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Solar Energy Facts

Solar Energy Facts

{At an alarming rate|In alarming numbers|At a alarming rate}{, non-renewable resources like| the non-renewable resources such as| that non-renewable resources like} {coal, oil and gas|gas, coal, and oil|gas, oil, and coal} are being {consumed|used up} {at an alarming pace|in alarming amounts|at a rapid rate}. {It is now that|Now,|The time has come when} {abundant energy sources like|plentiful energy sources such as} {solar, wind|wind, solar}{,|} {and geothermal are being|as well as geothermal, are getting|and geothermal are} {looked|taken care of} after. {While many countries have begun|Although many countries have started} to {use solar energy extensively|make use of solar energy in large quantities|utilize solar energy extensively}{, it is still| however, there is| but it’s} {a long way before they|far from being able to|an extensive way to go before they} {can fully exploit|are able to fully utilize|can fully harness} {this renewable energy to meet|the renewable energy source to meet|this renewable energy source to satisfy} {their daily energy needs|the energy requirements of their day-to-day lives|the demands of energy for their daily lives}.

The solar energy {industry will|sector is expected to|market is set to} {boom in the next few|explode in the coming|increase in the next few} years {due to growing concerns|because of the growing concern|due to the increasing concern} {about sustainable development around|regarding sustainable development throughout|about sustainable development across} the {world|globe}. This will {create many|provide a variety of|result in a multitude of} {job opportunities for people|jobs for people,|opportunities for workers} {and also help us to|as well as help us|and will also assist us in} {sustain our eco-friendly existence|maintain our green lifestyle|keep our environment in good shape}.

{Everyone is searching for|Everybody is looking for|Everyone is seeking} an alternative {source of energy|energy source} {that will help them|which will allow them to|that can help} {preserve the non-renewable resources|conserve the resources that are not renewable|save the non-renewable resources} for {future generations|the future|the next generation}. {It is undoubtedly the|It’s the most likely|It’s definitely the} future of {the planet and|our planet and|our planet as well as} the {best source of energy|most efficient source of energy|best energy source}.

What {is|exactly is} Solar Energy?

The sun’s {rays are called|rays are known as|radiation is known as} solar energy. For {billions|millions|thousands} of years{,|} the sun has {been producing|produced} energy. {It is the main|It’s the primary|It’s the main} {source of energy|energy source} for all {life|living things}. {It’s a renewable energy source|It is a renewable source of energy}{, unlike other non-renewable| in contrast to other non-renewable| that is not dependent on other} sources {like|such as} fossil fuels. Solar energy technology {uses|makes use of|utilizes} {the sun’s energy for lighting|the sun’s energy to light|sunlight’s energy to illuminate} homes{,| and| as well as} {producing|making} {hot water, heating homes|warm water for heating houses|heat, hot water}{,|} {and other purposes|as well as other uses|and many other things}{, such as| like| including} {solar tankless water heater reviews, electricity|the solar tankless heater review, electric power|energy, solar water heaters, solar tanks}{,|} and electricity.

{Solar energy|The solar energy source|It} has the {main|primary|major} {advantage of not producing any|benefit of not generating any|benefit of not producing} {pollutants, and it is|pollution, and is|pollutant, and it’s} one of the {most clean|cleanest|most eco-friendly} sources of{ more|} energy. {It’s a renewable energy source|It is a renewable source of energy|It’s a renewable source of energy}{, easy to install| It is easy to set up| and is simple to install} solar panels{, and requires| and requires|, and needs} {little|minimal|very little} maintenance. {Solar energy has one limitation|The solar energy source has one drawback|Solar energy is not without its limitations}{: it can’t be used| It isn’t able to be utilized| that it isn’t available} {at night|in the evening|during the night}. {The amount of direct sunlight|How much direct sun|Direct sunlight} {received|that is absorbed|absorbed} {on Earth’s surface depends on|on Earth’s surface is contingent upon|from Earth’s surface varies based on} {where you are located|the location you’re in|where you’re located}{, what| and at what| when it is, the} {time of the year|season|time of year} it is, {and how|and also how|as well as how} much {there is of it|sunlight is available|it is}.

