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{{What|What is}|What is HTML0?|What's the What's} Solar Energy is made of?

{{What|What is}|What is HTML0?|What's the What's} Solar Energy is made of?

{You {may have seen|might have seen|may have noticed} solar panels {installed|being installed|that were installed}|There are solar panels being installed|They were being installed} by your neighbors{{ and|, and you} {are now considering|are considering|might be thinking about}|and|, and are thinking of} {{installing one for yourself|getting one for yourself|the installation of one for your own}|installing one yourself or getting one installed for your home|installing one on your own or for a friend’s house}. {You {may wonder|might be wondering|may be asking}|You might be thinking|There is a possibility that you are wondering}, “What are solar panels {{made from|made of|constructed of}|made of|constructed of}? ” and “How {{are they made|do they get made|are they constructed}|are they made? How do they get constructed|are they made}? “

{Most people accept|The majority of people believe|Many people think} {that solar panels are functional|that solar panels work|the fact that solar panels function} and {that is|that’s} all they {need|require} to {know|be aware of}. {But|However}{, for| for| there are} those who are {scientifically and technologically|technologically and scientifically} {curious about the components|interested in the components|interested in the elements} and {materials of|the materials used in|materials that make up} {each|every} solar panel, {there is|there’s} {a whole world of information|an entire world of information|plenty of information available}.

{{Continue reading to find out|Read on to learn|Continue reading to learn}|Continue reading to know|Learn} more about the {{components|various components|elements}|various components|components, elements and components} of {{a solar panel|the solar panel|solar panels}|a solar panel|solar panels|a solar panel or solar panels}. {Or click below for|Click here for|You can also click here to get} {more information from a top-rated|additional information from a highly-rated|more details from a top-rated} solar installer.

{{What are solar cells|How do solar cells work?|Which are the solar cells} {made|composed} of|What are solar cells|What are solar cell}?

{Although it might look like|While it may appear to be|Although it appears to be} {one large block of material|an enormous block of material|one big block of materials} when you {see|look at|view} {a solar panel in person|the solar panel in person|an actual solar panel}{, there are many| There are a variety of| there are many} {chemical components and materials|chemicals and substances} {that make up|which make up|that comprise} solar panels. Each {component is crucial for|of them is essential for|element is vital to} the efficient and {effective|efficient} conversion of sunlight {to provide|into} electricity.

{For starters, almost all|To begin, the majority of|In the beginning, nearly all} solar {photovoltaic panels|panels|photovoltaic solar panels} (PV) {use|make use of|utilize} {crystalline silicon wafers for|silicon wafers that are crystalline as|silicon wafers with crystalline structure as} their {main component|primary component|primary} material. {About 95% of the|Around 95% of|The majority of} solar panels {currently|that are currently|available} {on the market are made|in the market are constructed|being sold are constructed} {from|of|out of} silicon. {The remaining|A further|Other} 5% {use|utilize|are made of} {experimental and in-development|research and development|the latest and experimental} solar energy {technologies such as|technologies , such as|technology, like} organic {photovoltaic cells|solar cells|photovoltaic cell}.

The silicon semiconductors{ used| that are used|} in solar panels {create electricity|generate electricity|produce electricity}. {When the material is exposed to sunlight|If the panel is subjected to light|In the event that the semiconductor is exposed to sun}{,|} electrons {are released|escape|release} from the {material|surface|materials}. This is {what gives rise|the reason why they give rise|what leads} to electricity. {This is the photovoltaic process|It is called photovoltaic|This is the photovoltaic method}{, and it is how| which is the way| and is the method by which} solar panels {generate electricity|produce electricity|create electricity}.

{The solar PV cells|Solar PV panels|These solar cells} {will not|won’t} be able {to provide power|to generate power|provide electricity} {for your home without other|to your home without the other|for your home without additional} {operational components such as|essential components like|operating components, such as} {glass, metal, and|glass, metal, or|metal, glass, and} wiring. {The solar panels are|Solar panels|These solar cells are} {usually|typically|generally} {covered with a layer of|coated with|covered by a layer of} glass{ and an antireflective coating|, and an antireflective coating| and an antireflective layer} {that protects the sensitive|which protects the|which shields the sensitive} silicon solar cell{ while still|, while| but} {letting the sunlight|allowing sunlight to pass|let the sun’s light} through.

