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Solar Arrays

{A solar array is|An array of solar panels is|The solar array} {a group|a collection|made up} of solar panels{ that have been| that are|} connected to {create more|generate more|generate} {electricity and|energy and also|power and to} receive sunlight.

Combining solar arrays {with|and} {one or more solar convertors|at least one solar converter|several solar convertors} (and {optionally a|an optional|possibly a} lithium battery) {makes a fully functioning|creates a fully functional|can create a fully functional} {solar power plant|energy source for solar|system for powering the solar}. The solar array {is part|is a part|forms part} {of the solar power|of the|in the power generation} system{ that| which|, which} {supplies|provides|generates} {power|energy|electricity}. {This electricity|The electricity generated|This power} {can be used for powering|is used to power|can be used to power} homes{ or exported|, or sold} to {renewable energy grids|grids of renewable energy|grids that use renewable energy}.

Solar Array Installation

Solar arrays {can be easily|are able to be|can be} {installed anywhere there is sunlight|placed wherever there is sun|put up anywhere that there is sunshine}.

{An ideal location|The ideal spot|A good location} {for a solar array installation|to install a solar array|for solar array installations} {is on the roof of your|can be on your roof|could be the rooftop of your} {home|house}. {A solar array installation|The solar array|Solar arrays} {should be placed|is best placed|must be put} {on the roof|in the roofing|at the top of the house}. {The|In the|It is believed that the} United States gets the best {sun and produces the most|sun and generates the highest|sunlight and the most} {power from solar arrays that|energy from solar arrays that|power from solar arrays which} {face the south|are facing south|have a south-facing orientation}. {Your location,|Your location|The location of your solar panel} {as well as the design|and the style|as well as the shape} of the panel{ will determine| will decide|, will determine} {how many panels you need|the number of panels you require|how many panels you will need} to {cover your electricity consumption|meet your power consumption needs|provide your energy needs}.

{A solar array can be|Solar arrays can be|The solar array is} {installed|placed|mounted} on {top|the top} {of ground mounts|of the ground mounted|or beneath ground mountings}. This {is an option that|option|is a method that} is {popular|very popular} in {rural areas and|areas with low population density and|the rural areas as well as} solar farms{ where| in areas where|, where} {land is often|the land is usually|the land is typically} {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable}.

Solar arrays {can be mounted|can be erected|are able to be installed} on any {structure other than|building other than|type of structure, not just} roofs. There are {many|a variety of|numerous} {options|possibilities|alternatives}. There are solar {canopies and|canopy options and|canopies ,} solar pergolas{, as well| as well|, aswell} {as|with|in} solar gazebos.

Are you {going out for|planning to go out on|planning on going out for} the weekend? Solar arrays {can be installed|can be put|are able to be put} on {top|the top|the roof} of {cars|vehicles}. {For many years|For a long time|Since the beginning}{, solar energy has been| solar power has been| solar energy was} {available for|accessible to|available to} RVs. Boats are {starting to include|now beginning to incorporate|beginning to have} {panels|solar panels}.

Solar arrays {can also be|can be|are also} {used in combination|utilized in conjunction|combined} {with energy storage systems|to energy storage devices|in conjunction with storage for energy}{ such|, such} as solar batteries{, for| for|, to provide} {off-grid settings like|locations that are off grid, such as|remote locations like} hunting cabins.

There are{ also|| other} {niches that can be used|areas that could be utilized|niches that could be utilized} {for|to create|to build} solar arrays{, such as|, like| like} {those integrated into buildings|ones that are integrated into buildings|ones integrated into buildings}.

{Is it important|Do you care about|What is the most important thing to consider is} {where your array is|the location of your array|to know where your array is}? It is {important|essential|crucial} to {inquire about the system|ask about the system’s|know the system’s} {design and|layout and the location|structure and the place} {where the panels will be|which location the panels are|how the panel will be} {placed|positioned|put} by {any|the} installer. {A solar array that faces|An array of solar panels that is facing|Solar arrays that face} directly south, {especially|particularly} {if you are|when you’re|those who reside} {in|located in} the Northern Hemisphere will produce more {electricity than one that faces|energy than one facing|power than one facing} west{, north, or west| or north| either north or west} {because it receives|since it gets|due to the fact that it receives} more sunlight.

