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Solar Panel System: Solar Panel Roof

Are you {ready to make the|looking to|willing to} switch to solar {for|power for|panels for} your home? Solar panels {are not only|are not just|aren’t just} {environmentally friendly but|green, but they|eco-friendly, they can} {also help you save|will also save you|additionally help you save} {money on your electricity bills|the cost of electricity|energy costs}. {It might be|It is|It’s} tempting to {wonder|think about|consider} what options {are available when|you have when|are available if} you {replace|decide to replace|upgrade} your roof {with|by installing} solar panels. {We can help you understand|We will help you understand|We’ll help you comprehend} the {options|possibilities}.

{Before you|If you are planning to|When you decide to} {replace your roof with solar|upgrade your roof with a solar|replace your roof with a solar} {panel, there are|panels, you must consider|panel there are} {some|a few|certain} {things you should consider|aspects to consider|factors to take into consideration}. {You should assess|It is important to evaluate|You must evaluate} the {roof’s condition, research|condition of your roof, study|condition of the roof, investigate} the {various solar options|different solar options|various options for solar} and {do an accurate|conduct a thorough|perform a precise} cost analysis.

It {may seem|might seem|can be} {overwhelming, but don’t worry|daunting, but don’t be worried|intimidating, but don’t fret}. {We will walk|We’ll walk|We’ll guide} you through {each|every} step.

What is your Roof’s Condition?

{Is it necessary|Do you need|Does it make sense} to {replace your roof because|replace your roof since|repair your roof as} {you are|you’re} {switching|changing|moving} to solar? It’s not {necessary|required|needed}. {It’s more rational to evaluate|It is more sensible to assess|It’s better to look at} the {state|condition} of your roof {before making|prior to making|prior to taking} any {major|important} {decisions|decision}. This {will save you|can save you|can help you save} {time and money|time and money|both time and money}.

{Solar panels can|The solar panels are able to|They can also} be {placed|positioned|put} on any roof {provided|if|as long as} there is {sufficient sunlight|enough sunlight|enough sunshine} and{ enough|| sufficient} space. Solar panels average 40 lbs. in weight.

If your {roof is weak or damaged|roof is damaged or weak|roofing is damaged or weak}{, it could| it may| it could} {end up sinking under|be prone to sinking under|end up sinking beneath} {the weight|the weight of}.

{Although your roof might look|While your roof may appear|Although your roof may appear} like a {simple collection|simple set|straightforward collection} of {tiles and shingles,|shingles and tiles,|shingles and tiles} the {structure is far|actual structure is much|structure is} more {complex|complicated|intricate} than {that|it appears|the appearance}. {Multiple layers make up|Many layers comprise|There are many layers that make up} your roof. They {all work together to|all function together to|are all designed to help} {insulate and protect your home|provide insulation and protection to your home|keep your home warm and secure}.

{A typical roof is|The typical roofing is|An average roof}{ generally|} {made from|composed of|comprised of}:

  • Roof Truss
  • Insulation
  • {Water and ice barriers|Ice and water barriers|Barriers to ice and water}
  • Decking
  • {Underlayment|The layer|Sublayment}
  • Shingles and tiles
  • Wooden frame

The {entire|whole} {structure of your roof|construction of the roof|design of your roofing} {will be|is} affected {if any|if one|when any} {of these components is|of these components are|component is} damaged. {How can one tell|What can you tell|How do you know} {if the roof has been|whether the roof is|when the roof has been} damaged?

How do you check the condition of your roof?

Wait a minute. {Do not climb up|Don’t climb|Don’t go up} the ladder. {You can do a few|There are a few|There are some} things without {taking|removing|having to take} the ladder {out of your|out of the|from your} garage. {Check|Examine|Look} for {leaks and stains from|stains and leaks from|stains and leaks on} the ceiling.

{Excessive ventilation may be responsible|The excessive amount of ventilation could be the reason|Insufficient ventilation could be the cause} for {your recent increase|the recent rise|the recent increase} in {electricity bills|electric bills|your electricity bill}.

