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Why should you consider going Solar?

Why should you consider going Solar?

Here are {some reasons why|a few reasons|a few good reasons} you should {consider|think about|look into} {going solar|going solar}.

  • Storm Ready – 100% Power Access {if paired to|when paired with a|if connected to} {power|the power|an energy} storage device
  • {Reduce or eliminate your electricity|Eliminate or reduce your electric} bill
  • Earn significant long-term return on investment
  • Stop {rising energy prices in|the rising prices for energy in the|the rise in energy prices in the} future
  • {Increase property values|Property values increase|The value of property will increase}
  • 30% tax credit for qualified expenditures

Other Benefits you should consider

Solar {has many other|offers many additional|can provide many} {benefits beyond its environmental and|advantages that go beyond its environmental and|benefits that go beyond its environmental or} financial {benefits|advantages}. There are {many other|many more|numerous other} {reasons to go solar|benefits to going solar|advantages to using solar}.

{Going solar can help boost|Solar energy can boost|Going solar can benefit} {your local economy|the local economy|the local economy,} {by creating local jobs|by creating jobs locally|through the creation of local jobs}. According to {The|the} Solar Foundation’s {annual|Annual|most recent} Solar Jobs Census report, more than {a quarter of a|quarter of a|quarter} million people {work in|are employed in|are employed by} the solar {industry|sector}. {You’re also helping to|Additionally, you’re helping|It also helps} create {local jobs|jobs locally} {by investing|through investing|when you invest} in solar.

Average Solar Panel Cost

[xfield_company]{,| is| [xfield_company],} {a marketplace provider of|an online marketplace for|market-based provider of} solar panels, {reported|announced|revealed} {that in 2018,|2018 that|it was in 2018} the {average|median} {price for|cost of|cost for} solar {panels in|panel systems in|panels sold in} [xfield_company]{was|is|were} $2.72 {per|for a|each} watt. {According to data from across|Based on data from all over|Based on the data of all across} the {country, a|nation, a|United States, the} {typical|standard|average} U.S. system is 5 {kilowatts|Kilowatts} (5000 {watts|Watts|power units}). {Before rebates and|Prior to rebates and|In the absence of rebates or} incentives, a {5|five} Kilowatt solar {panel system|array|system for solar panels} {in|located in|situated in} Las Vegas would cost $13,600. One reason to {consider|think about} {an array like this|such a system|the possibility of such an array} is {a|the possibility of a|one called a} “power wall”{, which can store| that can hold| which could store} {as much as|up to|more than} 13.500 Kilowatts. {A power wall costs $7,000|The price for a power wall is $7,000|Power wall prices start at $7,000}. {Installation is included in|The installation is part of|Installing is covered in} the {price|cost}. {These costs include installation|The cost of installation is included in the price|This includes installation}. There is a{ 30%|} {tax rebate incentive|reward for tax-free|incentives for tax refunds}.

What factors impact the price of solar panels?

{A lot|There is a lot that|Much} {goes into the price that|is involved in the cost that|goes into the price} {a solar installer will charge|an installer of solar will charge|the solar installer charges} you. Solar {installations are an individual|panels are an individual|panels are a unique} product. The {price|cost} you {pay for them will depend|have to pay for them will be contingent|are paying for them will depend} on {your particular situation and|the specific circumstances of your situation as well as|your specific situation and} other {factors such as|aspects like|elements like} {how much electricity you use|the amount of electricity you consume|the amount of energy you use} and {the property|the size of your property|your property}. These are the {main|major|primary} {factors that will impact|elements that affect|elements that impact} the {price|cost} of solar panels {on|for|that you install on} your property.

