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Ground-mounted solar panels

Rooftop solar {is the most popular|panels are the most sought-after|is the most well-known} {option|choice} for homeowners{ when it comes|} to installing solar {energy systems|systems|panels} {on their homes|in their homes|at their residences}. {Many homeowners are unaware|Most homeowners are not aware|Many homeowners aren’t aware} that {ground-mount solar panels|solar panels mounted on the ground|ground-mounted solar panels} {can be just as cost-effective|are just as affordable|can be equally cost-effective} and {easy to install|simple to set up}.

What are ground-mount solar panels?

Ground-mounted solar panels are solar panels that are {mounted|positioned|installed} {at ground level|on the ground|at the ground level}. They function in {a similar|the same} {way|manner|method} {to|as} rooftop solar {systems|panels}. {The panels are exposed to|They are subjected to|These panels receive} {sunlight,|sunlight|light,} which is {converted into|then converted to|transformed into} electricity {by|through} solar cells. {This can be|It can be|This is} {used to power one|utilized to power a single|used to power a} {building, or communities|structure, or communities as|buildingor community} {in the case with|when using|in the case of} {solar farms|solar farms}.

These are the {top three facts about ground-mounted|top three facts about ground mounted|most important three facts about ground-mounted} solar panels.

Ground-mounted solar systems are often the best choice.

{Rooftop solar panels are|Solar panels that are mounted on roofs have become|The rooftop solar panel is} the most {popular|sought-after} {choice|option} for homeowners. However, {ground-mounted solar panels|solar panels that are mounted on the ground} are also an {option|alternative}.

{Ground mount solar panels are|Ground-mounted solar panels are|Ground-mounted solar panels} {frequently more pricey|typically more expensive|generally more expensive} {than rooftop solar|as compared to rooftop solar|over rooftop} panels {due to|because of} the {extra|additional|added} {labor and permits that may|work and permits that could|labour and permits that might} be required. {Ground-mounted solar systems might|Ground-mounted solar panels can|Solar systems that are mounted on the ground could} {save you money|help you save money|reduce your costs} in the {long run if|long run , if|end if} your {home isn’t suitable|house isn’t suitable|home isn’t suited} for solar {installations|panels|installation}.

{Solar arrays from Rooftops have|Rooftop solar arrays offer|Rooftop solar panels have} {a limited range of|limitations in their|only a small range of} performance {due to|because of} the roof {they are mounted|they’re mounted|they’re placed} on. {Your solar array will not|The solar array won’t|The solar array you choose to install won’t} {produce as much if|generate as much energy if|produce as much power if} {it isn’t installed|it’s not placed|it’s not installed} at {the right|an appropriate|the correct} angle{, faces south or has| and faces south, or is surrounded by| that faces south or has} obstructions {such as skylights or|like skylights or|like skylights and} chimneys. Ground-mounted solar panels, on {the other hand, can|contrary, can|the other hand, are able to} be {placed wherever the best|installed wherever optimal|placed where the ideal} conditions {exist|are present|are in place}.

{You might also find|It could also be|There is a chance} that your roof {is not|isn’t} {large enough to accommodate|sufficient to support|enough in size to house} {a solar energy system|an array of solar panels|the solar energy system} {that can meet|which can provide|that is able to meet} {your electricity consumption|the demands of your electricity|the requirements of your electric consumption}. Ground-mounted solar {systems,|systems|panels,} {on the other hand|however|in contrast}{, can be scaled| can be adapted| are able to be scaled} to {meet your electricity consumption|accommodate your energy needs|meet your power needs} without the {limitations|restrictions} of {a rooftop system|rooftop systems|rooftop solar systems}.

All ground-mounted solar panels systems are not created equal

There are two {types|kinds} of {basic ground-mounted solar panels|solar panels that are mounted on the ground.|ground-mounted solar panel} systems:

Ground-mounts are {made from metal|constructed of metal|made of steel} {framing that is|frames that are|framing , which is} {driven into|installed into|placed in} the ground{ and|. It|. This} {holds your panels|keeps your panels|ensures that your panels are} at {a fixed angle|a set angle|an angle fixed}. {While standard ground-mounted solar panels|The standard solar panels mounted on the ground|Although standard ground-mounted solar panels} can be {adjusted manually|manually adjusted} to {adjust for seasonal changes|accommodate seasonal variations|adapt to seasonal changes}.

