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Solar Energy Transportation

Solar Energy Transportation

{Most people associate solar energy|The majority of people associate solar power|Many people associate solar energy} with {rooftops covered in|roofs that are covered in|roofs that are covered with} photovoltaic panels. {It is easy to see|It’s easy to understand|It’s not difficult to comprehend} why {so many households|a lot of households|many homes} {have turned|are turning} {to solar power for|to solar power to generate|towards solar power to get} {clean, renewable|sustainable, clean|green, sustainable} energy.

{However, affordable|But, cheap} {electricity|power|electric power} for your home {is not|isn’t} the {only goal|sole goal|only purpose} of solar power{; there|. There} are many other {uses of|applications for|benefits of} solar energy.

{Examples|Exemples|Some examples} of Solar Energy

{Although|While} {rooftop|roof-mounted|the rooftop solar} photovoltaic (photovoltaic)panels are the {main|primary} source of {much of this|of this|the} production{, standalone devices can generate| however, standalone devices can produce| independent devices can also generate} enough power {for transport|to power transport|for transportation}{, technology and industry| technology, industry and transportation| as well as technology and industry}.

Solar Energy Transportation

{You might be wrong|It is possible|You could be mistaken} to {think that the idea|believe that the concept|think that the notion} of being able {to navigate|to travel|navigate} the {world without any dependence|globe without relying|world with no dependence} {on fossil fuels is futuristic|on fossil fuels is a dream|of fossil fuels sounds futuristic}.

Solar Impulse 2 achieved the {groundbreaking feat in June|remarkable feat in June|amazing feat in June of} 2014. It weighs {the same|as much|about the same} as a {family car,|car for families,|typical family car} {but has a wingspan comparable|however, it has a wingspan similar|however it’s wingspan is comparable} to a{ jumbo| large|} {plane|aircraft}. The lithium batteries {are able to|can} absorb sunlight {during the day and|throughout the day and|during the day , and} {retain enough power to allow|keep enough power to permit|maintain enough power to allow} {the flight to continue|for flight|flying to go on} {in|even in|during} {bad weather and at night|dark weather conditions and in bad weather|adverse weather conditions as well as at night}.

The {popularity of|demand for|number of} commercial vehicles {with|fitted with|that have} thin solar {mats on their roof|mats that cover their roofs|roof mats} is {also increasing|also growing|growing too}. This {idea is changing|concept is revolutionizing|is changing} the {transport industry|transportation industry|way that transportation is conducted}. {Business owners save|Businesses can save on|Businesses save money on} {fuel, reduce emissions,|energy, cut emissions,|fuel, reduce emissions} and {keep costs stable|maintain costs|ensure that costs remain stable}. {These savings benefit customers|The savings are beneficial to customers|These savings help customers}.

{While solar-powered rail is still|Although solar-powered rail is|While solar-powered rail is} {in its infancy|just beginning to take off|at its beginnings}{, it is growing rapidly| however, it is growing quickly| but it is growing fast}. Solar panels {located|that are located|installed} {near railway lines provide enough|close to railway lines supply enough|near railway lines can provide} {power to run|energy to power} {signals and lights at certain|signals and lighting at specific|lights and signals at certain} train stations. {In the near future,|Soon,|The near-term future will see} {fully-solar-powered|fully solar-powered} trains {are possible|could be possible|could be a possibility}. {The rail network can|Rail networks can be able to|The rail network could} {bypass the national grid|be independent of the grid in the nation|skip the national grid} and {enjoy multiple|reap a variety of|gain a wealth of} {financial benefits|economic benefits|financial advantages}.

Hybrid {solar-powered vehicles seem to|solar-powered vehicles appear to|solar powered vehicles} {have a slow reputation|be viewed as slow|be under-appreciated}{, no matter how efficient| regardless of how efficient| however efficient they are}. {The technology has advanced|Technology has improved} to the point {that|where} hybrid solar-powered {cars can|vehicles can|vehicles are able to} {compete with their gas-powered counterparts|be competitive with gas-powered vehicles|rival their gas-powered counterparts}.

Solar Light

{Although solar lighting can be|While solar lighting is|Solar lighting can be} {used to illuminate a pathway|utilized to light up a path|employed to illuminate a path} or {make a tree|to make trees|help a tree} {stand out, it’s also|appear more prominent, it’s|shine, it’s} {a very effective method|an extremely effective method|an effective way} {of doing|to achieve|to accomplish} this.

