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Solar Lease

Solar Lease

Solar power is {a cost-effective|an affordable|a low-cost} {option for renewable energy,|alternative to renewable energy|option for energy that is renewable,} {both for homes and businesses|for both businesses and homes|for both commercial and residential homes}. [xfield_company] offers solar products. {However, homeowners must make|But, homeowners have to make a|However, homeowners need to make} {a decision about solar leasing|the decision to lease solar panels|an informed decision on leasing solar} or {buying|purchasing} solar panels.

{A solar lease is|Solar leases are|The solar lease} {a long-term|a lengthy|an ongoing} {agreement between a customer,|contract between a client|arrangement between a consumer} and a{ provider of|| supplier of} solar panels. {Solar leasing is an option|The option of leasing solar panels is a viable one|It is an option} for homeowners {who want|who wish|looking} to {meet their energy needs|satisfy their energy requirements|fulfill their energy needs} but {don’t have enough capital|do not have the capital|lack the funds} to {purchase a system|buy a system|purchase a solar system}. We’ll {examine|look at|explore} {whether a solar lease can|the possibility of a solar lease to|whether solar leasing could} be a {smart|wise|good} investment.

What {is|exactly is} Solar Leasing? {How does it work|What is the process|What exactly is it}?

{The solar lease is|Solar leases are|This solar lease will be} {similar|comparable} to {your utility bill|the utility bill you pay}. Customers {will see some savings|can save|will save money} {on their utility|in their|when it comes to their electricity} bills {as|since|because} the {energy is generated|power is generated|energy is produced} locally {by|using|through} {clean solar energy|renewable solar energy|the clean energy of solar}. {You don’t own the generator|The generator is not yours} and {aren’t paying|don’t have to pay|you don’t pay} {for|to purchase|the cost of} an asset. {Instead, you pay|In fact, the cost is|You pay}{ only|} for the {electricity generated|electricity produced|power generated} {by the solar panel system|from the system of solar panels|through the solar system}.

{A homeowner who has|A homeowner with|The homeowner who has} {a solar leased system|an installed solar lease system|a solar-leased system installed} {on their roof|in their home|for their roofing} will {no longer|not} {have|be required|need} to pay{ the utility|} for electricity. Instead, {they will only|they’ll} {be paying|pay|have to pay} [xfield_company]. The {30% Federal|federal 30%|30% federal} solar tax credit {is not|isn’t} {available|accessible} {to|for} homeowners. {They can also depreciate your|You can also depreciate your|They are also able to depreciate the} solar {system’s cost|system’s costs|panel’s price} (which is something{ that|} {you cannot do|is not possible|you are not able to do} in any {case|way|event}){, which saves| and save| that saves} {them – and their investors|the investors – as well as them|them and their investors}{- tax dollars|the tax money|taxes}.

[xfield_company] will agree to pay you a {fixed|set|predetermined} {amount for 20 years|sum for 20 years|price for 20-years}. {At the end|When the time comes to pay|After that}{, we will take| the agreement, we’ll take| of the period, we’ll remove} {our equipment off your roof|the equipment from your rooftop|all of our solar equipment off the roof}. {The same way|Similar to how|Like} {a car lease works|the car lease operates|you would lease a car}. {However, you won’t be|But, you won’t be|However, you won’t} {able to get|eligible to take advantage of|in a position to avail} the new {system every 36|lease every 36|system each} month.

{For the first year|In the beginning|For the initial year}{, a typical lease from| the typical lease with a| the typical lease from a} [xfield_company] installer would cost {$99|you $99} per month. {This will help you save|This can save you|It will save you} {approximately $500 each|about $500 per|around $500 every} year. {This lease also comes with|The lease also includes|This lease comes with} an escalator{, which| that|. It} is a {predetermined annual rise|set annual increase|fixed annual rise}.

