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Solar Panel and Charger

Solar Panel and Charger

{A|An|The} USB solar {charger is a|power source is|charger is} {small|tiny} {power source that generates|power source that produces|battery that provides} {power for your phone and|electricity for your smartphone and|energy for your phone as well as} other {small electronics|electronic devices|small electronic devices}. It {can also be used|is also a great way} to {charge a power bank or|recharge a power bank or|charge a power bank , or} {save|conserve|to conserve} energy.

We spent{ over| more than|} 60 hours {testing|evaluating|trying out} 12 models {and came|before coming} {to the conclusion that|at the same conclusion:|with the opinion that} {a|the} Match USB Solar Charger is the most {dependable portable|reliable portable|reliable} solar charger. It {can charge your devices|is able to charge your devices|will charge your gadgets} and {keep them connected|ensure they are connected|also keep them charged} {in an emergency or when|in the event of an emergency or|during an emergency, or when} {there is|there’s} no {power|electricity}.

We {found|discovered} {the|that the|BigBlue’s} BigBlue USB Solar Charger to be the {most powerful|most efficient|strongest} and {best portable solar charger|the best solar charger for portable use|most portable solar charger} {we|we’ve} {tested|test|tried}. It also {has|comes with} {three output ports|3 output outlets|three outlets} (as {opposed to two|as opposed to the two ports|opposed to the two that are} on {some|other} chargers){,| and| as well as} {a weatherproof port rescuer,|an weatherproof port rescuer|the weatherproof port rescuer} {and a large, softer|and a wide, soft|as well as a vast, soft} {array of images to record|range of pictures to capture|variety of photos to capture} {each ray of sunlight|every ray of sunlight|every sun ray}.

{The BigBlue’s power output is|Its output of power is|This model’s energy output may be} {comparable to other models,|similar to other models,|comparable to other models} {but it is|however, it’s|but it’s much} {smaller and lighter than most|lighter and smaller than} other {options|models}. This makes it {easier|easy|simpler} to {fit in|pack into|carry in} {a backpack, daypack,|the backpack, daypack|bags, daypacks,} or {emergency|an emergency|even an emergency} kit.

We also {like|recommend} {the|our|also the} X-Dragon SunPower Solar Charger 20W {if|in the event that|If} the BigBlue {is not available|isn’t available|is not in stock}. {It was second|It came in second place|It’s second} to our top {pick|choice} in {terms of power output throughout|regards to power output throughout|terms of power output during} the {day|daytime}. {And it did a little|It also performed a bit|It did} better {when the sun was peeking|as the sun began to peek out|when the sun started peeking out} {at midday|into the midday sun|in the middle of the day}.

{Although this model will be|While it will be|While this model is capable of} charging multiple devices {as fast|at the same time|in the same manner} as our top {pick,|choice,|choice} the X-Dragon {does not have the|isn’t equipped with the|doesn’t come with} {handy extras, such as|useful extras like|convenient extras, like} the {additional charging port|charging port that is an additional feature|extra charging port} {or the port protector|as well as the protector for ports|and the protective port}{ that make| that makes|, which makes} the BigBlue {stand apart|different from the BigBlue|distinguish itself}.

Solar Charger

If {you are planning on|you’re planning on|you’re thinking of} {taking a long camping trip|going on a camping trip for a long time|making a long-distance camping trip}{, or| or are| or} {traveling to an area without|going to an area that isn’t equipped with|travelling to an area with no} {reliable power, you can|reliable power,|electricity, you could} {use|make use of|utilize} {a|the|an} USB {solar charger|solar power source|solar-powered charger}. {These chargers are also|These chargers are|They are} {great for keeping|ideal for keeping|useful to keep} {in your emergency kit|inside your kit for emergencies|on hand in the emergency bag}. In {these circumstances|such a situation|this situation}{, the best| the most efficient| the top} solar chargers {can start charging|are able to charge|can begin charging} {a phone as large as|phones as big as|the phone of} {an|the|one as large as an} iPhone X. A {few hours of sunlight|couple of hours of sunshine|few hours of sunshine} is {all that is required|enough|all it takes} {to recharge the battery|to charge the battery|for the battery to be recharged}. {A|An|The} USB charging station {may|might} not be the {best option|most suitable option|ideal choice} {in all circumstances|under all conditions|in every situation}. {Instead, you might|You could instead|It is better to} {consider|think about|look into} {a|the use of a|using a} USB {power bank, USB-C laptops|portable powerbank, USB-C notebooks|Power Bank, USB-C Laptops}{ or|, or} AC-powered laptops. {These power banks are small|These power banks are compact|They are small} enough to fit {in|inside|into} {a paperback book and don’t|the size of a book in paperback and do not|books that are paperbacks and don’t} {depend on the weather|depend on weather conditions|be dependent on the weather}.