Here are {some of the|a few of the|a few of} most {common ways that|frequent ways|commonly used ways in which} {roofs can|roofing systems can|roofs may} be damaged:

  • Broken or loose tiles
  • Water Damage
  • {Punctures and cracks|Cracks and punctures}
  • {Structure Damage|Damage to Structures}
  • Material {for|to be} Worn Down

{Take a look at|Check|Examine} your roof {to check for|for|to see if there is} any {damage|damages|signs of damage}. {A professional roof inspection|An inspection by a professional|Professional roof inspection} {might|could|may} be {an option if|a viable option should|an option should} you {find|discover|spot} {one|any}.

Replacing a roof with solar panels: Money is important

{Think about|Consider|Take a moment to think about} it. {You have solar panels installed|You have solar panels on your roof|There are solar panels in your home} and your roof {isn’t changing|hasn’t changed|doesn’t change}. {Your roof suddenly starts|The roof starts|Your roof suddenly begins} to {sag|lose its shape|slide}.

{You will need to pay|There will be|You’ll have to pay} an additional {fee|cost|charge} {for the removal and reinstallation|to remove and reinstall|to get rid and then reinstall} {of the|of your|for the solar} panels. In some cases, you may even endanger your solar panels.

{You won’t generate electricity|There is no electricity to be generated|It is impossible to generate electricity} even {though|when|while} {the panels are off|your panels have been shut off|you turn off the power to your panel}. This {will mean that|means that|means} your {electricity bill will increase|electric bill will rise|electricity bill will go up} {during this time|in this period|at this point}.

{While|Although|If} {replacing your roof with|the idea of replacing your roof with|installing} solar panels {might seem expensive|may seem costly|may be expensive} initially, {in the long-term|over the long run|in the end}{, it will| it can| it will} {save you a lot of|help you save a significant amount of|cost you less} {money|cash|dollars}. {You have many options|There are a variety of options available|There are many options} {for solar panel financing|for financing solar panels|to finance solar panels} {that will help you|to help you|which will allow you to} make an informed {decision|choice}.

You {have the option to|can|are able to} {choose the one|select the option|pick the one} {that makes sense to you|that is most appropriate for you|which is the most sensible for you}.

Before {calling|you call the} [xfield_company] solar shingle installation team, we {recommend|suggest} {that you do|you conduct|to conduct} {a cost analysis|an analysis of the cost|an analysis of costs}. This will {give you|provide you with|help you get} {a better understanding of|an understanding of|more information about} the {cost and|costs and|price and the} {benefits|advantages} over time.

Why is it better to replace your roof before installing solar shingles?

{We have seen|We’ve seen|We’ve observed} that {roof replacement|roofing replacements|replacing a roof} {can be very|is|can be} {expensive|costly}. {It is an option|This is a solution|It’s an option} {that can be cheaper|that is less expensive|which is cheaper}. {This is a one-time expense|It is a one-time cost|This is an investment} {that will pay off|which will pay dividends|that pays off} {in the long-term|over the long run|over time}.

Your roof is {a key|an essential|a major} {factor|element|aspect} {in the insulation of|for the insulation in|to the insulation you have for} your {home|house}. {Your roof’s ability to properly|The ability of your roof to|Your roof’s capacity to} insulate {is affected|will be affected|is determined} by {how often you have|the frequency you need|the frequency with which you need} to {run|use} the AC {during summers and|in summer and the|in the summer months and when you need to} {heat in winters|temperatures in winter|cold winter months}.

A new roof {can also|could also|can} {increase|boost|improve} {the value of your|its value for your|worth of the} {house|home}. {You don’t have|It’s not necessary|You don’t need} to spend {too much|a lot of money|a lot} {on it if you decide|for it if you choose|on it should you decide} {to sell|to sell your home}.

[xfield_company] can replace your roof

{It is not difficult|It’s not hard|It’s not difficult} to {find a roofer and|locate a roofer as well as|find a roofer or} {a separate|an independent|an additional} solar {company|firm|business} {that|which} {installs|is able to install|can install} solar panels.

{Let us tell you|We’ll reveal|Let us reveal} {a little secret|an undiscovered secret|one thing}. {It’s possible to save|It is possible to cut down on|You can save} time and {avoid putting in|not put in|eliminate} {extra effort by choosing|additional effort by selecting|more effort by selecting} {a solar company that does|an energy company that can do|the solar company that offers} both. {You read that correctly|It’s true|Yes, you read it correctly}. [xfield_company] offers services {to install solar panels and|to install solar panels as well as|for solar panels to be installed and} {replace|repair} roofs.