The {entire arrangement can be|whole arrangement is|entire setup can be} supported by a {polymer/plastic frame|frame made of plastic or polymer|plastic/polymer frame} {that can be installed|which can be erected|which is able to be put up} on {a roof or in|the roof or as|a roof or} {a ground-mounted system|an underground-mounted system|the form of a ground-mounted structure}. Solar panels, {especially|particularly|specifically} {in the energy sector|in the energy industry|for the energy sector}{, come in many| are available in a variety of| can be found in various} {styles, sub-components, and|designs, styles, and sub-components.|types, designs, and} {designs|styles}.

{The photovoltaic effect{, monocrystalline,|, monocrystalline| monocrystalline,}|Monocrystalline | monocrystalline|Monocrystalline| monocrystalline} multi-crystalline{{, and thin film|, and thin-film| and thin film} solar cells|, thin-film|, and solar cells on thin films|, thin film|, as well as thin-film solar cells}

There are many {parts|components|aspects} {to|of|that make up} solar photovoltaics. {The most important is the|The most significant is|Most important are} silicon cells. Silicon (atomic number 14 on {a|the} periodic table) is a nonmetal{ that| which|, which} {has conductive properties|is conductive}. It {can convert|is able to convert|converts} {sunlight into electricity|the sunlight to electricity|light into electrical energy}.

The interaction {of light with|between light and} silicon cells {causes electrons to|triggers electrons to|causes electrons} move, which{ in turn|} {initiates|creates|generates} {electricity|the creation of electricity|electric current}. This phenomenon is {called the|known as|referred to as} “photovoltaic {effects|effect|results}. “

{But, just|However,|But, only} silicon cells {can’t|aren’t able to|cannot} {generate|produce|create} electricity {for|to power} your home. {The silicon cells|These silicon cell|Silicon cells} are {connected|attached|linked} to {a metal case and wire|wire and a case made of metal|an aluminum case and wire}{, which allows| that allows| which allow} the electrons {of|from|in} {the solar cell to escape|the cell’s solar cells to move away|silicon cells escape}{ and provide| and generate|, and to provide} {useful power|the necessary power|an energy source that is useful}.

There are three {types|kinds} {of silicon cell structures|of structures for silicon cells|in silicon cell structure}: monocrystalline{,|} polycrystalline{ and|, and} {amorphous|Amorphous|an amorphous}. {Most commonly used|The most common use is|They are most commonly found} in {thin film|thin-film} solar {cells|cells}.

Monocrystalline silicon panels

{These are made|They are composed|They are constructed} {of one|from one|of a single} crystal. {These panels have energy efficiency|They are energy efficient|They have a high energy efficiency}{, but are also| however they are also| but they also are} the most {costly|expensive}. {Monocrystalline solar panels are|Solar panels that are monocrystalline|The monocrystalline panels} {made|constructed|created} {from one|of a single|out of one} silicon block.

They {are also available|also come} in {silicon wafer format|the form of silicon wafers|silicon wafer form}. Each {wafer of silicon|silicon wafer} is cut {and glued onto|into pieces and then glued to|and then glued on} {a|the|an aluminum} panel. Monocrystalline silicon cells {perform better|are more efficient|work better} than polycrystalline {and amorphous solar|and amorphous|or amorphous solar} cells. Monocrystalline wafers {are more labor-intensive|require more work|take more time to produce} {than polycrystalline ones|as compared to polycrystalline wafers|in comparison to polycrystalline}, {which makes|making} {them more expensive to produce|them more costly to manufacture|the process more costly}.

Monocrystalline cells {are associated with|are a part of|have a} {premium [xfield_company] panels’|high-end [xfield_company] panels’|premium panels from [xfield_company] with a} {sleek|elegant|stylish} appearance. They {have a distinctive|are distinguished by their|sport a distinct} black {look|appearance}.

