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{Solar power popularity|Popularity of solar power}

Where is solar {energy most|energy the most|power most} {used|utilized|employed}?

The United States is seeing solar power {grow|increase|expand} {exponentially as a renewable|rapidly as an renewable|dramatically as it is a sustainable}{,| and} {clean energy source|green energy source|renewable source of energy}. {The world has installed|There were|The world had installed} {260 GW solar power in|more than 260 GW of solar power by|the equivalent of 260 GW of solar power in} 2020. The {2021 numbers|numbers for 2021} {will be even better|will be higher|are expected to be even higher} (they {are still not|aren’t yet|are not yet} {available as of|accessible until|in the pipeline as of} {January|the beginning of January,|Jan.} 2022).

{The|In the|It is estimated that the} United States installed 113.5GW of solar {energy in|power in|energy by} 2021. 1GW of {this|that} was a {residential solar system|residential solar array|solar system for residential use}. {Despite the fact that|In spite of the fact|Even though} U.S. installations are increasing, China still dominates the {global stage|world stage|global scene}.

{Which countries have|What countries are home to|Which nations have} the {largest|highest|most} installed capacity {for|of} solar PV{ power|}?

China is the {leader|world’s leader|top performer} in {installed PV,|installed PVcapacity,|PV installed,} {with|and|while} {the|China, the|Japan and the} United States and Japan coming in {second and third|third and second place|third and fourth} {for installed solar electricity generating|in terms of installed solar electricity generation|for solar power generation installed} {capacity, respectively|capacity, respectively}.

Where can you {find|locate} solar energy {resources|sources}?

The sun’s radiation {produces|creates|generates} solar {radiation all around|energy throughout|radiation throughout} the {world|globe}. {However, some areas|But, certain regions|However, certain areas} are {better suited|more suitable} {for solar PV panels|to solar panels|with solar PV panel}.

It {makes sense|is logical|is sensible}{, for example,|| for instance,} to {use the sun’s power|harness the sun’s energy|make use of the sun’s power} {where it shines all|in areas where it is shining all|when it shines throughout the} {year, such as|yearlong, like|time, for example,} deserts.

There is {greater potential|a greater chance|more potential} to {include solar technology within|incorporate solar technology into|include solar technology in} the {utility energy mix|energy mix of utilities|mix of energy sources for utilities in areas} {where there is more sunlight|in areas with more sunlight|where there is more sunshine}. {While|Although} Australia {and|as well as} India are {among the top 10 countries|in the top 10 countries|among the top 10 nations} {for solar capacity|in solar power|in terms of solar power capacity}{, there is still| however, there’s| but there’s still} {a lot|plenty|lots} {of potential|to be developed|opportunity} {in|to be developed in|for solar power in} Africa, South America, and South America.

{Market development is aided|Market development is assisted|The development of markets is helped} by solar incentives

{Many countries with|A lot of countries that have|The majority of countries that have} the highest{ levels of| amounts of|} {solar power per capita|sunlight power|sun’s power} {do not|don’t} have {sufficient sunlight|enough sunlight}.

{State and government|Government and state|Government and state-sponsored} incentives are {key to making|essential to make|crucial to making} solar power {affordable|accessible|more affordable}. Governments {must support the shift|need to support the transition|should support the switch} {to renewables in order|towards renewable energy in order|to renewable energy} {for solar power|that solar energy|the solar industry} to {be successful|succeed|become a success}.

New Jersey is a great {example|illustration|model}. {Although it is|While it’s|Although it’s} not the {sunniest|most sun-friendly} U.S. state, when {compared to other sunnier areas|contrasted with other areas that are sunnier|it is compared with other sunnier regions} {like|such as} Nevada {and|as well as|or} Hawaii, New Jersey has {a large market|an enormous market|huge demand} for solar {energy due|power due|power thanks} to the {generous state|state-wide|numerous state} incentives{ along with|, as well as| and} federal incentives {that make solar more|to make solar energy more|that make solar} affordable.

