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{The|This} Tesla Wall Connector {allows you to|lets you} {plug your car in|connect your car to the wall|connect your car} overnight{ and|, and} charge your {phone throughout the day|smartphone throughout the day|mobile throughout the day}.

  • Wall {Connector|Connectors} Features
  • {Vehicle|Car} Charging Speeds
  • {Walkthrough of the Installation|A walkthrough of the installation|The Installation is walked through}
  • Support
  • Additional Resources

Wall {Connector|Connectors|Connectors with} Features


Wall {Connector can be used|Connector is compatible|Connectors can be used} {with|in conjunction with|to connect} Model S, Model 3 and Model X. {It is|It’s} {compatible with|fully compatible with|suitable for} Model Y, Model X{, and| and| as well as} Model X. It {is capable of providing|can provide|can deliver} {up to 44 miles per hour of|the capability of up to 44 miles an hour|as much as 44 miles of} {charging and|charging , and|charge and} {up output of|an output of|the maximum output is} 11.5 {kW or 48 amps,|milliwatts or 48 amps|4 kW, or 48 amps} {depending|based|dependent} on {model|the model}.


Wall Connector is compatible with {most|the majority of|all} electrical systems. {For a wide range|It is compatible with a variety|To accommodate a range} {of circuit breakers, it|of breakers for circuits, the Wall Connector|in circuit breakers it} {can|could|is able to} be used to {modify|alter|adjust} {power levels|the power levels|the power level}. {Installation is possible in almost|It is practical to install in nearly|Installation is feasible in almost} {all residences, workplace|every workplace, residence|all workplaces, homes}{, condos, and apartments| condominiums, apartments, and other buildings| or condos as well as apartments} {thanks to this|because of this|due to its} {flexibility|adaptability|flexible}.. {The|Its|Connector} {Mobile|mobile} Connector {is 24 sq|has a 24 square|measures 24 sq} {ft|feet} (7.3 {m|meters}) cable{, is lightweight| that is light| that weighs only 7.3 lbs} and {can be kept|can be stored|is able to be stored} in your {car|vehicle}.


{The|Wall Connector} Wall Connector can connect remote diagnostics, {monitor usage information|track usage data|view usage data}{,|} {and download firmware wirelessly|as well as download software wirelessly|or download and install firmware}{ by|} {being connected to a Wi-Fi|connecting to a Wi-Fi|connecting to a wireless} network. To {improve|enhance} {user experience and|the user experience and to|user experience , and also} {add|include|introduce} new features{, firmware updates will| firmware updates will| firmware updates will be} automatically be {sent|transmitted} {to|directly to|via} {the|Wall Connector.|wall connectors.} Wall Connector.

Power sharing

This {power sharing feature|feature of sharing power} is {great for households who|ideal for homes that|perfect for families who} {need to charge multiple|require charging multiple|have to charge several} Tesla {at once but don’t|simultaneously but don’t|simultaneously, but do not} {have enough power|possess enough electricity|be able} to {run them all|run all of them|power them all}. {This allows|This feature allows|It allows} {up to four|the use of up to 4|as many as four} Wall Connectors, which can {share power from|be used to share power from|use the power of} one circuit{ and still allow|, while allowing| while still allowing} your vehicles to {receive sufficient|get a sufficient|receive a sufficient} {charge|charging|power to charge}.

Access Control

You {have total control over|are in complete control of|can completely control} {which vehicles can use|the vehicles that can use|the types of vehicles that can utilize} {your|the|this} Wall Connector for charging thanks to the {charging access control|control of charging access|control over charging access}. {Without using a|Without the need for a|With no} physical {lock device, you can|lock device, you are able to|locking device, you can} {limit charging access using|restrict charging access by using|restrict charging access with} {the commissioning wizard|your commissioning wizard|this wizard for commissioning}.

Indoor/Outdoor Compatible

The {lightweight construction|light-weight construction|slim design} {of|that comes with|is the main reason} Wall Connector enables versatile, {indoor or outdoor|outdoor or indoor|indoor and outdoor} mounting.

{Charging Speed of Vehicles|Charge Speeds of Vehicles|The charging speed of vehicles}

Install {Wall Connector with|the Wall Connector using|the Wall Connector and} {a circuit breaker that matches|an electrical circuit breaker that is compatible with|the circuit breaker that matches} the {vehicle’s onboard charger capabilities|capabilities of your car’s onboard charger|onboard charger of the vehicle} {for fastest home charging|to charge your home at the fastest speed|to allow the most efficient home charging}. {Tap the lightning bolt icon|Click the lightning bolt icon|Touch the lightning bolt} {at the touchscreen to see|on the screen to view|on the touchscreen to display} the {maximum amperage|highest amperage available|maximum amps} {for|that you can get from|of} your Tesla.