String lights{ or spikes|, also known as spikes,} are {simple to install|easy to set up|easy to put up} and {require no|do not require|don’t require any} {electricity|power source}. Instead{, solar panels are small| solar panels are tiny| solar panels are small} and absorb sunlight {during|throughout} the day{, saving|, storing| and store} {it in the battery|the energy in the battery|it} {for later use|to use later|to be used later on}.

{This system is also used|This technology is also utilized|The system is also employed} in {more powerful|stronger|higher-power} Led bulbs. They {demand very little|require only a small amount of|require very little} {power to provide adequate lighting|energy to produce adequate lighting|power to give adequate illumination}. {These lights can be used|They can be used|They can be utilized} to {illuminate|light} {large areas, driveways|vast areas of driveways, large spaces|huge areas as well as driveways}{,|} {and entrances|and even entrances|as well as entrances}. {Solar-powered security lighting with|Security lighting powered by solar energy with|Solar-powered security lighting that has} {pir technology detects motion|the technology of pir detects movement|Pir technology detects movement} and {lights up automatically|turns on automatically|automatically turns on the lights}.

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Solar Heating

Thermal heating {uses|utilizes|makes use of} {roof-mounted|rooftop-mounted solar|roofing-mounted} panels (collectors){, to| that| to} {harness the sun’s heat|harness sun’s energy|make use of the sun’s warmth} to {heat|warm} water. {It is simple and efficient|It’s simple and effective|It’s easy and efficient} enough to {heat 40-70|provide 40 to 70|heat between 40 and 70} percent of {an average|a typical|the average} family’s hot water {needs|requirements|demands} {each year|every year|throughout the year}.

  • {The sun’s energy is|Sun’s energy gets|Solar energy} {absorbed by|absorbed into|captured by} {fluid, which is|fluidthat is then|the fluid, which is then} stored in tubes {inside|within|in} {each panel|every panel|each panel}.
  • The hot {fluid|liquid|water} {flows|is pumped|passes} {through a heat exchanger|across a heater|via a heating exchanger} {to|before it can|in order to} {reach|get to|be able to reach} the hot {water storage tank|storage tank for water}.
  • It is distributed {around|throughout|across} the pipes {in the same way|in the same manner|the same way} {as|like} any {central heating system|other central heating system}.

{The sun’s energy is|Sun’s power is|Solar energy comes for} {free so|free , so|completely free so} you can {reduce|cut down on|lower} your energy {bills|costs|bill} and carbon footprint{ while|, while also| by} {putting less pressure on|making less strain on|taking less stress off} your boiler.

Solar space heating {uses|makes use of|utilizes} solar energy{ and reduces|, which reduces the| and decreases} {dependence on|dependency on|use of} fossil fuels. {The system can|It can|The system is able to} {heat entire houses and|provide heat to entire homes and|be used to heat entire houses as well as} the water supply {by adding|through} heating exchanges. {It also uses|The system also makes use of|Also, it uses} {roof-mounted|rooftop|the roof mounted} solar evacuated tube {panels,|panels|panel,} {also known|often referred to|sometimes referred to} as collectors.

  • {Corn glycol is a|The corn glycol|It is an} {fluid|liquid|lubricant} {that circulates within|that circulates inside|which circulates in} the tubes. {It absorbs solar energy|The fluid absorbs sunlight|It absorbs sun’s energy}{ and|, and|} then {returns to a|flows back to a|returns to the} storage tank.
  • {It circulates through the tank|The tank circulates|It circulates throughout the tank}{, warming the water in| and warms the water inside| heating the water in} {the heating system to temperatures of|it’s heating unit to|its heating device to} {130-175|130 to 175} degrees F.
  • The hot water {flows|runs|is pumped} {through your heating system|throughout your heater|across your heating unit}{ to provide|, providing| to supply} you with {heat|warmth}.

A heat exchange {can be|could be|is} {added to produce enough|used to generate enough|used to create} hot water to {supply|fill|provide} homes. This is ideal {for summer|during summer|for the summer} {months,|seasons,|months} {when heating is not required|where heating is not needed|in which heating isn’t required}.

