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Can You Upgrade An Existing Solar System?

{You were eager to put|You’ve always wanted to install|You’ve been aching to put} {a solar panel system|solar panels} {on your business or home|for your home or business|at your place of business or your home} to {produce|generate|create} {clean|green|renewable} energy. {It has been doing|It’s been doing|It’s done} {what it was intended|exactly what it was designed|the job it was meant} to {do: save you|do: save|accomplish: save} {money on your electricity usage|energy costs|the cost of electricity} and {provide power for|supply power to|also provide power for} your home. Sometimes{ things change|, things change|, things shift}. {Perhaps your aging|Maybe your old|Maybe your older} system {doesn’t produce|isn’t producing|isn’t generating} enough solar {power or you|power , or you|energy or} have {introduced new devices|added new gadgets} {to limit its effectiveness|that limit the effectiveness of your system|to reduce its efficiency}. {Or maybe you are|Perhaps you’re|Maybe you’re} {ready to upgrade to something|looking to upgrade to something|in the market for a new upgrade that is} more {powerful|robust|efficient}.

{These are all valid|There are many valid|These are all legitimate} {reasons to upgrade your solar panel system|motives to update your panel|arguments to replace your solar panels}. {When|If} {the time is right|it is time}{, we’ll be there to| we’ll| and you’re ready, we’ll} {assist you in making|help you make} {that|the right|this} {decision|choice}. Let’s {take a look at|look at|examine} {the pros and cons|some of the advantages and disadvantages|what are the benefits and drawbacks}{ associated| that come|} with {a system upgrade|an upgrade to your system|upgrading your system}. {You will be the one|You are the one|It is you} who {decides|makes the final decision|will make the final call}.

Why Upgrade an Existing Solar System

{One of the most important|The most crucial|A key} {questions|things|issues} to {ask when considering|consider when looking at|consider asking when thinking about} {an upgrade to an|upgrading your|the possibility of upgrading an} {existing system for solar|existing solar system|solar system that is in use} is {how many|the number of} panels {you will need|you’ll require|you’ll need}. This is {important|crucial|vital} {as it will impact|because it can affect|since it affects} the {design of the system and|design of the system as well as|structure of the system and} the {cost of the entire|overall cost of the|price of the whole} solar {system project|project|system}. The {number|amount} of panels you {need depends|require depends|will require is contingent} on {many factors, including|a variety of factors, including|numerous factors, such as} {your electricity usage|the amount of electricity you use|the electricity you consume}{, where you live| and where you live| as well as where you reside}{, the equipment you choose| and the type of equipment you select| as well as the equipment you pick}{, and| as well as| and} {the overall design|your overall style|general design}. [xfield_company] installers will be able {to determine|to estimate|determine} {how many panels you need|the number of panels you require|the amount of panels you’ll need} by {providing information about|providing details about|supplying information regarding} {your electric|your electricity|the cost of your electric} bill.

Why not just purchase new solar panels and stop upgrading?

Upgrades are {cheaper than purchasing|less expensive than buying|more affordable than purchasing} new {systems|equipment}. {Some situations require a complete|Certain situations require an entire|Certain circumstances require a total} overhaul. {Your current system may|Your system might|The system you have now may} not be able {to produce|to create|produce} {much even after an upgrade|enough even after an upgrade|any significant output even after a change}{, as older systems may| because older systems might| due to the fact that older systems might} not {comply with modern standards|meet the standards of modern technology|be in line with the latest standards}.

{If the system|In the event that the device|When the equipment} has been {in operation|operating|operational} for {more than 20 years|longer than 20 years, the system is in operation}

{A solar system’s warranty|The warranty on solar systems|The warranty for solar systems} expires {after 25|after a period of 25|at the end of 25} years. {If the system has been|When the solar system is|In the event that the device has been} {in existence|operating|operational} for {more than twenty|longer than 20} years, {it is|it’s|it’s the right} {time to have it redesigned|time to redesign it|the time to upgrade it}. There are new {technologies|technology} {on the market now|available|that are available today}{, and you might not| and you may not| and you don’t} {want to mix them|need to mix them|be able to combine them}.