{However|But}{, a battery pack or| batteries or a| the battery pack or} solar charger {will only work|can only be used|is only compatible} {with|only with} USB {or|and|as well as} USBC devices. This {limits the appeal of|makes it less appealing for|restricts the use of} these {options for those|devices for people|solutions for people} who {need power to go|require power to go|want to be} {off-grid for long|off grid for extended|off grid for prolonged} {periods|durations|time}. {You’ll be using larger equipment|It’s likely to be using bigger equipment|The equipment you’ll use will be larger} or stationary charging{,| devices,| devices} {such as laptops and televisions|like televisions and laptops|like laptops and TVs}. {We also have a guide|We also have a list|Also, we have a guide} {on the best|to the top|of the best} portable power {stations|sources}.

{How to choose|What is the best way to select|How do you choose} {your Solar Panel Charger|the right solar panel charger|the Solar Panel Charger you want to use}?

We {started by selecting|began by selecting|began by selecting only} the {best-selling and most highly|top-rated and highly|most popular and well} {reviewed listings|reviewed products|evaluated listings} on Amazon{, as well as| and also| along with} {recommendations from review sites|suggestions from review sites|reviews from review websites} {and sites that focus|and websites that concentrate|as well as sites that focus} on {tech and outdoor gear|outdoor and tech gear|outdoor and technology}. We didn’t {consider|take|view} {bad|poor|negative} {overall ratings or low|overall scores or low|general ratings or} scores as {a dealbreaker|a reason to reject a product|an issue}{, but we did remove| however, we did eliminate| However, we removed} {any models that had|those with|all models with} {a pattern or high number|an unusual pattern or a high percentage|patterns or a large number} of {negative reviews|reviews that were negative}. {These included those that mentioned|This included models that had|They included models with} {problems like inconsistent or slow|issues like slow or inconsistent|issues such as slow or inconsistent} performance, {warping, bowing|bowing, warping}{, power-related problems, and| or power-related issues, among| as well as power-related issues and} other {defects|issues|flaws}. These {key features were considered|essential features were analyzed|important features were taken into consideration} {before we sent|prior to sending|before sending} {any model in for testing|models to be tested|any model to test}:

{Charging and power output|Power output and charging}

{Because you might|Since you may|Because you may} not be able {to charge one|to charge a single|charge more than one} phone at a {time with|time using|given time using} {a|the|an} USB solar charger {rated at|that is rated at|with} {less than 10 watts|under 10W|lower than 10 watts}{, we only|, we|. We only} {considered models that were|looked at models with|examined models with} at {least|or near|or above} 10 {watts|Watts}. We {preferred models with|preferred chargers with|favored models that had} {more power but|greater power, but we|more power , but} {didn’t want the charger|did not want the charger|wanted the charger not} to {be too heavy|weigh too much|be heavy}.

We {eschew chargers with only|avoided chargers that have only|did not like chargers that only have} {one|just one|the one} USB {charging|charger|charge} port. {Two output ports were|The two output ports are|2 output ports have been} {preferred|favored|the most preferred} by us{, which allows|, which allow|. This allows} {you to charge another|the charging of another|users to charge an additional} device{ or share the| or share|, or share the} {power with others|power with other devices|energy with others}. {Extra ports are a plus|Additional ports are an advantage|The extra ports are great}. Each port {must|needs to|should} draw at {least one|least 1|minimum one} amp {to fully charge an|in order to charge the|for a full charge of an} iPhone X in just three to four hours.