The most {cost-effective and efficient|efficient and cost-effective} method {to heat|of heating} {pools is solar|swimming pools is to use solar|pools is with solar} {space heating technology|space heating technology}.

Rooftop Solar Power

Photovoltaic cells {use|harness|make use of} {the sun’s energy to produce|sunlight’s energy to generate|the sun’s energy in order to create} electricity. {It is then converted to|Then, it is converted into|This is later converted into} the {power that is used|energy that is utilized|power used} {in commercial and domestic properties|for domestic and commercial properties|in both domestic and commercial buildings}. A 5kw {system can be|power system could be|system is} {paid off in 6-9 years|completed in 6 to 9 years|fully paid off over 6-9 years}.

{Some products and situations|Certain products and scenarios|Certain types of products and circumstances} {do not require a complete|don’t require a full|don’t require a comprehensive} {solar-powered array of|solar array powered by|solar array with} solar panels. {For these devices|In these cases|For these types of devices}{, a small| just a simple| the use of a small} {solar charging system is sufficient|solar-powered charging system is enough|solar charger is adequate}.

{A small inverter is required|An inverter of a small size is needed|An inverter with a small capacity is required} {for devices with|to operate devices that have a|for devices using a} DC battery {supply|power}. This {allows the current|permits the current|allows the power} to be {alternated from|switched between|altered by} {a small number of|only a few|the} solar cells.

There are {many appliances|many devices|numerous appliances} {that can|that could|which can} benefit from {clean, free|free, clean} solar energy.

  • Keyboards
  • Refrigerator
  • Telescopes
  • Watches
  • Radios
  • Generators
  • Outdoor showers

Solar in the Community

90 million {households in|households across|homes in} America {are unable to|cannot|are not able to} {install solar panels for|install solar panels due to|set up solar panels for} (1) {reason|reasons|motive} or{ the|} other. The {community solar system consists|community solar system is comprised|solar community system is made up} of a {collection|set|number} of {panels located in one|solar panels that are located in a|panels in one} central location {that residents can|for residents to|that residents are able to} {use|make use of|utilize}. {Customers who register immediately receive|People who sign up immediately will receive|Anyone who signs up on the spot receives} {a reduction in their|an immediate reduction in their|reduced} {utility bills and|energy bills as well as|electric bills, as well as} other {benefits|advantages}.

  • {The installation is easy|Installation is simple|The installation is straightforward}{; no worries| and there is no need to worry| No worries} {if your roof’s orientation|in case your roof’s angle|about your roof’s orientation,} or {structure is not suitable|design isn’t suitable|the structure is not appropriate} for solar {power|energy}.
  • {You don’t need|There is no need|You don’t have} to {pay upfront; instead|make a big investment upfront. Instead|buy a new car; instead}{,|} {you can save money|it’s cheaper to save|there is a savings} by {signing up for|enrolling in|joining} {a subscription|an annual subscription|a monthly subscription}.
  • Solar power {helps to|can help|helps} {protect against rising energy prices|safeguard against the rising cost of energy|defend against rising energy costs} and {disruptions in|interruptions to|interruptions in} supply.
  • Local {economy support|economic development|economy}{; fossil fuel production depends| the local economy; fossil fuel production relies| and fossil fuel production is dependent} {on heavy industry,|on the power of heavy industry,|heavily on} solar {installations, and people-powered|power, and human-powered|panels, and human-powered} logistics.
  • You can {reduce|cut down on|help reduce} pollution and {02 emissions|emissions from 02|emissions of 02} by {doing your part|taking action|taking steps} to {lower your|reduce your|reduce the} carbon footprint {and mitigate|and help to mitigate|as well as reducing the impact of} {climate|the effects of climate} change.

{Solar energy from the community|Community solar energy|Solar energy generated by the community} {benefits your home,|helps your home, the|can benefit your home, your} local economy{ and the environment|, and the environment| and the natural environment}.

{Can solar energy be used|Could solar energy be utilized|Can solar power be used} {in transportation|for transportation|in transport}?

There is a {lot of|great deal of|huge} {interest in|enthusiasm for|excitement about} solar energy {right now|at the moment|currently} and {many|a lot of|numerous} {companies, not just|businesses, not only|firms, not just} in {energy, are trying|the energy sector, are looking} to {take advantage of it|make use of this|profit from it}. This is {especially true in|particularly true for|particularly the case in} {solar transportation, and we|solar-powered transportation. We|solar transportation. We} are {seeing the introduction|witnessing the development} of {ultra-modern solar vehicles|solar vehicles that are ultra-modern|modern solar vehicles}.

