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Monitoring Portal

Solar monitoring portal is a great way to measure your panels’ efficiency, health and production. It gives you permanent control over the energy generated by your solar panel system. This data is provided either by microinverters/ central inverter and power optimizers or by special monitoring devices. With the help of apps, you can check out the data provided on your mobile phone or other devices at hand. Since the information is transferred to cloud-based storage, access to the internet is all you need in this case. This information is demonstrated either on a graph or tablet, which can be downloaded on your device.

LA Solar Group offers three different monitoring systems (Enphase, SolaEdge, Hoymiles) that allow customers to monitor their solar production and usage. Both systems have received decent user ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 
Enphase, Hoymiles and SolarEdge allow property owners to verify system health and performance, view production by month, day, or hour and analyze performance against historical weather data. 
All the applications give LA Solar Group customers a comprehensive look at their overall system performance.

Click on your system's icon to access its monitoring portal

SolarEdge monitoring platform provides enhanced PV performance monitoring.

It also detects and alerts any immediate faults at three levels: module level, string level and system level. Solaredge monitoring system transmits data from the power optimizers to the inverter without the necessity of any hardware or wiring.

Enphase Energy Monitoring is another solar monitoring portal to implement your solar system remote control.

It provides a software solution to download and create your account via your email address along with a metering device. When your account is activated, you can start system monitoring with only a 15 minutes delay, which is typical in this case as it is received through the internet. All the necessary information regarding system performance is possible to receive due to the Envoy-IQ communicating gateway mounted in the house and metering installed inside the switchboard.

Hoymiles DTU is a smart home solution to monitor production for solar energy and potential performance issues.

The DTU is the Hoymiles microinverter system’s key component. Working as a communication getaway, it collects the operation data of the system. Meanwhile, the DTU connects to the internet via router and communicates with Hoymiles Monitoring Server. 
With the Hoymiles monitoring portal, you can see your monthly and lifetime energy production as well as check the output and efficiency of the individual panels.



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