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The ideal portable {chargers should|chargers must|charger should} be {small enough to|compact enough to|small enough that it can} fold {out solar panels|solar panels in half|away solar panels} and {store|put them|then store them} in {a|the} daypack. It {shouldn’t weigh more|should not weigh more|isn’t heavier} than {an|the weight of an} iPad. {We also found that more|Also, we found that a larger|We also discovered that having more} {surface area was|surface area is|areas of surface were} {better at capturing the|more effective at capturing|better at capturing} sun’s {elusive rays on|mysterious rays during|obscure rays on} {cloudy days, so|daytime clouds, so|sunny days, which is why} we {excluded|removed|chose} models {with|that had} {less than two panels|smaller than 2 panels|more than two screens}. {We have previously seen|We’ve seen|We’ve previously had} {poor results with|bad results from|disappointing results using} {small brick-style models that include|smaller brick-style models with|tiny brick-style models, which have} {a built in battery|an integrated battery|batteries built-in}. We {didn’t want a solar|wanted a solar|did not want a solar-powered} charger to {be too heavy|weigh too much} for {backpackers and hike-in campers|hikers and backpackers|hikers or backpackers}. We {didn’t weigh anything|did not weigh|didn’t weigh} {more than a pound in|greater than a pound on|over a pound in} {each model|every model|the models} we {tested|tried|evaluated}.

{Reliability and warranty|Warranty and reliability|Warranty and Reliability}

We {reviewed the company websites|scoured the websites of the company|looked over the website of the company} and {reached out to|contacted|then contacted} customer {service to confirm|service to verify|support to verify} that {each model was manufactured|the model we reviewed was made|each model was produced} and {distributed by a trusted|distributed by a reputable|sold by a reputable} brand. They were also {available for purchase,|readily available for purchase, and|offered for sale, which is} likely to {sell quickly,|be sold quickly,|sell quickly} and covered {under warranty for|by warranty for|by a warranty of} {at most one year|up to one year|the duration of at least one year}.


We also {considered any extra|looked at any additional|considered other} {features that a charger might|attributes that a charger could|characteristics that a charger may} {have|include|come with}. {A solar charger can|Solar chargers can|The solar charger could} be made {easier|more user-friendly|simpler} {by a magnetic closure and|with a magnetic closure as well as|by using a magnetic closure, as well as} {a built-in kickstand, provided|an integrated kickstand, provided|the built-in kickstand, if} {it is capable of producing|it’s capable of producing|it’s capable of generating} {power and charging up to|electricity and charging up to|energy and charging up} three devices.

The majority of {chargers|the chargers|the chargers that} we tested {had|came with|included} {a USB-to Micro-USB cable|USB-to-Micro-USB cables|the USB-to-Micro USB cable}. However{, some| certain| some} chargers (like Anker’s {3-foot|3 foot} cable){, felt longer| were more durable| seemed to be longer} {or more durable|and more robust|as well as more sturdy} than {others|other}. {Many chargers included|A lot of chargers came with|Some chargers had} carabiners. {Although the carabiners were not|While the carabiners weren’t|Although they weren’t} {large and bulky, we|big and bulky, we|heavy and bulky, they} {liked the ability to hang|loved the possibility of hanging|enjoyed the option of hanging} them from {backpacks or tents|tents or backpacks|tents and backpacks}.


The solar chargers {priced over|that cost more than|costing more than} $100 {don’t have any significant|do not have significant|don’t offer any major} advantages over {the sub-$100 models|models priced under $100|those priced below $100}{, or they are| or are| or they’re} too {heavy and bulky|bulky and heavy} for {casual campers or|the casual camper or|casual campers and} emergency kits. {At the other end,|On the other hand,|On the other hand} solar chargers {that are cheap|that are priced low|priced at a low price} {generally don’t|typically don’t|generally do not} {have enough power or can|provide enough power or|have enough power or} {charge quickly enough to be|recharge quickly enough to be|charge fast enough to make them} {worthwhile|worth the cost|useful}.