Pole-mounted solar systems {can support|are able to support|can accommodate} multiple panels on {one pole and|one pole , and|a single pole and} {raise panels higher than|elevate panels above|increase the height of panels over} {standard|conventional|traditional} ground mounts. {Many pole-mounted solar systems include|A lot of pole-mounted solar systems have|The majority of pole-mounted solar systems come with} {tracking systems that automatically tilt|trackers that can automatically move|system for tracking that will automatically adjust}{ the|} panels {so they|to|so that they can} {capture the maximum amount of|get the most|are able to capture the most} sunlight.

{With tracking|By using tracking|With the help of tracking} systems, {solar panel manufacturing|the production of solar panels|the manufacturing of solar panels} {can be boosted|can be increased|could be increased} by {up to|as much as} 25{%| percent}. {When it comes to adding|If you’re looking to add|If you’re considering adding} {a tracking system|an automated tracking system|the tracking technology} to your {ground-mounted array|array mounted on the ground|array that is mounted on the ground}{, you have two alternatives| there are two options| There are two options}. Single-axis tracking systems {monitor|track|keep track of} your solar panels {throughout the|all} day{, following the sun’s path| by following the sun’s course| and follow the sun’s route} {across the sky|through the night sky|over the skies}. Dual-axis tracking systems {also can|can also|are also able to} {account for seasonal changes|be able to account for seasonal variations|take into account seasonal variations} in the sun’s {position|location|direction}.

All homeowners can benefit from ground-mounted solar panels systems

Even if your {home|house|residence} is {ideal|suitable} for {rooftop solar energy|solar power on the roof|rooftop solar}{, ground-mounted solar panels have| ground-mounted solar panels offer| the ground-mounted solar panels come with} {numerous|many} advantages.

Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to {install because|set up because|install since} they can be {placed|positioned|put} {on any level of land|on any surface|anywhere on the land}. {Ground-mount solar panels don’t need|Solar panels that are mounted on ground don’t require|They don’t have} to be {drilled into|installed on|put into} {your|the} roof.

{Additionally, the bracings in|Furthermore, the bracings used in|In addition, the bracings of} {standard ground-mount systems can be|conventional ground-mount systems can be|traditional ground-mount systems are} removed {easily and are lightweight|with ease and are light|without difficulty and are very light}. {They will be|They are|They’ll be} more secure {if you choose|when you select|if you opt for}{ a|| the} pole-mount.

A {ground-mount solar panel system|solar panel system that is mounted on the ground|ground-mount solar panel} {is more efficient per panel|has a higher efficiency per unit|can be more effective per solar panel} than {a rooftop array|rooftop arrays}. Ground-mounted solar panels don’t need to be {attached|connected} to {your roof and|the roof, and they} can be {set at the|placed at the|set at an} {ideal angle for optimal|most optimal angle for maximum|perfect angle to maximize} energy production.

{You can produce more electricity|You will generate more power|It can generate more power} than {a comparable-sized rooftop system|a similar-sized roof system|similar rooftop systems} and {also save money over|save money in} the long {term|run|haul}.

Ground-mounted solar panels can be easily cleaned and maintained. {It is very convenient|It’s very easy|It’s very practical} to {be able to sweep|be able to clean|to sweep} snow off {your panels if|of your panels if|your panels in case} you {live|reside} in an area {with|that has|that gets} {a lot|lots} of snow.

Ground-mount {systems are available from|systems are offered by|solar systems are available through} [xfield-company] installers. The {cost of a conventional|price of a traditional|cost of a standard} ground-mounted solar {system is comparable|system is similar|panel is comparable} to {the cost|that|the price} of a {rooftop system|rooftop solar system|roof-mounted system}. If you {incorporate|opt to incorporate|choose to include} {a tracking system|an automated tracking system|the tracking feature}{, you will have| you’ll need| it is necessary} to pay an {upfront price|upfront cost|initial cost}{, but this can be| however this could be| but this is} {compensated by higher electricity generation|offset by higher power generation|paid back by a higher level of electricity production}{, making| which makes| and makes} {tracking systems more reasonable|the tracking system more affordable|these systems more affordable} {for homeowners|for homeowners}.

What is a suitable area for a ground-mounted solar system?

{You want a space|You’re looking for a space|You’re looking for a place} {that is ideal|that’s perfect|that’s ideal} for you.