  • {System size: The larger|Size of the system: The bigger} {your solar panel system is|the solar panel system you have|your solar panel system}{, the more expensive| larger, the more costly| bigger, the more expensive} it will {be|cost}. The {average price per unit|cost per unit average|price per unit is the average} for solar drops {with increasing|increases with|will increase with} {system size|the size of the system}.
  • {Location: Prices vary by|Costs vary from state to|Prices differ by} state due to{ both|} local quoting trends{ as well| aswell|, as well} {as system size differences|the differences in size of systems|variations in the size of the system}. States {with a larger system|that have a larger system|with larger systems} size {will naturally|are likely to|will typically} have lower {average solar costs|solar prices|costs for solar}.
  • {Brand and quality|Quality and brand|The quality and brand} {of the panel:|that the panels are made of:|for the solar panel} {As with|Like|Just like} {any appliance or product|any other appliance or product|every appliance or item}{, solar panels can come| solar panels are available| solar panels come} {in different qualities|with different characteristics|in a variety of qualities}. {This can depend|It is based|It all depends} on the {brand|manufacturer|model and the brand}.
  • {Type of panel: This|The type of panel you choose|The kind of panel used} directly {affects|impacts} the quality of {your|the} installation. {It is usually|It’s usually|It’s typically} monocrystalline{, polycrystalline or| or polycrystalline, but also| or polycrystalline. It can also be} thin-film. {High quality equals higher prices|Quality equals more expensive prices|The higher the quality, the more expensive}.
  • {Roof characteristics: A|The characteristics of a|Solar characteristics: A} solar panel installation {costs more|will cost more|is more expensive} than {just the equipment|the installation itself}. The {difficulty of installation|complexity of the installation|installation difficulty} {will be charged|will be billed|is a cost borne} by {your|the} solar installer. A {complex roof may|complicated roof can|more complex roof could} {increase the cost of|raise the price of|add cost to} your system.
  • Labor: {Each solar company|Every solar company|Each solar business} {charges a different labor rate|has a different cost for labor|offers a different rate of labor} {for their work|to complete their job|in their installation}. {It is possible to|You can|You may} {choose to pay more to|opt to pay more for|decide to pay more money to} {get a company with higher|find a solar company that has better|select a firm with better} {reviews and a faster|ratings and faster|reviews and a quicker} installation time.
  • {Permitting and interconnection|Interconnection and permits|The permit and the interconnection}. {While not a significant|Although not a major|While they are not the most important} {factor, the cost of|element, the cost of|aspect, the cost for} permits {and the interconnection fee|and interconnection fees|as well as the interconnection fee} {will increase the total price|can increase the cost|will add to the overall cost} of your solar {installation|system|project}.
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Net Metering

Net energy metering {is a high|is an|can be described as a high} electricity program {wherein|in which|that requires} your electric {company is required|provider is required|company has} to purchase{ excess|| the excess} solar energy {produced|generated} by {your solar panels at filled|your solar panels at full|solar panels at a set} {electricity rates|electricity prices|electric rates}.

{When your solar energy|If your solar|When your solar power} system {produces|generates} more {power than your|power than the|energy than your} home {uses, it sends|requires, it will send|needs, it transmits} {the excess|the extra|surplus} {electricity|power|energy} {to the|into the|back to} grid. {Your utility then pays|The utility pays|The utility then reimburses} you for {it|the excess power}. {Rooftop solar panels are|Solar panels on rooftops are|The rooftop solar panel is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} {way of saving money by|method of saving money|option to save money} {using|making use of} net {metering|meters}. The {best places|most suitable places|best locations} to {install solar are not|set up solar panels aren’t|put solar panels up are not} {the ones that receive the|those that get the|the ones that receive} most sunlight. {It’s the states with|The states that have|The states with} the {best net-metering policies|most effective net-metering policy|highest net-metering standards}.

[xfield_company] offers net {metering|meters}. {This is an important factor|This is a crucial factor|It is a key element} in the {economics of solar|financials of solar|solar market’s economics} and its {profitability|financial viability|economic viability}. Net metering is {an important|a significant|an essential} {benefit for homeowners who have|benefit for homeowners with|advantage for homeowners who own} {a|an|an installed} solar system. {This will allow|It allows|This allows} homeowners to {receive|get|earn} {credit on their electricity bills|credits on their electricity bills|credits on their electricity bill}{, as they send| when they transmit| by sending} {their solar energy back to|the solar energy back to|their solar energy back} them.

Solar Panel Sizing

{Calculating how many kilowatts you|Knowing how many Kilowatts you|The calculation of how many kilowatts} {will need and the best|require and the ideal|will require and the most suitable} {system size|size of system|size system size} for your {home is essential|home is crucial|house is vital}. [xfield_company] will give you {information|details|data} {on your power consumption for|about your energy consumption over|on the power usage you have used over} the {past|last} {12|twelve} months. If {you plan|you are planning|you’re planning} to {purchase an electric car|buy an electric vehicle|buy an electric car}{, it is important| it is essential| it is crucial} that your system {can|is able to} {handle the greater energy demands|cope with the higher energy demands|take on the increased energy demands}.

