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{How|What is the way|Why} Solar Energy Helps the Environment

{How|What is the way|Why} Solar Energy Helps the Environment

Solar {energy is being adopted|power is being embraced|power is now being used} by {both homeowners and utilities|homeowners as well as utilities|both utilities and homeowners} in America at {an unprecedented rate|a rapid rate|a rate that is unprecedented}. {Partly due to the decreasing|In part, this is due to the declining|Due to the decrease in} {cost of solar panels,|price of solar panels,|price of solar panels} solar power has {seen|experienced|witnessed} {an explosive rise in|an explosion in its|the fastest growth in} popularity. {The|In the|It is believed that the} United States has had the {best year for solar|most successful year for solar|highest solar year} {in its history|ever|in the past} {thanks to incentives and rebates|due to rebates and incentives|because of rebates and incentives}. Solar energy {offers many benefits|has many advantages|can provide many benefits}{, including lower costs| that include lower prices| such as lower costs}. {By reducing your dependence on|In reducing your dependency on|Through reducing the use of} fossil fuels, {you can|you will|it can} {improve your health and|enhance your health and|increase your health and protect} the {environment|environmental quality}. {You can also install|It is also possible to install|You can also put in} {a solar energy system|an energy system that is solar|solar panels} {in your home or office|at your office or in your home|for your office or home}.

Solar Energy has a Positive Environmental Impact

{The sun’s energy is|Sun’s power is|Solar energy can be} {clean and renewable|renewable and clean}{, which benefits| and is beneficial to| which is good for} the environment. {Alternatives to fossil fuels|Renewable alternatives to fossil fuels|Energy alternatives that are not derived from fossil sources}{ help| can help|} {reduce the carbon footprint|to reduce carbon emissions} and {decrease|reduce|lower} greenhouse gas emissions {around|across|throughout} the {world|globe}. The positive {impact|effect} of solar energy {on the environment is well-known|on the environment is well-known|on the environment is well known}.

The majority of {electricity produced|electricity generated|the electricity used} {in|within|by} the U.S. is generated from fossil fuels{ such as| like|, such as} {coal and natural gas|natural gas and coal}. The environment {is not well-served|isn’t well-served|is not being well served} by {fossil fuel extraction and use|the extraction and use of fossil fuels|fossil fuel extraction and usage}. Solar energy{, on the other hand| however| is, however}{, is abundant and free| is plentiful and available| is abundant and cost-free}. {If we could harness all|If you could capture all|In the event that we were able to harness}{ the| of the|} {sun’s energy for just an|solar energy in just one|sun’s energy in just an} hour{, we| we| it} could power the {whole world|entire world|entire planet} for {one|a whole|a} year.

You can {reduce your dependence|cut down your dependency|decrease your dependence} {on fossil fuels by investing in solar energy|of fossil energy by investing in solar power|from fossil fuels through investing in solar electricity}.

Greenhouse Gas {Emissions|emissions} are reduced {by|through|with} Solar Energy

Solar power {can be used|is a great source|can be utilized} to {generate electricity,|produce electricity|produce electricity,} and {reduce|also reduce|to reduce} {greenhouse gas emissions|carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouse gases|the greenhouse gas emission}. {This includes carbon|Carbon|That includes carbon} dioxide (CO2). {Climate change and rising temperatures|Climate change and the rise in temperatures|The rising temperature and climate change} {are caused by|result from|can be caused by} greenhouse {gasses|gases}. Climate change {is already causing|has already caused} {serious environmental and health problems|grave health and environmental issues|severe health and environmental problems} {in|within|throughout} the Northeast. This {includes extreme weather events and|includes extreme weather events as well as|is due to extreme weather and} {rising|increasing} sea levels.

