest quality of workmanship is assured for} homeowners. [xfield_company] cares about {the less fortunate|those who are less fortunate|the poor}. {Every solar panel system that|Each solar panel that|Every solar panel system} they {install, they donate|construct, they give away|install, they will donate} 1000 {meals|meals}.



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