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What {{is|exactly is}|exactly is} Solar Energy?

What {{is|exactly is}|exactly is} Solar Energy?

Solar energy is {something that|something|a topic} {we have really been looking|has been a subject we’ve really looked|we’ve been seriously looking} {into in recent years|at in recent times|into over the last few years}{, if for no other| in the past, if only for a| and if we have any other} {reason than to try and|motive than to|reason than to} {find a better way|discover a better method|discover a more efficient way} to {deal with getting|get|generate} energy{ without hurting| that doesn’t harm|, without harming} the {environment|the environment|environmental}. If {you don’t know|you’re not aware of|you’re not familiar with} {a lot about|much about|the basics of} solar energy, {it is|it’s} basically {energy that we get|the energy we receive|energy that comes} from the sun{ that|, which| which} {we convert into energy that|transforms into energy|is converted into energy} {we can use,|can be used, regardless of|can be utilized,} {whether that energy|regardless of whether it|whether the energy} is used {for|to generate} {electricity or for heating/cooling|energy or to heat/cool|power or for heating/cooling}.

{Solar energy {simply means|is simply|is simply the} energy that|It is simply the energy that|The term “solar energy” simply means that it} {{comes from|is generated by|originates from} the sun|originates from the sun|is generated by the sun}. {Sun is {a powerful|a potent|an extremely powerful} {source of energy|resource of power|supply of energy}|The sun is a formidable source of energy, power or energy supply|Sun is a very powerful source of energy}. {{Without it,|In the absence of it|If it wasn’t for it,} there {would|could} {have been|be|exist} no|Without it, there would not be|There would be no} {life on{ the|}|existence on the|life onthe} {{Earth|planet}|planet Earth.|the planet of Earth.}. {It is {renewable, free|a renewable, free|a renewable, cost-free}{, widely available and| accessible, and a| easily accessible and} {clean form of energy|green energy source|an environmentally friendly form of energy}|It is renewable, green, environmentally friendly, accessible and easily accessible|The energy source is environmentally friendly, renewable, easily accessible,} {{that is currently in use|which is used|that is being used} by {many home and business|a lot of home and business|numerous business and home} owners|that is in use today and is utilized by numerous home and business owners|which is currently being utilized} {for {variety of purposes|a variety of reasons|various purposes}|with a wide range of uses, for various reasons|to serve a myriad of purposes}.

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{In this article,|This article|The following article} {we’re going to|we’ll} {give you a closer|provide a deeper|take a} {look at exactly|review of|analysis of} {how solar energy works|the way solar energy functions|how solar energy operates} and, {in particular|specifically|more specifically}{, what solar panels are| the solar panels| the nature of solar panels} {and how they can|as well as how they could|in terms of how they} {help|assist|aid} us {to achieve|achieve|reach} our {goals when it comes|goals in regards|objectives when it comes} to {using|making use of|the use of} solar energy in {an effective|a productive|a sustainable} {manner|way|method}. {Let’s {dive in and take|get started and look|take a look and get} {a closer look at the|an in-depth look at the|an in-depth look at this} {cleanest type of energy that|most environmentally friendly energy source|greenest form of energy} {we have access to|can be found|is available to us}|It is available|We have access to it} {in {today’s world|the present day|our current world}|in the present-day world of our current|today in our world}.

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{{How Does|What is the process behind}|What is the procedure behind|How does|What's the process behind} Solar Energy Work?

{Solar energy is{ all|}|Solar energy isall|It is all} about {{converting the energy from|converting the energy of|turning the energy generated by} {the sun into energy|sunlight into electricity|the sun to energy}{ that|} {we can use|can be used|can be utilized}|using the sun’s energy to use it for something else|making use of the sun’s energy}. There are three {{major|main|primary} {ways that we can do|methods we can use to do|ways to accomplish}|main ways we can accomplish|major ways to accomplish} this.