Ground mounts are {a good|an excellent|a great} {option if you have lots|alternative if you own a lot|option for those with lots} of land{ and plenty| and lots|, and plenty} of {sunlight|sunshine}. Ground-mounted arrays {can produce|produce|are able to generate} more {electricity than roof-mounted|power than roof-mounted|electricity than roof mounted} ones{ because they are designed| due to their design|, as they are built} to {face and tilt optimally|be able to tilt and face the right way|face and tilt in the best way}.

Solar Array Types

There are three {types|kinds} of Solar {Array: ground-mounted|Arrays: ground-mounted|Arrays: ground mounted}{, roof-mounted and carports| roof-mounted, carports and ground-mounted| carports, roof-mounted and}. Each {type|kind} of Solar {Array installation serves|Array has|array installation has} {a different purpose, so|various purposes, therefore|an individual purpose, and} what {works in one school|is effective in one school|is successful in one place} {might not work|may not be the best option|will not work} in {the next|another}.

  • Rooftop Arrays {- The most popular|The most well-known|The most sought-after} {type|kind|form} {of solar array is|that solar panels are|for solar arrays is}{ called|}{ the roof mount| Roof Mount|”the roof mount}. {To hold|For the purpose of holding|To support} {multiple PV panels, mount|several PV panels, you need to mount|many PV panels, place} the solar rack {to attach|and attach|in order to connect} {it to your|to your|it to the} roof. {You can attach panels|It is possible to attach the panels|The panels can be attached} to {metal, rubber,|rubber, metal,|rubber, metal} or {shingle|roofing shingles|roof shingles.} roofs.Roof mounts {can attach roofs|are able to attach roofs|allow roofs to be attached} to {places where it is|areas where it would be|locations where it is} otherwise {impossible|not possible|difficult}. {Install costs for roof mounts|Roof mounts’ installation costs|The installation costs for roof mounts} {are usually lower than those|tend to be lower than|generally lower than} {for ground-mounted systems|that are for systems mounted on the ground|of ground mounted systems}. Roof mounts {don’t have|do not have|don’t need} to be {bulky and can|heavy and are able to|large and} {protect your roof against certain|shield your roof from certain|safeguard your roof from} elements.
  • Ground-Mount Arrays {- Ground-mounted arrays|These arrays|The arrays that are mounted on the ground} are the most {popular|well-known|sought-after}. {They are the most efficient|These are among the best|They’re the most effective} {in|at|when it comes to} {generating|producing|creating} {energy per kW|power per unit of energy|the most energy for each kW}. {To maximize energy production,|To maximize energy production|In order to maximize energy production,} they can be {placed|installed} in any {orientation or direction|direction or orientation|position or direction}.
    They {require open ground|need open space|require a clear area} and are {easy|simple} to maintain. They {can be|are} shaded by {trees, power poles|power poles, trees} and {buildings nearby|even buildings in the vicinity|other structures nearby}.
  • Carports – {An overhead canopy|A canopy that is overhead} that {covers parking spaces is known|protects parking spaces is referred to} {as|by the name|for its} solar carports. {Ground mount solar panels|Solar panels that are mounted on the ground|Ground-mount solar panels} and solar cars {don’t need|do not need|don’t have} to be {mounted|erected|installed} on {a surface|a flat surface|the ground}.
    Installers can {position the panel|place the panels|set the panel} {at optimal angles to maximize|at the right angles to maximize|in the best angles for maximum} {sunlight exposure thanks|exposure to sunlight thanks|sun exposure due} to the {canopies|canopy}. {Solar panel carports offer|Carports for solar panels offer|Solar panel carports are a} {better solar panel|superior solar panels|more solar panel options} than {ground-mounted panels|panels that are mounted on the ground|the panels mounted on ground}.

