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Guide to Circuit Breaker Panels in your Home

The circuit breaker {in|at|inside} your home {serves two important|has two essential|performs two crucial} {functions|purposes|roles}. It {distributes power|is a conduit for power to flow} {from your home to|through your house to the|within your residence to electrical} circuits {that supply|that provide|which supply} {electricity where you need it|the electricity you require|electric power to areas that require it}. Circuit breakers {interrupt|stop|cut off} {the flow of electricity|electrical power flow|electric current} {when there is|in the event of|when there’s} danger. {This protects|They protect|They also protect} the circuits. {We’ll be discussing|We’ll discuss|This article will discuss} {what circuit breaker panels do|the functions of circuit breakers|the function of circuit breaker panels} and {when you might want|when it’s time|the time when you may want} to {upgrade or replace|replace or upgrade} them.

{You probably don’t think of|It’s unlikely that you think of|You don’t think about} this {part very|component|particular component very} often, {but it is|yet it’s|but it’s} one of the {most important|most crucial|crucial} {parts of your home’s electrical|components of your home’s electrical|elements of your home’s electric} system. It’s {known|also known|referred to} {as|by the name of} a circuit breaker{ box|} or {breaker|the breaker} box.

{This is important|This is crucial|It is vital} {because all electricity|since all the electricity that is|because the majority of electricity} {used in your home flows|that is used in your home runs|utilized in your home is filtered} through it{ and|, as do|, and through} {the|it is the same for|those} circuit breakers. If {it’s properly configured|it’s correctly configured|you have it properly set up}{, you won’t think twice| it won’t be a problem to think| then you’ll never think twice} about it.

If {it’s not|the equipment isn’t} {up to the task|adequate for the job|sufficient}{, it could be very| It could be extremely| it can be} {inconvenient or even|uncomfortable or|difficult to manage or could} {cause safety problems|create safety issues|cause safety concerns} {for your home|for your house|for your home}.

This article will {explain|provide an explanation of|clarify} {what an electrical panel is|the definition of an electrical panel|the meaning of an electrical panel} and how it {works|functions|operates}. We’ll also {discuss some|go over some of the|look at some} reasons {why you might want|to have|you should consider having} {your main breaker panel|the main panel for your breaker|to have your primary breaker box} {inspected|to be inspected|checked} by {qualified electricians|a qualified electrician|certified electricians} {from|of|who are part of the} [xfield_company]. {Let’s begin by understanding|We’ll begin by examining|Let’s start by understanding} the {basics of the|fundamentals of the|fundamentals of a} circuit {breaker box|breakers}.

What is a breaker panel and how does it work?

The circuit {breaker box connects|breakers connect|box for breaker connects} the electrical grid {outside your|outside of your|that is outside your} {home to the wiring inside|house to your wiring|residence to wiring within}. {This is the main|It is the primary} {service panel that controls|service panel that regulates|control panel for} {all|the} electrical outlets{, lighting, heating,| as well as heating, lighting,| and lighting, heating} and {other devices|various other appliances|other equipment}.

{The service drop is|Service drop can be described as|A service drop refers to} a {method|technique|way} {by which power is|that allows power to be|through which power is} {brought into|delivered to|introduced into} the breaker box {via|from|through} the outside. {This can be either|It could be|This could come} {from power poles or buried|from power poles or underground|via power poles or} power lines. {There electricity is then routed|The electricity is then routed|This electricity is then distributed} {to branch circuits which will|to branch circuits that will|through branch circuits to} {power your home|provide power to your home|supply power to your home}.

You should also be familiar with other names

“Breaker panel” is a {term that|term used to describe the|name that} {refers to the|is used to describe the|refers to} circuit breakers {that provide|that supply|which supply} {power to the branches leading|electricity to the branches that originate|power to branches that come} {from|to} the panel. {You may also call it|It can also be referred to by|It is also known by} {a variety|various|many} {other|different|of other} names. It {may also be called|could also be referred to as|can also be called}{ the circuit breaker, breaker box|”breaker box”, circuit breaker|”breaker box”, the circuit breaker}{ or|, or} electrical panel. It {works in the same|functions in the same|operates in the exact} {way no matter what name|method no matter what|manner regardless of what} {it is|it has|it’s given}.