  1. Photovoltaic Processes (PV)
  • Photovoltaic {processes happen with|reactions happen through|energy is generated by} PV devices{, which take| that absorb|, which absorb} {the sunlight and make|sunlight and convert|sunlight and transform} {it into electricity|it into electricity|electricity}.
  • {PV processes {use|make use of|utilize} materials{ that are|}|PV processes make use of materials that are|The PV process makes use of or utilizes materials} {{known for naturally changing|recognized for their ability to convert|famous for the natural process of converting} {sunlight|light|the sun’s energy} {into|to|in to}|recognized for their natural ability to transform sunlight into|known for their natural change and recognition for their capacity to convert sunlight’s energy into} electricity{{, which are known| and are referred to| that are recognized} in the {science world|scientific world|world of science}|as well|they are also known} as semiconductors.
  • {When {the sunlight hits|sunlight strikes|sunlight hits} these semiconductors,|The moment sunlight strikes these semiconductors,|When sunlight strikes the semiconductors} {{they produce|they release|it creates} electrons{, which are pushed| that are then pushed| that travel}|they release electrons, and then travel|they release electrons that then travel} through the device{{ and make|, creating| to create} {a|an electrical|the}|and create electrical|, creating an electrical} current.
  • PV devices are{ still|} {in development|developing|being developed} at {this point in time|the moment|this time}{; some| Certain| Some} {rays of light, including|light rays, such as|radiations of light, like} {UV and infrared, cannot|UV and infraredlight, are not able to|infrared and UV, can’t} be {utilized|used} {by PV devices|in PV systems|for PV technology}. {This {can be problematic|is a problem|could be a problem} {when the sun is not|when the sun isn’t|in the event that the sun isn’t} shining brightly|It could be a challenge if the sun doesn’t shine brightly.|The sun’s light isn’t shining as brightly}{{ and these|,|and this|or shining brightly.} and {these||the like|these}. {These} are the {main|primary|most prevalent}|They are the most prevalent|Theseare the primary|main|most common} {{rays that are being produced|radiations being generated|light rays produced by PV devices}|radiations being produced or generated by PV devices|light rays generated by PV devices}.
  1. {{Solar|SHC Solar|solar} Heating and Cooling|Heating and Cooling|Heating and cooling} (SHC)
  • {{Solar heating and cooling|The solar heating and cooling|Heating and cooling from solar}|The solar heating and cooling|Solar heating and cooling} (SHC) is {{all about|focused on} thermal|all about and focused on thermal|all about or focused on} energy.
  • The energy {that is created|generated|created} {from the sun is switched|by the sun is converted|from sun’s rays is transformed} into energy {that can be|that is|which can be} {used to either|utilized to|used to} {heat or cool|cool or heat} the devices{ that are|} being powered.
  • {{At this point, there|There|In the present, there} are {processes that can help|procedures that can be helpful|processes that could be beneficial} in {almost any context that|virtually any situation|any setting}|There are many situations that|Any setting} you {{can imagine|could imagine|could think of}{, from commercial buildings to| from commercial structures to| including commercial buildings and} homes|can think of, including residential and commercial structures|could imagine, from commercial structures to homes to}.
  • The {main reason that|primary reason|main reason} {solar heating and cooling devices|solar cooling and heating devices|solar-powered cooling and heating systems} are {necessary is because we|required is that we|needed is the} {need to reduce|must reduce|have to lessen} {our dependence on|the dependence we have on|the dependence of} natural {gases|gas} {and|as well as} other {fossil fuels|fossil fuels. }.