The 2.9{% escalator means| percent escalator indicates| percentage escalator implies} that {your lease will cost you|the lease will cost|the lease you sign will cost} more {per month by|each month in|per month after} year 6{ than the|, than the| than your} loan. {It would continue to rise|The cost will continue to increase|The rate will increase} {for|over} the {next|following|remaining} 14 years. The system {will provide|would provide|will offer} {$23,000 in lifetime savings|an annual savings of $23,000|the savings of $23,000 over the course of its life}.

Get a fixed monthly lease for your solar panel system

Renting is {the last|the only|your last} option {if you don’t want|for those who don’t wish|if you do not want} to {take on any|commit any kind of|incur any} {debt|credit|loans}. A typical fixed-term {lease or|lease , or|contract or} {a|PPA} PPA {can allow|allows|will allow} {you to rent|the holder to lease|you to lease} {a solar system|solar panels|the solar system} {for up to 20|that lasts for 20 to 30|over a period of up to twenty} years. {Each option will likely|Every option is likely to|Each lease will probably} {have|include|come with} {an|the|some kind of} “escalator” {rate|price|cost}. {This is a percentage that|It is a percentage|This is a percentage} {the initial rate will rise|increases at the beginning of|is set to increase} {each|every} year.

The annual escalator {rate may|rate could|rates could} {range between 0% and|vary between 0% and|be between 0% to} {4%|4percent|four percent}. Six years ago{, leasing was the standard| leasing was the norm} {in the solar industry|in the solar market|for solar companies}. It {allowed homeowners to|enabled homeowners to|let homeowners} {go green while also saving|save money while saving|be green and save} {a few dollars a|just a few dollars per|some dollars each} month on their {utility|energy|monthly utility} {bills|costs|bill}. {This model is now|The model has gone|This type of model is} {out of fashion|no longer in style|out of style}. {Leasing has the disadvantage that|Leases have the disadvantage that|It is a disadvantage to lease because} {your monthly lease payment|the monthly lease payments|the lease payment you pay each month} will be {exactly the|the|the exact} same {every|each} month. {Because solar|Since solar power|Since solar} production {is seasonal,|can be seasonal, it is possible that|fluctuates,} you {might|could|may} {pay more if you lease|be paying more for leasing|pay more} {than if you just stayed|instead of staying|rather than staying} with your {utility|current utility}.

{When you shop|If you are shopping|When you’re shopping} for solar energy {with|through|from} [xfield_company], be {sure to consider your|sure to look into|certain to think about} financing options. Leases {offer low|are low-cost|provide low} monthly {payments and are offered|payments and are provided|installments and are offered} {by|through|from} [xfield_company]. {You should know how the|It is important to know how|You must know how your} monthly payments will {look|be|appear} in the {future and ask|near future, and also inquire|near future and inquire} {how long you will|what time you’ll|when you’ll} {be locked in to|be locked into|remain locked into} {this plan|the plan|this program}.

What is leasing and how does it differs from a Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

{Solar leasing is a|The leasing of solar panels is|A solar lease is}{ more| much more|} {cost-effective option than a solar|economical option than a solar|efficient option than a} power purchase {arrangement|agreement} (PPA). Customers pay {rental income|a rental fee|rent} {for solar panels,|on solar panel,|to purchase solar panels} {whereas|while} {customers from|those who purchase|the customers of} PPA pay {per kwh generated|per kwh produced|for kwh of power produced}. {The cost of leasing solar panels is|Cost of lease solar panels are|Solar panels’ cost is} {determined by their capacity,|dependent on their capacity,|determined by their capacity} {but the cost of|however, the price of|however the price for} renewable {Power purchase agreements|power purchase agreements|Power Purchase Agreements} is determined by {actual generation|the actual power generated|the actual amount of generation}. Solar leases {have a|come with a|are} fixed {price, which means|cost, which means|price, meaning} that {customers will harvest|the customers will get|clients will reap} {more benefits from the sun|greater benefits of the sun|higher benefits out of solar energy}{ and|, and will} {save more money|reduce their expenses|make more savings} {in the long run|over the long term}.