  • {To the south,|In the southern part,|The south is} {flat or gently|the terrain is flat or|it is flat or} {sloping|sloped|slopes} (up {to 5 degrees|up to five degrees|about 5°}).
  • A floodplain {beyond|that is more than|more than} 100 years {old is not|of age isn’t|old isn’t} {possible|likely|feasible.}
  • Shade from {nearby trees not|nearby trees is not|trees nearby is not} {required|needed|necessary}
  • It is {easy to locate|simple to find|easy to identify} the {existing electrical infrastructure|electrical infrastructure that is in place|electrical infrastructure in place}{, avoiding expensive trenching and| which will save you the expense of trenching and| without the need for trenching or} cabling.
  • {Large|The large|Massive} {installations|installation|constructions} (above 100kW) {are not|aren’t} {visible from nearby homes|apparent from homes nearby|evident from the homes around them}.
  • A suitable {ground|soil|surface} (not too soft {that concrete foundations are required|so that concrete foundations are needed|for concrete foundations to be required}{, but not too| however not so| However, it should not be too} {hard that pre-drilling is necessary|hard that pre-drilling is required|difficult that pre-drilling is needed})

{A geotechnical study is required|A geotechnical analysis is required|An investigation of geotechnical conditions is needed} {before a solar installation can|prior to a solar installation|before solar installations can} {proceed|be completed|begin}. This will {confirm|ensure|verify} that the {right|correct|proper} solar mounting structure {can also|can|is able to} be {used, and|utilized, as well as|installed, as well as} {the warranty|the warranty will be valid|the warranty}.

Different Ground Mounted Solar Panel Racking Systems

Traditional {- Steel pillars|pillars made of steel|pillars of steel} are the most {economical way|cost-effective method|affordable method} to {install|set up|put in} {ground mount systems|system for ground mounting|the ground-mount systems}. Steel pillars {are suitable|can be used|are ideal} {for driving in|to drive into|for driving into} {if the ground has been|when the ground is|only if the ground has been} {deemed|considered|declared} {suitable by the geotechnical assessment|acceptable by the geotechnical evaluation|appropriate by the geotechnical assessment}.

Concrete{ -|} Sometimes, a {concrete footing|footing made of concrete} is {required in order|needed|required} to {mount|place|put} the panels. This {provides greater|gives greater|will give you more} stability and {wind resistance|resistance to wind|also wind resistance}.

Ground {Screw – Although|Screw – Even though|Screws – While} {they are more expensive|they cost more|they’re more costly} to {install, ground screws|set up, they|install, they} {offer a stable|provide a reliable|are a solid} solution. {You can drill the screws|It is possible to drill the screws|The screws can be drilled} {with special equipment|using specialized equipment|using special tools}.

Ballasted – {It is possible|It is feasible|It’s possible} to not {penetrate the ground entirely|completely penetrate the ground|penetrate the ground completely} {if it is necessary|when it is required|in the event that it is needed}. Concrete blocks {can be used to install|are a good option to put in|can be used to construct} solar panels. They {sit|are placed|can be placed} on the ground{ and hold| and support|, and they hold} the {system|solar panel|solar system} in {place|the right place|position}.

{Single Axis Tracking:|Single-axis Tracking|Single Axis Tracking}{ -||} Tracking systems {use|employ|make use of} motors {to pivot panels throughout|to move panels during|that pivot panels through} the day{ so| to ensure|, ensuring} {that they are|they’re|that they’re} {at the right|in the correct|exactly at an} {angle to|position to face|distance from} the sun. {Single-axis trackers follow|Trackers with a single axis follow|Single-axis trackers trace} the {sun’s path|path of the sun|sun’s course} from East to {West|West|west}.

Dual Axis Tracking {- Dual axis|- Dual|Dual} trackers {are equipped with|come with|have} {multiple motor distinctions that allow|different motors that permit|various motor choices that permit} {the panels to move|them to be moved|these panels to rotate} {in a more|more in a} circular {motion, maximizing|direction, increasing|manner, thus maximizing} the {output|power output}.

Ground-Mounted Solar: Drawbacks

Ground-mounted solar systems {have their|come with their|do have} {drawbacks, but it all|disadvantages, but it all|negatives, but it} depends on {how your|what your particular|the} situation is.