{Although it would be wonderful|While it would be great|While it would be fantastic} to {have a free|get a|receive a no-cost} {roof replacement using|roofing replacement with|roof replacement by using} solar panels, {this|it} {is not usually possible|isn’t always possible|is not a common scenario}. The {cost of both jobs|price of both jobs|expense of both tasks} {can be reduced if they|could be reduced if they|can be reduced if both} are {done|performed|completed} {by|through|with the help of} [xfield_company].

[xfield_company] offers roof replacements {and solar installation|and solar installations|as well as solar installation} {at significant|with significant|at a significant cost} savings. The company {offers|also offers|provides} financing options {that make it more|to make it more|that make it} {affordable to install solar panels on|feasible to put solar panels in|economical to set up solar panels for}{ a|} flat {roofing|roof}.

The Best Roof for Solar Panels

{Once you have decided|If you’ve decided|After you’ve made the decision} to {install solar panels in|put solar panels on|install solar panels inside} your home, {it is|it’s} time to {plan the details|think about the specifics|design the details} of the {array|solar array}. {Solar panels will be|The solar panels are|These panels would be} {installed|put|erected} {on the roof of your|in the roofing of your|onto the top of the} {home|house}. It is {important to understand|crucial to know|essential to comprehend} {how different roof types can|the ways that different types of roofs can|how different roof types} {affect|influence|impact} {this|the} {process|procedure}.

{Solar panels can be|The solar panels are|They can also be} {fitted|installed|put in} {on most roofing types|to most roof types|on a variety of roofing styles}. However{, not all| there are some| it is not the case that all} rooftop solar arrays{ will| can|} {produce the same amount produce|generate the same amount of|produce the same amount of} electricity. {A solar panel with optimum|A solar panel that has the best|The solar panel that is of the highest} performance {should be placed|is best placed|should be set} at {a 30 degree angle|an angle of 30 degrees}{, facing south or southwest| with a south or southwest facing| in the direction of southwest or south}. This angle {can be achieved|is possible|can be accomplished} by {attaching brackets to|fixing brackets to|mounting brackets on} flat roofs. {See how your roof compares|Check out how your roof stacks up|Compare your roof to the others}.

Solar Common {Roof Types|Types of Roof}


Composite roofing {has become|is now|has been} the most {popular|sought-after|well-known} {type|kind} of {roof|roofing}. This is {why|the reason why|the reason} there are many{ people|} who {want to install|are looking to put|would like to install} solar panels {onto|on|to} {their composite roofing|the composite roof|their roofing made of composite}. {This roof type uses|The type of roof used is|This type of roof is made up of} {composite roofing or asphalt|asphalt roofing or composite} roofing. They are {made of a|constructed from a|made from} {fiberglass mat or|fiber mat, or even|glass mat and} cellulose. {The final product is|It is|They are}{ then|} {made from|composed of|constructed from} {asphalt and other minerals|the asphalt as well as other mineral|various minerals, including asphalt}. Composite roofing {offers many benefits|has many advantages|comes with many benefits}. {Composite roofing is more affordable|It is less expensive|Composite roofing is cheaper}{, can be modified| and can be altered| and is able to be modified} to {look like any|mimic any|appear like} other {material, and has|type of material, and comes with a|type of roofing material, and also has a} {a long life expectancy|longevity that is long|an extended life span}. Composite {roofs are|roofing is} {among the most popular|one of the most sought-after|among the most well-known} solar panel {installation options|options for installation|installations}.


{Some other common construction method|Another common method of construction|Another popular construction method} {that can be discovered|that is found|which is used} in {most|a lot of|many} {communities is tile roofing|areas is the tile roof|cities is the use of tile roofing}. Tiles {can be made from|are made of|can be constructed from} {a variety of|various|many different} materials. It is {critical to understand|essential to know|crucial to be aware of} the {materials before you begin|material before beginning|components prior to beginning}. {Solar panel installation|Installation of solar panels} on clay tiles {can be|is|could be} {more expensive than on|more costly than|higher priced than} concrete tiles.