{Going solar can help reduce|Solar energy can reduce|Going solar can help cut down on} {fossil fuel consumption, limit|the use of fossil fuels, reduce|fossil fuel use, cut down on} greenhouse gas emissions{ and reduce|, and decrease| and lower} {your carbon footprint|the carbon footprint of your home}. A single {home|house|residence} {with a solar energy system|equipped with solar panels|that is equipped with solar power} {could have a significant|can have a major|could have a huge} impact on the {environment|environmental}. {According to|As per|Based on} the U.S Energy Information Administration, an average Connecticut {home that has|house with|home with} solar panels {uses|consumes|generates} {8,288 kWh of electricity annually|828 kWh of power annually|an annual energy consumption of 8,288 kWh}. The {state’s switch|switch of the state|transition of Connecticut} from fossil fuels {towards|to} solar power {has the same emission|produces the same emissions} reduction{ effect| impact|} {as planting 150 trees each|as planting 150 trees every|in the same way as planting 150 trees per} year.

The {average|typical} New York home consumes 7,248 kWh {annually|per year|each year}. {Solar panels are|The solar panels provide|Renewable solar power is} a {cleaner|more sustainable|greener} source of {electricity|power} than {burning coal, which|coal burning, and|coal and} {can result in|could result in|will produce} the {same|identical} carbon emissions.

Solar Energy can reduce respiratory and cardiovascular health {problems|issues}

One of the {greatest|most significant|biggest} {benefits|advantages} {of solar energy is|that solar power has is|from solar energy} {its ability|its capacity|the ability} to {produce very|create very|produce extremely} {low levels of air pollutants|low levels of air pollution|minimal levels of air pollutants}. {In|Through} an {analysis|investigation|examination}{,| of| conducted by} {the|researchers from the|The} Department Of Energy (NREL) {discovered that mass acceptance|found that widespread acceptance|observed that widespread adoption} of solar energy {would|could|will} {significantly reduce nitrous oxide and|drastically reduce nitrous oxide and|substantially reduce nitrous oxide as well as} {Sulphur|sulfur} {emissions|emission}. {All of these pollutants can|All of these pollutants could|These pollutants can} {be harmful to one’s|cause harm to|be harmful to your} health. {The|Researchers at the|It was discovered by the} National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that solar energy {has|offers|can provide} {numerous|many} health {benefits|advantages}. It {lowers the likelihood|reduces the risk|decreases the chance} of {respiratory problems and breathing|breathing problems and respiratory|respiratory issues and breathing} {issues|problems}.

Solar energy {has many benefits|offers many advantages|is a great source of energy with many benefits}. {Solar energy can|Solar energy will|It can} not only {save you|help you save} {money on your electricity bills|cash on your electric bills|energy costs} but {also help you|can also help|also} reduce {your carbon footprint, improve|the carbon footprint of your home, and improve|your carbon footprint, enhance} your health{ and the| and improve the|, and even the} {lives|life} {of your family members|that your loved ones live|for your children}. {Compare solar quotes to find|Check out solar quotes to figure|Find solar quotes and find} out {how much you could|the amount you can} save.

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{Solar Energy's impact|The impact of solar energy|Solar Energy's effect} on the Environment

Here are {some benefits|a few benefits|some advantages} {of|from|that come with} Solar Energy for the environment:

1. Reduce {water consumption|the amount of water consumed|your water consumption}

Water is {one of our|among our|one of the} {most precious|greatest|best} natural resources. {Photovoltaic and concentrating|Photovoltaic and concentrated|Concentrated and photovoltaic} solar power {plants|stations|plant} (PV) {provide|offer|generate} {clean electricity generation|pure electricity generation|renewable electricity that is clean}. {Use of solar power technologies|Utilization of solar power technologies|Solar power technology is used to generate electricity.}

{Water|The use of water|It is believed that water} (approximately {20|twenty} Gallons per Megawatt-hour{ or|, or| (or} gal/MWh) is {required to clean|needed to wash|required for cleaning} {solar collection and reflective surfaces|reflective surfaces and solar collectors|reflective and solar collection surfaces} {such as|like} mirrors, heliostats{ and photovoltaic|, and photovoltaic| and} PV (PV) panels. {However,|But} solar panels {do not require|don’t require|do not need} water to {generate|produce|create} {power|energy|electricity}. {When the boards and panels|If the panels and boards|When panels and boards} {get a little grubby|become a bit soiled|are a bit dirty}{, rainwater can clean| the rain water can wash| and dirty, rainwater could clean} them.

