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CURB Home Energy Monitoring System


CURB is the home energy monitoring system that helps you save on energy expenses by taking control of your house and all the energy it uses. Control it directly through your mobile app.

*Shipping: Included with Installation


Curb is the first whole home energy intelligence system. Through sensors that connect directly to your breaker box, Curb monitors everything in your house that uses electricity. Curb knows which things are turned on, how much power they’re using, and what that will cost. Curb processes your electrical usage data and shares insights to help you make your home smarter, more energy efficient, and safer. The Curb mobile app and web interface show you what’s driving the cost of your electricity bill, share energy saving tips, and send electricity safety alerts. With Curb, you can power your life smarter.


About this item

  • Real-time home energy monitoring system
  • Attaches to your breaker panel, showing individual appliance energy consumption
  • Monitors your solar power, showing how much your home is producing
  • Controls your smart things devices from within the curb app
  • Works on iOS and android devices, plus web for detailed desktop analysis



Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 inches



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