The Net Meter and Battery Backups

Net Metering

{Your power meter measures|The power meter in your home measures|Your power meter is a measure of} {how much electricity|the amount of electricity|how much power} you {draw|consume|get} {from|off|out of} the grid. {However, it is likely|It is possible|But, it’s likely} that {you will need|you’ll need|you’ll require} {a special meter with|an extra meter that has|a specific meter with} the {ability to spin|capability of spinning|ability to rotate} backwards. Without this{, you won’t| feature, you will not|, you’ll not} be able {to accurately measure|to precisely measure|accurately gauge} {how much renewable energy|the amount of renewable energy|the amount of renewable energy that} {you are giving back|you’re donating|you’re giving back} {to|towards|into} the grid.

{You can usually call|It is usually possible to contact|You should usually contact} {your utility company|the company that you use|your local utility provider} to {get|request|obtain} {one of these meters|the meters|an electric meter} {free|for free}. {As I mentioned|As I said|Like I said}{, a power station| that a power plant| the power station located} {at the grid’s center|in the grid’s central point|near the grid’s centre} {- even a small|even a tiny|even a small} one – {can take|could take|can drain} {a lot off|much of|away a significant amount of energy from} the {system|grid}. The utility company {will be happy|is happy|is ready} to {assist you with|help you build|assist you in building} {your solar|the solar power of your|any solar-powered} home.

Battery Backups

{Even though|Although|While} solar battery backups {are not|aren’t|will not be} {covered|discussed|mentioned} {in this article|within this piece|here}, I {feel|believe|think} {it is necessary to mention|it is important to talk about|it’s important to discuss} {them and explain|their importance and|the benefits of them and discuss} {why they are so useful|the reasons why they are beneficial|why they’re so beneficial}. First{, battery backups| of all, backup batteries} {can be used|are a great option|can be utilized} in {an emergency situation like|the event of an emergency, such as|an emergency like} {a blackout|an emergency blackout|the event of a blackout}.

{Your solar|The solar|Solar} panels {won’t be able to|won’t be able|will not be able to} {power your home if your|provide power to your home if the|supply power to your home should your} lights {go out|fail|are cut off}. This {is done to protect|is to safeguard|protects} {the lineman who’s|the lineman|those who are} {fixing the grid from being|working on the grid from getting} {burned|burnt|damaged} by {your|the} solar panels. {You can keep your fridge|It is possible to keep your refrigerator|Your fridge can be kept} {running even if the|functioning even when the|operating even when} power {goes out by using|is cut off by using|goes out with} {a battery blackout|the blackout of your battery|blackouts on your batteries}. If you {run an off-grid|have an off-grid|operate an off grid} system{ you will need to|, you’ll need to|, you’ll need} {have the batteries available|keep the batteries on hand|be able to charge the batteries} {when the sun isn’t shining|even when the sun isn’t shining|in the event that the sun doesn’t shine}.

Solar Array Installation Cost

A complete {home solar system|solar home system|solar panel system for your home} {can cost between $18,000 and|could cost anywhere from $18,000 to|will cost between $18,000 and} $20,000. This {figure assumes that a complete|estimate assumes that a complete|number assumes that a full} {home solar panel system will|home solar panel system would|solar system for your home will} {cost between $18,000 and $20,000|cost between $18,000 and $20,000|cost between $18,000 to $20,000}. {Based on our cost|In light of our costs|According to our price} {data|information}{, the figure assumes a| this figure assumes an| the figure assumes an} {reinventive price of|new price|cost of a reinventive rate} {between|approximately|somewhere between} 2.75 {and|to|or} 3.35 {per solar watt|for each solar watt|in solar power}.

The {cost|price} of the equipment {required|needed|used} {to create|to build|for the creation of} the solar array {ranges from|is} {$5,800 to $7,850|5800- $7850|between $5,800 and $7,850}. The {remaining system cost includes|remainder of the system’s cost is|remaining cost of the system includes} {the cost of the|costs for the|an inverter or} solar inverter(s) {and the cost|as well as the expense|and the price} of{ the|} installation.