1. A solar-powered yacht

Imagine a {yacht|boat|vessel} {that doesn’t need fuel,|that doesn’t require fuel,|which doesn’t require fuel} {but only|just|it only uses} solar {power|energy}. It {makes no noise|doesn’t make any noise|is silent}{, emits zero fumes,| and emits no fumes| and produces no emissions} and {has an unlimited range|is able to travel indefinitely|can travel for an endless distance}.

{According to the manufacturer|As per the company|Based on the information provided by the producer}, Silent 55 yachts have {it all|everything|everything they need} and more.

  • Maintainable electric motor
  • There {is no heat buildup|isn’t any heat buildup|isn’t any buildup of heat.}
  • The most {reliable marine propulsion system available|efficient marine propulsion system that is|robust and reliable marine propulsion system is available}
  • {Battery|Batterie} {banks|batteries|Banks} come with an {8-year|eight-year} warranty
  • Solar panels {come with a 25-year warranty|are covered by a warranty of 25 years.|come with a warranty of 25 years}

It {includes|comes with|is equipped with} {30 high-efficiency solar panels|thirty high-end solar panels|the 30 solar panels with high efficiency}{, lithium batteries and maximum| with lithium batteries, as well as the highest| along with lithium batteries and the maximum} power {point tracking solar charge regulators|point-tracking solar charge regulators|solar charge regulators that track points}. {According to the manufacturer,|The manufacturer claims that|As per the company,} {there is|there’s} {enough power and storage|sufficient power as well as storage|plenty of power and space} {for|to support} the {yacht’s ability to sail|yacht to sail|yacht’s ability to go} {non-stop all night|continuously throughout the night|for hours without stopping}. {The yacht also features|The boat also has|It also comes with} {a 15-kVA Inverter that|an Inverter of 15 kVA that|an inverter with 15 kVA which} {powers|is able to power|provides power to} {all electrical appliances|every electrical appliance|the electrical components of all appliances}. {This includes a powered|It also has a power-driven|This includes a fully powered} {fore swim platform and|fore-swim platform as well as|foreswim platform, as well as} an electric windlass {of|that is|with} {1,500 watts|1500 watts|1,500 watts}.

2. Solar electric {cars|vehicles}

{In the past,|The past was when|At one time,} {solar electric|solar-powered} vehicles were {considered|viewed as|thought to be} {a pipe dream in|an unattainable dream for|to be a dream in} the {auto|automobile|automotive} industry. {Recent technological advances|The latest technological advancements|Recent advances in technology} have {opened up new opportunities|created new possibilities|opened new avenues} for the {auto|automobile|automotive} {industry|sector}. {Many brands are now|Numerous brands are now|A number of brands are currently} {launching cars that use|making cars that utilize|offering cars powered by} solar {energy|power}.

Hyundai{, for example,| For instance, Hyundai| for instance,} recently {introduced a new version|launched a new model|announced a brand new version}{,| of| that is called} {the|that is the|which is called the} Sonata Hybrid solar-powered car for North America. {Although not yet available|While it’s not available yet|Although it’s not yet available}{, the model has| it has| this model comes with} rooftop solar panels {that|which}, Hyundai claims, will {increase the car’s fuel efficiency|improve the efficiency of the vehicle’s fuel consumption|boost the efficiency of the car’s engine} and {support its electric power|help to power its electric|provide a power} source. They {also reduce|will also help reduce|also cut} {carbon dioxide emissions|the emissions of carbon dioxide|CO2 emissions}.

{Although it has been noted|While it is true|Although it has been pointed out} that {the solar roof|solar panels|the roof’s solar power} {will not|won’t|is not able to} {increase range by|improve range by|increase the range} {more than 2 miles per hour,|greater than two miles an hour|over 2 miles/hour,} Hyundai {deserves credit for|is credited with|merits credit for} {making the first steps in|taking the first steps towards|having the first steps to} {incorporating solar into mass-produced vehicles|the integration of solar technology into mass-produced vehicles|making solar-powered vehicles available to mass production}.