Best Solar Company in Los Angeles LA Solar Group

China is the {world's largest|world's biggest|largest} {producer of solar energy|producer of solar energy.|solar energy producer}

The Chinese solar panel production capacity has {increased|grown|risen} {dramatically over the last few|significantly in the past few|rapidly over the last couple of} years. China {has become the largest|is now the biggest|has grown to become the biggest} solar market {worldwide|in the world|globally} and is {predicted|expected|projected} to have 370GW {solar|of solar} power{ installed|} {by|in} 2024. This is {twice|more than twice|double} {the amount of solar power|what solar energy|more solar power}{ that|} {the|is available in the|America} United States is expected to {have|possess}.

{This early growth is admirable|The early growth is impressive|This initial growth is admirable} and {impressive, but|impressive, however|exciting, however} China {must continue to reduce|should continue to decrease|must work to reduce} {their dependence on coal energy|the dependence of coal-based energy|their dependence on coal} {generation to be considered|production to be considered|generation in order to be recognized as} {a leader|an innovator|the world’s leader} in {renewable|the field of renewable} energy.

Other {forms of important players|types of players that are important|kinds of key players}

Europe has {incentivized renewable|rewarded renewable|encouraged renewable energy} growth for {many years|a long time|several years}. {It plans to increase renewables|It is planning to boost renewable energy|The EU plans to increase the use of renewable energy} {to help their post-COVID-19 economic|to aid their post-COVID-19 economic|in order to assist their post-COVID-19} recovery. France, Germany, Italy and the UK are {currently the leaders|the current leaders|currently leading} in{ terms of|} {solar farm capacities or agrivoltaics|capacity of solar farms or agrivoltaics|the capacity of solar farms, also known as agrivoltaics}.

The European Union is aiming to reduce {CO2 emissions by drawing|carbon dioxide emissions by sourcing|CO2 emissions by sourcing} {most of their electricity generation|the majority of their electricity|all of their electricity} from renewable sources {by|in} 2050. Solar power {will be|will become|is} the {dominant power source|main source of power|primary source of energy}.

The U.S. is seeing a {rise in solar photovoltaic manufacturing|increase in the production of solar photovoltaics|growth in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaics}.

{Individual states|Certain states|States}{ also|} {offer incentives to homeowners for|provide incentives to homeowners|provide incentives for homeowners} {installing solar panels|installing solar panels}.

{The|It is evident that the} U.S. Energy Companies are {increasingly embracing solar energy for|increasing their use of solar energy due to|more and more embracing solar energy for} its low-cost production {and|as well as} {job creation|jobs creation|the creation of jobs}. They are {now incorporating solar power plants|currently incorporating solar power facilities|adding solar power plants} {in|into} {their energy mix|the energy portfolio of their clients|their power mix}.

California {is still the leader|remains the top state|is the most advanced state} in {solar PV system growth|the growth of solar PV systems|solar PV system development} and {one of|is among|is one of} the {most popular states|states that is most popular|most sought-after states} to {install|set up|put up} solar. {However|But|Yet}, Texas, Utah and New York are now catching up {with|to} California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and New York.

{According to|As per|Based on} the Solar Industry of Energy Association{, it is expected| It is predicted| the association estimates} {that there will be|to see|by 2024 that the solar industry will have} {1|one} solar installation {per|every} {minute by 2024|minute by 2024}.

{Globally, solar pv|In the world, solar PV|Around the world, solar PV} is becoming more {popular|and more well-known}. Solar panels are {beginning to|starting to|beginning} be {recognized by governments|acknowledged by governments|recognized by government} as {a great way|an effective method|a viable option} to {produce|generate} electricity. The {power|energy} source {of the future is|of the future will be|in the near future is} solar thermal {plants and they|power plants, and they|energy and} {should be included|must be considered|ought to be included} {on a small scale solar|in a limited scale|on a smaller scale} {in all countries|across all nations}.

7 {Reasons|reasons|Motives} Solar is {Increasingly Popular|becoming more popular|becoming increasingly popular}

{Is it possible to wonder|Are you able to ask|Can you imagine} {why solar power suddenly became|the reason why solar power has suddenly become|what made solar power} {so popular|popular|so well-known}? {There are 7 Reasons|Seven reasons why|There are seven reasons} Solar Power is Increasingly Popular that {will|might|may} {interest|be interesting to|appeal to} you. Solar panels have {changed|transformed|revolutionized} {the way people live,|the way we live|how people live their lives,} and {have sprouted great organizations|have spawned great companies|they have also spawned fantastic organizations}{, and they are| and are now| and are} {doing more than that|making more progress|growing faster than ever} as {solar panel technology gets|the solar panel technology is|the technology for solar panels is} {perfected|improved|better}. {Solar panels that are more efficient will be|The more effective solar panels will become|More efficient solar panels are}{ more|} affordable. {This alone makes|That alone will make|It’s a reason alone that makes} it{ more|} {affordable for most|accessible for the majority of} {people to make an investment|people to invest|individuals to invest} {in solar panels|into solar panel systems|on solar panels}.