How it works

Circuit breakers are {essential|vital|crucial} {safety devices that shut|security devices that shut|safety devices that cut} off branch circuits {if|when|in the event that} they {sense overload|detect overload|sense an overload}. This is {why you might|the reason you may|why you could} {have noticed a circuit interrupter|have observed a circuit interrupter|be noticing a circuit breaker} {tripping|going off|that is tripping} (shutting down) {after you plug in|when you connect|after plugging in} {too many appliances to|more than one appliance to|several appliances in} your kitchen.

{The fuse box is an older|This fuse box has an earlier|It is a more old} {version|model} {if you are old enough|when you’re old enough|in the event that you’re older} and {live|reside} in an older {house|home|residence}. {The same function of fuses|Fuse boxes’ primary function|Fuses’ purpose} {was to protect|were to safeguard|was to guard} {your branch circuits against|branches from|your branch circuits from} overloads. {However, a blown fuse|But, a fuse that has blown|A blown fuse} {must be replaced in order|is required to be replaced|has to be repaired} to {reestablish electricity|restore electricity|restore power} {to|in|for} the circuit. {A circuit breaker can be|Circuit breakers can be|A circuit breaker is} reset by{ simply|} {flipping|turning|switching} {a|the|an} switch.

Capacity of the breaker box

Amperage capacity is {the|probably the} most {important statistic|crucial statistic you need|crucial figure} to {know about|be aware of regarding|learn about} your panel. {Amperage|The term “amps”|It is also known as amps.} (or amps) is a {measurement|measure} of {how much electricity is|the amount of electricity} {used|utilized}. The {amperage capacity for|capacity of the amperage for|capacity of amperage in} the {home’s breaker panel|breaker panel in your home|panel that houses the breaker} has {increased as homes get|grown as homes become|increased as houses become} {larger|bigger} {and more electrical appliances are|as more electric appliances get|with more appliances} {used|utilized|being used}. {Although 200-amp circuit breaker panels|While 200-amp circuit breakers|Although circuit breaker panels with 200 amps} are {common nowadays|standard nowadays|not uncommon}{, you might find| however, you may find| there are} {fuse boxes or panels with|panels or fuse boxes with|panels or fuse boxes that have} ratings {as|of as|that are as} {low as|just|lower as} 60 amps in {homes built|houses built|homes constructed} {prior to the 1960s|before the 1960s|prior to 1960}.

Where can I find my main fuse box?

{You may be apprehensive about|There is a chance that you are unsure of|It is possible that you are uncertain about} {where your breaker panel is|the location of your breaker panel|the place where your breaker panel} {located if you have|situated if you’ve|in case you’ve} {never used|not used|never had the opportunity to use} it. There are {several common locations|a variety of common places|many common locations}.

Garages are {common locations|a common place|often found in common areas}. {They are usually located|They usually are erected|They’re usually positioned} {against an exterior wall,|on the outside of a wall,|against an exterior wall} {where power is supplied via|which is where the power is provided via|in which power is supplied through} the {service drop|drop in service|drop for service}.

It’s not {uncommon to locate|unusual to find|uncommon to see} the {breaker panel in a|panel for a breaker in a|circuit breaker panel in the} basement{ if there is|, if there’s| in the event of} {a buried|an underground} powerline.

Another {location that isn’t common|area that isn’t typical|place that’s not common} for single-family homes{ but may|, but could|, but might} be more {prevalent|common} in a {townhouse/duplex are on|townhouse or duplex is on|townhouse/duplex is} the lower {level|levels of|floors of the} hallways, {in a|in the|inside a} {kitchen pantry or in a|pantry in the kitchen or in an} utility closet.

{An exterior wall|A wall on the outside} is {a less common spot|not a common place|a rarer spot} {that you might|you can|which you may} {find in older homes|see in older houses|discover in older homes}.

A look inside your electrical panel

Let’s {go through your|get through the|enter your} {panel by opening the door|panel by opening the door|panel by opening it up}.

{You can’t see|It is impossible to see|You don’t know} {what you don’t know|the things you don’t understand|what you don’t know.}

The {main breaker panel is located|main breaker panel is|primary breaker panel can be found} {inside|within} the box. There are {a few|some} switches. Below {that is|them are|are} the {hot and ground|ground and hot} bus bars. {Each individual switch you’ll see|Every single switch|Each switch} {has its powered and ground|is equipped with ground and powered|has ground and powered} wires {routed|connected} to {it|it|the ground and power wires}.