Save big with solar rebates and incentives

When {it comes to solar installations|it comes to solar installation|you think about solar installations}{, the most important factors| the most crucial factors| the most important considerations} {are often the long-term return|are usually the long-term returns|tend to be the long-term ROI} of {investment and savings|savings and investment}. {These numbers can be staggering|These numbers can be astonishing|The numbers are often staggering}. Solar panels are {an affordable|a low-cost|a cost-effective} investment. Solar panels are {one of|among} the {best|most profitable} {investments|investment options}. They {offer returns comparable|provide returns that are comparable|can yield returns similar} to traditional investments {like|such as} {stocks and bonds|bonds and stocks}. {An average|A typical} American homeowner {can pay off|will be able to pay off|can pay for} solar panels {in 7 to|between 7 and|within 7 to} 8{, and receive| days and earn| years and get} {a 20% return|an average of 20%|20 percent return} {on their investment|for their money|from their investments}. {Research shows that property values|Research has shown that the value of property|Studies show that property values} {can increase by as much|could increase as high|can rise as much} as 20{%| percent}.

Generator {vs|Vs}. Solar

A {home|house|residence} {in|located in} [xfield_company]{measuring|that is|with a total area of} {6,000 square feet has|6000 square feet comes with|6000 square feet will have} {an average monthly electric bill of \$500|the average electric bills for a month of \$500|electricity bills that average \$500 per month}. {500 dollars per month|$500 per month is the cost|A monthly bill of 500 dollars is} for a {home|house|residence} {in|located in} [xfield_company]{measuring 6,000 sq|that is 6,000 square feet|with a total area of 6,000 sq}. It {would need|will require|would require} {a 36 Kw BU power|an BU power 36 Kw} generator{ unit costing $30,000| that costs $30,000|, which costs $30,000,} to {keep the house functional|ensure the house is functional|maintain the home} {in the event of|even in case of|should there be} {an|a power} {outage|interruption}. {There would also be 10-years|Also, there would be 10 years|Additionally, there would be a 10-year period} of operating {expenses totaling|costs totalling|expenses that total} $6,000. The {generator’s cost would come|cost of the generator would amount|total cost for the generator would be} {to|at} $42,448.25{, which includes| that includes| including} {financing costs and operating expenses|the cost of financing and operating costs|operating and financing costs as well as}. {If you finance the generator|When you loan the generator|In the event that you lease the unit} {over a 10-year period|for a period of 10 years|over a 10 year period}{, the interest rate is| with an interest rate of| and the interest rate is} {4%, the cost|4percent, and the total cost|4.4%, so the price} {would be|will be|is} $42,448.25. {You would also have|Additionally, you would have|In addition, you will need} to {spend approximately $60,000 on|pay approximately $60,000 for|spend around $60,000 on} {electricity over the same time|electricity during the same|electric power over the same} period. {This would mean that|That means|This means that} {you would spend|you’d pay|you’d spend} $10,244.83 {annually|per year|each year}. A {25Kw solar system|solar array of 25KW|25Kw solar panel} {can make the house completely|could make your home completely|can turn your house} energy-independent. Four {power storage walls|storage walls for power|walls of power storage} {make it possible|allow it|enable it} to {be power independent|remain power-free|remain powered} {in the event of|even in case of|during} {an outage|a power outage|power failure}. {$68,000 is the cost of|The cost is $68,000 for|It costs $68,000 to install} {a 25Kw system|25kW systems|the 25kw system}. A 25Kw {system costs $68,000|system will cost you $68,000|power system is priced at $68,000}. {Add $7,000 for|Add $7,000 to|You can add $7,000 for} four {power storage walls|walls of power storage|walls for power storage}. The total cost {would be|is} $96,000. After {adding the 30% tax|including the tax credit of 30%|including the 30% tax} credit, the {total cost|total price|cost} {of the solar panel system|for the solar system|to install the solar panels} {would be|is|will be} \$67,200. If you finance {the solar system|the solar panel|your solar system} {with rebates over a 10-year|by utilizing rebates over a 10-year|through rebates over a 10 year} period{ at|, at| with} {a 4% interest rate|an interest rate of 4|the rate of 4}{, it would cost| that would be| the total cost would be} \$81,644.08. {The annual cost of the solar system|Annually, the cost for the system|For the year, your solar cost} {would be|is|will be} \$8,164.44. {Going solar would lead to|Solar power could result in|Going solar could lead to} \$2,080.90 {per year savings which|annually in savings that|per year in savings, which} {could be used|can be utilized|may be put to use} to {finance|fund|pay for} the system. {This could be paid off|The system could be fully paid|This can be paid back} {in 8 years|over the course of 8 years|in just 8 years}.



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