Here are {7 top|seven top|the top 7} reasons{ why|} {solar panels are so popular|solar panels are so popular.}

  • Lower production costs
  • There is no {maintenance cost|cost for maintenance.|cost to maintain}
  • They are {a renewable energy source|renewable energy sources|a renewable source of energy}
  • Homeowners will {enjoy|pay|have} {a lower energy bill|lower energy costs|lower energy bills}
  • {Solar Panels make|The solar panels make|Renewable solar power makes} it {easy|simple} to sell homes
  • {Home with solar panels|Solar panels on the roof of your home}{: appreciation| Appreciation| to show appreciation}
  • Government {Support|Assistance|Aid}

Lower production costs

Solar panels are {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable} to {produce, so|manufacture, meaning|make, which means} {you can|you will|you’ll} {get more power|gain more power|increase the power output} {for the same money|at the same cost|for the same amount}. {When they are able to|If they can} {get more out of|make more money from|gain more from} their investment, {people tend|they tend|they are more likely} to {invest more|make more investment}. The {low price|affordable price|cost-effectiveness} {of solar panels|for solar panel systems|that solar panels are at} has {attracted more people|drawn more attention|attracted more customers} {over the past year|in the last year|over the past few years}. Solar energy is {seen as|viewed as|considered to be} {a reliable and affordable|an affordable and reliable|an economical and reliable} {source of energy|energy source}.

There is no {maintenance cost|cost for maintenance.|maintenance fee}

{Once the panels are installed|After the panels have been installed|Once the panels are in place}{, there is very little| it is not difficult| the panels are installed, there is little} to no {maintenance cost|cost for maintenance|maintenance expense}. {Most solar panels will not|The majority of solar panels won’t|Solar panels typically do not} {need to be serviced|require maintenance|require servicing} {until after one year|until the end of one year|for a year or more}. {Most often, it is|It is usually a|The majority of the time, it’s a} {a simple task|an easy task|an easy job} to {clean or replace|replace or clean|wash or replace} wires. {It’s not something you should|This is not something to|It’s not something you need to} be {worried about or too|concerned about or} {expensive|costly|expensive}.

They are {a|an} Renewable Energy Source

{Renewable and clean|Clean and renewable} energy {can be obtained from|is available through|can be derived from} solar panels. {You can get energy from|Solar panels can generate energy|It is possible to get energy from} solar panels {the same way|in the same manner|in the same way} {that plants do,|that plants get energy,|as plants do, by drawing energy} directly from {the sun’s light|sunlight}. This means {that you won’t|you don’t|that you don’t} {need to buy|have to purchase|require} fuel to {generate electricity like|produce electricity, as|generate electricity as} you {would with|do with|would for} {a|the|an} thermoelectric generator. {You won’t have to worry|There’s no need to fret|It’s not necessary to worry} about {inflated bills anymore|high bills any longer|high costs anymore}.

Lower {Energy Bill for Homeowners|energy bill for homeowners|Energy Cost for Homeowners}

{Many people are familiar with|A lot of people are aware of|Most people are aware of} the {reality of high|fact that there are high|reality of the high} {energy bills|costs for energy|cost of energy}. Solar panels {will ensure|can ensure|will make sure} that your {home is|home remains|house is} {cool and comfortable|pleasant and cool|cozy and cool}. Your home {will feel|will be|may feel} hot {from the sun,|due to the sun’s rays,|from the sun’s rays} {but it will cool down|but it will cool|however, it will cool} {with the same sun|by the same sun|thanks to the sun’s energy} {that powers your cooling system|that power your cooling system|which powers your cooling system}.