Main switch

The panel’s top {will have|will be equipped with|has} {a single|one|only one} switch. This is {your main breaker|the main breaker|the main switch}. {This will turn|It will shut|This will cut} off {all power|the power supply|power} {to your home|to your home}.

Individual circuit switches

Two rows of {numbers|number} {switches are the first thing|switch are among the very first things|is the initial thing that} you{ will|} {notice when you open|be able to see when you walk through|find when you enter} {your panel’s door|the door of your panel|the panel’s door}. {These|They} {are|represent|constitute} {your|the|those} circuit breakers. Each one {controls|is responsible for|regulates} {a circuit in your home|the circuits in your home|the home’s circuit}. The circuit breakers {should|must|need to} be {set to ON|turned on|switched on} {to allow power to flow|so that power can flow|so that power flows} through them. {The circuit will be|This circuit is|Circuits will get} {cut|shut} {off if|out if|off when} the switch{ is|} {turned|switched|shut} off.

A {paper card with|card that contains|piece of paper with} the {information for|details for|details of} the number {will be found|is located|can be found} {inside the door|in the door’s|within the door’s door} panel. The card {could read|might read|may read} “1{ -|} Kitchen Outlets.” {You can turn the switch|The switch can be turned|It is possible to turn the switch} {on or off to cut|on or off to shut off|either on or off in order to cut off} {power to your kitchen outlets|the power supply to your kitchen outlets|the electricity to your kitchen outlets}.

{It’s common|It is common|It’s normal} {for the card to be|that the card is|to find the card} {difficult to read|hard to comprehend|not easy to understand} or {poorly|to be poorly|badly} written. {It is worth spending|It’s worth spending|It’s best to spend} {some time with another person|some time with a different person|an hour with someone else} to {review the switch controls|go over the controls of the switch|look over the switches controls} and {to make sure that|ensure that|make sure} the card is {legible and accurate|clear and legible|legible and precise}. This will {allow you to|let you|help you} {know how to shut|be aware of how to cut|understand how to shut} off {power to circuits,|the power supply to circuits,|power to circuits} {such as if you need|for instance, if you have|like if you want} to {replace an outlet or wall|replace a wall or outlet|change an outlet or wall} switch.

Switches with single-pole or double-pole poles

{Your panel can have|The panel you are using can include|Your panel could have} two {types|kinds} of circuit breakers.

  • Single-pole breakers {can be|are} {described as single switches|classified as single switch|called single switches} {with|that have|having} an amperage {rating between|range of|of between} 15 {and|to} 20 amps. {These switches are common|They are commonly used|They are typical} in {household circuits with|circuits used by households that have|home circuits that use} {120 volts|120 volts}.
  • Double-pole breaker {refers to|is|means} {a double switch with|the double switch that has|an inverse switch with} two switches {connected|that are connected|linked}. {These are designed to handle|They are made to operate at|These are specifically designed to handle} {240 V and have|the voltage of 240 V and are equipped with|more than 240 V, and come with} {higher|greater} amperage ratings. {These can be connected to|They can be connected to|They can be connected with} high-voltage circuits{ such as| like|, such as} {furnaces, water heaters|water heaters, furnaces,|water heaters, furnaces} and {air-conditioning|air conditioning}.

The {sub panel|sub-panel}

{You may find|There may be|It is possible to find} {a sub-panel next|an additional panel next|a sub-panel in addition} to {your|the} main box in {some cases|certain cases|some instances}. {You may have|There may be|You might have} an outbuilding {that you need|you want|that you require} to {run on a separate|operate on a separate|run on its own} system{ or because you have|, or you’ve| or due to having} {made changes to|changed|modified} {your home’s electrical system|the electrical system of your home|the electrical system in your home}. {When a backup generator is|If a backup generator is|If a backup generator has been} connected to {the home’s|your home’s|the} {electrical system, a|electric system, then a|electricity system, an electrical} {sub-panel can|sub-panel could|subpanel can} be {used|utilized|employed}.

The size that you need

{You might find|There is a possibility of|You may find} {a discussion about the rating|an article on the rating|some discussion on the ratings} of {breaker panels when you read|breakers when you look|panel breaker panels when you read} {up on panel upgrades|about panel upgrades|the latest updates to panel panels} and {breaker|breakers|panel breaker} panels. {You will see the|The|There are two} most {common ratings discussed being|frequently discussed ratings being|popular ratings mentioned are} {100-amp and 200-amp|100 amp and 200amp|100-amp or 200-amp}. These ratings {reflect|indicate|represent} the {electrical power of the|power of the electrical|power of electricity of the} panel.