Solar {leasing and solar PPAs|PPAs and solar leasing} are {both contracts in which|two contracts where|both contracts under which} the {consumer does not own|customer does not own|purchaser does not hold} the panels. {However, each building|But, every building|However, every property} owner {must examine the specifics|should be aware of the particulars|needs to look at the details} of {prices, dependability|costs, reliability|the prices, reliability}{,|} {and cost savings|as well as cost reductions|in addition to cost-savings}.

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Typical Terms of a Solar Lease

It is {important to understand|essential to know|crucial to be aware of} the {terms|conditions} {of a solar lease|that a lease on solar has|for a solar lease}{ in|} order to {decide|determine} {if it is right|whether it’s the right option|whether it’s right} for you. [xfield_company] can offer {a variety of|various|different} lease terms {depending|based|that are based} on your {individual|specific|particular} {needs|requirements}. {Solar leases typically|Leases for solar typically|Solar leases usually} {last|run} between 20 {and|to} 25 years. Solar panels {generate|produce|produce energy} and last {an average of|for an average of|on average} 25-30 years{ so customers can|, so that customers are able to|. This means that the customers are able to} {use them to their full|make use of them to the maximum|utilize them to their maximum} potential.

There {will be different|are a variety of|will be a variety of} options {for advanced services offered|for advanced services provided|of advanced services offered} by {different solar leasing companies|various solar leasing companies|various solar leasing firms}{, such as| including| like} monitoring, {payment|payments}{, and observation via| and monitoring via| and monitoring through} {mobile and web|mobile and web-based|websites and mobile} {apps|applications}. {These digital services include|Digital services are available|These digital services comprise} {online portals that allow|online portals that permit|websites that allow} customers to {review their contract|look over their contracts|view their contract}{, pay monthly fees and|, pay monthly fees , and| as well as pay monthly charges and} {track|monitor|keep track of} {usage|the usage}. Solar customers, {like|as with|just like} {the rest of|those in|other customers in} the {utility sector will|utility industry, can|utilities sector, will} be {assured|sure|confident} {that|they will receive the best service.|of the fact that} [xfield_company] offers better {service and customized solutions|services and solutions that are tailored to your needs|services and customized solutions}.

Customers {should be informed|must be aware|are advised} that{, due to growing| due to rising|, because of rising} {electricity prices|costs of electricity|electric prices}{, solar leases often| solar leases typically| solar leases usually} {require an annual payment escalation|require an annual escalation of payments|have an annual escalation in the amount} of {One to|between 1 and|1 to} 5 {percentage points|percent} per month. The {contract’s terms are unambiguous|terms of the contract are clear|contract’s terms are clear} and {should not be viewed|shouldn’t be taken|should not be taken} as {a surprise|an unwelcome surprise|unexpected}.

Ending Your Solar Lease

{Leasing solar panels can be|Solar panels that are leased can be|leasing solar panels is} {a good option for customers|an ideal option for those|an excellent option for those} who are moving{ or need|, or require| house or who need} to {terminate|end} their lease. The {best part about|greatest benefit of|most appealing aspect of} {solar leasing is|leases on solar panels is the fact|leasing solar is} that {they offer|it gives|they provide} the {possibility to either transfer|option of either transferring|option to transfer} {the lease to new owners|your lease on to new owner|leasing to new proprietors}{ or to| or|, or} {have the panels removed|remove the panels|get the panels removed}.

Even if you {don’t break|don’t damage|do not break} {your|the} lease solar panels {in a hurry|quickly}{, it will end eventually| the lease will eventually end| and it’s not going to end anytime soon}. Customers {can choose to renew|have the option of renewing|can decide to renew} their lease or {terminate|cancel|end} the {contract|agreement}. [xfield_company] will remove and {dismount the panels in|demount the panels in|dismount the panels at} the second {instance|time|scenario}.