2. Air pollution reduction

Clean air is {essential for|vital to|crucial for} our {health, and well-being|well-being, health and wellbeing|health and well-being}. {However, traditional energy sources|But, traditional sources of energy|However, the traditional energy sources} {like oil, natural gas|such as natural gas, oil|like natural gas, oil}{, or coal require| or coal require| or coal need} the extraction and {combustion|burning} {of|from} fossil fuels. {It produces harmful methane and|They produce harmful methane and|This produces harmful methane as well as} carbon dioxide{, which can| that can|, which could} {lower|reduce|affect} {the quality of our air|the air quality|your air’s quality}. {Air pollution is not only|Air pollution isn’t just|Pollutants in the air are not just} {harmful to your health,|detrimental to your health,|dangerous to your health} {but also causes|it also contributes to|but it can also cause} {climate change|changes in the climate}. Solar panels {produce no|do not emit|don’t produce} harmful emissions. {Therefore, solar panels can|Thus, solar panels are able to|So, solar panels} {reduce|help reduce|lower} {air pollution|the amount of pollution in the air}. {People who use solar power|Solar power users|People who make use of solar power} also {emit less toxic|release less harmful} emissions than {those from|people who use|those who use} {fossil fuels|fossil fuels}.

3. {Switching to solar will lower|The switch to solar can reduce|Solar energy is a great option to reduce} {greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions|carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.|CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.}

{Air pollution is caused by|The cause of air pollution comes from|Pollution in the air is caused through}{ the|} release of harmful {gasses|gases} {into the atmosphere such as|into the air, such as|in the atmosphere, including} {carbon dioxide and methane|methane and carbon dioxide}. {Going solar can help reduce|Solar panels can reduce|Solar energy can help decrease} the {need for|demand for|use of} fossil fuels{, limit|, reduce| and reduce} {greenhouse gas emissions,|emissions of greenhouse gases,|greenhouse gas emissions} {as well as decrease|and also reduce|and reduce} {your carbon footprint|the carbon footprint of your home}. The {environment can be impacted|environment can be affected|environmental impact can be caused} {by solar panels installed|by solar panels that are installed|through solar panels being installed} {in a home|inside a house|on a home}. Solar energy is {free from|not subject to|unaffected by} the {harmful|negative} {effects of energy production and|impacts of energy production as well as|consequences of energy production and} {fuel burning|burning of fuel|combustion of fossil fuels}.

4. Reduce {your household's carbon footprint|the carbon footprint of your home|the carbon footprint of your household}

Solar energy is {one|among} the {most sustainable energy sources|most environmentally friendly energy sources|energy sources that are the most sustainable}.

Solar energy {isn’t like|is not like|isn’t the same as} other {energy sources|sources of energy}. It {doesn’t require water to produce|does not require water to generate|doesn’t require water for the production of} electricity{, and it doesn’t emit| and doesn’t release| and does not emit} {harmful gasses into our environment|harmful gases into the environment|polluting gases to our environment}. {You can reduce|It is possible to reduce|You can cut down on} {carbon dioxide emissions by switching|the carbon dioxide emission by switching|CO2 emissions by moving} to solar {energy|power} {over the electric|in conjunction with the|instead of the electric} grid.