{These panels are not suitable for homes|The panels do not work in homes|They aren’t suitable for houses} {with|that have|equipped with} central {air conditioning or heating|heating or air conditioning}. A 100-amp panel {can be|could be|is} {used to provide power for|utilized to power|used to supply power to} {lights, receptacles and appliances|appliances, lights, and receptacles|lighting, receptacles, appliances and lights}.


{These boxes are standard|These boxes are typical|They are a standard feature} for new construction{ and can be| and are|, and can be} {used for an average|utilized for a typical|employed for any} electrical {need|requirement}. {You may need a larger|It is possible to require a bigger|You might require a larger} panel box if {your home|your house|the home} {requires more electricity|needs more power|requires more power} or is{ very| extremely|} {large|big}.


{These panels are useful|They are ideal|These panels are great} for {large homes that have|homes with} {a lot of electrical requirements|lots of electrical needs|many electrical requirements}{, especially if the| particularly if| in particular if the} {electricity|electrical energy} is {used to heat the home|utilized to heat the house|used to heat the residence}. {You may need|It is possible|You might need} to upgrade your{ main|| existing} panel to a {250-amp or larger|250-amp or greater|250 amp or larger} model {if you are upgrading|if you’re upgrading|when you’re looking to upgrade} the electrical system {in|of|within} your {home for an addition|home to accommodate an extension|house for an addition}{, workshop, or outbuilding| building, workshop, or other outbuilding| to your workshop, outbuilding, or workshop}.

Signs your current panel is not up to the job

{You’ve probably experienced|There’s a chance you’ve experienced|It’s likely that you’ve had} {a circuit breaker trip|an electrical circuit breaker|the circuit breaker go off} {if you’re like most|If you’re like the majority of|in the same way as most} people. It’s time to {unplug|disconnect|turn off} your blender{, reset the breaker and| reset the breaker, and| then reset the breaker to} {move on with your life|go on with your day|get on with your life}. This is {an|a good} {example of your panel’s ability|illustration of the power panel’s ability|illustration of your panel’s capability} to {do its job|perform its task|fulfill its duties}. If {it’s not an issue|the issue isn’t occurring} {often, there’s nothing|frequently, there’s nothing|frequently, you don’t have anything} {to worry about|to be concerned about|to worry about}.

There are {times|occasions|instances} {when it is not OK|when the system isn’t working properly|that it’s not working}. These {signals could indicate|indicators could mean|signs could mean} {that your breaker|the breaker|an indication that the} panel {is|may be} {overloaded or not functioning properly|overloading or is not working properly|too heavy or not working correctly}. Let’s {look at some|take a look at a few|examine a few} of {them|these|the indicators}.

Frequent breaker tripping

A circuit breaker {trip|break|malfunction} {should not be|shouldn’t be|is not a} {cause for alarm|an alarm signal|reason to be alarm}. If {one or more|any of the} circuit breakers {in your home need|in your home have|at your house need} to be reset {frequently|regularly|often}{, you may have| it could be| there could be} {a problem|an issue|problems}. Sometimes, the {problem can|issue can|issue could} be {easily fixed|fixed easily|solved} by {replacing it with a model|changing it to a model|switching it out with one} {of higher amperage|with a higher amperage|that has a higher amp}. {However, it is wise|But, it’s best|It is however, advisable} to {consult|seek out|talk to} an electrician to {ensure|make sure|confirm} {that this option is feasible|that this is possible|the possibility of this}.

Still {have|aren’t using} {a fuse box|an electrical fuse}

It’s time {to replace your|to upgrade your|for a new} fuse box{ if you live| if you reside|, especially if you live} in an older {home|house|residence}. Circuit breakers are {safer|more secure} and {more user-friendly than traditional|easier to use than traditional|easier to use than conventional} fuse boxes. {It is also a good|It’s also a good|It’s also a great} idea to {have an electrical contractor|hire an electrician|get an electrician to} {conduct a thorough inspection of|perform a thorough examination of|inspect} {your electrical system|the electrical components of your home|an electrical circuit}.

There are black {stains or|spots or|stains , or} {burnt|burned} areas.