All {charges are approximate|prices are estimated|charges are estimates}.

Wall Connector {can be used|is a great way|could be utilized} to {support|help support|aid in the support of} {any electrical system|all electrical systems|every electrical device}, {even|including} {those with limited power|ones with limited power|those that are not powered} or in {unusual power situations|extreme power conditions|unusual power circumstances}.

{It is a good idea|It’s a good idea|It’s best} to {install|set up|put in} {your|the|an} Wall Connector before you take delivery of your {vehicle|car}. {Installations usually take|Installation usually takes|Installations typically take} less than {an hour,|an hour|one hour,} {but scheduling an electrician may|however, scheduling an electrician could|but scheduling an electrician can} {take up to two weeks|take as long as two weeks|require up to two weeks}.

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How do I {install|set up|connect} an {electric car charger at|electrical car charging system at my|electronic car battery at} home?

{This question has both|The question can have|This question has} {a simple and complex answer|an easy and a complex solution|an easy and complicated answer}. These adjectives {can be|are} used to describe {almost|nearly|virtually} everything {related to|that is related to|associated with} EVs{, and the entire| and the whole| as well as the entire} {industry that they have spawned|business they have created|industry they have created}.

{This article|The article in this post|In this article, we} will not {only|just} {show you|guide you on|teach you} {how to charge your|the best way to recharge your|ways to charge the} electric {car|vehicle}{, but also answer many| and provide answers to a variety of| as well as answer a myriad of} questions. Examples include:

  • What is {an electric vehicle charging dock|an electric vehicle charging dock}?
  • What {are the types|are the different types|kinds} of {electric charging stations available|charging stations for electric vehicles available|electric charging stations that are available}?
  • What is the {cost of|price of|cost for} {an electric charging station|an electrical charging facility|charge stations for electric vehicles}?
  • How long {does|will} an electric {car take to charge|vehicle take to charge|car take to fully charge}?
  • What is the {cost of|cost for|price of} charging {an electric car|for an electric vehicle}?
  • What {are the types|are the different types|kinds} of {electric vehicle charging stations|charging stations for electric vehicles} {available|that are available|there}?

There are three {types|kinds} of{ basic electric vehicle| electric vehicle|} charging stations. {These stations are often called|They are commonly referred to as|These stations are usually referred to as} “electric {vehicle|vehicles|automobile} service equipment”{,|} or EVSE. {These stations can be simple|They can be basic|These stations could be straightforward} or more {complicated|complex} than you {might think|think|imagine}.

{What is|What exactly is|What's} a Level 1 {Charging|charging} station?

{A Level 1 charger is|The Level 1 charger can be described as|An Level 1-charger is considered to be} the {most basic|simplest|least basic} {charging station of|charger of|charging station among}{ the|} three. The charging cable {that comes|included|that is included} with {an electric vehicle when|the electric vehicle after|electric vehicles when} it is {purchased or leased|leased or purchased|bought or leased} is {a|an} {Level 1|level 1|one-level} charger. {These chargers simply plug|The chargers plug directly|They plug} into a {typical|standard|normal} grounded wall socket {using|with|by using} {a common configuration plug and|the standard configuration plug and|an ordinary configuration plug. They} {operate on standard household|work on the standard|run on standard} {electrical current|electricity} (110-120 {volts|Volts} AC).

{Although|While} {Level|the Level|level} 1 chargers are {convenient|practical|efficient} and {inexpensive, their main|cost-effective, their primary|affordable, their biggest} {drawback is the lengthy|disadvantage is their lengthy|problem is the long}{, sometimes excruciatingly long,| often excruciatingly long| and sometimes painfully long} {battery recharge times|time to recharge the battery|charging times for batteries}. {A Level 1 charger|The Level 1-charger|An Level-1 charger} {should|must} be able to {provide|offer|deliver} {5 to 6|five to six|between 5 and 6} miles {per hour of charging|per hour of charge|of charging} {for an electric vehicle|to an electric car|in the case of an electric vehicle} (EV). If your {car has|vehicle has|car is equipped with} {a 200-mile|200 miles of} range, it {may|could|will} {take 35 to|take between 35 and|require 35 to} 50 hours to {fully recharge|recharge fully|fully charge}.

Level 1 solutions {should only be|are only|can only be} {used to charge plug-in hybrid electric vehicles|utilized to recharge plug-in hybrid electric cars|employed to power plug-in hybrid electric vehicle} (PHEV). In {a typical PHEV,|the typical PHEV,|a typical PHEV} the battery {can be recharged|is recharged|can be charged} {in a few|within a couple of|in just a few} hours.