{Land is required|The requirement for land is that it must be cultivated.|Land is needed}

Ground-mounted systems {have|suffer from|come with} the {obvious disadvantage of needing|disadvantage of having|obvious disadvantage of having} to be {installed|erected|placed} on {land|the land|terrain}. {This makes them more appropriate|They are therefore more suitable|This makes them better} for {suburban or rural settings|rural or suburban settings|rural and suburban areas} {than urban ones|as opposed to urban ones|rather than urban settings}. Ground-mounted solar {systems capable of|systems capable|panels capable of} producing enough {electricity to power|power to meet|electricity to supply} an American {household’s average daily needs|family’s daily requirements|household’s typical daily needs} {would require approximately|will require about|will require around} {1,000 square feet of|1000 square feet|11,000 square feet} {unobstructed|uninterrupted} sunlight.

Potential Environmental Impact

The United States has more than 8 billion square {meters worth|meters|metres} of {rooftops that can|roofs that could|roofs which can} be {used to install|utilized to construct|used for the installation of} solar panels. {These panels are capable of|They are capable of|The panels can} {doubling the country’s electricity generation|double the nation’s electricity production|increasing the nation’s power generation} capacity. There is no {need to make|requirement to create} {additional|more} {land|space} available. Rooftop solar {has a minimal|has minimal|is low} {impact on the environment|environmental impact|effect on our environment}{ in terms| as a result|, in terms} of {land use|the use of land|the land used}.

A typical {ground-mounted solar array|solar array that is mounted on the ground} requires {that land|the land to|land to} {be cleared of vegetation|is cleared from vegetation|must be cleared}{ and|,|. It is} then graded {before it can|prior to it being able to} be covered {with|in} gravel. {Sacrificing land with|Land that has a|The sacrifice of land with a} {high environmental value is costly|significant environmental value can be costly|an environmental significance is expensive}. It {can lead to lost|could result in lost|can result in loss of} time {in permitting|for permitting|in obtaining permits} and public approvals{, as well| as well|, aswell} {as potential|in the event of|being a potential cause of} {litigation|lawsuits}.

Ground-mounted solar {projects|panels|systems} {can be placed|can be installed|are able to be installed} on {marginal lands|land that is marginal,|marginal land} {such as brownfields and|like brownfields or|like brownfields, as well as} other {disturbed or contaminated land|contaminated or disturbed land|land that is contaminated or disturbed} to {limit their environmental impact|reduce their impact on the environment|minimize their impact on the environment}. {You can also mount|It is also possible to mount|You can also install} solar panels {high enough for|that are high enough to support|at a height that is sufficient for} {agrivoltaics|agricultural voltaics|Agrivoltaics}. This {combines solar panels and|is a combination of solar panels and|blends solar panels with} agriculture. The panels {can be used to support|are able to be used to aid in|can be used to help with} {crop-growing or provide shade for|the growth of crops or shade for|crop growth or shade} livestock. The United States is introducing more renewable energy sitting tools to help with the environmentally-friendly development of ground-mounted solar plants.

Home Resale Value

A Zillow study {found|has revealed|revealed} that {homes with solar panels|solar-powered homes|solar panel homes} {sell|are sold} {for|at} 4.1{% less than similar| percent less than comparable| percentage less than similar} {homes without|houses without|homes that do not have} {them|solar panels}. However, a {ground mounted|ground-mounted|system that is mounted on the ground} system {could|can|may} {turn off|dissuade|deter} {potential buyers who are looking|prospective buyers looking|potential buyers who want} to {use the property for another|make use of the property for a different|utilize the property for a different} {purpose|reason|use}.

Extra Permitting

In {certain|some} {cities, rooftop solar|areas, solar rooftop|urban areas, rooftop solar} {systems|panels|installations} {may|could|might} be {considered|classified as} “permitted {development|construction|expansion}”. {However, because|But, since|However, as} {this is a new|it is a brand new|this is a novel} {use|application|usage} for {property, ground-mounted systems|a property, systems mounted on the ground} {might require permission|may require approval|could require approval} from local {zoning or environmental|environmental or zoning|zoning officials or environmental} authorities. {This depends on system size|It is contingent on the size of the system|The size of the system} and height{ as|, as} {well as|in addition to|and} local {regulations|rules}.

Extra Wiring

Ground-mounted systems require {longer wiring|more wiring|longer wires} {to connect|for connection|that connects} to the {home|house}. To {protect the wires|prevent the wires|keep wires safe} {from being|against being|from getting} eaten by squirrels {and|or} {other animals|others|the like}, it {may|could|might} be necessary to {bury them|put them in a secluded area|place them in a suitable location}.

What is the cost of ground-mounted solar panels?