  • {Technology in|The technology in|Technology within} the SHC sector is {always changing|constantly changing|always evolving} and {adapting, and advances|evolving, and advancements|adapting, and new advances} {are being made in this|have been made within this|can be made in the} {area|field|branch} of {science every single day|science each and every day|research every day}.
  1. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
  • Concentrating solar {power,|energy,|power(CSP),} {usually|commonly|often} {referred to as|called|known as} CSP{, are some of| is among| is one of} the {newest technologies that are|most advanced technologies|most recent technologies} {out there|available|being developed}{, even though the concept| even though the idea| even though the concept} {is not as new|isn’t as revolutionary|isn’t as recent} as {many think it is|people think it is|some believe it to be}. {{People have used the concept|The idea|People have been using the idea} behind it for {a very|a|quite a}|It’s been around for quite a|The concept has been used for quite a} {long {time, which is why|period of time, and that’s why|time, which is the reason} it’s {shocking that it’s taken|a bit surprising that it took|surprising that it’s taken} {so long for us|many years|some time}|lengthy time.|quite a} to {{actually harness|harness|make use of} {it on a larger|the power on a bigger|the technology on a large} scale|actually harness, harness and utilize the technology on a massive scale|harness the power of CSP on a much larger scale}.
  • Mirrors are the {main|primary|central} {focus|element|focal point} of CSP plants{; they concentrate|. They {concentrate||focus}. They focus} the {energy from the sun|sun’s energy} {to cause everything to work|to allow everything to function|so that everything functions} {effectively|efficiently}. Without {the mirrors,|mirrors,|mirrors} CSP systems {would not work|wouldn’t function|could not function} {as effectively as some of|as efficiently as|like} {the other systems that are|other systems|the other systems} {currently out on the market|available|in the market} {today|currently|in the present}.
  • {The sun’s {energy then|energy|power} {makes steam engines and turbines|creates steam engines and turbines|generates steam engines and turbines to} {go so that the|move so that|run so that}|run so that|move so that} electricity {{can be produced|is produced|is generated}|is produced, generated|can be generated, produced} and {stored|is stored}. {This {makes it different than|is different from|makes it distinct from} the other {types|kinds|forms}|It is different from the other forms, types and types|This makes it distinct from other types, kinds and forms} {{because the storage system|since the storage method|because the system for storage} is {a lot more advanced|more sophisticated|more advanced} than {what you see from|the ones you find in|that of}|that you can find in|it is because the storage method is more sophisticated than} {{the other types|other forms|the other kinds} of solar energy{ that are|}|the other forms of solar energy that are|the different forms of solar energy} currently {{being used|in use|being utilized}|being used, utilized or in use|being utilized and used}.
  • {Currently, there are just|At present, there are|There are currently} {over 1500 different|more than 1500} CSP {plants located throughout|facilities across|plant locations across} the {entire|whole} United States; there are {over 400 more to be|hundreds more that are to be|nearly 400 more} {planned within the next 5|scheduled in the next five|constructed in the next five} years. {{By the 2020’s|In 2020|By 2020}{, the plan is| it is planned| plans are} to have{ over| more than|}|More than|There will be more than} 3000 CSP’s {{working throughout|operating across|in operation across} the {country, with over|United States, and more than|nation, and over}|operating across the country, and more than|working across the nation, and in excess of} 5000 {{throughout the entire world|across the globe|across the world}|across the globe|across the world}.