{What is|What exactly is|What's} a Level 2 {Charging|charging} station?

{The Level 2 charger|This charger, Level 2,|It is the Level 2 charger that} is {next|the next} on the {EV charging station ladder|ladder of charging stations for electric vehicles|ladder for charging stations with electric motors}. Level 2 chargers {use|utilize|are powered by} {240-volt circuits, which are|circuits that are 240-volt, which is|circuits with 240 volts, which are} {the same type|similar to the circuits|identical to those} {used to|that} {charge electric clothes dryers|charge electric dryers|charge electric clothes dryers}.

{Some|Certain} {Level|levels|level} 2 charging stations {can be|are} {carried and use|carried , and they use|transported and utilize} the multi-pronged {plug with associated|plug that has an|connector with an} outlet for{ clothes|} dryers. {Many households have such an|A lot of households have this|Many households have an} {outlet and circuit in their laundry rooms|electrical outlet as well as a circuit for their laundry room|outlets and circuits in the laundry area}. {It is not convenient|It’s not practical|It’s not a good idea} to {unplug the dryer|disconnect the dryer|remove the dryer from the circuit} {in order to plug in|to connect|for the purpose of plugging in} {your electric car tesla charger|the Tesla charger for your car|the electric car tesla charger}.

The{ vast|} majority of {Level|charging stations in the Level} 2 {charging stations|chargers|charging points} are {installed|placed|set up} {in homes by people|in homes by homeowners|within homes by those} who {hire electricians to run|employ electricians to run|contract electricians to operate} {a 240-volt circuit to|an 240-volt circuit through|an electrical circuit of 240 volts to} the garage. {Consumers can|Customers can|Customers are able to} “hard-wire” {the charging station|their charging stations|chargers} {into|to} the circuit {once|after} {the garage is powered|they have the garage powered|it is connected to the garage}. {They can also plug in|They can also connect|It is also possible to connect} {a Level 2 portable|an Level 2|a portable Level 2} {wall charger to the 240-volt|wall-mounted charger into the 240-volt|Wall charger in the} {socket in|outlet in|socket inside} the garage{ and|, and then|. They can then} {take the tesla|carry the Tesla|take the Tesla} wall charger {with|along with} them.

It {can be costly|is costly|could be expensive} {to hire an electrician and|to employ an electrician and|hiring an electrician to} {change the existing|modify the|upgrade the existing} electrical system {in your home|at your house|within your home}. The {big advantage is the|main benefit is|biggest benefit is} {faster charging rates|speedier charging speeds|quicker charging times}{, which speed up| that speed up| that accelerate} {recharge times|the time to recharge}. {An EV battery|A battery that is electric|The battery of an electric vehicle} can be charged {at|up to} Level 2 in {half the|a fraction of the|less} time {than it takes with|it would take with|that it takes}{ a| the|} Level {1|1}. This {makes it the most convenient|is the most convenient|makes it the most practical} charging station for {those|people} who {own an electric vehicle|have an electric vehicle|own an electric car}.

A PHEV {with 200 mile|that has a 200-mile|with a 200 mile} range can be {charged|fully charged|recharged} {in 10 to 15 hours|within 10 to 15 hours|within 10 to 15 minutes}. {A Level 2 charging station|The Level 2 charger|An Level-2 charging station} {can|could} be {used with|connected to|utilized with} {a PHEV to recharge|a PHEV to charge|an PHEV to replenish} the battery in {less than|just} four hours.

What is {a|an} Level 3 {Charging|charging} station?

{A Level 3 charging station for electric|The Level 3 charger for electric|An electric vehicle charging point at Level 3} {cars|vehicles} {is the third|can be described as the 3rd|will be the third}. It is {intended|designed} {for commercial use|to be used for commercial purposes|to be used in commercial settings}{, or to be used| and can be utilized| or use} by {those who need to|people who have to|those who must} {stop for a few minutes|take a break for a short period|rest for a couple of minutes} {before returning on their journey|before returning to their travels|prior to returning on their journey}.