{16|16.} Solar Energy facts

The {popularity of|demand for} {solar energy systems is|solar power systems are|solar-powered systems for energy is} {growing|increasing} {rapidly|quickly}. Photovoltaic panels {can be used|are able|can be utilized} to convert {sunlight’s energy into electricity that|sunlight’s energy into electricity which|the energy of sunlight into electricity that} can be {used to power homes and|utilized to power homes and|used to power homes as well as} businesses. {Information about|The information on|Details about} {the science, logistics|how the technology works, its logistics|details about the research, technology,}{ and|, and} {solar installations process of|installation process for|the installation of solar panels for} {most solar panels is|the majority of solar panels is|the vast majority of solar panels are} {becoming more sought-after|increasing in demand|getting more sought-after} as the {industry grows|market expands|field grows}. You {may be surprised at|might be amazed by|may be surprised by} {some of the|the number of} solar energy {facts you will|facts you|information you} {discover|find|learn about}.

1. Despite the {global pandemic,|pandemic that swept the globe,|global pandemic} the solar industry {saw record-breaking|experienced record-breaking|recorded record} {growth in|increase in the year|expansion in} 2020.

The COVID-19 {pandemic in|pandemic that hit the country in|virus in} 2020 {had a negative|had an adverse|caused a negative} {impact on many industries|effect on many sectors|influence on many businesses}{ but|, but|, however} {not the solar industry|it did not affect the solar sector|in the field of solar, not so much}. {According to|As per|Based on} SEIA {solar panel installations|the solar panels installed|Solar panel installation} {increased|grew|rose} by 43{%| percent} (21.2 gigawatts) {in 2019 compared to|in the year 2019 as compared to|during the year of 2019 when compared with} {2019|the year prior}. {In the fourth quarter,|In the fourth quarterof 2018,|The fourth quarter was the most productive, with} {the|in the fourth quarter,|it was reported that the} US {added 8|increased its power by 8|has added eight} gigawatts {to|of power to} the grid, {a|which is a|setting a new} {world record|record for the world|record in the world}. This {is enough power to|power can} {power approximately 190,000|provide power to 190,000|supply 190,000 with electricity}.

2. {Solar energy is|The solar energy source is by far|It is also} the {most affordable|cheapest|most cost-effective} and abundant {source of energy|energy source} {in the world|around the globe|worldwide}.

The {cost of|price of|price for} installing solar panels {generation was|was|generated} $1.65/watt {in December 2016|at the end of December in 2016|as of the month December}. This is {a narrow advantage|a slight advantage|an advantage of a small amount} {over|against|in comparison to} wind ($1.66/Watt){, and| and| as well as} fossil fuel {rivals|competitors}.

In 2016{, a commercial solar| a commercial solar|, a solar commercial} {provider from|company from|service provider in} Dubai {made solar electricity available|provided solar power|offered solar power} {for|at} $0.029 per {kilowatt-hour|Kilowatt-hour}. This {was a major|marked a significant|was a pivotal} {turning point in the economics|change in the economy|moment in the economics} of solar {vs|power vs}. other {energy sources|sources of energy}. {Today, solar is|Solar power is currently|Nowadays, solar power is} the {most abundant|largest|biggest} {source of power|energy source} {in the world|worldwide,|around the globe,} with {89|the capacity of 89|an estimated 89} Petawatts (PW). {Our full explanation explains|This article explains in detail|The full explanation of our site explains} {how solar and fossil fuels|the ways that fossil fuels and solar|how fossil fuels and solar} {can be compared apples to|can be compared to apples and|are compared to} apples.

3. {In the|Within the|The} United States alone, more than 2 million solar panels have been {installed|constructed.|set up.}

In the {early part|beginning|first quarter} of 2019{,|} {the|in the early part of 2019,|it was reported that the} United States had reached 2 million {installations of solar systems|solar system installations|solar installations}. This {milestone is just|is only|was just} three years {after 1|after one|since 1} million installations were {completed|installed|made}. It took {40 years for the industry|40 years for the solar industry|forty years for the industry} to {achieve this feat|reach this milestone|reach this level}. {The industry is expected to|The industry is predicted to|It is anticipated that the industry will} {reach|grow to|be at} {4 million installations by|four million installed by the year|4,0 million solar installations in} 2023{, which|. This} is {a testament to|an indication of|an affirmation of} {Solar’s rapid growth|solar’s rapid growth|solar’s rapid growth and status} as the {world’s fastest-growing|fastest-growing|world’s fastest growing} energy {resource|source}. The {industry’s current size|current market size|market’s current capacity} of solar cells {are expected|is expected|is predicted} {to quadruple by 2030|to quadruple by 2030}.