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Polycrystalline silicon solar panels

{{These are made|They are composed|They’re made up} {of multiple silicon crystals that|of several silicon crystals that|from multiple silicon crystals which} {have been bonded|are bonded|are joined} together|They’re composed of multiple silicon crystals, which have been bonded and joined|The }. {Although they aren’t as efficient|While they’re not as efficient|Although they’re not as effective} as monocrystalline panels{{ in terms of|, in terms of| in terms} {efficiency, they can be|effectiveness, they can be|efficiency, they can still be} {used as rooftop solar panels|utilized as solar panels for rooftops|used to create rooftop solar panels}|in terms of|, when it comes to}.

They are {similar to|like} silicon cells{ but are made|, but they are created|, however they are constructed} by melting {multiple|several} silicon crystals{ together|}. The panel is {made up|composed|comprised} of {many silicon molecules that|several silicon molecules which} are then {melted together|combined}.

Monocrystalline cells {are more efficient|have higher efficiency} panels than polycrystalline {cells but|ones, but they|cells , however they} are also {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable}. They are {often|frequently|usually} {associated with [xfield_company]’s aesthetic|linked to the aesthetics of [xfield_company]|connected with the design of [xfield_company]}.

{Thin film solar cells are|Solar cells made of thin films are|The thin film solar cells} {made|composed|constructed} of {amorphous|Amorphous|an amorphous} silicon. {They are the most flexible and efficient solar panels|These are among the solar panel’s most flexible, efficient and durable|The most flexible solar cells are also the best}{,|} {but|however,|however} they {also have the lowest efficiency|also have the lowest efficiency}.

{{Why are solar panels|What is the reason solar panels are|Why do solar panels have to be} made {with|of|from} {silicone|silicon}|What is the purpose of solar panels|Why do solar panels need to be made of silicone|silicon}?

Silicone {is|has been|can be described as} the {{most common|most popular|primary}|most popular and widely used primary|most common, popular, and primary} material {{used in the creation|that is used for the construction|used in the production} {of solar panels|for solar panel}|used in the design of solar panels|that is utilized in the manufacture of solar panels}. The {natural question that arises|obvious question|most obvious question} is{{ why|: why|, why}|: Why?, What’s the reason|why}? {For most of the history|In the majority of the time|Through the entire history} of {{the solar industry,|solar technology,|the solar industry} {silicone|silicon} {has been the semiconductor material|was the semiconductor material|is the semiconductor material used} {for solar PV panels|that solar panels are made of|to make solar PV panels}|solar technology, the solar panel is made of|the solar industry, solar PV panels have been made from}.

  • {Silicone was discovered to have|Silicone has been discovered to possess|It was found that silicon has} {a variety of|many|numerous} desirable {properties, making|characteristics, making|properties, which makes} it {an ideal candidate for|a perfect material for|the ideal material to play} {this role as|this function as|the role of} {a semiconductor solar panel|an ideal semiconductor solar panel|the semiconductor solar panel’s} material.
  • Silicone is {a cost-effective|an affordable|an inexpensive} {elemental material that is readily|elemental material that is easily|basic material that is readily} {available|accessible}. This {makes it|is why it is} {ideal for large-scale projects|perfect for large-scale projects|suitable for large-scale construction projects}.
  • {Silicone is{ very| extremely|} {easy to optimize|simple to tune|easy to adjust}|easy to tune, simple to tune and easy to adjust|It is simple to tune} {{chemically and electronically for|both electronically and chemically for|chemically and electronically to create} photovoltaic {effects that absorb|effects that convert|reactions that convert} sunlight {into|and convert it into|and convert it to}|chemically and electronically to convert sunlight into|both electronically and chemically to convert sunlight into} electricity.
  • Silicone is a {component material|material component|key component} {that has a long|with a long|that has a lengthy} {life span, which makes|lifespan, which makes|time span of life, making} {solar panels investment even more|the investment in solar panels|solar panels investments even more} {worthwhile|profitable|worth it}.

{How {are solar panels|do solar panels are|do solar panels get} {made|constructed}|How are solar panels constructed|What is the process of making solar panels}?

Solar panels {are composed of|consist of|comprise} {monocrystalline and polycrystalline|polycrystalline and monocrystalline} silicon solar cells{ soldered together| that are soldered together|, which are joined}{, then sealed under| and then sealed with| before being sealed with} {an anti reflective coating or glass|glass or an anti-reflective coating.|an anti reflection coating, or glass} {covering|cover|coating}.