It's {easy to sell homes|simple to sell homes|easy to sell houses} {with solar panels|that have solar panels|equipped with solar panels.}

Solar panels are {very easy|easy|simple} to {put together|build|construct}. Follow the {instructions and follow|directions and adhere to|steps and take} any other safety {precautions|guidelines|rules}. {You don’t need to hire|It’s not necessary to hire|There’s no need to employ} {professionals if you’re not going|experts if you don’t intend|experts if you’re not planning} to {mount|put|install} {them on your roof|the roof-tops on them}.

{Home with solar panels|Solar panels on the roof of your home}{: appreciation| Appreciation| to show appreciation}

Solar panels {make homes more|can make homes more|make homes} {valuable than ones|attractive than those|desirable than homes} without them. {Because a home|Since a house|Because homes} {with solar panels installed|that has solar panels installed|equipped with solar panels} will {have lower electricity bills|be able to pay less for electricity|pay lower electric bills}{, this is why| and this is the reason| which is why} {it is more valuable|it is worth more|it’s more expensive}. {Because solar panels are not|Since solar panels aren’t|Because solar panels aren’t} connected to {the mains electricity|mains electricity|electricity from the mains}{, a home can sometimes| the home may| homes can} {be self-sustaining|be self-sustaining}.

{Support from the Government|The Government’s support is a source of encouragement|Assistance from the government}

{Many governments offer or guarantee|A lot of governments provide or guarantee|Numerous governments provide} {unsecured loans for homeowners who|home owners with loans that are unsecured to|mortgages that are not secured for homeowners who} {choose|decide|opt} {to install solar panels|for solar panel installation|the installation of solar panels}. This is {because governments realize|due to the fact that governments recognize|due to governments recognizing} {the importance of not having to|that it is important not to|how important it is to not} {power|supply electricity to|provide electricity to} homes {with the national|using the national|through the} grid. {It also reduces|This also lessens|Also, it reduces} the {environmental impact of fossil fuels|carbon footprint of fossil fuels|impact on the environment of fossil fuels}.

{Installing solar panels is|The installation of solar panels can be|Solar panels are} {one|among} the {best home-owner decisions|most beneficial home-owner choices|most effective home improvement decisions}. {You should consider applying|It is advisable to apply|Consider applying} for a loan {from|through} {your government to put|the government to install|your government to install} solar panels {on your home|on your house|in your home}. {Then, find a trusted|Find a reputable|You should then find a reliable} {supplier|provider}.

{How|How did|What was the reason} Solar Energy became Popular in the United States

{Despite the fact that|In spite of the fact that nearly|Even though} 97{%| percent} of Americans {underestimate the cost of|are unaware of the costs associated with|do not know the price of} solar panels{‘|}{, solar energy is steadily| the solar power is| however, solar panels are steadily} {growing in popularity throughout|increasing in popularity across|increasing in popularity throughout} {the|all of the|in the} United States. {People are searching for better|Many are looking for better|The public is looking for more affordable} {options because of|alternatives due to|options due to} {rising utility prices|the rising cost of utilities|increasing utility costs} and {constant lobbying by|the constant pressure from|constant pressure from} energy {companies|firms|businesses}.

{Shifting to solar|Switching to solar power|Making the switch to solar} is {a long-term investment|an investment that will last for a long time|an investment for the long term}. The future of {decentralized energy|energy decentralization} {is solar power|will be solar energy|comes from solar power}. {Individuals will now have greater|People will have more|The individual will now have more} control over the {electricity|energy|power} they {use, rather than|consume, as opposed to|consume, versus} {large|big} utility {companies|corporations|firms}. {The ability of solar panels|Solar panels’ ability|The capacity of solar panels} to {operate independently from|function independently of|operate without relying on} the grid is {a good|an excellent|a great} {example|illustration}.

According to a{ 2016|} Pew Research Center study, the {growing|increasing|rising} popularity of solar {panels|panel|power panels} {for home|at home|in homes} is also {a sign that|a sign|an indication that} {people care about the environment|people are concerned about the environment|people care about the environment}.

Solar {benefits|energy benefits} for homeowners

The Union of Concerned Scientists says solar energy is {becoming|now} {more affordable due to|more affordable because of|cheaper due to} {an|the} {increase in|rise in|increasing number of} {solar installers and investors|the number of solar contractors and investment|solar investors and installers}{,|} {as well as the lower|and the decrease in|as well as the low} {cost|costs} of {technology|modern technology}. American homeowners {enjoy|benefit from|can enjoy} {lower maintenance costs and|lower maintenance costs as well as|less maintenance costs and} lower {electricity bills|electric bills|electricity costs}.