{You should immediately get|It is imperative to have|You must immediately have} your panel box {checked if|examined if|checked when} you {notice|observe|spot} this. {You may have|It could be|There could be} {a short circuit in|an electrical short in|a short circuit inside} {your panel box or faulty|the panel box or defective|your panel box , or you may have faulty} wiring. {Home fires are often|Fires in homes are usually|The majority of fires at home are} caused by electrical {issues|problems}. Don’t {let yourself be|fall|allow yourself to fall} {victim to these problems|the victim of these issues|victim to these issues}.

There are burning {smells|odors|scents}

{This could be an indication|It could indicate|This could mean} that your {electrical panel is|panel’s electrical is|electrical panel may be} {faulty or has|damaged or has|defective or contains} hot wires. It is {important to have|essential to have|crucial to get} it {checked immediately|examined immediately|checked right away}.

The wire {appears|seems} to have been {melted|heated|burned}

{Your circuit breakers are responsible|The circuit breakers in your home are responsible|Your circuit breakers are accountable} {for preventing excess current|to stop currents|for stopping excess current} from entering {your home’s circuits|the circuits of your home}. {Your circuit breakers may|The circuit breakers might} not be {doing their job|working properly|performing their duties} {if wiring is melting|when wiring is melting|in the event that your wiring is melting,} or {overheating|is overheating}. {You should have them checked|It is recommended to have them checked|It is best to check them} immediately.

{Hot surfaces or|Surfaces that are hot or making|The hot surfaces can produce} hissing {sounds|sound}

{A properly functioning electrical system|An electrical system that is functioning properly|An electrical system that is properly operating} {should be|is one that is|must be} {quiet and free from excessive|silent and free of excessive|peaceful and free of excess} heat. {These danger signs should|The signs of danger should|These warning signs must} be {immediately reported to the|promptly reported to the|immediately reported to} appropriate authorities.

Flickering or dimming lights

{These signs indicate an irregular|These indicators indicate an inconsistency in the|The signs are indicative of an unbalanced} flow of {power through your electrical|electricity through your electrical|power through your electric} panel. {This could happen if|This can happen if|It could be due to} the wiring or{ individual|| the individual} circuit breakers {in|on|within} {your panel are not|the panel aren’t} in good {condition|working order|shape}.

{All of these situations require|Each of these scenarios requires|In all of these cases, it is imperative} {that you contact|you to contact|that you call} [xfield_company]’s {licensed|certified}{,| and} {experienced electricians immediately to resolve|skilled electricians right away to fix|expert electricians as soon as you can to resolve} the {issue|problem}.

What are the reasons to upgrade your home’s electric panel?

{Aside from safety concerns|In addition to the safety issues|Apart from the security issues} {caused by a defective|due to a damaged|that are caused by a malfunctioning} or {old breaker panel,|outdated breaker panel|old breaker panel} there are {many other great|numerous other} reasons. {Also, a|A|In addition, a} {new breaker panel installation could|new installation of a breaker panel could|replacement breaker panel installation can} {fix serious issues|solve serious problems|resolve serious issues}. Let’s {look at|take a look at|examine} some of the {reasons that|main reasons why|reasons why} {new electrical panels|the new panels for electrical|modern electrical panel installations} are {often|frequently|typically} installed.

Your {current panel is|panel is either} {out of date or unable|outdated or in a position|not up to date or is unable} to {handle your current needs|meet your current requirements.|meet your needs.}

{This issue|This topic|The issue} {has been discussed before|was discussed previously|has been debated before}. Upgrade {if your home has|your home if it has|your home if you have} {a fuse box or|an electrical fuse box or|a fuse box , or} {you are unable to handle|you’re not able to handle|you’re unable to manage} {your home’s electricity|the electricity in your home|your home’s electric}. If {your fuse box is older|your fuse box is more old|the fuse box in your home is older} than you {think, it’s|thought, there’s|believe, it’s} {a good reason to upgrade|an excellent reason to upgrade|an excellent reason to replace it}.

{You may find yourself constantly|It is possible that you are|There is a chance that you’re constantly} {overloading circuits|overloaded with circuits|running circuits overloaded} or {using|having} {too many|excessive|numerous} {power strips and extension cables|extension cables and power strips}. {Your system needs serious upgrades|The system you have is in need of a major overhaul|Your system requires a serious upgrade}{, and it all starts| It all begins| starting} with the {breaker panel|panel for breaker|circuit breaker panel}.