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What {{are|exactly are|is}|exactly are} Solar Panels?

{Now that we’ve looked at|After we’ve examined|We’ve now looked at} {all of the different types|all the various kinds|every type} of solar power{ that is|} {out there and how|available and how|available and the way} {it works, now|they function,|it functions,} {we’re going to|we’ll|we’ll take a} {look at|examine|take a look at} {one of the most|an of the more|some of the} {common|popular|commonly used} {devices that are utilized|devices used|gadgets used} to {get|extract|harvest} {solar energy|the energy of solar|sunlight} {from|generated by|through} the sun{ -|:|,} solar panels. {Let’s {take a closer look|look at it a bit more closely|have a look}|Take a closer look at the solar panels|We’ll take a look}.

  • {{Solar panels are a|The solar panels can be described as a|They are} {type|form|kind} {of|that utilizes} photovoltaic|The solar panels utilize photovoltaic|Photovoltaic} (PV) {solar energy|sunlight|sun’s energy} {,|} {{which we explored in more|which we have discussed in greater|that we discussed in more} {detail above|depth in the previous article|detail in the past}|that we’ve discussed in detail in the past|which we’ve explored in depth in previous articles}. In {short|simple terms|simple words}{, the energy from the| the sun’s energy| the power of the} sun {goes through semiconductors,|is transferred to semiconductors,|passes through semiconductors} {which in turn create the|which then generate|that in turn generate} {electricity and develop it so|electrical energy and then develop it so|electricity , and further develop it to the point} {that it can be|the energy can then be|they can} {utilized|used} {effectively|efficiently}.
  • {Solar panels {take all kinds|absorb all sorts|capture all sorts} {of light,|of sunlight, and|lights, including} not|of light, not|solar panels absorb all kinds of light,} {{just the|just from the|only the} {sun, and turns|sun, and convert|sun’s rays, and transform} {it into energy over|the light into energy over the course of|it into energy in the course of} {time|the course of}|just the sun’s light, but also the entire course of|only the light from the sun, but}. The sun is {{just where|the source of|where} {the majority|most}|the source of most|where the majority} of {{the light comes from|light is sourced from|the light source comes from}|the light originates from|light’s source is}.
  • {On {the solar panels,|solar panels,|the solar panels} they {have a mass amount|contain a huge amount|are stocked with a large number}|They are stocked with an enormous amount|The solar panels contain a massive amount, contain a lot} of solar cells. {A cell by itself cannot|One cell cannot|A single cell can’t} {do much|perform much|be very effective}{, but a group| however a collection| however, a cluster} of cells {can help to|could help|may help} {create|generate|produce} enough energy to {power whatever it is that|provide power to whatever|generate the power needed for whatever} {they are|they’re} trying to {power|provide power to|generate power for}.
  • {Solar cells are {tiny|small} disks|The solar cells are tiny disks|Small, tiny solar cells}{{, usually| that are usually|} {made of something like silicon|composed of silicon or something similar to it|comprised of silicon}|made of silicon or similar materials|composed of silicon or something similar}. {{The solar cells will|Solar cells can|Solar cells} {only produce power|only generate power for|produce energy only} {as long as they are|when they are|in the event of}|In the event of|When they’re} {being hit by light -|getting hit by light.|being struck by light.} {{once the light is|when the light has been|after which the light is} {taken away|removed}|Once the light is removed|If the light is taken away or removed} {from the cell{|from the cell,|out of the cell}then |,|} {{you will not get any|there is no|you won’t get} {more power|additional power|additional energy}|you won’t receive any additional power, energy or power|there is no way to get more power or energy}.
    • This is {why many|the reason why many|why a lot of} solar panels {are equipped with|have|come with} the {ability to turn|capability of turning|ability to rotate} the cells {toward the place|towards the location|to the direction} {where the light source is|that the source of light is|in which the sunlight source}{ coming from| located|} at a {specific|particular|certain} {point in|moment in|date and} time.