{Depending on|Based on|In accordance with} {the state, there|your state’s laws, you|what state you live in, there} {may|could|might} {also be solar investment tax|be tax incentives for solar investment|be solar investment tax} credits. {Many solar contractors and installers|Numerous solar installers and contractors|A lot of solar installers and solar contractors} {offer programs that allow|provide programs that permit} homeowners to {get|purchase|buy} solar panels {at a very|for a|with a} {low down payment|affordable cost|low cost}. Solar {panel systems are also|panels are|panel systems are} {resilient and can withstand severe|robust and can withstand extreme|durable and are able to withstand harsh} weather conditions{ like| such as|, such as} hail.

Solar for Innovation, Environment, & Economy

{Technology is continually improving|The technology is constantly evolving|Technology is continuously improving} {in order to harness|to make the most of|in order to tap into} the {sun’s unlimited energy potential|solar energy’s endless potential|unlimited energy potential of the sun}. {Solar energy jobs are constantly|Jobs in solar energy are always|Jobs in solar energy are constantly} being {created, offering|created, providing|developed, bringing} {opportunities for|opportunities to|possibilities for}{ hundreds of|} {thousands|millions|hundreds of thousands} of Americans.

{To ensure innovation,|In order to ensure|To ensure the future of innovation,} {job security,|job security|employment security,} and {stability in energy prices,|security of employment, and stability in energy prices|the stability of energy prices,} solar {companies are moving|firms are shifting|companies are transforming} {to more sustainable business models|towards more sustainable business models|to more sustainable models of business}. Solar energy {reduces dependence|helps reduce dependence|is less dependent} {on fossil fuels and|on fossil fuels as well as|of fossil fuels and} other {dirty energy|polluting energy sources|sources of dirty energy} {that contribute to the|which contribute to} {global climate change crises|global climate change crisis|climate change issues that plague the world}.

Solar Power Company

[xfield_company] {is dedicated to|is committed to|has a goal of} {helping you find the best|providing you with the most suitable|aiding you in finding the right} solar {solution for your property|option for your home|option for your property}. We have been {helping solar buyers|helping solar customers|assisting solar buyers} across the {country to find|nation to discover|country find} the {best|most efficient} solar {options since our inception|solutions since we first started|options since we started} {in 2009|back in 2009|at the beginning of 2009}. {Register your property today|Sign up your property now|Get your property registered today} and {begin your journey to|start your journey to|begin your journey towards} {solar energy with us|the sun with our help|renewable energy by registering with us}.

{When looking for the best|If you are looking for the top|When you’re looking for the most efficient} solar panels{ available|| on the market}{, there are many| there are a variety of| There are numerous} {factors to take into consideration|aspects to consider|things to think about}. {Although some panels have|While some panels may have|Though some panels boast} {higher energy efficiency ratings|more energy efficiency|better energy efficiency ratings} than others{;|,} {investing in the best|choosing the most efficient|purchasing the highest-quality} solar {equipment won’t|panels won’t|technology will not} {always translate into higher|necessarily translate into better|necessarily mean higher} savings. {It is important to compare|It’s important to compare|It’s crucial to look at} {quotes for different|prices for various|the prices of different} {equipment and financing options to|equipment and financing options in order to|products and financing options to} {determine|find|identify} the “sweet {spot|place}.”

If {you are|you’re} {a homeowner looking for|an owner of a home looking to use|a homeowner in search of} solar energy and {would like|want|wish} to {get|know|have} {a rough estimate|an estimate of the cost|an approximate estimate}{,| the cost,| for your solar energy needs,} {our|the|this} Solar Calculator will help. It {provides|gives|offers} estimates {for upfront costs and|of upfront costs as well as|of the upfront cost and} {long-term savings based|long-term savings , based|the long-term savings that are based} on your {rooftop solar panels|solar panel’s rooftop|rooftop solar panel} {needs and location|requirements and the location|needs and your location}. {Check out|Use|Take a look at} our quote comparison {platform to find|platform to locate|tool to find} local contractors.



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