{To connect|In order to connect|For connecting} {a solar panel array|the solar array|an array of solar panels} to a {tile roof,|tile roof|roof tile,} {a bracket will be required|it is necessary to install a bracket|the bracket is required}. The panels {will be|are} {able to be raised above|capable of being raised over|in a position to be elevated above} the roof {as a result|because|by virtue} of this. The {distance the panels must|length of time the panels have to|amount to which the panels need to} be raised {is determined by|will depend on|depends on} the {material to make|materials used to construct|material used to create} them. {Furthermore, the cost|Additionally, the price|In addition, the cost} {of the panels will be determined by|for the panel will depend on|is determined by} the {cost|price|value} {of the tiles|for the tile|of tiles}.

Metal Standing Seam

{Metal roofing is|The metal roofing option is by far|It is} the {best|most suitable|ideal} {type of roof|kind of roof|type of roofing} {for solar panel installation|to install solar panels|that can be used for the installation of solar panels}. {These roofs have|They have|The roofs are constructed with} standing seams{ that make attaching|, which make the attachment of| that allow for the installation of} {the panels easy and cost-effective|panels simple and cost-effective|panels easy and cost effective}. This {roof type does not|type of roof does not|kind of roof doesn’t} {require drilling holes in|require drilling holes into|need drilling holes into} {your|the} roof.

{Metal roofing is also|The metal roofing system is|It is} {more environmentally|more eco|environmentally} {friendly than other types|green than other kinds|sustainable than other forms} of roofing. {They can last up to|It can last for up to|They last for as long as} 30 years{ and are made| and are constructed|, and are made} {from|of|using} recycled materials. {Standing seams on metal roofs|Metal roofs with standing seams} {allow for|permit} the installation of {thin and standard|standard and thin} PV panels. {These roofs also reflect significant|They also reflect large|They also reflect substantial} {amounts of sunlight that isn’t|amounts of sunlight that aren’t|quantities of sunlight that’s not} {being|getting} {absorbed by solar panels,|taken up by solar panels,|absorb by solar panels} which {can lead to|could cause|could result in} cooling effects.

Gravel and Tar

{Tar and gravel roofs|Roofs made of gravel and tar|The roofing of tar and gravel} {consist|are made up|comprise} of {layers of sheets,|sheets of tar,|sheets} {which are attached|that are bonded|which are joined} {with roofing felt and|to the roof with roofing felt and|with roofing felt as well as} hot {tar|asphalt|Tar}. {Other mineral coatings may also|Other mineral coatings can also|Additional mineral coatings could} be added. {These flat roofs may need|Flat roofs might require|These flat roofs could require} {additional brackets that can|brackets that|additional brackets that are able to} {tilt at a 30-degree angle|tilt to a 30-degree angle|be tilted at an angle of 30 degrees}. {Although this is easy|While this is simple|Although it is relatively easy} to {do, it will|accomplish, it can|install, it could} {cost more than|be more expensive than when|take more money than} installing {on|it on|them on} {a tilted or other material|an untilted or tilted|the tilted or any other type of} roof. {It is still an option|This is still a viable option|There is still a possibility} {for installing|to install|for} solar panels.

Wooden Roofs

{They are the last|They’re the most common|They’re the final} {type of roof you’ll see|kind of roof that you’ll find|kind of roof you’ll see} in {most neighborhoods|the majority of neighborhoods|most communities}. {Wooden roofs can|Roofs made of wood can|The roofs of wood} {have shingles that are either|be characterized by shingles that are|have shingles that are} {flat or at angles|straight or flat|in a flat position or are at an angle}. The {details|specifics|exact details} will {depend on how|depend on the way in which|be determined by the method in which} {the solar roof panels is|solar roof panels are|the solar roof panels are} constructed. A wooden roof {is not|isn’t} {suitable for solar panels|ideal for panels made of solar|appropriate for solar panel installation} {due to fire safety issues|because of fire safety concerns|due to fire safety concerns}. {Although rooftop solar is not|While rooftop solar may not be|Although rooftop solar isn’t} the {best|most suitable|ideal} {option|choice} {for you, it|to consider, this|the best for your needs, it} {won’t|shouldn’t|doesn’t} {stop|hinder|prevent} you from {going|making the switch to|opting for} solar. {You can also consider|It is also possible to consider|There are other options to consider, such as} {community solar or ground-mounted systems|ground-mounted solar or community solar|ground-mounted or community solar systems}.