5. {Dependent on|Supported by|Dependent upon} fossil fuels

Solar Energy is unlimited and {free|cost-free|is free}. You can {harness all of|use all|harness all} the energy {it produces|it generates|produced by it} {for one hour|for a single hour|in just one hour,} and {use|then use|then utilize} {it to power|this to run|for powering} the {whole|entire} {world for a year|globe for the duration of a year|world for a whole year}. {Fossil fuels are rapidly|The fossil fuels are quickly|Fossil fuels are on the verge of} {running out, unlike|exhausting, unlike|being depleted, in contrast to} other {energy sources|sources of energy}. {Reducing|Reduce|We should reduce} {our dependence|the dependence of our lives|dependency} on these {scarce|precious|finite} resources and {taking advantage of|utilizing|making the most of} {a plentiful and free|the abundant and affordable|an abundant and cost-free} {source of energy will|energy source will|source of energy could} {result in lower energy prices|result in lower energy costs|lead to lower energy prices}{, decreased| and a decrease in| as well as a reduction in} {greenhouse gas emissions and|greenhouse gas emissions , and|carbon dioxide emissions and} {a more stable|more secure|more stability in the} future.

Solar power {offers many benefits|has many advantages|can bring many benefits} {for the planet, particularly|for our planet, especially|to the environment, especially} {when it comes down|in relation|when it comes} to {our|the} {environment|environmental health}. {You can reduce|It can help reduce|You can cut down on} {greenhouse gas emissions|the emissions of greenhouse gases|carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouses}, {improve|enhance|increase} {air quality, preserve|the quality of our air, and protect|the quality of air and conserve} {our precious water,|our precious water|the precious water we have,} {as well as lower|and also lower|in addition to lowering} {energy prices and energy|costs for energy and|costs of energy and energy} {independence from fossil fuels|free from the fossil fuels|dependence on fossil-fuels}.

{How solar panels and a|What ways solar panels as well as a|The way solar panels, as well as your} {home|house|household} battery can {reduce|help reduce|cut down on} {your carbon footprint|the carbon footprint of your home|the carbon footprint}

{We can make the planet|We can make our planet|The planet can be made} {safer and more healthy|healthier and safer|more secure and healthier}. {You can power your home|Your home can be powered|It is possible to power your home} {with|by using|through} {solar panels or battery storage|batteries or solar panel systems|the solar energy of solar panels, or use battery storage} {to reduce|to limit|in order to lessen} {global climate change|the global warming}. This will {help ensure|ensure|lead to} {a brighter future|the future of our planet|an improved future}.

It’s {clear|evident|obvious} {that the world|that our world|this: the globe} is {changing rapidly|rapidly changing|changing fast}. {We are here to work|We’re here to work|We’re here to strive} {towards a brighter tomorrow|toward a better tomorrow|to create a brighter future} in the {face of global pandemics|world of pandemics worldwide|environment of global pandemics}{, climate change, and| as well as climate change and| or climate change as well as} natural {disasters|catastrophes} {that have already caused severe|which have already caused significant|that have already caused serious} {damage|destruction}.

[xfield_company] {helps|assists|aids} {thousands of households in|thousands of families in|hundreds of households across} America to {get|access|obtain} {affordable|cheap|low-cost} renewable energy. {[xfield_company] is fighting|The company is fighting|[xfield_company] fights} global warming. Going solar {is not only|isn’t just|is not just} {a way to offset|an option to combat|an effective way to mitigate} {climate change, but it’s|the effects of climate change, but is|the effects of climate change. It’s} also {an important step towards|a crucial step in|a significant step toward} {addressing the inequalities that exist|eliminating the disparities|solving the inequality that exists} {among the communities most affected|in the communities that are most affected|within the communities most impacted} by {the negative effects|the negative impacts|negative effects} of {environmental pollution|pollution to the environment}.