{We have had to deal|We’ve had to contend|We’ve had to deal} with chargers that {are too|were too|are either too} {weak or that don’t|fragile or don’t|weak or do not} charge {fast enough|quickly enough|at a sufficient speed}. We {were left with|ended up with|had} four chargers that {met|meet|satisfied} our {criteria for maximum|requirements for the highest|requirements for maximum} output, {size, weight|weight, size}{, availability, nice-to-have| as well as availability, quality| accessibility,} and {price|cost}. The {previous top pick|top choice|first top choice}{,| was| is} the Anker {fast charging support|quick charging feature|rapid charging support} PowerPort solar {lite, was pitted|light, was compared|lightweight, was tested} {against three other chargers|with three chargers|against other three charging options}.

  • Solar Charger with {28W USB Ports|USB Ports that can hold 28W.} BigBlue
  • {Solar charger Eceen ECC-626|The solar charger ECC-626 from Eceen|Electric solar charger Eceen ECC-626} 13W
  • SunPower {20W X-Dragon solar charger|20W solar power charger X Dragon|20WXDragon Solar Charger}

{What|Which} Solar Panels and Charger {we|have we|did we} {tested|test|have tested}?

{The most promising models were|Some of the most reliable models have been|Most promising designs were} {tested|evaluated} in {[region]|the [region]|the region} during a {humid July week|hot, humid week in July|summer heat wave}. {You’ll be able to get|It is possible to obtain|You’ll get} {more power if you travel|greater power when you travel|more power if you go} {nearer the equator,|closer to the equator|closer to the equator,} or {under clearer skies|in clearer weather|with clearer skies}. {We have tested chargers in|We’ve tested chargers under|We’ve tested chargers in} {ideal conditions before, in|perfect conditions before, but in a|optimal conditions previously, and in} {sunny [region]|the sun-filled region|sunshine regions}. {This time, we|We} wanted to {compare the results|see how they perform|evaluate the results} for {urban dwellers further|those who live in cities further|urban dwellers farther} north. To {ensure that each charger|make sure that all chargers|ensure that every charger} {performed|worked|was operating} {in the same weather conditions|under the same conditions,|in the same weather conditions,} we {conducted head-to-head|ran head-to-head|conducted head-to head} tests. We {measured the maximum|measured the|assessed the maximum} power output{ as well as| and|, as well as the} {total power produced by|power output of|total power generated by} {each charger throughout|each charger during the course of|every charger throughout} the day. {Additionally, we|We also|In addition, we} {determined how consistent power production|assessed how constant power output|examined how steady power output} was {when|even when} the charger {was confronted with|was battling|had to contend with} {passing|moving} clouds.

{Maximum output/fastest charging|Fastest charging and maximum output}{: The panels were placed| The panels were installed| The panels were erected} {just before|shortly before|at} noon. This is {the time when|when|the time of day when} the {sun reaches the|sun is at its|sun’s rays reach the} {highest point|highest elevation|most high point} {in the sky|on the earth|within the night sky}. {a weatherproof port rescuer,|A weatherproof port rescuer} {and a large, softer|and a vast, soft|as well as a wide, soft} {array of images to record|variety of photos to capture|range of images that record} {each ray of sunlight|every ray of sunshine|each sun’s ray}.

{We then|Then, we|We} {connected each panel|hooked up each of the panels|linked each one} to {a|the|an} PortaPow 3-20V{, a double Standard| and a double| Double Standard} Usb Sensor{ and|, and a} load {tester to see|testers to determine|tester to measure} {how much electricity|the amount of electricity|how much power} they could {generate during|produce during|generate at} the hottest {time|part|times} {of the day|of the day}.