Solar Panel Calculator

Based on {average monthly|an average monthly|a monthly average} {electricity consumption|energy consumption|usage of electricity} of 877 {kWh|Kilowatt-hours|(kWh)} (kilowatt-hours){, the| The| an} average American {home would|house would|home will} {require between 19 and 23|need between 19 to 23|have between 19 and} {panels|solar panels}. After {the federal tax credit|tax credits from the federal government}{, it would cost| the cost would be| costs} {$13,000 to $16,200 to install|between $13,000 and $16,200 to put in|between $13,000 and $16,200 for the installation of} {these many solar panels|the many solar panels|these solar panels}.

{There is a chance that|There’s a possibility that|There’s a chance} your {energy consumption doesn’t match|consumption of energy isn’t in line with|energy usage isn’t as high as} {the|your|what’s the} U.S. average. The {number|amount} of solar panels {you require|you need|you’ll need} {depends on many|is contingent on a variety of|will depend on several} {factors such as|aspects, including|aspects like} {the location of|where you live, the area of|how far you are from} your {house|home} and the {type|kind} of solar {panels that|panels|panel} you {choose|select|pick}.

There are {several|a variety of|many} {factors that will|aspects that|variables that can} determine the {number|amount} of solar panels {you require|you will require.|that you need.}

It is a {common misconception|popular misconception|commonly held belief} {that the size of|that|about the dimensions of} your {home|house} determines {how many|the number of|the amount of solar} panels {you will need|you’ll require|you’ll need}. {You need to know|It is important to determine|You must know} {how many|the number of} solar panels {your solar power system requires|the solar power system you have|your solar power system will require}.

Your {energy consumption|consumption of energy|energy usage}{: The more you use| is dependent on how much| is a function of how much} electricity{,| and solar panels,|} {the|your|you will need} more solar panels {are|will be} {required to pay|needed to pay for} your {electricity|electric} {bills|costs.|bill}

{Sunlight in your region|The sun’s rays in your area|Sunshine in your region}{: Homes located| homes| The homes located} in {less sunny areas will|areas that are less sunny will|areas with less sunlight} {require|need|have to install} more solar panels {to|in order to} {reduce their electricity bills|lower their electric bills|reduce their electricity costs}. The {southwestern|southwest region of the} United States receives the most {sunlight, while|sunshine, while|sunlight, whereas} the {northeast receives|Northeast receives|Northeast gets} the {least|lowest amount of sunlight|most}.

Panel {wattage: This is also|Wattage: This is also|Wattage: This is} {known as|called}{ the power rating|”power rating|”power ratings}. {Most solar panels today|The majority of solar panels today|Today, most solar panels} {have a power rating|are rated at|come with a power rating of} {around 320 watts per|about 320 watts per|approximately 320 watts for each} panel. If {you want panels with|you are looking for panels with|you’re looking for panels that have} {higher wattage ratings|greater wattage ratings|more power}{, you will need fewer| then you’ll need less| that are more powerful, you’ll require fewer} {panels|panels.}

Solar Panel System

{The sun is|Sunlight is|It is believed that the sun provides} the {primary|main|principal} {source of solar energy|sun’s energy source|power source for solar energy}. {The solar panel, also|Solar panels, sometimes|A solar panel is also} {called|known as|referred to as} PV panels, {is used|is utilized|are used} {to convert|for converting|in the conversion of} sunlight (which is {made|composed} {of photons of energy|by photons|up of light particles}) into {electricity that can be|electrical energy that is|electricity which can then be} {used to power electrical loads|utilized to power electrical devices|used to power electrical appliances}. {It also includes a collection|It also has a set|Also, it includes a collection} {of PV solar|made of solar PV|that includes PV solar} cells.