Customers {can|may} {also purchase|buy|opt to purchase} solar panels {at a reduced|for a lower|at a discounted} {rate, which is often|cost, usually|price, as} {outlined in the original|stated in the|specified in the} lease {agreement|contract}.

Is a solar lease right for you?

{It is a personal decision|It’s a personal choice|It’s your personal decision} {that will determine|which will determine|that determines} {whether you lease,|the decision to lease or|which option you choose to take: lease solar panels,} {buy|purchase} solar panels, {participate in|join|take part in} {a|an|the} PPA{, or| or simply| or just} {ignore|choose to ignore|avoid} solar. Here are {some|the} {pros and cons to consider|pros and cons to take into consideration|advantages and disadvantages to be aware of} {when considering solar leasing|when you are considering leasing solar panels|in the event of deciding to lease solar}:

Solar Leasing{: The Pros| The Benefits| The Advantages}

There are {many benefits|numerous benefits|many advantages} {to solar leasing, including|of solar leasing, among|for solar leasing, such as} {these|the following}:

  • There is no {need|reason} to {spend a lot|pay a large amount|invest a lot of money} {upfront for solar panel installation|in the beginning for solar panel installation|upfront to install solar panels}
  • {When the market is volatile|If the market is unstable|In times of volatility in the market}{, lock in energy prices| ensure that you lock in energy prices| make sure you lock in the energy price} {for the long-term|in the long-term|to last for a long time}
  • {Avoid the hassle of|Do not stress about|Eliminate the stress of} {monitoring|managing|keeping track of} and {maintaining|keeping track of} equipment
  • Save {significant money on your|money on your|money on} utility {bills|bills.|bill}
  • {Reduction of household carbon footprint|Reduced carbon footprint of households|The reduction of carbon footprints of homes}
  • Solar leases {offer|provide|come with} {power production guarantees|energy production assurances|guarantee of power production}. This means that {payments may|the payments can|payments could} {be reduced|reduce|decrease} if the {panel|solar panel|system} {produces less than expected|produces less power than is expected|generates less power than what is expected}.

{Solar|The Solar|Leasing: The Cons of Solar} Leasing: The {Cons|Pros}

{Although solar leasing may|While solar leasing might} not be {for everyone|suitable for everyone|the best option for all}{, there are some| There are| However, there are} {risks and concerns associated|dangers and concerns that come|issues and risks that are associated} {with these contracts|with these agreements|with these contracts}.

  • The {leasing price rises each|cost of leasing increases each|price of leasing rises every} year{ as utility rates rise|, as utility costs rise| as utility prices rise}{, which could lead to| and this could result in| and could result in} {lower expected cost savings|lower savings on costs|less savings in the future}.
  • {You are not eligible for|You’re not eligible for|You’re not eligible to receive} {the federal solar tax credit|Federal solar tax credits|an federal tax incentive for solar} (ITC){, or| or any| or} other {local benefits|benefits in your area|benefits for local residents} {because you don’t have|since you don’t have|due to the fact that you don’t own} solar panels.
  • {While there is no|Although there is no|There isn’t any} upfront cost{, the system will likely| it is likely that the system will| however, the system is likely to} last {for a longer time|longer} {than if you purchased|than if you bought|as compared to purchasing} the panels {directly|on your own|in the first place}.
  • {Because they are|Since they’re|Because they’re} {not part of your|in no way part of the|non-part of your} {property|home|own property}{, leased solar panels| Solar panels leased from a leasing company| the solar panels you lease} {won’t add any value to|will not add value to|don’t have any value} {it like the panels|them like the ones|it , just like the panels} you own.
  • If {you want to move|you are looking to move|you’re looking to relocate}{, breaking your lease can| the lease you have signed can| to another location, breaking your lease could} be {difficult|a challenge|challenging}.