The photovoltaic effect {begins|starts|occurs} when sunlight hits{ the|} solar cells. This is {when electricity is|the time when electricity is|when electricity gets} {generated|produced}. {These are the five main|The following are the five major|There are five primary} steps {to making|involved in making|in the making of} {a solar panel|solar panels|the solar panel}.

{1|1}. Solar cells {{made easy|made simple|that make it easy}|made simple, easy to use and easy to understand.|are made simple and simple to use.}

  1. To create a solar panel, combine solar cells

{3|3}. {{Install a frame|Frame|Set up a frame}|Install a frame|Frame|Set-up a frame|Install a frame, frame,}{, back sheet, and| with back sheet and| as well as a back sheet.} {{ront glass layer||The front glass layer is|Front glass layer}the {front layer of glass|glass’s front surface|front glass layer}{|an upper front-facing glass|with a front facing upper|an upper front-facing glass} }.

{4|4}. {Install a junction box|Set up a junction box|Connect a box to a circuit}

  1. {Qualitative testing|Testing for quality}

The {manufacturing process|process of manufacturing|process of making solar panels} {has been simplified and standardized|is now streamlined and standard} {because of the sheer|due to the huge|because of the large} {number of solar panels required|amount of solar panels needed|quantity of solar panels required} to meet the {increasing|growing|ever-growing} global demand.

The process of {creating|making} silicon cells {involves melting silicone|involves melting the|is to melt the} material{ and adding supportive|, and then adding supporting| and adding support} elements. {The sheets are then cut into|They are cut in|These sheets then are made into} {component|components|individual} cells. This {step is often|process is commonly|is sometimes} {referred to as|called|known as} {mass production or laser cutting|the laser cutting or mass production|Laser cutting, or mass production}{ in order|} to speed up {manufacturing|the manufacturing process|the process of manufacturing}.

{{After the cells have been|Once the cells are|When the cells are} {finished, a protective layer|completed, a protective layer|completed, a protective coating} is {applied to protect|put on top to shield|put on them to guard}|The protective layer is applied to them to shield|It is then placed on top of them to protect} {{them|the cells}|the cells}. {This could be either|It could be|This can be} {glass or plastic|plastic or glass}.

{After|Once} the solar cells {have been|are} {created, they must|constructed, they need to|made, they must} be {connected in the correct|joined in the right|connected according to the proper} {size, shape,|dimensions, shape,|dimension, shape} and {configuration|layout|arrangement}. {Manufacturers solder the solar cells|The solar cells are soldered by the manufacturer|Manufacturers connect the solar cells} {to the base|to the bottom|onto the base} of a {panel made from|panel that is made of|solar panel constructed of} {a conductive metallic|an conductive metal|metal that is conductive}.

{The base houses the cells|It houses cells|This base is where the cells are}{,|} and {transfers the electricity generated|then transfers the power generated|transmits the electricity produced} to {one|a specific|a particular} {location|area|place}. It {can be sent|could be pumped|can be fed} {into a building or into|to a building or|into a structure or} {a local electrical grid|an electrical grid in the local area|an electrical grid that is local to the area}.

The only {thing {left to do|to do|left}|thing left to do|remaining thing to do} is {{connect the module to|to connect the module to|connect the module with} the {outer polymer frame|frame made of polymer|polymer frame that surrounds it}|to connect the module to the frame made of polymer or polymer that surrounds it|to connect the module}. {This holds the panel|The frame holds the panel in place|This is what holds the panel together} and {{insulates electrical energy|protects the electrical|shields electrical energy} components|shields electrical energy components|it isolates electrical energy|protects electrical energy|shields}. {Finally|In the end|Then}{, you can cover everything| you can protect everything| you can cover the entire panel} {with a {protective glass layer|glass-like protective layer|glass cover}|by a protective glass layer or glass-like cover|with a glass-like protective layer}.

{{Finally, the manufacturers pack|Then, the manufacturer packs|In the end, the manufacturer will pack} the panels {and ship|and send|before shipping}|and send them before shipping|Then, they will ship} {{them to the installers|their panels to installers|these to contractors}|their panels to contractors, and then to installers|the panels to contractors}.