A solar {system costs about|panel costs around|system is priced at} $2.77 per Watt{ on|, on} {average|an average}. {This means that a 10|That means a 10|That means that a 10-} {kilowatt system would|Kilowatt system will|Kilowatt system could} {cost|be|run} $27,000.8 Ground-mounted systems {have higher|are more expensive in|incur higher} {upfront|initial} {costs|cost|expenses}. {We include extra|We also include additional|The price includes additional} mounting {hardware and labor|equipment and labor|equipment and labor,} {as well as additional permits|and permits|along with additional permits}.

{A solar system is|Solar systems are} {a long-term investment|an investment that will last for a long time|an investment for the long term}. {Therefore, it is important|It is therefore crucial|It is crucial} to {calculate|determine|know} {the return on investment|your return-on-investment|ROI} (ROI) {and not just|not only} the {upfront costs|initial costs|initial cost}. The {ROI|return on investment} of a solar {system|installation|panel} is determined by {many|a variety of|numerous} {factors, including the cost|aspects, such as the cost|variables, including the price} and efficiency{,| of the system,| as well as} {financing costs, labor costs|the cost of financing, labor costs|expenses for financing, labor charges}{, incentives from the| incentives offered by| incentives from} {federal and state governments|government of the state and federal levels|states and federal governments}{, and the price for| as well as the cost of| and the cost for} {electricity in your region|electric power in your area}. It {takes 7 to|can take between 7 and|takes between 7 and} {12 years for|twelve years to allow|12 years before} the{ system’s|} {cost to be fully|expense to be completely|costs to be} {paid off|completed|payed off}.

{Its efficiency is the main|Its efficiency is the primary|The efficiency of the system is the most important} {factor that will determine whether|aspect that determines if|element that determines whether} {a ground-mounted array|the ground-mounted array|an array mounted on the ground} is more {cost-competitive|affordable|competitive in price} {than a rooftop solar|as compared to a roof-mounted solar|over a solar rooftop} {system|array|panel}. It {may|could|might} be more efficient {if it can|if it is able to|when it can} {produce more electricity with fewer|generate more power with less|produce more electricity using fewer} panels. This {will allow|allows|would allow} it to {have a faster|get a higher|achieve a greater} {return on investment|ROI|rate of return}.

Is Ground-Mounted Solar cheaper than Roof-Mounted Systems?

Ground-mounted systems {can be|are|may be} more {expensive than roof-mounted ones|costly than roof-mounted systems}{, even though it may|, even though it might| although it may} {seem counterintuitive|appear counterintuitive|seem like a contradiction}. {Although it might seem like|While it may seem as if|Even though it could seem that} {lugging panels onto roofs|the burden of putting panels on roofs|it’s a hassle to transport panels onto roofs,} and {having them installed|installing them|having them put} in difficult {locations|places|areas} {would be costly, using|is costly, having|could be expensive, having} {a roof to start building|an existing roof to build|the roof for building} on {can help reduce costs|could help lower costs|can reduce the cost}.

{Roof-mounted solar panels require|Solar panels that are mounted on roofs require|The solar roof panels need} a {foundation|base} {to install|for the installation of|to set up} the {racking|rack}. {You may need to lay|It is possible to build|It may be necessary to lay} {a foundation of|the foundation with|a foundation using} cement or other {materials|substances|material}. {However, this|But, this|This} {is more than just|is not just about|involves more than simply} {setting up the|installing|mounting the} solar {panel mounts and calling|panel mounts and declaring|mounting brackets for your panels and calling} it {good|a success|a day}.

Ground-mount panels {are more expensive|cost more|are more costly} than roof-mount{ panels, but| ones, but|, however} {it is not|it’s not|they aren’t} {much|too much|that much}. {You might need|It is possible that you will require|There may be} additional permits{ depending| based|, based} {on the size of your solar array|upon the dimensions of your solar array|what size your solar panel} {and|as well as the} foundation. This {will add time|can take time|could take longer} and {cost money|expense|costs}.

Ground-mounts {can be adjusted manually|can be manually adjusted|are able to be adjusted manually} {throughout the year so that|all through the year to ensure|all year long to ensure} they {make the most of|get the most benefit from|can make the most of} the sun’s {rays|radiations|rayons}. {Although they may not offer|While they don’t offer|Although they might not provide} the same {flexibility as a pole-mount system|flexibility as pole-mount systems|range of flexibility as pole-mount systems}{, they can| but they are able to| however, they can} be {adjusted more than|more easily adjusted than|adjusted more frequently than} roof-mount systems. This {allows for more|permits for greater|increases} {electricity production and reduces|power production and also reduces|energy production and decreases} {the cost gap|costs|the price gap}.