4. {Today, a variety of|Nowadays, many|Today, several} {manufacturers offer solar panels with|producers offer solar panels that have|companies offer solar panels with} {a higher|greater|more} {efficiency than 20 percent|efficiency than 20 percent}.

The {scientific community’s emphasis|focus of the scientific community|emphasis of scientists} on {innovation in|the development of|the need for innovation in} solar technology has {led to|resulted in} {solar panel efficiency levels increasing|the efficiency of solar panels increasing|the efficiency of solar panels rising} {at the same rate|in the same way|at the same time} as solar {costs|cost|energy costs}. {Five years ago|In 2005}{, the highest efficiency| the highest efficiency| the most efficient} solar panel {money could buy|that money could buy|you could purchase} was {17 to 18|between 17 and 18|between 17-18} percent. Solar panels {with efficiency levels|that have efficiency levels|with efficiencies} {between 20 and 23|of between 20 to 23|that range from 20-23} percent {can|could|are able to} be {purchased by homeowners in|bought by homeowners as of|bought by homeowners in} 2020. The two {most popular|top|most well-known} {brands in terms of|brands for|manufacturers in terms of} {solar panel efficiency are|the efficiency of solar panels are|energy efficiency for solar panels include} SunPower {or|and|as well as} Panasonic. {Check out our complete|Read our full|Take a look at our entire} {writeup to learn|article to find out|review to know} more about the {evolution|development|advancement} {of solar panel efficiency|in solar panel performance|and efficiency of solar panels}.

5. {In the|Within the|The} United States, homeowners have {reached breakeven with|achieved break-even on|made breakeven with} solar {in less than|power in just|energy in less than} {three years|three years.}

{While the price|Although the cost|While the cost} of solar {has fallen|panels has decreased|energy has dropped}{,| however| but} the {cost of grid electricity continues|grid power costs continue|cost of grid electricity is continuing} to {rise|increase}. {This has made|That has led to|It has also made} the {idea|concept} of {the|a} solar “break even point” more {appealing|attractive}. {Most homeowners|The majority of homeowners|For most homeowners, they} {will see payback times|will see payback periods|are likely to see payback times} of {eight years in|eight years by|8 years in} 2021{ and|, and|, with} {savings estimates for|the savings estimate for|estimations of savings for the next} 20 years {exceeding|that exceed|in excess of} {$20,000|$20,000}. In states {like|such as} New York and Massachusetts, {where utilities prices are high|where utility costs are high|in which utilities are expensive}{, homeowners may see| homeowners could see| homeowners can expect} {break-even points of three|break-even points of 3|break-evens of three} {to four|or four|up to 4} years. {To learn more about|For more information on|To find out more about} solar energy, {read|check out|please read} our article.

6. In {certain states of|some states of|certain states in} the United States, the cost of {a solar system|solar systems|a solar panel} is currently {below|less than|lower than} {$3 per watt|$3 per watt.}

{A decade ago|Ten years ago|In the past}{, the cost of| the price for| the cost for} {an installation of solar systems|installing solar systems|the installation of solar panels} was {higher|more|greater} than {$8 per watt|$8/watt}. {Many speculated about the day|There was speculation about when|Many speculated that one day} solar {would break|power would surpass|systems would exceed} the $4/watt {threshold|mark}. In 2022{,|} the $3.00/Watt {mark will be in|threshold will come into|mark will come into} {effect|place|force}. Every day, [xfield_company] Marketplace receives quotes for prices below $3.00. After the {federal tax credit subsidy|tax credit subsidy from the federal government|tax credit subsidy provided by the federal government}{, the average| the| The average} solar panel{ system| system’s|} cost per {watt|Watt} was $2.77/watt. {This means that a small|That means a small|This means that a smaller}{- to medium-sized|to medium-sized|to medium-sized solar} {system|installation|array} (6,000 Watts) will cost $12.476.