Solar panels for any Type of Roof

There {will always be|is always} {a way to put|an option to install|the possibility of installing} {a solar array|an array of solar panels|an array of solar cells} on your roof{ if|, if| should} {you want it|you’d like to|you’d like it}. There are {many options available|a variety of options|numerous options} to {make your roof more efficient|improve the efficiency of your roof|enhance the efficiency of your roof} {if the roof’s natural structure|in the event that the roof’s structure|when the roof’s design} or {materials aren’t suitable|the materials you choose aren’t appropriate}. {However, the amount|But, the degree|However, the level} of {customization will directly affect|modification will directly impact|customization can directly impact} the {cost of your system|price of your system|price of your roof}. You {can get|could get|can receive} 30{%| percent} {off|discount off of|from} {your|the cost of your|you} Federal Solar Tax Credit if you {need|require} {a new roof to install|an entirely new roof for installing|the installation of a new roof.} solar.

What does a Solar Roof actually cost?

{Consider|Be aware|Take note} {that not all rooftop solar|the fact that all solar rooftop|it is not true that all rooftop solar} {systems are created|systems are made|panels are made} {equal|to be the same|in the same way}. {Properly designed rooftop solar systems|Rooftop solar systems that are properly designed|Correctly designed rooftop solar systems} {should be tailored to|must be adapted to the specifics of|are suited to} {your home|the specifics of your home|your house}. This {includes considerations such as|is a consideration that includes|involves considerations like} the {pitch of the roof|roof’s pitch|pitch of your roof}{, your home’s orientation| and the orientation of your home| as well as the location of your house} {relative|in relation|with respect} to the Sun{, shade| and shade| shading} from nearby {trees, chimneys|chimneys, trees}{, vents, and typical| vents, chimneys, and the typical| vents, chimneys and} {household energy consumption|home energy usage}. {This information is used|The information provided|This data is used} {by|to} [xfield_company] to determine the {size and location|size and position|dimensions and locations} of the panels {for|on|that will be installed on} your roof. The {average cost|cost|price} of a system {will be|is} {affected by any|dependent on any|affected by} rebates or {subsidies that are|subsidies|subsidy programs that are} {available, as well as|available, along with|offered, as well as} {any add-ons that you choose|any additional accessories you decide|the add-ons you decide} to {buy with it|purchase with it|purchase}.

{Before you buy|When you purchase|Before you purchase} or install {rooftop solar panels|solar panels for rooftop use}, [xfield_company] will {thoroughly explain the estimate|fully explain the cost estimate|clearly explain the price} to you. This is the {best|ideal|perfect} {time|opportunity|moment} to {ask any questions you may|inquire about any concerns you might|ask any questions you} {have about your system before|have regarding your solar system prior to|be having about the system prior to} signing up.

{Good news: The|A good thing is that the|It’s good news that the} {average cost of rooftop solar|average price of rooftop solar|cost of solar panels for rooftop} systems has {dropped over|decreased over|dropped in} the {last few|past few|last couple of} years. This {makes it more affordable|means it is more affordable|makes it cheaper} than ever {for|before for} homeowners to {install|invest in|put up} solar panels, {especially considering|particularly when you consider|particularly considering} {all the options that are|all options|the many options} {available to them|readily available|accessible to them}.

Rooftop Solar: Buying Options

{Today, there are|There are currently} three options {for purchasing|to purchase|for buying} {a rooftop solar system|rooftop solar systems|rooftop solar panels}{:| that include| such as} {cash purchase, loan/financing|financing, cash or loan|the cash option, financing or loans}{,|} {or|and|as well as} Power Purchase Agreement. (Or {a lease in areas|leasing in regions|leases in areas} {that|where} Power Purchase Agreements {do not|don’t} exist).

Cash Purchase

It’s {easy as pie|as easy as pie|as simple as that}. You can {buy|purchase} {your rooftop solar system|your solar rooftop system|the solar panels for your roof} {in cash and pay no|in cash and pay nothing|with cash and pay no} {interest or monthly fees|charges for interest or fees per month|costs for monthly or interest}.