{Are|Do|Is} Solar Panels {{Eco-Friendly to Make|eco-friendly to make|Green to Build}|Eco-friendly to build|eco-friendly to construct}?

{{Although solar power is often|While solar power is typically|While solar power is generally} {viewed as a source of|considered to be a source of|thought of as a source for} {renewable energy in|sustainable energy, in|green energy within}|green energy within} {a {world|globe|planet} {that is rapidly undergoing|which is rapidly experiencing|that is undergoing rapid} {climate change, critics will|changes in climate, critics will|the effects of climate change, some critics} {point out the environmental impacts|draw attention to the negative environmental effects|highlight the environmental consequences}|an environment|green energy within} {{of solar panel manufacturing|of the production of solar panels|from the manufacturing of solar panels}|of solar panel manufacturing, of the production of solar panels|from solar panel production|from the manufacture of solar panels}.

The {manufacturing process of|process of manufacturing|manufacturing process for} solar {panels has become|panel has evolved to be|panels is becoming} more {environmentally|eco|ecologically} {friendly over the past several|sustainable over the last few|green over the last couple of} {decades|years}.

This was {demonstrated|evident|proven} {in an academic study which|by an academic study that|by an academic study, which} {found|discovered|revealed} {a|an|that there was a} “strong downward {trend in environmental impact|trend in the environmental impact|tendency in the impact on the environment}” {due to|because of} {solar panel production between 1975-2015|solar panel production from 1975 to 2015|the production of solar panels between 1975 and 2015}. {This rate of improvement|The rate of improvement|The improvement rate} has not {slowed|diminished|decreased} {in recent years|over the last few years|in the past few years}.

All major solar producers continue to prioritize finding the most environmentally-friendly materials and production processes.

Manufacturers are {actively considering|currently examining|currently looking into} {end-of-life considerations for|the possibility of extending the life of|issues related to the end of life of} solar panels{, and| and|. {They} have {developed ways to recycle|come up with ways to recycle|devised ways to reuse}|Theyhave come up with methods to recycle their|They’ve come up with innovative ways to reuse solar} panels{{ as well as|, as well as| and} their components{, to reduce|, in order to lessen| to minimize}|as well as|, and their components, to decrease|, and also their components. They are trying to minimize} {{heir environmental impact||their environmental impact.}{the environmental impact of their products|impacts on the environment of their goods|that their product’s environmental footprint}{||}{the impact on the environment|their impact on the environment.|the environmental impact of their products} }.|the environmental impact of their products.|and the environment.} {{There is no free lunch|There’s no free lunch}|There is no free lunch|The cost of a meal is not free}.

{{Producing|The production of|Making} any {product|item|kind of product} {requires energy and resources|needs energy, resources and time|takes energy as well as resources}|The process requires energy, resources, and time|It requires energy, resources and time}. This {means that the process adds|means that the process releases|implies that the process will release} carbon dioxide {{into|to}|into} {the atmosphere|in the air|to the environment}. {That is exactly|This is precisely} {what|the issue|the problem} {{renewable energy is trying|Renewable energy is trying|the renewable energy industry is looking} {to reduce|to cut down on|reduce}|the renewable energy industry is trying to reduce, cut back on or decrease|renewable energy is trying to cut down on}.

{Although solar panels do|While solar panels|While solar panels can} {have an environmental impact|create environmental impacts|have an impact on the environment}{, the construction| however, the building| but the development} of power plants{ or|, or} wind turbines{, as well| as well|, as} {as the extraction and burning|in the burning and extraction|being the burning} of fossil fuels{ and|, and| as well as} other {methods of creating|ways of producing|methods for creating} {useful energy all have their|efficient energy all come with|useful energy all have} environmental {costs|cost|impacts}.