{At|In} {Level 3 filling stations|the Level-3 filling station|level 3 stations for filling}, DC fast chargers (DCFC) are {offered|available|provided}. {As a result,|This means that|In turn,} charging times {can be accelerated|can be increased|are able to be speeded up}. In {less than an|just under an|just less than one} hour, {some|certain} {Level|level} 3 {fast chargers can fully|fast chargers are able to fully|rapid chargers can} charge a {Battery pack|battery pack|battery} {from its fully charged state|in its fully charged state|after it has been fully charged}. With {a 350-volt or 750-volt charging|350-volt or 750-volt charging|the 350-volt or 750-volt charge} system, the {most recent|latest|most current} EV models {can recharge|are able to recharge|can charge} high-power batteries {from|between} 10{%| percent} {to 80% in|up to 80 percent in|or 80% within}{ as|} {little as|just|only} 20 minutes. The charging {times|time} {for|of|in the case of} Level 3 devices {will be even|will be|are even} {shorter, despite the apparent|less, despite the|shorter, despite their apparent} {lightning speed|speed of charging|speed at which they charge}. {You could contrast|It is possible to compare|It’s possible to compare} {Level 3’s charging time|the charging times of Level 3|Level 3’s charging speed} {with that of a typical|with the typical|against the time at a standard} gas station.

{A Level 3 car charging|The Level 3 charging cable for car|Car charging at Level 3} {installation|system|setup} {can easily cost $50,000|could easily cost you $50,000|can easily cost up to $50,000}. {Although it is highly improbable|It is however highly unlikely|However, it’s highly unlikely} that your {energy utility|utility company|energy provider} {would approve|will allow|would allow} the installation of {a Level 3 charging cable|the Level 3 charging cable|an Level 3 charging cord} {in your home|at your residence|within your home}{, even if you had| even if you have| even if you had} {that kind of cash|the money|this kind of money} to {spend, because many|invest, as a lot of|spend, since many} {residential areas don’t have electrical|homes don’t have electricity|residences don’t have electrical} panels that {can support it|support it|are able to support it}.

Connecting to {a|the} Wall

{The third generation|Third generation|This third-generation} Tesla Wall Connector was designed {to be easy to install|to be simple to install|for easy installation}. {The third generation|Third generation|This third-generation} Tesla Wall Connector {features|comes with|has} {an open wire|an unclosed wire|the open-wire} box{ that has| with|, which has} integrated terminals. This {allows for|gives|provides} {plenty of space to land|ample space to place|plenty of space for landing} wires. {Entry points can be|Access points are|The entry points could be} {made|constructed|created} {from the top, bottom|by extending from top to bottom|at the bottom, top}{,|} and {rear|back|the rear}. To {commission|activate|install} Wall Connectors and connect to {customers’ internet networks|the internet network of customers|Internet networks of customers}{, installers can use| Installers can make use of| installers must use} their {smartphone|smartphones|mobile phones}.

Wall Connector Commissioning

Wall Connector hosts Wi-Fi networks {for configuration of breaker sizes|to configure breaker sizes|to allow the configuration of sizes for breaker}{, Wi-Fi connectivity and| as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and| with Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as} power sharing. The Wi-Fi {network broadcasts|network is broadcast|networks broadcasts} for five minutes {after|following} {the|that the|it is established that} Wall Connector has been energized. It {can also be re-enabled|is also able to be activated|is also possible to enable it} for {another five minutes by|an additional five minutes by|another five minutes after} {pressing the button|pushing the switch|hitting the buttons} on the {charging cable’s handle|cable’s handle|handle of the charging cable}.


{Prices for installation can vary|Installation costs can be varying|The cost of installation may vary} {depending upon your electrical system|according to the electrical system you have installed|dependent on the type of electrical system you use}.

{An installation that is simple|A simple installation|An installation that is straightforward} {can cost anywhere|could cost|will cost you anywhere} {from $750 to|between $750 and} $1,500. If you {require additional items|need additional equipment|require any additional components} to complete {your installation,|the installation,|your installation} the {cost will be increased|price will increase|cost will increase} {accordingly|in line with the additional items|according to the requirements}.

{Usually included|Usually , it is|Typically, they include}:

  • {Service and materials|Materials and services|Material and service} for professional installation
  • Permit
  • Inspection
  • Warranty {on|for} installation

Usually, additional:

  • The length {of|that|along which} the wire{ runs|} (distance {between an electrical panel and the|from an electric panel to the|between the electrical panel’s location and} {installation site|site of installation|location of the installation})
  • {Additional sub-panel|Sub-panels that are additional}
  • Trench (underground wires)
  • Existing Main panel upgrade
  • Pedestal installation
  • Hidden cables {behind|hidden behind} walls
  • Installation Resources

For more {information about|details on|information on} how to {install|set up} {a|the|an} Wall Connector, you can {visit|go to} our website

{For questions about an existing|If you have any questions regarding an existing|If you have questions regarding your current} Wall Connector {order|purchase} (tracking{, cancelation or updates| cancellation, updates, or tracking| and cancellation or update}){, reach out to| contact| Contact} us{ and we’ll be glad|, and we’ll be happy|. We’ll be delighted} to {assist|help} {you|you}.



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