Leasing solar panels vs. buying solar panels

{Leasing|leasing|The leasing of} solar panels was {an easier|a more convenient|a much easier} {option than|alternative to|alternative than} {leasing in the past|renting in the past|lease in past times}. The {cost|price} {of solar panels has|for solar panel systems has|of solar panels have} {dropped|decreased|slowed} {in the last decade|over the past decade|in the last 10 years}{, making it| which makes it| and it is now} {more affordable and financially viable|feasible and affordable|much more affordable and financially feasible} {to own|for you to purchase|the option to build} your own {system|solar system|solar panel}.

Solar leasing {is different|is distinct|differs} {from buying|from purchasing|than purchasing} solar panels. The difference {lies|is} in {ownership|the ownership}. You {own a solar panel system|have a solar panel system|own a solar panel} {if you purchase it|when you purchase it|in the event that you purchase}. {This means that you will|This means you’ll|That means that you’ll} be {responsible|accountable|the one responsible} for its {operation and maintenance|maintenance and operation}.

{However, if|If} you lease a {panel from|solar panel from|solar panel through} [xfield_company], a {solar company, you are|solar-based company, you will be|solar company, you become} {the owner of the|responsible for the|in charge of your} {system and will be|system and are|panel and will be} {responsible|accountable} for its {maintenance and operation|operation and maintenance|maintenance and operating} {costs|expenses}.

If {you are looking for|you’re looking for|you’re seeking} the {greatest financial returns|highest financial return|most financial benefits}{, buying| purchasing} {a solar panel will be|solar panels is|solar panels will be} the {best choice|most beneficial option|best option}. {These benefits|The benefits|Benefits} include lower {state taxes|taxes on state income|taxes for state residents}{, investment credits,| as well as investment credits,| and investment credits, as well as} {rebates from the|incentives from|tax rebates by the federal} government (sometimes {as high as 30|up to 30|up to 30}{%| percent}){, and| as well as| and} solar {renewable energy credits|credits for renewable energy}. {In addition|Additionally|Furthermore}{, solar panels can increase| solar panels can boost| solar panels could increase} the {property’s market value|value of a property’s market value|value of the property}.

{While solar leasing can|Although solar leasing may|While solar leasing could} {prove profitable for the life|be profitable over the duration|yield a profit for the duration} of the {contract, customers|lease, those|contract, the customers} who {are able to purchase|can purchase|have the option of purchasing} {the systems will reap the|solar systems will enjoy the|the systems will reap} {financial benefits|economic benefits|financial rewards}.

If {you want to use|you are looking to utilize|you’re looking to make use of} the {electricity generated by the|power generated by|electricity produced by} solar panels {as an energy source|to generate energy|as a source of energy}{, then solar| solar| Solar} leasing is the {best choice|most suitable option|right option}. {You don’t own the panels|The panels aren’t yours to own|The panels don’t belong to you}{, and you aren’t| and aren’t| and you’re not} {eligible for any|qualified for|in the position to receive any} tax {benefits, but|advantages, however|benefits, however,} you {can still reap|still get|will still enjoy} the {financial benefits of solar energy|economic benefits of solar energy|financial benefits of solar power}{, despite the high| regardless of the steep| despite the high} {installation cost and the ever-present|cost of installation and the constant|costs of installation and the ever-present} {risk that you will need|possibility of having|chance that you’ll need} to {repair damage|fix any damage|repair any damage}.

If {you don’t have|you do not have|you’re not able to afford} {the cash to buy|enough money to purchase|the money to buy} solar panels {upfront|in the beginning|from scratch}{, there are many| There are a variety of| there are numerous} financing options {available from|offered by|from} one of the {top|most reputable|leading} solar {companies|firms}, [xfield_company]. This is {an alternative|a viable alternative|a different option} to {solar leasing|leasing solar panels}.