Solar panels {won’t suffice|aren’t enough|will not be enough} to {reduce the impact|mitigate the effects|limit the negative impact} of rising {global temperatures|temperatures in the world|temperatures globally} and {increased|the increase in|rising} {greenhouse gas emissions|carbon dioxide emissions|emission of greenhouse gases}. To {make the world cleaner|ensure that the planet is cleaner|keep the planet clean}{, we need| we require| it is essential to have} {holistic renewable energy solutions like|sustainable renewable energy solutions that are holistic, such as|comprehensive renewable energy solutions such as} {solar panels and battery storage|batteries and solar panel systems|the solar power system and batteries}. This will {protect|safeguard|help protect} our planet {against|from} {further air pollution, higher|more air pollution, rising|the emergence of more air pollution, increased} temperatures, and {more|even more|potentially} {dangerous|risky|hazardous} {weather|weather-related} {events|incidents|storms}. {We can make solar power|Solar power can be made|Solar power is a way to make power} {and storage more accessible|as well as storage accessible|available} to {everyone|all} {to create a safer world|to ensure a safe world|in order to build a safer environment} for our {children and future|children and the next|kids and future} generations.

{By the Numbers:|The Numbers:|Through the Numerics} {A Better|A More Sustainable|Better} Planet

{Take a look at|Check out|Look over} these {numbers to see|figures to understand|figures to discover} {how [xfield_company] solar panels|the ways that [xfield_company] solar panels|how the solar panels of [xfield_company]} have {helped reduce the country’s|contributed to reducing the nation’s|helped to reduce the nation’s} carbon emissions. {The 2019|This year’s|In 2019, the} Impact Report demonstrates what can be {achieved when you work|accomplished when working|achieved when working} with a {sustainable company|company that is sustainable|green company}. {These are some highlights from|Here are some highlights from|Here are some highlights of} the {last year|past year|last year’s report}:

  • Since 2007{, [xfield_company] has| [xfield_company]| the company [xfield_company] has} {offset|been able to offset|since 2007 offset} 5.2 {Million Meter Tons|million tons|million tonnes} of carbon. This is{ equivalent to|| equal to} {586 million gallons of gasoline|five86 million gallon of gas|586 million gasoline gallons} {for|to|in} {an average|the average|the typical} {car|automobile}.
  • {Since 2007,|In the year 2007|From 2007 to now,} [xfield_company]{ has|} installed 1,987 megawatts {solar|of solar power|of solar}{, making| which makes| making} {it one of|them one of|it among} the {most important|top|largest} solar {companies worldwide|firms in the world|companies in the world}.
  • {On average, a|In the average time, a|A typical} {new|brand new} {[xfield_company] system gets installed|system is installed by [xfield_company]|[xfield_company] system is put in place} {every two|each two|approximately every 2} minutes.
  • {2019 saw|The year 2019 witnessed|The year 2019 saw} 4.5 megawatts {of solar|in solar power} {installed|power installed|energy installed} by [xfield_company] {and GRID|as well as GRID|and the GRID} Alternatives {for 917 families|to 917 households|which serves 917 families} {with|who have|living on} {low|poor|lower} incomes. {This saved|The result was a savings of|This helped save} {$19 million over their lifetime|the families $19 million over their lifetime|an estimated $19 million over the course of their lives} {and prevented 45,000 tons|as well as slowed down 45,000 tonnes of|in addition to reducing 45,000 tons} {GHG|of GHG} emissions from communities{ that are|} most affected by {environmental pollution|pollution from the environment} and health {issues|concerns|problems}.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs), Impact the Planet, and Our Health

Scientists {agree|are of the opinion|have agreed} that extreme weather {events can|events could|conditions can} {be caused by|result from} {an increase in|the increase of|increasing levels of} GHGs. This {is more than a quarter|is more than a quarter of} {our total|the total|all of our} GHG emissions.