You {are adding a home generator|are adding a generator to your home|have added a home generator}

{To add a home generator|For you to connect a home generator|In order to add a generator for your home} to your {home and use|home and operate|house and to use} it {safely, you will|in a safe manner, you’ll|safely, you’ll} {need new wiring and|require new wiring and|require new wiring as well as} {a sub-panel|an additional panel|sub-panel}. The sub-panel {will provide|will have|is designed to provide} {separate electrical circuits for|separate electrical circuits to allow|distinct electrical circuits for} the generator to {be connected and|connect and|be connected to and} {ensure safe operation|make sure that it operates safely|guarantee safe operation}.

You can {add to|enhance|improve} your {home with an addition|property by adding an addition|house by adding on}

Are you {thinking of adding|considering adding an|contemplating adding} {an addition to your home|the finishing touches to your home|another room to your house} or {are you already there|have you already done it}? Congratulations! {Don’t forget to remember|Remember|Be aware} that {you will also consume|you’ll also use|you’ll consume} more {electricity due to your|power due to your|energy due to the} {increased|larger|greater} {square footage|area|space}.

{Make sure you|Be sure to|Check to see if you can} {have your panel evaluated|examine your panel|get your panel inspected} {to determine if it|for determining if the panel|in order to see if it} {needs|requires|is required} to be {resized to increase|expanded to improve|adjusted to increase} {electrical capacity or allow for|the electrical capacity or to allow|the capacity of electricity or accommodate} {more circuit breakers to run|additional circuit breakers to be connected to|additional circuit breakers that can be run} {the new wiring|through the wire|this new wire}.

{You are|You’re} {adding a dedicated home-office|creating a home office|building a separate home office}

{You may have significantly|It is possible that you have|There’s a chance that you’ve significantly} {increased your electrical needs|the need for electricity|more electrical requirements} {if you’ve built|when you’ve constructed|in the event that you’ve set up} {a home office|an office in your home|an office space in your home}. {To determine if your|If you want to determine if your|To determine if the} panel {needs to be replaced|requires replacement|is in need of replacement} or {improved, it’s a|upgraded, it’s a|improved, it’s always a} {good idea to call|recommended to contact|best idea to consult} an electrician.

{A separate in-law suite is|An additional in-law room is|In-law suites are} {in|currently in} the {works|making}

{An in-law suite could|A family room in the home could|An in-law suite may} be the {perfect solution to|ideal solution for|perfect solution for} {your family’s needs|your family’s requirements|the needs of your family}. {However, if you plan|If you’re planning|But, if you intend} {on adding|to add} {a separate heating and cooling|an additional cooling and heating|an additional heating and cooling} system to your {suite|home|room} {using a multi-split technology|with a multi-split system|by using a multi-split technique}{, make sure| ensure that| be sure that} your electrical system {is capable of handling|can handle|is able to handle} the {additional power requirements|extra power requirements|additional power demands}.

Upgrade to an {EV|electric vehicle} charging station

Electricity {could be the future|is the next frontier|may be the future} of transportation. {You’ll still need|It is still necessary|There will be a need} to charge your {new EV|EV|electric vehicle}. The {fastest way to do|most efficient method to do|quickest method of doing} {this at home is|it at your home|the task at home would be} {to use|to utilize|by using} {a Level 2 charger,|the Level 2 charger|an Level 2 charger} {which uses|that uses|that is} {a|an|the} {240-volt|120-volt} circuit. {This could be a significant|This can be a major|It could be an important} {addition to your home’s electric|upgrade to your home’s electrical|improvement to your electric} system, {especially if you|particularly if you|particularly if} {start|begin} {with a smaller circuit panel|with a simpler circuit panel|using a circuit that is smaller}.

Always {be|stay|remain} {safe|secure|sure to be secure}

{It can be very rewarding|It’s a great feeling|It’s very satisfying} to be {a DIYer|DIY-er|DIY-minded}. {It’s important to be|It is important to be|Be} aware of your {limitations|limits}. {Consider carefully if you are|Be aware of whether you’re|Take note of whether you are} {able to replace or upgrade|capable of replacing or upgrading|in a position to upgrade or replace} {the electrical panel|your electrical panel|an electrical circuit}.