{Solar installer financing|Financing for solar installers}: [xfield_company] solar installers {work|collaborate|partner} with lenders to {offer lower-interest|provide lower-interest|offer low-interest} solar financing.

A PACE loan{: is| is|} {often referred to as|commonly referred to as|frequently referred to} {an R-PACE loan|the R-PACE Loan|an R-PACE mortgage}. {Residential|The residential|A residential} Housing Renewable Energy Financing is {a low-cost, long-term option|an affordable, long-term solution|an affordable and long-term choice} {for financing|to finance|to fund} {your solar investment|the solar panel investment|an investment in solar panels}. This {sort of loan ties|type of loan is tied to|kind of loan connects} {your property|the property|your property’s} {tax bill to the|taxes to|tax bills to the} {cost|price|expense} of solar panels {via|through|by} {a tax assessment|an assessment of tax|the tax assessment}.

{Standard bank loan for solar loans: These loans|The standard bank loans for solar loan: They|A standard loan from a bank for solar-related loans} {can|may} be {obtained through credit unions or|taken out through credit unions or|obtained through credit unions and} banks. {You can also choose|You may also opt|It is also possible} to {finance your loan through|fund your loan using|pay for your loan with} {your monthly utility bill|the cost of your utility bills|an installment of the monthly bill for your utilities}. This {option allows|allows|will allow} you to {put a portion|apply a percentage|use a portion} of your {utility savings towards|savings on utility bills towards|utility savings toward} {your loan payment|the loan’s payment|the loan’s installment}.

Other key things to know about solar leases

{Solar leases, like|Like|Solar leases, as with} {any other solar financing option|other financing options for solar} {can be complicated|aren’t without complexities|can be a bit nebulous}. We’ve {collected some common|compiled a list of frequently asked|put together a list of common} {questions to help you understand|questions to help you better understand|queries to help you comprehend} {how your money is being|the way your money is|how your cash is} {used|utilized|employed}.

{A solar lease can|Solar leases can|A solar lease could} {save you money|help you save money.}

{A solar lease can|A solar lease could|Solar leases can} {help you save between 10-30|allow you to save 10-30|assist you in saving between 10 and 30} percent {on your electricity|off your electric|off your energy} {bills over the life|costs over the duration|bills for the duration} of the {contract|agreement|lease}. The {cost|price} of {a solar lease will depend|solar leases will be contingent|solar leases will vary based} on {where you live,|the location you reside in,|where you live} and {what incentives are available|the incentives available|the kind of incentives that are offered} {to third-party owners|for third party owners|in the case of third-party owner}.

You {can take advantage of|are able to benefit from|may benefit from} net metering {if you live|when you live|if you reside} in a {state with|place that has|location that supports} it. {This allows you to|It allows you to|This lets you} pay {only the difference between|for only the difference between|only the difference in} what you {use|consume|get} {from the grid|on the grid|to power your system} and {what your system produces|the output of your system|what your system generates}. Other incentives{ such as|, such as| like} {the federal tax credit|Federal tax credits|those offered by the Federal Tax Credit} (ITC){,|} {or solar renewable|as well as the solar renewable|and solar} energy {certificate|certificates} (SRECs) {will be|are} {paid directly|directly paid} to the {system owner|owner of the system|system’s owner}.

{Side note|Note|A note of caution}{: If you decide| It is important to note that if you choose| In the event that you choose} to {buy your solar system|purchase your solar system|purchase your solar panel}{, instead of leasing it| instead of leasing it,| instead of leasing it} {you will be eligible for|you’ll be eligible for|you’ll be eligible to receive} all{ the|| of the} incentives. {You’ll see an average savings|The savings you can expect are|There will be an average savings} {of between $10,000 to|between $10,000 and|of anywhere from $10,000 to} $30,000{ by owning| when you own|. If you own} your {solar system over|solar system for|own solar system over} the next {25-years|25 years}.

{Will you be able to|Are you able to|Can you} {choose your solar system|select your solar system|pick your solar panel}?