{Total power|Power total}{: All candidates were also| The candidates were| all candidates were} {set up for four hours|placed in a four-hour period} {in the middle of each|during the middle of every|in the middle of the} day to {charge|recharge} {their|the|each of their} Anker PowerCore 20100 batteries. The {cumulative power produced|power generated|cumulative power output} was {monitored using|measured using|measured with} {a|the|an} PortaPow power {monitoring device attached|monitoring device that was attached|monitor that was connected} {to each power bank|on each battery|the power banks}{ and| as well as a|, as well as a} solar charger.

To {double-check|ensure|confirm} {that the results were correct|to ensure that the results were accurate|whether the results were true}{, we used| We used| to ensure that the results were correct, we tested} {four|the four|to confirm the results, we used four} Drok load testers{ and drained| and then drained|, and then depleted} each battery {using|with} {the|an|our} PortaPow {power monitor|Power Monitor|energy monitor}. {These numbers allowed us to|These numbers let us|The numbers we obtained allowed us to} {see|determine|know} {how much a tablet or|the amount a tablet or|how much a tablet and} phone {would charge|could be charged|would cost} {if left unattended|when left in a dark room|when left alone} {for|at} the {same time|same period of time|duration of}.

Consistent power: {We tested|We checked|we tested} {each solar charger’s ability|the ability of each solar charger|the capacity of each solar charger} to {return to|regain|restore} full power {when it was|even when|after being} {shaded, imitating|shaded, emulating|shadowed, mimicking}{, for example,| the effects of| such scenarios as} {a passing cloud overhead|the passing of a cloud over|an overhead cloud moving}. We {used the same setup|tested the same setup|utilized the same set-up} and {waited|waiting|we waited} {for the power meters to|until the meters|for power meters to} {reach|hit} at {least a few Watts before|minimum a couple of Watts before|the minimum of a few Watts prior to} {closing the chargers|shutting the chargers|taking the chargers off}. {We opened the chargers again|The chargers were opened again|We then opened the chargers} {once they|when they had|after they had} {reached|were at|have reached} zero.

{Then we waited for their|We waited for|Then , we waited for their} full power to {come back|come|turn} on. {This test was passed by|The test was successful for|The test was passed by} all models. {However, in previous|In previous|However, in the past} tests, {some|certain} solar chargers, {especially|particularly} {the most expensive ones|those with the highest price|the ones with the highest cost}{, couldn’t| could not| were unable to} bounce back. {That is a major problem|This is a huge issue|This is a big issue} for us. {You’d be disappointed|It would be a shame|You’d be very disappointed} {if your phone and|when your cell phone and|in the event that your phone or} solar charger {were left out|were left on the table|was left outside} {for an entire afternoon|for a whole afternoon in order|all afternoon long} to {soak up some|savor the|get some} {juice while you go hiking|energy while hiking|juice while you hike}.

We {compared each model’s size|evaluated each model’s size|compared the size of each model}{, fit, and quality| as well as its fit and quality| the fit, quality, and size} in {person|the real world}. To {accurately weigh each model|determine the exact weight of each model|ensure that each model was weighed accurately}{, we measured its dimensions| we measured its measurements| We measured its dimensions} {as|when|after} {they were folded and|the models were folded before being|it was folded, then} {unfolded|then unfolded|folded}. Solar chargers {are usually made|typically consist|usually consist} {up of two to|from two to|comprised of two or} four panels {attached|that are attached|joined} to a {woven nylon|nylon|nylon-woven} backing.

Wires are {hidden in the|concealed in|hidden within} layers of nylon{,|} and the {charging component|charging element|charger} is {kept|stored|hidden} {in a pocket at|in a pouch at|inside a pocket on} the end. {Most solar chargers have|The majority of solar chargers come with|Most solar chargers feature} {a|an|the} Velcro {closure or magnet closure|closing or magnetic closure|closure , or magnet}. They {are usually designed with|usually have|typically have} {riveted loops or holes around|holes or loops that are riveted around|riveted loops or holes along} the edges{ to allow|, allowing| that allow} {you|the user|users} {to hang the charger from|to attach the charging device|hanging the device from} {a|your} {backpack or tent|bag or inside a tent|camping tent or backpack}.