Solar panels {can be used|can be utilized|are used} {for many purposes|to serve a variety of purposes,|for a variety of reasons,} {including remote power systems for|such as remote power systems for|like remote power systems to power} cabins{ or| and|, or} remote sensing. {You can also produce|It is also possible to generate|Also, you can generate} electricity {with commercial or residential|using residential or commercial|through residential or commercial} {solar electric systems|electrical systems that are solar powered|system of solar power}. Photovoltaic modules are made up of photovoltaic cell circuits that have been sealed in an environmentally-protective laminate. They {are the basic building|are the fundamental building|form the foundational} {blocks|components|elements} {of solar power|for solar energy|in solar} systems. Photovoltaic panels {are made up|consist} of {one or more PV modules|several PV modules|at least one PV module} {that can be assembled|which can be arranged|that can be put together} {into a pre-wired and|to form a pre-wired,|into a pre-wired} field-installable {unit|device}.

Types of Solar Panels

Different manufacturers {may have different|might have different|could have distinct} {designs or qualities|styles or characteristics|styles or features} {for solar panels|in solar panel|of solar panels}. {Most panels fall under|The majority of solar panels fall into|Most solar panels fall within} one of{ the following|| the} three {types: monocrystalline,|categories: monocrystalline,|categories: monocrystalline} thin-film{,|} or polycrystalline.

{Although these panels do not|While these panels don’t|Although they do not} {have the same efficiency|possess the same effectiveness|offer the same level of efficiency} or physical {characteristics|properties|attributes}{, they are all equally| however, they are all| but they’re all} efficient. Each panel{ type|} {has|comes with} {its own|each its own|distinct} {pros and cons|advantages and disadvantages}.

{These panels are stronger|They are more durable} than {traditional|conventional|the traditional} silicon-based panels. {Below is a description of|Here is a brief description of|Below is a description for} {each type of panel|the various types of panels|each kind of panel}.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels {- Monocrystalline panels are|Monocrystalline solar panels are the|Monocrystalline solar panels are} most efficient. To {extract the best possible|get the most efficient results|extract the highest quality} {from silicon, the parent|out of silicon, the main|from silicon, which is the primary} material, they {use|employ|utilize} {a unique manufacturing method|an exclusive manufacturing process|an innovative manufacturing technique}. Monocrystalline panels are {made|constructed|composed} {of silicon ingots that have|of silicon ingots with|from silicon ingots which have} {very|extremely|exceptionally} high {purity|quality}. {These wafers can then be|The wafers are then|The wafers are} {cut into thin|divided into small|broken into tiny} wafers{ and mounted|, and then arranged| before being positioned} {in a grid-like manner|in grid-like fashion|on grids}. {Each silicon wafer|Every silicon wafer|The silicon} is {unique|distinctive}{, and can be| and| and is} easily identified. The panel appears {black|as black|like black}.

Monocrystalline panels are {made|constructed|composed} {of silicon ingots that have|of silicon ingots with a|from silicon ingots which have a} {a high purity rating|an extremely high purity rating|the highest purity ratings}. They {are capable of producing|can generate|can produce} {electricity with exceptional|electricity with a remarkable|energy with incredible} {efficiency|effectiveness|efficacy}. {These panels|They} are {extremely compact and can|very compact and|extremely compact and} {work in low light|operate in dim light|perform in low-light} conditions {more efficiently|more effectively|with greater efficiency} {than other panels|than other panels}.

{These panels are more expensive|They are also more expensive|The panels are more costly} {than other panels,|in comparison to other types of panels|as compared to similar panels} {which is|and that’s|which can be} {a problem|an issue}. {But costs can vary widely|However, costs vary|However, prices can differ} {between panel designs and manufacturers|between manufacturers and designs|among panel styles and manufacturers}. Monocrystalline panels {are more likely to produce|tend to generate|tend to create} waste {due to|because of} their {cylindrical|circular} silicon ingots. {Each wafer’s edges are removed|The edges of each wafer are taken away|The edges of every wafer are removed} {during manufacturing|in the process of manufacturing|when they are manufactured}.