7. Solar energy {can be used|is a great source|can be utilized} to power planes {that fly|flying|which fly} {all over the globe|across the globe|around the world}.

{Although many people|While many|Many people} {are aware that solar energy|are aware that solar power|know that solar energy} can power {cars, trains|trains, cars|trains, automobiles,} {and space stations,|as well as space station,|or space stations} {not many|few} {are skeptical of|are sceptical about|doubt} Bertrand Piccard’s {decision|choice|plan} to fly a {solar-powered plane|solar-powered aircraft|solar powered plane} {all around the globe|across the globe,|around the world} {using only|with only|by using} the sun {as his|for his|as the} {power source|energy source|source of power}. The famous {aircraft, known|plane, dubbed} {as|by the name|in the title} Solar Impulse II was used by the {professional explorer and pilot|expert explorer and pilot|professional pilot and explorer} from Switzerland. {He returned to the|The Swiss pilot returned to the|It was returned by him to} United States in July 2016. {This global flight provided many|The trip around the world provided plenty of|This international flight offered many} {photo opportunities and spoke out|photos and also spoke|photographs and also spoke} about the {unlimited potential of|endless potential of|potential for unlimited power from} solar energy.

8. Solar panels {are not|aren't} {required for homeowners to put|required for homeowners to install|needed for homeowners to put} in their own {solar panels|solar panels}.

{Many large utilities now offer|A lot of large utilities are now offering|Numerous large utilities offer} community solar. They {have incentives to get|offer incentives to obtain|are able to receive incentives to purchase} {a certain amount|some|the majority} of their {power|energy} {from renewable|generated from green|through renewable energy} sources. The {concept of shared|idea of shared|idea of sharing} solar, {or|also known as|also called} community solar{, -|,| -} {which involves the installation|that involves the construction|that is the creation} of a{ large|| massive} solar farm {from where|where|that allows} hundreds {of people or even|or} thousands {can get their|of people can receive|can access} {electricity – is gaining momentum|power – is growing in popularity|electric power is gaining traction}. It is {currently most popular|currently the most sought-after|most well-known} in the {following five states|five states of|states that follow}: California, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, and New York. The {many practical and affordable|numerous practical and cost-effective|numerous, practical and inexpensive} {benefits of community solar|advantages of community solar|advantages of solar community} are {quickly making the concept|rapidly making the idea|fast making the concept} {popular across the country|widespread across the nation|widely accepted across the United States}.

9. Solar energy {can supply|is able to provide|can provide} {power 24 hours a|electricity 24 hours a|energy 24 hours per} day

{When homeowners consider|If homeowners are considering|If homeowners think about} {going solar, one of|the idea of going solar|switching to solar energy, among} {their|the} {most common|most frequent|main} {concerns|questions} is “What {would|do|will} you do {at night|in the evening|during the night}?” This is {the biggest barrier|the most significant obstacle|one of the main obstacles} {to mainstreaming|to a widespread adoption of|for a mainstreaming of} solar {energy storage|storage for energy|storage of energy}. {But, this is|However, this is|But, things are} {changing|evolving}. {Many well-respected|Numerous well-known|A number of well-known} {brands|companies} have {entered the solar storage market|joined the solar storage market|made their debut in the solar storage industry}{, including| which includes| such as} Mercedes, LG, and Tesla. This is {driving down|reducing|helping to lower} the {cost|price} {of solar|for solar-powered|in solar energy} storage. Homeowners {can now buy|can now purchase|are now able to purchase} solar-plus storage {systems to be|units that are|systems that are} energy-independent. {Check out our top-rated|Take a look at our top-rated|Look through our top} solar batteries to {learn|find out|know} {more about storage|the basics of storage|how to store}.

{These solar energy|The solar power|This list of solar-related} facts {provide|offer|give} {multiple perspectives on Solar’s rise|numerous perspectives on the rise of Solar|different perspectives on Solar’s growth} in popularity {and its ability|and its capacity|as well as its ability} to {compete with fossil fuel resources|be competitive with fossil fuel sources|rival fossil fuel resources}. These {tips|suggestions|guidelines} {will help you find|can help you choose|will assist you in finding} the {best solar panel system|most efficient solar panel|ideal solar panel system} {for|to meet|to suit} your {needs|requirements}.