{Third party owners of your|The third party owners of your|The owners of the third party} system {have the right to|are entitled to|can} {decide who will|determine who should|choose who will} {install it|put it up|place it} {on your roof|in your home|onto your roofing}. The {third party owner of|owner of the third party who owns|owner of the system who is a third party} the system {will decide on|is responsible for deciding on|will determine} the {brand and size|type and size|design and brand} of the panels{,|} {as well as|and also|and} {where they are to|the location they will|the place they’ll} be {placed|installed}. We {strongly suggest|recommend|strongly recommend} {that you carefully review|that you read|to carefully read} and {approve the system design|accept the design of the system|approve of the design} {before signing any paperwork|before you sign any documents|prior to signing any forms}. {You should ensure|It is important to ensure|Make sure} that your {monthly electricity consumption|monthly consumption of electricity|electricity usage for the month} {is not|isn’t} {exceeded by any home improvements|overrun by any home improvement|exceeding the amount you would pay for any home improvements}. {You’ll end up paying|It is possible to pay|You’ll pay} more {for electricity than you|electricity than you|for electricity than what you} {use|consume|need}. {Before you sign a contract|When you are signing a lease|Prior to signing any contract}{,|} {it is important to understand|it’s important to know|it’s crucial to be aware of} the {appearance and|design and|look and the} {location|whereabouts|position} of {your|the} solar array.

{What happens if you|How do you proceed if|If you} {want|decide|wish} to sell your {home|house}?

This is {an important factor|a crucial aspect|a significant aspect} to {consider before you sign|take into consideration before signing|think about before signing} {a lease agreement for|an agreement to lease} solar. {You will see|There will be|It is possible to see} an increase in {the value|the worth|value} of your {home|house} by {three to four|3 to 4} percent if you {have|own} your own solar {system|panel}. {It will also make|This will also make|It also makes} your {home more appealing|property more attractive|house more appealing} to {potential|prospective} buyers. Solar leases {may|can|could} {have the opposite effect|result in the opposite|be detrimental to your home}. You {can either|could decide to|may decide to either} sell your {home|house} {or transfer the lease|and transfer your lease over|or give the lease away} to {new owners if|new owners should|a new owner if} you {decide to end|choose to terminate|decide to break} {the|your|this} solar lease. {Some homebuyers may not want|Certain home buyers may not wish|There are some home buyers who may not want} to {take over|assume} {your|the} lease. This {can make it very|could make it extremely|can make it} {difficult to sell|challenging to market|complicated to offer} your {home|house}.

[xfield_company] is the best way to start your solar journey.

{A solar lease is|Solar leases are|The solar lease can be} {a great|an excellent|a good} {option if you want|option for those who want|alternative if you wish} to {keep|maintain|stay in} your {home for the next|house for the next|home for} 20-25 years{, and lower| and reduce|, while also reducing} {your electricity bills with minimal|your electric bills with little|the cost of electricity with little} {hassle|effort}. If {you are looking|you’re looking|you’re planning} to sell your {home|house} {in the near future|within the next few years|soon}{ and|, and} {get the best savings|receive the most savings|make the most money}{, a cash purchase| cash purchase| cash-purchase} {or loan is|(or loan) is|or loan may be} the {better|best|ideal} {option|alternative}. You can {get|receive} up to seven {customized|personalized|custom} {quotes from pre-vetted solar installers|estimates from solar installers who have been vetted|estimates from verified solar installers} {if you are ready|when you’re ready|If you’re looking} to {begin|start|embark on} your {solar journey|journey to solar|journey towards solar}. To {maximize your solar savings|get the most savings from solar|maximize the savings you can get from solar}{, contact| make contact with| call} [xfield_company] and get {a free quote|an estimate for free|no-cost quotes} from a top {provider|solar provider|supplier} {for your home|to cover your house|of solar panels for the home you live in}.



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