You can {buy a rooftop|purchase a rooftop|purchase a roof-mounted} solar system {for|with|in} {cash and immediately increase|money and instantly increase|cash and instantly boost} {your home’s worth|the value of your home|your property’s value}.

{Ask|Find out|Be sure to inquire} about {maintenance and operation fees|the cost of maintenance and operation|operating and maintenance fees} {when getting|when you get|in obtaining} {an estimate from a|estimates from the|estimations from} {provider|supplier|service provider} of solar energy {for cash|in exchange for cash|to make} purchases. {Rooftop solar panels are|Solar panels for roofs are|The rooftop solar panel is}{ very|} {easy to maintain|simple to maintain|maintenance-free} and {come with|have|are covered by} warranties{ of| that last|} {up to|at least|between 20 and} 20 years. {This shouldn’t be a problem|It shouldn’t be a problem|This shouldn’t be an issue}.


A loan {might|could|may} be {an option if you|a viable option for you if|a possibility if you} {don’t have the funds|do not have enough money|aren’t able} to {buy a|purchase a|purchase a brand} {new solar system|modern solar panel|fresh solar array}. {A loan allows you to|The loan lets you|A loan permits you to} keep the {roof solar panels|solar panels on your roof|solar panels that are on the roof}{, pay| and pay off| and then pay back} the loan {over time and|over time , and|in installments and} {still get the benefits of|enjoy the benefits of|benefit from} {renewable energy and electricity savings|solar energy that is renewable and also electricity savings|the renewable energy source and savings on electricity}. Solar loans are{ very|| extremely} {affordable because there are usually|affordable since there are typically|cost-effective since they usually have} no upfront {costs|fees}.

{You have many options|There are a variety of options available|There are many options to choose from} {when it comes to|in the field of|regarding} solar loans. [xfield_company] partners with third-party loan {providers|companies|service providers}. Special government programs {grant|provide|offer} loans {for|to} {rooftop|roof|the rooftop installation of} solar panels. PACE (Property {Assessed|assessed} Clean Energy){, a government program| is a program of the government| is a government-sponsored program} {that funds projects that improve|which funds projects to improve|that provides grants to projects that increase} {energy efficiency, is an|efficiency in energy use, is an|energy efficiency, is a good} {example|illustration}. {Although|While} the PACE program {is subject to|can} {change depending|changes based|alter depending} {on where you live|the location you live in|on the area you reside in}{, many| most| Many} homeowners {have the option of|can choose to|are able to} paying {their property taxes for|property taxes to fund|their property tax for} {rooftop|roof-mounted|the rooftop installation of} solar panels. {You can also apply for|You may also be able to apply for|It is also possible to get} {a personal loan|personal loans|an individual loan} {through a bank or|via a} credit union {if none of|in the event that none of|if none} the {above loan options work|options above work|loan options mentioned above works}.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA is {required for|mandatory for|required by} {most solar users in the|the majority of solar users in the|all solar users in} U.S. {A PPA|The PPA|It} {doesn’t|won’t|does not} cost {you the rooftop solar panels|you rooftop solar panels|the solar panels on your rooftop} {but the power they produce|however, it is the power they generate|but rather the energy they produce}. The {rooftop solar panels|solar panels on the roof} are {owned by|the property of} the solar {provider,|company,|provider} and you {only pay|pay only} {for the solar energy they|to use the energy that solar panels|per solar power they} {produce|generate}.

PPAs {can be|are} {understood by looking at|comprehended by studying|identified by looking at} the {relationship between you and your|connection between you and your|relationship between you and the} {electric utility company|electricity utility provider|electrical utility service}. {Your electric utility generates electricity|Electricity is generated by your utility|Your electric utility produces electricity}{, which you are charged| that you pay| and you are charged} {for each|per|for every} month. {A solar PPA is like|Solar PPAs are like|A solar PPA is similar to} {having a power station|having a power plant|installing a power station} {on|in|located on} your roof. {However, the power comes|The power source comes|But, the power source is} from a {huge|massive} ball of {fire located about|flame that is located around|fire that lies around} 92.96 {millions miles|million miles|millions of miles} away.