10. CSP power-tower is {the largest|one of the biggest|the most powerful} solar power {plants|plant in the world.|plant}

{California’s Mojave Desert|The Mojave Desert in California|California’s Mojave desert} {is home to|hosts|has} the {largest|biggest|world’s largest} solar thermal mass {materials production|material production|materials manufacturing} {facility in the world|plant in the entire world|installation in the globe}. Ivanpah’s 392 {MegaWatt, the|MegaWatt, which is the|Megawatt, the} largest solar power {plant uses|plant , uses|station, utilizes} {concentrated solar power technology|CSP technology, which is a concentrated solar power|the technology of concentrated solar power} (CSP){, which drives| that drives| which powers} {a steam turbine that creates|steam turbines that generate|the steam turbine, which generates} electricity. {Software-powered mirrors reflect the sun|Mirrors powered by software reflect sunlight|Mirrors that are powered by software reflect the sun} into three boilers {that create|which produce|that produce} steam. CSP {power-towers like|power towers such as} Ivanpah {use|utilize|employ} {a unique solar harnessing technique|an innovative solar harnessing method|a unique technique for harnessing solar energy} {that allows for|that permits|which allows} {energy storage even|storage of energy even|energy storage} after the sun {sets|has set}. This is {possible because|because|possible due to} {the sun’s molten|solar molten|sunlight’s melting} salts {can|could|may} be {used to store the|utilized to store|used to store} energy. {The|CSP was built in 2014.|This} CSP plant was {inaugurated|officially inaugurated} in 2014 and {nearly|has nearly|almost} {doubled the USA’s annual|tripled the annual US|increased the US’s annual} {solar thermal energy production|power generation from solar energy|Solar thermal power production}. According to{, this will prevent| the CSP plant will stop| it will block} {500,000|the emission of 500,000|millions of} {tons of carbon dioxide|tonnes of CO2}{ from|} being {emitted each|released each|released every} year.

11. {Solar energy can|The solar energy could|Renewable energy from the sun can} be {used to charge electric vehicles|utilized to charge electric vehicles|used to charge electric cars}

Electric vehicles{, along with|, as well as| and} other {forms of renewable technology|types of renewable technology|renewable technologies} are becoming more {popular|and more popular|sought-after}. More than 9{%| percent} of {all new cars in|the new cars on|all new vehicles in} this year’s {market are EVs|market are electric vehicles|marketplace are EVs}. Solar panels {work well|are compatible|work great} with electric {cars and can|vehicles and|cars and} charge them {as efficiently|just as effectively|with the same efficiency} as {any other household appliance|other appliances in the home|any other appliance in your home}. A {small|tiny} solar array {of|with} 10 panels {can|is enough to|could} {charge an entire electric|recharge an entire electrical|power an entire electric} {vehicle|car}. {This is an economical|It’s a cost-effective|This is a cheap} and {efficient option, especially|effective option, particularly|efficient choice, particularly} {if you|when you can|in the event that you are able to} {take advantage of|benefit from|make use of} the {incentives available|incentives offered|benefits available}.

12. The United States has a record-breaking solar demand

{According to|As per|Based on} the Department of Energy there has never been {more|a greater} {demand|need|than a demand} for solar. {The|In the|It is estimated that the} United States is the third largest {solar market worldwide|market for solar in the world|market for solar worldwide}. {In the|Within the|The} United States, 23.6 gigawatts were {installed for solar in|installed for solar power in|put into solar by} 2021. This {was enough to|is enough power to|would} {power|provide electricity to|supply electricity to} 23.3 million American {households|households}.

13. Solar panels can {increase|boost|enhance} {the value|the worth|you the price} of your {house|home}

Solar panels {can|could} {be an improvement|make a difference|be a great addition} to your {home, just like|house, similar to|home, much like} other {improvements like remodeling|improvements such as remodeling|enhancements like renovating} {a|the|your} kitchen or {adding a|creating a|building a new} room. Solar panels {will not only|can not only|won’t just} {save you money on|help you save money on|reduce} your {electricity bill but|electric bill, but they can|electric bills, but will} {also make it easier to|they also help you|could also make it easier to} sell your {house|home}. Numerous studies, {including one by|including one conducted by|like one done by} Zillow{, show| shows| which shows} {that solar panels can|the solar panel can|how solar panels could} {increase|boost|raise} {your home’s value|the value of your home} {by as much as|up to|by up to} {4%|4percent|four percent}.