The greenhouse {gasses|gases} {have a significant environmental impact|have a major impact|are a major environmental influence} on the {environment, including|environment, which includes|planet, including} {weather, air quality|the quality of air, weather}{, health, and even| health, and| as well as health and} climate. {Methane and carbon dioxide hug|Carbon dioxide and methane hug|Carbon dioxide and methane cling to} the {ground, trapping|earth, absorbing|ground, capturing} heat that {would otherwise|otherwise would|could otherwise} {rise to keep our|increase to keep the|rise , keeping our} planet cooler. {This is a solar panel|It is the solar panel|The solar panels} {cost|price|expense} {that ranges|that can reach|which is averaging} {60,000|up to 60,000|between 60,000 and 70,000} Americans {each year|every year,} {in terms of|for|with regards to} {illnesses such as|diseases like|ailments like} {heart disease, respiratory|respiratory diseases, heart|respiratory disease, heart} {disease, and cancer|cancer, and other diseases}.

{How do|How can|What can} {solar panels and battery storage|batteries and solar panel systems|the solar power and batteries} {help|benefit|aid} the {environment|earth|environmental}?

We can {reverse the harmful|reduce the negative|stop the negative} {effects|impacts|consequences} of GHGs on {the|our} {air and environment|environment and the air|atmosphere and the environment} {by switching to renewable|through the switch to sustainable|in the transition to more sustainable} {energy sources|sources of energy} {such as solar power|like solar power|like solar energy}. Solar {energy is free of|power is completely free of|energy is not contaminated with} greenhouse {gasses and can significantly|gases and can dramatically|gases and will significantly} {reduce the amount|decrease the quantity|lower the level} of {air pollution|pollution from air}.

{Although|While} solar panels {are|can be} capable of producing {renewable, emission-free|clean, renewable} electricity{ it is|, it is|, it’s} equally important to {understand|know|comprehend} {how electricity is distributed|the way electricity gets distributed|what happens to electricity}. The battery storage {stores|system stores|is used to store} solar energy{ so| to ensure|, ensuring} that {you have it when|it is available when|you can access it whenever} you {need|require} it. This {ensures|means|makes sure} that renewable energy {doesn’t go to waste|isn’t wasted|is not wasted}.

{All 50 states recognize|Every state recognizes|Each state has recognized} the {advantages|benefits} {of battery storage|that battery storage offers|in battery storage}. Texas{, for example,| is one of them. Texas| for instance,} is investing {heavily|massively} in solar {energy storage|storage for energy}. {Studies show that this could|Research suggests that this can|Studies have shown that this could} {reduce|cut down on} GHGs {up to|by up to|as high as} 57%.6 {Hawaii’s solar power plant|The solar plant in Hawaii|In Hawaii, the solar energy plant} {at|on|in} Kauai {will|is expected to|can} {store|be able to store|keep} 2.8 million gallons {annually|of water annually|per year} and {provide electricity for|supply electricity to|generate electricity for} more than half {the|of the} island’s {peak-nighttime electrical load|electrical demand at night|nighttime peak electrical consumption}.

Extreme Weather Causes {Increasing|Increased|More} Blackouts

{The use of solar|Utilizing solar|Solar} {power and battery storage can|energy and battery storage could|power and battery storage could} {help us reduce|aid in reducing|assist us in reducing} {our environmental impact and|the environmental impact of our lives and also|our carbon footprint and} {improve|enhance|increase} our {health|overall health}. {They will also be able|They can also help|They’ll also be able} to {keep lights on|provide electricity|ensure that lights are on} for Americans {in the face of|even in the face of|with} an {ageing|old|aging} {electrical grid that isn’t able|electric grid that’s not able|electric grid that’s not equipped} to {withstand extreme|withstand the rigors of|stand up to extreme} {natural disasters or powerful storms|natural disasters or massive storms|storms or natural disasters}.

{We must act immediately|It is imperative to act quickly|We must take action immediately} to {avoid catastrophic consequences for|prevent catastrophic effects for|avoid the devastating consequences that could befall} {entire regions due to the|whole regions as a result of the|entire regions as a result of} {continual changes in|constant changes to|constantly changing conditions in} {our planet’s ecosystem and atmosphere|the planet’s ecosystems and atmosphere|our planet’s atmosphere and ecosystem}.