Monocrystalline solar {cells|panels} {are more expensive than polycrystalline panels|cost more than panels made of polycrystalline|tend to be more costly than polycrystalline ones}. Polycrystalline panels are {made|constructed|composed} of {melted|melting|the melting of} silicon. The {melted silicon is then|silicon that has been melted is|melted silicon is} {poured|put|formed} {into|onto} square wafers. {This melting process allows almost|The process of melting allows nearly|This process allows for almost} {all the|every bit of|all of the} material to be {used,|utilized,|usedup,} {eliminating a lot of|which means that there is no|getting rid of a lot of} {waste|wasted|material}.

{These panels are efficient|They are highly efficient,|These panels are effective} with an {average efficiency between|average efficiency of|efficiency ranging from} 13{%| percent} {and|between 13% and|to} 16{%| percent}. They {perform less well|are less effective|perform less efficiently} {than monocrystalline panels|as monocrystalline panel|in comparison to monocrystalline panels}. They {are also less effective|also perform less well} in {low-light or high heat|high-heat or low-light|hot or dim light} {conditions|conditions}.

Polycrystalline panels {can be|are often|are typically} larger than {monocrystalline or thin-film panels and|monocrystalline or thin-film panels , and|thin-film or monocrystalline panels and} {have a more appealing|are more attractive due to their|offer a more appealing} {shimmering blue color|blue shimmer|shimmering blue hue}.

Thin-Film Solar Panels {- Thin-Film|Thin-Film solar|Thin-Film} panels {are not made from|aren’t made of|are not constructed from} silicon{ like other types| as other kinds of|, like the other types of}. {These panels are made with|They are constructed using|These panels are created using} {alternative photovoltaic media|different photovoltaic materials|alternative photovoltaic material} and are {deposited on thin|placed on thin|put on} {substrate layers|layer of substrate}. This unique {structure|design|construction} {creates panels with distinctive|produces panels with distinct|gives panels with distinct} {characteristics|features|particularities}.

Thin-film panels {are still possible|can be used|are still able} to {use in many|be used in a variety of|utilize in numerous} applications{, even though| although} {they are less efficient than|they’re less efficient than|they’re not as efficient as} {monocrystalline or polycrystalline|polycrystalline or monocrystalline} panels. {These panels can be used|They can be utilized|These panels are able to be used} in {places where traditional|areas where conventional|situations where traditional} solar panels {might not work|may not be effective|aren’t suitable}.

Thin-film solar {cells are less|cells are not as|panels aren’t as} {popular than they used to|popular than they used|well-known than they used to} be, {especially|particularly} {in residential areas|for residential locations|within residential zones}. {Because of|Due to} their {low efficiency ratings,|low efficiency , their|poor efficiency ratings, the} {large space requirements and|huge space requirements, and their|big space requirements and the} {inability to be connected|inability to connect|lack of connectivity}{, these solar cells| to the grid, these solar panels| with other solar cells, they} {may not suit|might not be suitable for|aren’t suitable for} {all roof designs|the majority of roof designs|every roof design}. {These solar cells are|They are also} less {stable|durable} than {traditional panels and can|conventional panels and may|conventional panels, and they can} {degrade quicker|be more susceptible to degradation|become less durable}.

Solar Panels near you

We {recommend that you compare|suggest that you evaluate|recommend you to compare} your options {at|with|on} [xfield-company]. {Register on|Join|Sign up on} the [xfield-company] Marketplace and {get quotes from several|receive quotes from a variety of|receive estimates from various} {pre-screened, vetted|verified, pre-screened|approved, vetted, and pre-screened} installers. You can {specify your preferences|choose your preferred options|indicate your preferences} {in regards to|regarding|with regards to} the solar panel {system you want|system you’d like to have|you’re looking for}{, and our installers| and our installers| and our experts} {will be able to tailor|can tailor|can customize} {our offer to suit|the package to meet|our service to meet} your {needs|requirements|preferences}. {Our|The|This} Solar Calculator will give you an estimate of {the cost|the price|costs} and savings {that you can|you could|you can} {expect to make|anticipate to achieve|anticipate} {when you start|as you begin|once you start} {your solar research|your research into solar|the research for your solar system}.