14. {You have many|There are a variety of|You can choose from a wide range of} {financing options for|financing options to finance|options of financing for} {a solar system|the solar system|solar systems.}

There are {many other|many different|a variety of other} {options available|options|alternatives} {for solar panel buyers|to solar panel purchasers other|for buyers of solar panels other} {than just buying them|rather than buying them all|instead of buying them} {outright|in full|for themselves}. There are {many options available|a variety of options to choose from|numerous options available}{, including specific solar loans| that include specific solar loans| which include solar loans specifically}{, solar leases, and| as well as solar leases and| or leases for solar, as well as} {power purchase agreements|Power Purchase Agreements|power purchase contracts}. Each financing option {is different|differs|is unique} in {terms of what|the sense of what|terms of the type of loan} it covers and {how often|when|the frequency at which} they {can be paid|are due|will be repaid}. {However, homeowners who want|But, homeowners looking|However, homeowners who wish} to go solar {should consider|should think about|ought to consider} {each one|every one|each of them}.

15. {The|It is the|One of the} United States' largest employer {is the solar energy industry|is the solar energy sector.|is the solar energy industry.}

Despite a {decline in the|decrease in the|drop in} {industry’s employment, the US’s|sector’s workforce, the|job opportunities, the} solar {industry employed 231,474 people|sector employed 231,474 workers|industry employed 23147 people} {by|in} 2020. {These numbers will increase|The number of people employed will rise|This number will grow} {in the coming year|in the next year|over the next few years} {due to major federal investments|because of the massive federal investment|due to the significant federal investments} in solar energy{, and| and|, as well as} President Biden’s {goal of|aim of|pledge to have} {100%|100percent|completely} {clean energy by 2035|renewable energy by 2035|clean energy by 2035}.

  1. [xfield_company] {helps|assists|aids} {thousands of solar buyers|hundreds of buyers from solar|thousands of potential solar customers} {compare|to compare|review} {quotes|prices|estimates} {every year|each year.}

[xfield_company] {is dedicated to|is committed to|has a goal of} {helping you find the best|providing you with the most suitable|aiding you in finding the right} solar {solution for your property|option for your home}. We have been {helping solar buyers|helping solar customers|assisting solar buyers} across the {country to find|nation to discover|country find} the {best|most efficient} solar {options since our inception|solutions since we first started|options since our beginning} {in 2009|back in 2009|at the beginning of 2009}. {Register your property today|Sign up your property now|Get your property registered today} and {begin your journey to|start your journey to|begin your journey towards} solar {energy that produces no|energy that does not cause|power that doesn’t cause} {pollution with|polluting emissions with|pollution . Join} us.

{When looking for the best|If you are looking for the top|When you’re looking for the most efficient} solar panels{ available|| on the market}{, there are many| there are a variety of| There are numerous} {factors to take into consideration|aspects to consider|things to think about}. {Although some panels have|While some panels may have|Though some panels boast} {higher efficiency ratings|greater efficiency|more efficiency} than others{;|,} {investing in the best|purchasing the most efficient|choosing the best} solar {equipment won’t always|panels won’t always|technology won’t necessarily} {translate into|result in|yield} {higher|more|greater} savings. {It is important to compare|It’s important to compare|It’s crucial to look at} {quotes for different|prices for various|the prices of different} {equipment and financing options to|equipment and financing options in order to|products and financing options to} {determine|find|identify} the “sweet {spot|place}.”

If {you are|you’re} {a homeowner looking for|an owner of a home looking to use|a homeowner in search of} solar energy and {would like|want|wish} to {get|know|have} {a rough estimate|an estimate of the cost|an approximate estimate}{,| the cost,| for your solar energy needs,} {our|the|this} Solar Calculator will help. It {provides estimates for|gives estimates for|will give estimates of} {upfront costs and long-term savings|initial costs and savings over the long term|initial costs as well as long-term savings} {based on your roof type|depending on the type of roof|dependent on your roof’s type} and {location|the location}. {Check out|Use|Take a look at} our quote comparison {platform to find|platform to locate|tool to find} local contractors.



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