{The batteries and inverters|Inverters and batteries|The inverters and batteries} {will not be affected if|are not affected by the fact that|aren’t affected when} you mix {old and new|new and old|and match old and new} panels. Mix-and-match solar panels {produce|generate|create} {power that is below|energy that is less than|electricity that is not at} their {potential|capacity|power potential}.

{Get professional advice to assess|Seek advice from a professional to evaluate|Consult a professional for advice on} the system and {determine|decide} {if it needs|whether it is in need of|the need for} an {upgrade or overhaul|overhaul or upgrade}.

Do you need to upgrade your inverter as well?

Yes. {You can upgrade an inverter|It is possible to upgrade an inverter|Inverters can be upgraded} to {convert more|make it more efficient in converting|help convert more} {power|energy}. The {heart|core|central component} of {a|any} solar {system is the|panel is an|array is its} inverter. {An upgrade of the|A new} inverter is {required|necessary|essential} {for any increase in|to increase the number of} {solar panels|solar panels}.

{Your system’s ability|The capacity of your system|The ability of your system} to {handle|manage} {electricity is determined by the|power is determined by the|power is determined by your} inverter. {Consider upgrading your inverter whenever|You should consider upgrading your inverter every time|It is worth considering upgrading your inverter whenever} {you want to increase|you wish to increase|you’d like to boost} or decrease {your|the} power output.

{Because they are usually placed|Since they are typically placed|Because they’re usually put} {outside, inverters can|outdoors, inverters are able to|on the outside, they can} {withstand harsh|endure harsh|be able to withstand extreme} weather conditions. A shelter {that houses an inverter|which houses an inverter|with an inverter that is} {of high quality|that is of top quality|with a high-end model} is {an ideal solution for|the ideal solution to|the best solution for} {most faults|the majority of faults|all kinds of problems}.

It {will|can|may} take {time for panels to develop|time for panels to experience|some time for panels to show} {problems before they impact|issues before they affect|issues before they can affect} the system. The {whole system could|entire system may|entire system could} fail {if the inverter stops working|when the inverter ceases to function|in the event that the inverter fails to work}.

Types of inverters

  • String Solar Inverters{ – This inverter| – This device|: This inverter} connects {a string of solar panels|the solar panels of a string|strings of solar panels} in {a|the form of a|an in} series circuit. This {inverter is the|type of inverter is|is the inverter that is} most {common|popular|commonly used} {among|in the homes of|one among} Australian, European, and Asian {homeowners|homeowners}.
  • Micro inverters {- Micros are inverters that|Micros are inverters that|Micros are inverters which} {attach to solar panels and|connect to solar panels and|are attached to solar panels to} {allow them to operate independently|permit them to function independently|let them operate on their own}. {These inverters have attracted a|Inverters like these have attracted a|These inverters have attracted attention of a} {small group of homeowners with|small number of homeowners with|tiny number of homeowners who have} {complicated|complex} roof designs. Micros {let you place|allow you to place|permit you to put} {a solar panel on specific|solar panels on certain|solar panels in specific} {areas of your roofs|regions of your roof|areas of your roof}. Micro inverters are {most popular|the most sought-after|very popular} {in|across|throughout} {the|both the|regions like the} US {and|as well as|in the US and} Canada. {These units are more expensive|They are more costly|These models are more expensive} and {feature higher quality|have better quality|are more durable} {than other models|than other models|over other models}.
  • Hybrid Inverters{ – The hybrid| – Hybrid|: The hybrid} inverters {are a combination of|combine|consist of} {a solar panel and|an solar panel and|the solar panel as well as} {a battery storage converter|an inverter for battery storage|the battery storage converter}. {Some brands|Certain brands|Certain models} {are capable of holding|can hold|are capable of storing} {a small amount of|some|only a tiny amount of} {power after|energy after|power in the event of} {a blackout|an outage|the event of a blackout}. This is {why they’re so|the reason they’re|one reason why they’re} {popular with solar enthusiasts and|loved by solar enthusiasts and|well-liked by solar enthusiasts. They also} {use|utilize|make use of} {battery|batteries for} storage.

What are the challenges you will face when upgrading solar panels?