Together{,|| together,} we can {make a difference|change the world.|create a positive impact}

[xfield_company] continues {to advocate|to push|its advocacy} for {clean energy at all|the use of clean energy at all|clean energy at every} levels, including{ the| at the|} {local and state level|local and state levels|state and local levels}. Recently, we {committed|pledged|have committed} {to installing solar panels|the installation of solar panel|that we will install solar panels} {at|of at|with at} {most 100 megawatts solar for|least 100 megawatts for|the most 100 megawatts solar to} California residents {who live|living|who reside} in {multifamily housing developments with|multifamily housing developments that have|multi-family housing developments and have} {low and moderate|low or moderate|modest or low} incomes. {These installations will also|The installations will|The installation will also} be {free for tenants|provided for renters at no cost|available for tenants for free}. {Everyone should have the opportunity|Every person should be able|Everyone should have the chance} to {participate in the country’s|be part of the nation’s|take part in the country’s} {transition|shift|transformation} {towards|to|toward} renewable energy.

{Customers across|People across|People from all over} {the|all over the|in the} U.S. are turning to solar {for their own health|energy for their own wellbeing|power for their health} {and the good|and for the benefit|as well as the health} {of their communities|for their community|the communities they live in}. After {developing a severe|suffering from a serious|developing a} breathing {problem|issue}{, [xfield_company] customer| the [xfield_company] customer| and a severe breathing problem, [xfield_company] client} Jim Fleming made the move to Arizona. Jim Fleming, a retired man {on a fixed income|with a fixed income,|with a fixed-income,} was shocked {at Arizona’s|by Arizona’s|by the} {high energy costs|cost of energy|expensive energy prices}. Jim {opted|decided|chose} to go solar {with [xfield_company] in|through [xfield_company] in|with the company [xfield_company]} {search of more predictable rates|seeking more reliable rates|the search of lower costs and more predictability}. Jim {and his wife|as well as his spouse|along with his wife} {now have|have now} {control over their energy|control of their energy usage|the power they need} and {can rest easy knowing|are able to rest assured that|are at peace knowing} {they are helping to clean|they are contributing to the clean-up of|they’re helping clean} the air {around|surrounding} them. Jim’s story.

[xfield_company] can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Fossil fuels {cannot be renewable|are not renewable|can’t be recycled}. {Fossil fuels are expensive|They are costly|Fossil fuels cost a lot} to {produce and cause|manufacture and can cause|produce and can cause} environmental {damage|harm}. {On the other hand|However}{, energy from sunlight| sunlight energy| the energy produced by sunlight} is {free, sustainable and|renewable, free and|free, sustainable , and} {clean|safe|pure}.

{We can all work together|We all can work together|All of us can join forces} to make {the planet cleaner|our planet healthier|the world cleaner} and safer for {everyone|all}. [xfield_company] is {a group|an organization|a company} {that installs solar panels and|which installs solar panels as well as|that has solar panels installed and} {battery|batteries for} storage. This {will help|helps|will} {reduce our dependence|decrease our dependence|lessen our dependency} {on fossil fuels|of fossil-fuels|upon fossil fuels}. {Each family or individual who|Every family or person who|Every person or family that} converts to solar {helps reduce|can help reduce|will help lessen} the {impact|effects|negative impact} of climate change {in|on} their {community and the world|local community as well as around the globe|own community and around the world}.

[xfield_company] is {the reason|one of the reasons|the main reason} {why|for why|the reason} Americans are {turning|switching|shifting} to solar {power|energy}. {Talk to|Contact|Speak to} {one of our Solar Advisors|any of our solar advisors|an advisor from our Solar team} {today for|today to receive a|now for} {a free, virtual|no-cost, online|an online, no-cost} consultation.



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