3. {Solar|Solar-powered} aircraft

{The|It was the} Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft {powered entirely|that is entirely powered|entirely powered} {by the sun,|from the sun|through the sun’s energy,} {circled the|circled around the|circling the} globe in {2016|the year 2016}. It did {so without any|this without|it without} fuel.

{The plane is powered by more than|It is powered by|This plane runs on more than} 17,000 solar {cells mounted|panels mounted|cells that are mounted} on its wings{ and|. It|. The plane} {can cross both the|can traverse both the|is able to cross both} Atlantic {and|as well as} Pacific oceans without {using any|the need for|requiring} fuel. Bertrand Piccard was the sole pilot of the plane{ and|, and|.} {he reached 29,000 feet during|the plane reached 29,000 feet in|was able to reach 29,000 feet during} daylight. He {returned to 5,000 at|retreated to 5,000 feet at|was able to return to 5,000 feet by} {night|the night}.

{After the success|Following the success|After the great success} {of|in|with} Solar Impulse 2, an HAPS (high-altitude pseudo satellite) powered by solar energy{, the| The| the} Zephyr S, which was {built|developed|constructed} by Airbus{, flew| was able to fly| it flew} for 25 days{ 23 hours|, 23 hours|, 23 hrs} and 57 {minutes|mins}. The Zephyr-T{, a larger| is a bigger| which is a larger} version of {this flight,|the flight|this flight} is {in development|currently in development|in the process of development}.

4. {The solar-powered|Solar-powered|A solar powered} Hyperloop train

{In 2013,|2013 was the year that|The year 2013 saw} Elon Musk presented the Hyperloop concept{ –|,} {a high-speed, ultra-high-speed transportation|an ultra-high-speed, high-speed transport|the Hyperloop concept, a high-speed and ultra-high-speed transportation} system that {will significantly reduce|significantly cut|drastically reduces} {travel time between major|the time it takes to travel between} cities. Hyperloop, {he claims|Musk claims|Musk says}{, will take only| will require only| it will take just} 30 minutes to {get|travel|go} {from|between|to} Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Musk {envisaged|imagined|thought of} Hyperloop as a {fifth mode|fifth method|new mode} of {transportation, after|transport, following|transport after} {cars, trains|trains, cars|trains, automobiles,} and planes. It {would transport people or|could transport people or|could transport people and} {freight|cargo|goods} {using|by|with} self-propelled pods. The pods are {made|constructed|built} {in low-pressure vacuum tubes|using low-pressure vacuum tubes,|of low-pressure vacuum tubes} and {can be pushed|are able to be driven|can be moved} {at speeds of more than|at speeds of over|with speeds that exceed} 700 miles {an|per} hour. This {provides|is|makes for} {a comfortable, efficient|an efficient, comfortable|an easy, effective}{, and fast way| and quick method| and speedy method} to {transport people and freight|move people and cargo|move freight and people}.

MAD Architects, Hyperloop Transportation Technology further {developed|refined} Musks{‘ vision to create| vision to develop| vision of} {a sustainable|an environmentally sustainable|an eco-friendly} design {–|that is} the Hyperloop train {powered with|is powered by} {solar panels and wind turbine|wind turbines and solar panels.} {forest|forests}.

Hyperloop’s vision is {inspiring|enthralling|inspirational}. It {offers people a way|provides people with a method|gives people the option} {of traveling long distances|to travel long distances in a way|of travelling long distances} {that is fast and clean|that are fast and clean|which is quick and safe}{, unlike flying by| in contrast to flying on| and is not like flying with} {planes which are highly|planes that are extremely|aircrafts, which can be extremely} polluting.

{To produce|To generate|In order to generate} {electricity for Hyperloop’s interactive information|the electricity needed for Hyperloop’s interactive information|power for Hyperloop’s interactive info} boards {and|as well as} Hyperloop{, the train tunnels| trains, the tunnels| tunnels for trains} will be {fitted|equipped} with{ flexible|} solar panel {skin modules|skins}. The {tunnel would|tunnel will|tunnels will} also be {equipped|fitted} with {bladeless wind turbine forests|wind turbine forests that are bladeless}.

{Although the idea will|While the concept may|While this idea may} not {become reality in a|be realized until the next|come to fruition in a} {decade, companies|year, businesses|10 years, some companies} are{ already|} {exploring all possibilities|looking into all possible avenues|investigating all options}.



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