  • {Solar panels are|The solar panels provide|Solar panel systems are} the {main|primary|principal} {way that|method by which|method that} {the space station,|space stations,|the space station} {along with|as well as|in addition to} {various other astronomical technologies|other technologies in astronomy|other astronomical technology}{, get the electricity that| receive the power| obtain the electricity} they {need in order|require} to {take care of|meet|fulfill} all {of the energy needs|the energy requirements|energy requirements} {that they utilize in|which they use in|for} {the space station|the station|this space station}.
  • Solar panels are {incredibly|extremely} efficient{, and they will| and will|, and they’ll} {be even more so depending|increase their efficiency based|even be more efficient based} on the {type of concentrators|kind of concentrators|type of solar concentrator} {that you put in there|that you install|installed}. {Technology for solar panels|The technology for solar panels|Solar panel technology} {is always changing, so|is constantly evolving, which is why|changes constantly, so} {it’s important|it is important|it’s essential} to {keep an eye on|stay on top of|be aware of} the {technology and update as|latest technology and make any changes|latest developments and upgrade as} you {deem|feel it is|think} {necessary|essential|appropriate}.
  • If you {{use|choose to use|utilize} solar {|choose to utilize solar|decide to use solar}anels {as part of|in} {your solar energy plan|the solar power plan you have|an energy program that includes solar}{||}{panel systems as part of|panels as part of|panel systems as part} your plan to {use|utilize|make use of} {solar power|panels|panels that are powered by solar energy|solar panels} {in|included in|within} {your solar plan|the solar plans|you solar energy plan} }{,|} {{you will be able to|you can|you’ll be able to} {save a lot of money|save money|reduce the amount you spend} {with your monthly power bills|on your monthly electricity bills|in your monthly power bill}|and you are able to save money on your monthly power bill,|it is possible to}{{, which is a huge| and this is the main| that is a major} {reason that many people|reason why many|factor in why many people} {have decided to try these|are opting to test these|have decided to test them} out {for|to see if they can benefit}|for to see if they will benefit|as a way to prove they are beneficial to} {themselves|them|their own benefit}.
  • {The {most well built|best constructed|highest quality} solar panels|The most well-constructed, best constructed and highest quality solar panels|Solar panels that are constructed to the highest standards} are {{very hardy|extremely durable|very durable} and{ can|| will}|extremely durable and durable. They can|very durable, extremely hardy and} last for {{a long time|quite a while|a long period} {if they are well|provided they are|when they are properly} {taken care of|maintained}|quite a long time if properly maintained and taken care of|a long time, if taken care of properly and maintained}.
  • {The weather {around the area|conditions around the area|in the region} {in which you are utilizing|that you’re using|where you’re using} {the solar panels will|the solar panels can|solar panels can}|solar panels could|solar panels may} {{have a large effect on|influence|affect} {how long|the length of time} {your solar panels are going|the solar panels will|your solar panels are likely} to|have a significant impact on how long your solar panels|influence the length of time your solar panels will} last. {{Wear and tear can cause|The wear and tear of the panels can lead to|Wear and tear could cause} {some major issues|serious problems|many issues} {if you don’t keep track|when you aren’t aware|in the event that you do not keep track} of how|The wear and tear on the solar panels could result in serious issues if you do not track|If you don’t track how}{{ well that| well|} {they are doing in|they’re performing over|they’re doing over} {a period of time|the course of|the time}|you’re tracking how well they’re performing in|they’re working over a time period}.
    • Fun fact{: Sometimes, solar panels| Solar panels can| Sometime, solar panels} in space {get|are|can be} damaged by {comets, meteorites|meteorites, comets}{,|} {and|as well as|or} other “space junk{;|}” {this requires the astronauts|it is therefore necessary for astronauts|this is why astronauts are required} to{ go out and|| be on the lookout and} {make the proper repairs when|repair the damaged area if|do the repairs} {necessary|needed|required}.