{An older system may|A system that is older may|An older system might} {have cabling, existing|include cabling,|contain cabling, old} panels{, inverters, or other| inverters, cabling, or any other| inverters or} equipment that {does not meet|is not in line with|doesn’t meet} {current|the current} standards. This {is a major problem|can be a huge issue|is a significant issue} when {upgrading|it comes to upgrading|you are upgrading}. {The current standards call for|Current standards require|Current standards call for} {earthed panel frames|panels with earthed frames|earthed panels}{, systems that use| and systems that employ| or systems with} {a nonpolarized isolator|an isolator that is not polarized|an isolator with no polarization}{, and a way| as well as a method| and a method} to {house|store|place} cables (high-density conduit {with no|that does not have|without} {plastic cable ties|cable ties made of plastic}).

{You should ask yourself|It is important to determine|Consider asking yourself} {if there is|whether there’s|whether you have} enough {roof space for|space on the roof for|space on your roof to allow} {solar panel installation|the installation of solar panels|an installation for solar panels}. If your {rooftop system|roof|roof system} is already {constrained, it’s likely that|limited,|restricted, then} {you won’t be able|you’ll be unable|you’ll not be able} to {add|install|fit} all {the|of the} panels. {However|But}{, ground mount systems might| ground mount systems may| ground mount systems could} {give you some flexibility|allow you to be flexible|provide some flexibility}. {You can still install|It is possible to install|You could still put} solar panels {on other structures|onto other buildings|to other types of structures}{ if| in case|, if} {your roof space is limited|the roof space isn’t enough|your roof space is a bit limited}. {These could be|They could be|This could include} {sheds, carports or gazebos|carports, gazebos, or sheds|carsports, sheds, or gazebos}.

{Panel compatibility is another issue|The compatibility of the panels is another concern|Panel compatibility is a different issue}. {You won’t have|It is not necessary|There is no need} to {replace any of the panels|replace the panels|change any panel} unless {you are looking for|you’re looking for|you’re in search of} {better|higher-quality|superior}{, more| and more| energy} {efficient solar panels|effective solar panel|powerful solar panels}. {Before you decide to upgrade|If you are considering upgrading|When you’re deciding to upgrade}{, it’s a good idea| it’s recommended| it’s best} {for|to ask} [xfield_company] installers to {inspect the whole|examine the entire|check the entire} {solar energy system|the solar power system|array of solar panels}.

{After you have decided|If you decide|Once you’ve decided} to {go ahead|proceed}{, you should| then you must| it is recommended to} install the same{ kind of|} panels {as|that were used in} the original array {to ensure|in order to guarantee} {aesthetic consistency|the same aesthetics|an aesthetic coherence}. They {should also have|must also have|should also feature} {the same power outputs as|identical power outputs to} {the original|those of the initial|originally installed} panels. {You should not|It is not recommended to|Do not} install the {same panel as the one|identical panel to the one|same panel that} you {have|currently have|already have}. If {that happens, make|this happens, be|this happens, make} sure {to get new more|you purchase new|you get replacement} panels {with|that have} {the same power output|identical power supply|similar power ratings} or {a similar|a comparable|an identical} one. {Otherwise, it could|In the event that it does, it can|If not, it could} {cause damage to your array|result in damage to your array|cause damage to your system}.

What is the cost to upgrade a solar panel system?

The best {way|method|approach} to answer {this question is to decide|this question is to determine|the question is to choose} {what you want|the type of system you’d like to have|what you would like}. {The cost of replacing|Cost of replacement for|It is possible to replace} {a few|a couple of|just a few} panels {will be minimal|is minimal|will be relatively low}{, but the cost| however, the expense| However, the price} {of replacing the entire system|for replacing all the panels|to replace the whole system} {will likely|is likely to|will probably} {exceed|outweigh|surpass} the {cost of a new|price of a new|cost of a brand new} installation.

Consumer Affairs reports that the cost of a {6kW|6-kW|six-kW} {system|installation|device} in [xfield_company]is {approximately|around|about} $15,000. The {federal tax credit value|tax credit for federal residents|federal tax credit} of {$2,250, which is|$2250, which will be|$2,250, or} 22 percent {in 2021,|in 2021|by 2021,} {offsets this cost|will offset this expense|reduces the cost}. {It all depends|The amount you pay depends|It’s all based} on your {requirements|needs|specific needs}{, so contact| Contact| and needs, so please contact} us {to get an estimate|for an estimate|for a quote}.