The {quality of the nylon|nylon’s quality|nylon’s performance} and stitching was {similar|the same|comparable} {in all models that|across all models|in all the models} we {tested|examined|evaluated}. {The panels are weatherproof|They are also weather resistant|These panels can withstand weather,}{ so|, so| and} they {can be sewn in|are able to be stitched in|can be stitched on} the edges {with no additional|without any additional|without the need for a} cover. {Although the sizes and weights|While the weights and sizes|Although the weights and sizes} of the models {varied|were different|differed}{, once we had| when we got| after we had} all {the models in hand|of the models available|models on hand}{, it was clear| it was evident| it was apparent} that the {basic designs|designs of the base models} were {consistent enough to allow|similar enough to allow|the same enough for} us to {exclude any variations|eliminate any variation|avoid any variances} or {pick our favorite|select our preferred|choose our top pick}.

How {to get the best|do you get the most|can you get the most} {out of your solar|from your solar|possible value from your solar-powered} charger

{Solar power’s simplicity|The simplicity of solar power|Simple solar energy} is {one|among} of its {greatest|biggest|most valuable} assets. Solar panels {only require|require only|need only} {minimal|little|minimum} maintenance. {Most solar power|The majority of solar power|A majority of solar energy} {can be cleaned with|is cleaned using|can be cleaned using} {a damp|an aqueous|the help of a moist} cloth.

To {maximize your power output|get the most power from your panels|maximize the power output}{, angle the panels properly| to maximize your power output, angle the panels correctly| Make sure that the panels are angled correctly}. {The angle of the|Its angle|Your angle for the} {panel|panels} {with respect|relative|in relation} to the ground {should|must} be {roughly equivalent|approximately equal|similar} to {your latitude|the latitude you are in}. There {may be|could be|are} seasonal variations.

{The angle will be|It will also be|This angle is} {steeper|more steep} {if you are farther|when you are further away|in the case of being further} {from|than|in the direction of} the poles (and {summer|the summer}) {than you are|than|in comparison to}. {The average angle in|In|Average angles in} Winnipeg is {around|about|approximately} 41.1 degrees. {In|For|The same is true for Key West.} Key West, it’s around 22.1 degrees. Even {if the angle isn’t perfect|even if the angle isn’t ideal|when the angle isn’t perfectly}{, it can increase| it could boost| it will increase} {your power production significantly|the power output significantly|your power production substantially}. {[ xfield_company]|The xfield_company|The [xfield_company]} Calculator {can help you find|will help you determine|will assist you in finding} the {optimal|ideal|most optimal} angle. Before {you leave|leaving}{, take a picture| the building, snap a photo| your home, take a snapshot} of your {setup on|setup using|set-up on} your {smartphone, and then|phone, and|smartphoneand} {try|attempt} {to recreate it in the|at replicating it|replicate it out in the} {wild|wilderness}. {Pro tip: To|For|A tip for support: to} {support the panels,|help support the panels, you can|keep the panels in place, you should} {use|make use of|utilize} {a|an|the} hiking boot.

{The|BigBlue solar charger|Its} BigBlue solar charger {has|comes with|features} {a pocket at|an opening on|a pocket on} the top {flap that|of the flap that|flap which} can be {used to store your phone|utilized to store your phone|used to store your smartphone} while it {charges|is charging}. The black pocket {on|at} the {top flap can|flap’s top can|top flap could} be {used|utilized} to {store your phone in|keep your phone out of|place your phone away from} direct sunlight{ if it is| when it gets|, if it’s} {hot|too hot|extremely hot}. {It’s better to place|It is better to put|It’s best to put} your phone {underneath|under|on the bottom of} the panels, {in|inside|within} the triangular space {between the|between|that is between the} {ground and the prop|prop and the ground|floor and the prop,} or {shading|shade|cover} it {with something else to keep|by a shade to prevent|by something else to stop} {it from overheating|the phone from getting too hot|the device from becoming too hot}.



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