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{Advantages|Benefits|The benefits} of Solar Energy

  1. {Renewable and Sustainable|Green and Renewable|Renewable and sustainable} {:|} {Solar {power is renewable and sustainable|power is sustainable and renewable|energy is renewable and sustainable}|Renewable and Sustainable|Sustainable and Renewable}. {{Sun is going to|The sun will|The sun is set to} shine {till the end|until the end|for the rest} of {this planet|the earth}|The sun will shine until the end of the earth’s life|It is said that the sun will continue to shine for the remainder of this planet}. {{It all depend on us|All depends on|Everything depends on} {how can we make best|to make the best|how we can make the most efficient} {use of resources and use|utilization of our resources and make use of|use of our resources and utilize} {this free source of energy|the sun’s energy source|this energy source for free}|It is our responsibility|The sun’s energy source is free} to {{power our homes and offices|provide power to our offices and homes|create power for our offices and homes}|power our homes and offices, create power for our homes and offices|power our homes, offices, and homes}.
  2. {Power Remote Areas{: This clean| Power Remote Areas: This green| The clean} {and renewable source of|energy source that is renewable and clean|power source, which is also renewable}|Power Remote Areas: This renewable|power remote areas: This clean and renewable source of} {{power|energy} {has proved boon for people|has proven to be a boon for those|is proving to be an asset for those} {living in remote areas and|who live in remote areas and are|living in remote regions and} not {necessarily connected to national|necessarily connected to the national|always connected to the national}|power source has proven to be beneficial to those who live in remote regions.|Power Remote Areas: This renewable source of energy has proved to be a boon to} {{grid|grids}|grids|grid grids}.
  3. {{No Pollution|Zero Pollution|No pollution}{: Solar energy is silent| Solar energy is quiet| Solar energy is completely silent} and {produces no|does not cause any|doesn’t cause any} {pollution at all|pollutant at all|pollution whatsoever}|pollutant whatsoever|There is no pollution whatsoever}. {This is {one of the|a|the} {big reason why it|major reasons why it|main reasons that solar energy}|It is one of the main reasons solar energy|The main reason solar energy} is {{favored by many|loved by a lot of|popular with a large number of} people {all around the world|from all over the world|around the globe}|loved by many and admired by millions of people from all over the world|highly regarded by people all over the globe}.
  4. Surplus Electricity: {The surplus electricity|The excess electricity|Electricity surplus} {that is generated can|generated could} be {send back|returned} to the {power grid and|grid power system and|power grid , and} you {can get rebate in|could receive a rebate on|will receive a credit on} your {monthly electricity bill|electricity bill each month|electricity bill for the month}.
  5. {{Reduce Electricity Bills|Lower Electricity Costs|Reduce your Electricity Bills}{: The electricity that is| The electricity| Electricity that is} {generated|produced} can be|produced can be|generated or produced is} {{used|utilized} to power {fans, lights|lights, fans|lighting, fans}{, charge mobiles and much| as well as charge mobile phones and| also charge mobiles, and}|used to power mobile phones, lights, lights, mobiles and|utilized to power lights, phones, fan lights, chargers and} {more|many more|other things}. {{It is free, renewable|It’s free, renewable|It’s renewable, free}{, can be produced| and can be generated| and is produced} {on demand and also helps|upon demand, and helps|at any time and can help} you {to bring down|reduce|lower}|It is free, renewable and low-cost.|The electricity that is generated is free and renewable.} {{your monthly electricity bill|the monthly cost of electricity|the cost of your electricity}|the cost of electricity in your monthly bill|your monthly electricity bill}.
  6. {Low {Maintenance: Solar panels when|maintenance: Solar panels, once|Maintenance: Solar panels once} installed{, require little| require minimal|, require very little}|They require only minimal|Very little} or {{no|any|minimal} maintenance|require no maintenance at all|no maintenance}. They {{require cleaning only few|need to be cleaned only a few|only require cleaning a couple of} times {a year|per year|throughout the year}|require minimal cleaning|only require cleaning once a year or throughout the year}.
  7. {Job|Employment|Jobs} Creation{: The solar energy sector| Solar Energy: The solar energy industry| The solar energy sector} {has open tremendous opportunities for|offers a wealth of opportunities to|provides a wide range of opportunities for} {people|individuals}. {{Without doubt, it|It|In fact, it} has {slightly reduced the|a slight reduction in the|reduced the overall} {unemployment rate in a country|unemployment rate of a nation|level of unemployment in a particular country}|It has, without doubt, reduced the unemployment rate of a specific country|The fact is, it has}.

{Disadvantages|Advantages and disadvantages|Negatives} of Solar Energy

  1. Initial Investment: {An initial|A first} investment is {what is required|necessary|needed} {if you need|in order|when you want} to harness {energy from|the energy of} the sun. {{This cost can however|The cost could|It is possible to} {pay itself in 10-15 years|be paid back in a 10-15 year|be paid off in a 10-year} {time frame depending|timeframe, based|period, depending} {on the amount of|upon the quantity of|how much}|The amount of|It is a matter of how much} energy {{harnessed and|harnessed as well as|that is harnessed and} the {money saved in buying|savings made by purchasing|amount of money saved by not having to purchase} electricity|is harnessed, and the amount of savings made by not needing to purchase electricity|harnessed and harnessed} {from {local|the local|your local} grid|locally or from the local grid|by a local grid}.