{Electrical fires at home can|Electric fires in your home could|Fires caused by electrical appliances in the home can} {lead to serious injuries and|cause serious injuries or|result in serious injuries and} even death. It’s a {smart decision|wise decision|good idea} to {hire|employ|work with} [xfield_company] if you {aren’t sure you understand|aren’t certain about|don’t know} {how to install|how to set up|the best way to install} electrical systems. [xfield_company] has highly-trained technicians who {are comfortable working|can work} on projects of {all sizes|any size|all kinds}{, from small residential repairs| including small repairs for homes| that range from small home repairs} and upgrades to {large|larger|massive} commercial projects.

Contact us {to schedule|today to set up|to make} an appointment to {have|get|be able to have} your circuit {breaker panel evaluated|breaker panel inspected|breakers panel assessed} {for|to ensure} {safety|security}. {We will get back to|We’ll get back to|We’ll contact} you {quickly and offer|promptly and provide|within a short time and give} no-obligation estimates.

You can {add|also add|create} {a circuit by yourself|an electronic circuit on your own|an electrical circuit yourself}

{You should be realistic|Be realistic|It is important to be honest} when working {on|with} {an electrical panel|the electrical panels|any electrical device}. {It can be done|It is possible to do this|This can be accomplished} {if you are handy|when you’re skilled|by anyone who is skilled} and {willing to follow|able to adhere to|are willing to observe} {basic safety precautions|the basic safety guidelines|the most basic safety precautions}.

{Turn|Switch} off {the main panel switch|your main switch|the panel’s main switching}. {Next, remove|Then, take off|After that, take out} the screws {that hold the panel together|which hold the panel together|that join the panel} and then {take it out|remove it|pull it off}. {Near the top of your|On the top of your|At the top of the} panel, {you will see|you’ll see|you’ll notice} two large lugs {that have|with|which have} black wires {attached|connected}. {These wires are still|The wires are|These wires are} alive{ so don’t touch them|, so keep them away from you|, so stay away from them}!

{The metal|Metal|It is the metal} “knockout”{, located| is located| found} on the panel {where|that|on which} {you intend to install|you plan to place|you’re planning to put} the {new circuit breaker,|circuit breaker|new circuit breaker} {must be removed|should be taken off|is to be dismantled}. The cable {will be used to create|is used to build|will be used to make} {the|an entirely|this} new circuit. {Then, route|Then, connect|After that, you can route} the cable to {the location|the position|where it will be} of the new{ breaker|} switch{ and|, and} cut the wires {to length|into lengths|in length} {as per|according to|in accordance with} the {breaker switch documentation|instructions for the breaker switch|documentation for the breaker switch}.

{Connect the wires to|The wires should be connected to|Make sure the wiring is connected} {your|the} new switch{ and place|, and then place| and put} it {in|inside|on} the panel. {Turn the power off|Switch off the power|Shut off the power}{,| and| then} {replace the panel cover|remove the panel cover,} and {test|check} the circuit.

A small {group with|team with|group of people with} {a big|an enormous|the responsibility of a large} {job|task}

{Your home’s breaker box|The breaker box in your home|The breaker box at your home} is {an important|an essential|a crucial} {part|component|element} {of your home|in your house|that makes up your residence}. It {could indicate trouble|may indicate problems|could be a sign of trouble} {if you notice it|when you notice it|in the event that you notice it happening} more {often than usual|frequently than normal}. {Don’t hesitate to call an|Do not hesitate to contact|Don’t hesitate to contact} [xfield_company]Solar {Group’s electrician if|Group electrician if|Group’s electrician in case} your system isn’t {meeting your needs|performing as it should|working as you would like} or {if you notice|if you observe|you notice} {unusual|any unusual|an unusual pattern of} {activity|activities|or unusual activity}.

If {you are thinking of|you’re thinking of|you’re considering} {making home improvements that will|doing home improvement projects that could|building a home that will} {affect|impact|alter} {your electrical system, your|the electrical system, then your|your electrical system, the} {breaker panel should be checked|circuit breaker panel needs to be examined|breakers panel must be checked} first. {You could end up with|It could result in|There is a chance that you will end up paying} {more expense and trouble|additional expense and hassle|more expenses and problems} {if it isn’t enough|in the event that it’s not enough|when it’s not up to par}. {You’re making a smart move|You’ve made a wise choice|It’s a smart decision} by upgrading your {breaker|circuit breaker|breakers} panel.



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