Are there any mistakes to avoid when upgrading?

{Although it may sound simple|While it might sound easy|Although it sounds simple}{, upgrading| but upgrading| however, updating} {an existing system is complex|an existing system can be a bit complicated|the system you have is a complicated process}. Before you can {have|get|achieve} the system {of dreams|you’ve always wanted|of your dreams}{, there are many| there are a variety of| There are numerous} {calculations and approaches to consider|methods and calculations to take into consideration|ways to think about and calculations}.

[xfield_company], your reliable solar {company won’t rush|provider, won’t be rushing|provider won’t rush} to {give you a simplified|provide you with a simple|give you a simple} {quote, or promise|estimate, or promise you|quote or promise} {a haven|an unbeatable rate|that they will provide you with a safe haven}. Instead, {they will|they’ll} {help you understand these issues|assist you in understanding these questions|guide you through these problems}:

Avoid Losing your Feed-In Tariffs

{You could lose the|It is possible to lose|You may lose the} {feed-in tariffs, or|Fee-in Tariffs, also known as|Fee-in-Tariffs, also called} FiT{, you currently enjoy|, which you have| that you have} {with the old system|when you use the old system,|in the old system} {if you|when you|in the event of an} upgrade.

To {avoid missing|ensure you don’t miss|avoid being left} out, {make sure you|be sure to|ensure you} {check|verify|make sure you are aware of} {your|the|for your specific} {state’s|State’s|local} FiT policies and {rules|regulations|guidelines}. {These policies change frequently|The policies are frequently updated|They change regularly}. {Be sure to check|Make sure you check for|Make sure to review} {any restrictions regarding|the restrictions on|any restrictions that apply to} {how you can|the ways to} {upgrade|improve|modify} your solar {system|panel}.

{Calculate if you would make|Determine if you could earn|Find out if you can earn} more money {with|using|on} the current {tariff|rate|price}. {Before you decide to upgrade|If you are considering upgrading} your solar{, make| system, be| panel, make} sure {to consult|you consult with|to talk with} your {power company or provider|provider or power company|power provider or company}.

Find out if {your electricity provider|your electricity supplier|the electricity provider you use} {permits an expansion of the|allows an increase in the|allows expansion of} {power production capacity|capacity of power production|capacity of the power generation}.

{You may need to treat|It is possible to consider|You might need to think of} {additional panels as a new|additional panels as a brand new|the additional panels as a whole new} system in {some cases|certain situations|some instances}. The {existing tariffs would|current tariffs will|current tariffs could} {be maintained, but|remain, but|be kept, however,} {you’d have|you’ll have|you’ll need} to {pay a lot|shell out a significant amount|shell out lots} of money {for|to get} the new {installation|system}.

{Do not fall for marketing|Don’t fall for sales|Beware of marketing} {and sales pitches|or sales messages|as well as sales pitching} that {are|seem|sound} too {nice|sweet.|good to be true.}

Sales {agents use|representatives employ|reps use their} {psychology marketing skills to trick|techniques of marketing psychology to trick|tactics of marketing using psychology to fool} {you|customers|clients} into {signing too|making promises that are too|signing what appear to be too} {good to be true|promising|amazing} deals. {Any agent who claims|Anyone who says|Anyone who promises} that {upgrading to solar|solar upgrades|converting to solar} will {eliminate all of|completely eliminate|reduce all} your {electricity bills is deceiving|electric bills is lying to|electricity costs is lying to} {you|you}.

The “No {fees for solar installation|charges for solar installations|costs for solar installation}” programs {are not always|aren’t always|may not be} {free and do not|free and don’t|cost-free and do not} {come with a guarantee|offer a guarantee|provide a warranty}. {Don’t be swayed by tempting|Beware of swaying by attractive|Don’t fall for gimmicks or tempting} {offers|deals}.