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  1. {{Available During|It is available during|It’s available in} Daytime{: Solar energy| The solar energy source| Solar energy} {can only be harnessed|is only available} {during daytime|in the daytime|during the daytime}|It is only available during the daytime or in the daytime|In the daytime, it is only available}. {This {simply means you can|means that you can|basically means you are able to} {use this source of energy|make use of this energy source|utilize this energy source} for {half a day only|a half-day only|only half of the day}|It is essentially saying that you are able to use this source of energy for only half|This basically means that you’re able to}.
  2. {{Not Effective During Cloudy|Ineffective in the cloudy|Unsuitable for use in cloudy} or {Rainy|rainy} Seasons{: Cloudy and rainy| Rainy or cloudy| The cloudy and rainy}|It is said that the rainy and cloudy|clouds and rainy} seasons {{reduce the effectiveness|can reduce the efficiency|decrease the effectiveness} {of solar panels|for solar panel|the solar panels}|can reduce the effectiveness of solar panels|the solar panels|may reduce the effectiveness or efficiency of solar panels|for solar panels|the solar panels}. {This is {the reason why|why|the reason}|The reason|This is the reason why} solar energy {{is not successful|isn’t as effective|fails} in {areas where it remains|regions that are|regions where it is}|isn’t effective or efficient in regions that are|isn’t successful or isn’t efficient in areas that are} {{cloudy for most of|mostly cloudy during|in the cloud for the majority of} the {time of the year|time|the year}|cloudy throughout the year|in the cloud throughout the year}.
  3. {Large Setup Required|Large-scale setup is required|A Large Setting-up is Required}{: For a large business| for a business| If you are a large company} owner, a {huge|large|massive} {setup may be required|installation may be needed|set-up may be required} {to harness solar energy|for harnessing solar power|in order to make use of solar energy} {as|since|because} {its demand for energy may|the demand for energy could|the energy demand could} be {more which may not|higher than what can|greater than that which might not} {get fulfilled|be met|be fulfilled} {by installing solar panels just|with solar panels installed|by installing solar panels} {at the rooftops|on the roofs|at the roofs}.
  4. {{Expensive Storage|Costly Storage|High-cost storage}{: The energy harnessed from| The energy gathered from| The energy generated by} the sun {needs to|must|has to}|must|need to} be stored in{{ the|}|the|} batteries {{to make it|in order to be|so that it is} {available for use later|accessible for later use|usable later on} {at home or office|at work or home|in the office or at home}|in order to make it available for later use|to ensure it’s available for later use}. The {{cost|price}|cost|price} of these batteries {{may|can|could} {influence a buyer’s decision|affect a purchaser’s decision|determine a consumer’s choice}|could influence a buyer’s decision|can influence a person’s decision} to {{go for|invest in|opt for} solar {power|energy}|invest in solar energy or power|choose to invest in or purchase solar power}.

{There are {a number of|many|numerous} {things that solar power is|applications that solar power can be|uses for solar power that it can be} {|It is possible to use solar power for a variety of things, and they can be|The solar power has a myriad of uses that it could be}{sed for, and as|used for, and|utilized for, and}{|utilized|utilized|used} {for|to power|to serve}. As|employed for, and as} {the technology continues to move|the technology advances|technology progresses} forward,{ even|} more {of those things|possibilities|of these} {will come to light|will be revealed|are going to be discovered} and it will {become|be} {a lot easier for us|much easier|more simple for us} to {snatch the power from|harness the power of|get the power of} the sun{ and use| and utilize|, and then use} it to power {everything that|all the devices|the things} we {have|own}. {{It is really|It’s really|It’s extremely} {smart and innovative to go|clever and ingenuous to go|intelligent and creative to venture} {out and invest in these technologies|to invest your money in this technology|into the market and make investments in such technologies} {as they continue to move|as they continue to advance|in the future as they continue to progress} forward|It is|As they advance,}{{ and change|, and transform| and alter} {the way that we look|our way of looking|how we look} at and {embrace|interact with|accept}|as they alter the way we interact with|and modify the way we perceive, interact with and accept} the world {{around|that surrounds}|around|that surrounds} us.



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