{Solar panels {have a 25-year lifespan|last for 25 years|can last for 25 years}{, so| which means that| and therefore}|the impact of solar panels|they are able to last for 25 years, and thus} the environmental impact {{is spread over|is spread out over|can be spread over} {a longer period|more time|an extended period}|is spread over a longer time period|can be spread out over a longer period of time or over a longer}. {However, the actual electricity|But the actual electricity|However, the actual power} production {{does not require any|doesn’t require any|is not dependent on}|isn’t dependent on any|does not require any} {fuel|energy sources|the use of fuel}. The {net impact|impact net|total impact} {{of solar panels over|on solar panel over|for solar panels during} {their lifetime|the course of their life|their lifespan} is {lower than any|less than that of any|much less than} {other energy source|other source of energy|other energy source}|on solar panels|of solar panels over|on solar panels over|for other energy sources over}.

{This is due to the|It is due to|The reason for this is the} {continuous|constant|ongoing} {improvement in solar technologies|advancement in solar technology|development of solar technologies}{, supply chains,| as well as supply chains| supply chains, solar energy,} and recycling {programs|programs}.

{{Are you able to make|Do you have the ability to create|Do you have the capability to build} {your own solar panel|the solar panels of your very own|an own solar power panel}?|Do you have the capacity to construct|Are you able to build your own solar power system?}

{If {you are thinking of|you’re thinking about|you’re considering} {installing solar,|installing solarpanels,|solar installation,} there|There|It is important to know that there} are {{many factors|a variety of factors|many aspects} to {consider, such as|take into consideration, including|think about, including}|many factors to consider, which include|numerous factors to think about, like} warranties{{, longevity, efficiency,| and longevity, efficiency,| as well as longevity, efficiency} and {cost|price|the cost}|, longevity, and efficiency, as well as cost and price|, long-term, efficient}.

{ {Our|The|This}| The|”Our|The|This”} Solar Calculator can give you {{a customized estimate of|an estimate that is customized to|an estimated estimate of} {how much a solar installation|the amount a solar installation|how much solar installations} will cost{ depending on where| based on where|, based on the location}|the exact location in which|an estimate based on the area in which} {you {live and what type|live and the type|reside and the kind} {of roof you have|of roof you have|of roof you’ve got}|where you live, the type of roof you’ve got, and your residence as well as|that you reside in, as well as the type of house you own, or the one you}.

[xfield_company{]|[xfield_company]|The [xfield_company]} Solar Marketplace allows homeowners to {request|solicit} solar quotes from{ pre-screened|} local installers.

Are you a {good|suitable|great} {candidate for solar energy?|potential solar power user?|person to be a solar-powered energy}

Solar {energy is becoming more|power is becoming increasingly|power is becoming more} {popular as power companies look|sought-after by power companies as they seek|well-known as power companies seek} {to combat climate change,|to fight climate change|at ways to tackle climate change} and {eco-conscious consumers realize|environmentally conscious consumers are beginning to realize|conscious consumers recognize} the {benefits of producing|advantages of producing|advantages of generating} their own {electricity|power}.

{Although it was only|While it was|Even though it was just} {a small blip on|an insignificant blip on the|one tiny blip in the} radar {in|back in the year|during} 2010,{ the|} U.S. solar energy capacity has {increased by 50 percent|grown by 50%|grown by 50 percent} {over the past decade|in the last decade|in the past 10 years} to {nearly|close to|almost} 76 gigawatts. This is{ enough to generate|} enough{ energy to generate|| energy to} {power for 19,000,000|electricity for 19 million|the power needed by 19,000,000} {households|households}.

{{Many people have seen|A lot of people have witnessed|Many have observed} {this shift toward|the shift towards|this trend towards} renewable energy|This trend toward renewable energy has been observed by many|The trend towards renewable energy is well-known to many}. {They see their neighbors buying|Their neighbors are buying|People see their neighbors purchasing} photovoltaic {{cells and they even|panels and|solar cells, and they} drive {by|through|past}|cells and even solar panels, and drive through past|cells, as well as solar panels and solar cells. They even drive past} {solar farms|the solar farm|sun farms}. {Is solar the right choice|Are solar panels the best option|Are solar farms the right option} for you?

{{Many homeowners are influenced by|A lot of homeowners are influenced by|Many homeowners are influenced} the {cost of their home|price of their house|cost of their homes}|The cost of their homes, the price of their houses, and their mortgages are all factors|Many homeowners are influenced by the cost of their home, their house, or the cost of}.



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