Before you upgrade, define your needs

Be realistic about {how much|the amount of} {power your house requires|energy your home requires|the power you require for your home}. A {matching solar kit|solar kit that is compatible with your home|solar kit with a matching kit} is {required|needed} {to power a 600-watt refrigerator|to run a 600-watt fridge|for a 600-watt refrigerator}.

{Your system will work|The system operates|Your system will operate} {at a|with a|at} {maximum efficiency of|maximal efficiency of around|highest efficiency, which is} 80{% and|% during| percent and} {peak sunlight hours|the peak hours of sunlight|maximum sunlight hours}. There is a {huge|significant|vast} {difference in the|variation in|distinction between} {daylight hours and daytime hours|daylight hours and the daytime hours|days and evenings}.

{Do not|Don’t} {exceed your body’s limit|overdo it. Your body’s limits are not yours.|overstep your body’s limits.}

{Some jurisdictions have limits|Certain jurisdictions have limitations|Certain states have restrictions} {on the size of their solar|in the amount of solar energy they can produce through their|regarding the capacity of their solar} {systems|panels|power systems}. {This means that your state|That means your locality|It means you} {can|will|is able to} only {produce a certain|generate a certain|produce a specific} {amount of solar energy|quantity of energy from solar|volume of solar power}. [xfield_company] might have the {right to decide|power to determine|authority to decide on} {how much capacity they will|the amount of capacity they’ll|what capacity they’ll} {accept|take} from you.

[xfield_company] might charge additional {fees to assess|charges to evaluate|charges to determine} the {impact of your upgrade|effect of your upgrade|impact of your upgrades} {on their network|to their system|in their networks}. Upgrade to a {size acceptable|capacity that is acceptable|size that is accepted} by your {state or power|state or|state’s power} {output network operator|the operator of your output network|out network provider}.

What happens to the existing system that you have already purchased?

{You can reuse or recycle|Recycling or reusing|Recycle or reuse} old panels.

{Check your panels to see|Examine your panels to determine|Take a look at your panels and determine} {if they meet modern standards|whether they are up to date|whether they’re up to the latest standards}. {You can then either|You may then|Then, you can either} sell them or {contact|call} [xfield_company] to ask {if they would like|whether they would be interested in having|whether they’d like to buy} {them back|to purchase them|return them}. {They are still valuable|They’re still useful|They’re still extremely useful} {for off-grid and on-grid|for both on-grid and off-grid|in both off-grid and grid-connected} systems.

If {they are|they’re} not {up to modern standards|up to date|in line with modern standards}{, however, you can| However, you could| but you may} {still use them for|still utilize them to|nevertheless use them to perform} {work|the work you want to do|construction} {on your property|in your home|within your own property}. They {could|can} be {used to power your agricultural|utilized to power your farming} {activities|operations}. They {could be used|can be utilized} {on|for|to power} Recreational Electric Vehicle (RVs) {or other non-building mounted devices|or any other non-building mounted devices|and other devices that are not built-in}.

Let [xfield_company] Upgrade Your Solar System

{We have been an innovator|We’ve been a pioneer|We’ve been an innovator} in the {field|area} {of renewable energy|in renewable power|that of green energy}. [xfield_company] {was|has been|is} {named|awarded the title of|awarded} “Best {Contractor|contractor|Construction Company} of 2014″{, and is currently| and is currently| and is} {rated among the top 3|being ranked among the top 3|listed among the top three}{%| percent} {of all|among all|out of the total} [xfield_company]contractors. We have {10-years’ rich|10 years of rich|a decade of} experience {in|with} solar panel installation {from|across|all the way from} California {to|up to|from California to} Texas. Our {experts are all journeymen|technicians are all journeymen|team of experts are all master} electricians{ and all|, and all|. All} of our {crews|team members|staff} {have photovoltaic licenses|are licensed to install photovoltaic systems|are certified in photovoltaic technology}. Our {passion and experience|experience and passion|dedication and expertise} will ensure {that you receive|you get} the {best service possible|highest quality service|most efficient service available} for your solar {needs|requirements}. For more {information about|details about|information on} our {residential and commercial|commercial and residential} solar panel {installations, contact|installations, call|installation, contact} us {today|now}.





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