Solar Panel Systems Company

Unbiased consumer reviews

[xfield-company] has verified customer reviews {for almost|for nearly|on nearly} all {of the national|national|of the major} solar {companies|firms}. To ensure {that you only|that you|you only} {view reviews from genuine|read reviews from real|review reviews written by genuine} customers, we {use both|conduct|employ both} {manual and software|computer and manual|automated and software-based} {checks|tests|verification}. We {remove fake reviews and|eliminate fake reviews as well as|filter out fake reviews and} negative reviews {from competitors|of competitors|left by competitors}.

{Expert ratings for solar installers|Expertly rated solar installers|Expertly-reviewed solar installers’ ratings}

{Customer reviews are not|Reviews from customers aren’t|Customer reviews aren’t} enough to {determine the quality|judge the worthiness|gauge the overall quality} of a {company|business}. Installers {often|usually|frequently} {offer incentives to get|offer incentives to encourage|provide incentives to attract} positive reviews. This {can drown out the|could drown out|can help drown out} negative reviews{ and increase| and boost|, and improve} their {review score|score on reviews|rating}. We have {created|developed|designed} {a rating|an assessment} {system for solar installers|method for solar contractors|scheme for solar installation companies}{ that| which|, which} is based {on several factors|on a variety of factors|upon a number of variables}.

{Manufacturers’ expert ratings|Expert ratings of manufacturers|Experts’ ratings from manufacturers}

Reviews {are not very useful|aren’t very helpful|aren’t particularly helpful} {when it comes to equipment|in the case of equipment|when it comes to the equipment} {for|to power|used for the installation of} solar panels. {Although reviews are left|While reviews are often left|Though reviews are posted} by {consumers immediately|customers right|the consumer right} {after the|after|following the} {installation of their|installing of the|completion of installing their} solar {system|systems}{, panels can last| the panels can last for| solar panels, they can last} {up to 25|as long as 25|at least 25 to 30} years. {We have created an expert|We’ve developed a specialized|We’ve created a professional} rating system {to help|that can assist|to aid} solar {manufacturers|companies|producers}. It is based {on key|on important|upon key} {criteria|factors|requirements}.

{Online savings and cost calculator|Cost calculator and online savings|Online savings calculator and cost calculator}

{Our online calculator calculates the|The online calculator we provide calculates the|This calculator online calculates}{ exact| precise|} {cost of solar panels and|price of solar panels and|cost of solar panels , and} {saves|helps you save|can save you} money. It {shows consumers how many|informs consumers of the number of|informs users of how many} panels {they will need|they’ll need|they’ll require}{, average local prices| as well as the average price in their area| along with the local average prices}{, savings estimates, and| as well as savings estimates and| estimations of savings, as well as} {payback periods|time frames for payback|the payback timeframes}.

Unfiltered reviews

We {won’t allow|will not allow|don’t permit} any {solar company to pay us|solar company to use our money|solar-related company to pay us} to {hide|conceal} negative reviews. {These companies claim|They claim|The companies say} that other review {websites|sites} {have permitted|allow|permit} them to {do this|use this method}{, but we don’t support| however we do not support| We don’t agree with} {these untrustworthy practices|these fraudulent practices|this kind of untrustworthy practice}.

The {top|best|most reputable} solar {companies|firms}

[xfield-company] works to {ensure that the industry|ensure that the solar industry|make sure that the industry} is not {tarnished|damaged|marred} by {unscrupulous|untrustworthy|fraudulent} businessmen. {We will only connect|We will only introduce|We’ll only connect} you {to pre-screened solar contractors|with pre-screened solar contractors|with solar contractors that have been pre-screened} {if you request quotes via|when you submit a request for quotes on|by requesting quotes through} our website.



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