The {amount that|price|amount} you {pay for solar energy produced|pay for solar power produced|have to pay for solar energy generated} {on your roof will depend|by your roof will be contingent|on your roof will vary based} on {where you live|the location you live in} and {who you work with|the company you work with|with whom you are working}. {However, the average|But, on average,|However, the typical} [xfield_company] will charge {a lower rate|less|an amount lower} than your electric {utility for|company for|utility} {power|energy|electricity}. This is {how savings work|how savings are made|the way savings work}. {You get|You will receive|You’ll get} {a lower average rate|an average rate that is lower|lower rates} and your home {will use|will consume|uses} less {power|energy}. This {can lead to|could result in|can result in} savings {each|every} year. This is a {sweet deal|great deal|win-win situation} for both {the electric companies|electric companies|the electric company} {and|as well as} you. {Unfortunately,|However,|The only downside is that} PPAs {may not be|might not be|aren’t} {available in all states|accessible in all states|offered in every state}. {Don’t worry if|If} {a|you don’t have a|there’s a} PPA {doesn’t exist|isn’t available|does not exist} in your state{, you|. You} {might be eligible for|could be eligible for|might be eligible to apply for}{ a|| an} solar lease.

Solar Lease

Solar leases are {similar to|like} PPAs{ in that you|, in the sense that they| because you} {don’t have|don’t need|do not have} to {pay upfront for the|purchase upfront the|make a payment upfront for} {rooftop solar panels|solar panels for your roof}. {Typically|In general|Most of the time}, [xfield_company] will {take care of|handle|manage} maintenance{, warranty, and installation| as well as warranty and installation| warranties, installation, and maintenance}. {A solar lease is technically|The term “solar lease” is|Solar leases are technically} {a contract that you|an agreement that allows you to|an agreement to} {pay for the equipment of|purchase the equipment for|are required to pay for the installation of} {your rooftop solar panels|the solar panels on your roof|your solar panels for your roof}. {This should not be confusing|It’s not a big deal|This shouldn’t be a cause for confusion}. {The solar energy system is|The solar power system is|Solar energy systems are} not {yours to buy|something you can purchase|yours to purchase}. {You’re simply paying|It’s just a matter of paying|It’s merely a cost} for the {use|usage} {of the equipment|for the system|of this equipment}. {You’ll be charged|The cost will be|It will cost you} a {monthly fixed|fixed monthly} {payment|fee|cost} {to lease the property from|for the lease of property by|in order to rent the space from} [xfield_company], just {like a house or car|as a car or house|like a car} rental.

A solar lease {has|comes with|offers} the {best advantage|greatest benefit|most benefit}: [xfield_company] that is {reliable will give you|trustworthy will provide you with} an estimate of {what|the amount|how much energy} {your rooftop solar panels|the rooftop panels|you can expect your solar rooftop} {can|could|are able to} {produce|generate}. [xfield_company] will even {give you a check|provide you with a report|offer you a free estimate} {if your rooftop solar panels|for solar panels on your roof if they|when your solar panels on the roof} {produce less energy than expected|generate less power than you expected|produce less power than what you expect}.

Solar Panel Roof Company

Our energy {specialists have installed|experts have installed|specialists have put up} {more than|over|greater than} 3.6GW {of clean solar|in clean solar|of solar clean} {energy|power} on {400,000|40000} roofs. This is {equivalent to|the equivalent of|comparable to} 10 million{ traditional| conventional|} solar {panel installations|panels}. We {take care of|handle|manage} {all aspects,|every aspect,|everything} from {design to|the design stage to the} power-on. If you have {any questions|any queries|questions} {about|regarding} Solar Roof shingles, you {can contact|can reach|may contact} us.

Solar Roof tiles {can power your home using|can power your home with|are a great way to power your home through a} {a fully integrated solar-storage|an integrated solar storage|the full-featured solar-storage} system. Each tile is {seamless|completely seamless} and {complements|will enhance|enhances} {your home’s natural aesthetics|the natural beauty of your home|the beauty of your home’s natural design}. {Talk to an energy advisor|Contact an energy consultant|Consult with an energy expert} {if you have any questions|for any concerns|If you have any questions} {about going green|regarding going green|about green living} {with|by partnering with|through} [xfield_company].



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