{It is worth noting|It’s important to note|It’s worth noting} that{ although the installation will| even though the installation may|, even though installation will} {be more costly, your|cost more, your|cost more, the} ground-mount panels will {perform better|last longer|be more efficient}. They {don’t need to be|do not require to be|don’t require being} adjusted to {the orientation or direction|match the orientation or direction|the direction or orientation} {of your roof|that your roofing has|the roof}. {This allows them to|They can|This lets them} be placed {to get|in a way that gives|where they will get} the {best sun|most sunlight|maximum sun} exposure. This means {that you can|you will|that you’ll} {get more electricity|generate more power|receive more power}{, which could potentially| and could| that could} {save you money|reduce your costs|help you save money} {over the life|throughout the lifetime|over the course of the life} {of your solar system|of your solar system|of your solar panel}.

Ground-mounted solar panels: What are the pros and cons?

{You should be aware of|It is important to be aware of|It is essential to know} {both the advantages and disadvantages|the pros and cons} of a {ground-mounted system if|ground-mounted system when|system that is mounted on the ground if} {you are considering one|you’re considering it|you’re thinking about one} over a roof{ system|}. {Your needs and the parameters|The requirements you have and the guidelines|Your requirements and the constraints} {that you and your provider|that you and your service provider|which you and your contractor} {can|are able to|will} {work within will ultimately determine|be working within will ultimately affect|decide on will ultimately impact} {your decision|the final decision|your choice}.


Freestanding solar panels {have|offer} the {advantage of maximizing|benefit of maximising|advantage of increasing} {sunlight exposure|the amount of sunlight that is absorbed|the exposure to sunlight}. {Although your rooftop might|While your roof might|Even though your rooftop may} not be perfectly {oriented|aligned} (e.g.{, it is| it’s} {south-facing|facing south|in the south} and {has a slope of|slopes} 30-40 degrees){, you can choose| You can decide| it is possible to choose} {how to mount|the best way to install|which way to place} your {ground-mounted solar system|solar system on the ground|solar panel on the ground} to maximize {energy production|the energy output}. {Ground-mounted systems are more efficient|The systems that are mounted on the ground work better|Systems that have been mounted to the ground are much more effective} {because|due to the fact that|since} {there is|they have} {more air circulation underneath|greater air circulation beneath|more air circulation under} the panels. This {allows them to remain|makes them more|helps them stay} cool. {Ground-mounted systems are also|Systems mounted on the ground are|They are} {easier|simpler|easy} to access {for|to perform} maintenance. This {can reduce labor costs|could reduce the cost of labor|will reduce labor costs}.


Ground-mounted systems {may not be|might not be|aren’t} the {best fit for everyone|ideal choice for all|right choice for everyone}. Rooftop systems {can sit|may sit|can be placed} on {your roof and occupy|top of your roof and take up|top of your roof, and they can take up} {valuable space on|the space of|an area that is valuable on} your property. Ground-mounted systems {may|could|can} {require you to use valuable|require you to utilize valuable|necessitate you to work with} {land|space|property}. This {alone can be problematic|can be a problem|is a major issue} for homeowners who {use|utilize|want to use} the {space|land|area} {for gardening, recreation|to garden, recreational|for recreation, gardening} or {farming|for farming}. {However, in certain cases|In certain situations|In some cases}{, you may be able| it is possible| you might be able} to {combine ground-mounted and farming|integrate farming and ground-mounted|combine farming and ground-mounted} systems {using|with|by using} {agrivoltatics|Agrivoltatics|the agrivoltatics}. Ground-mounted solar panels are more {susceptible to being damaged|vulnerable to damage} by {wildlife and people trying|animals and those trying|animals or people who try} to {alter|modify} the equipment. {Ground mount|Ground-mounted} solar {systems are more expensive|panels are more costly}{, as long as| in the event that| when} {you don’t need extensive|they don’t require extensive|you don’t require major} {roof repairs to|repairs to your roof in order to|roof repairs in order to} {install a rooftop solar panel|set up a solar panel on your roof} (which {you will probably have|you’ll likely need|is likely to be required} to {do eventually|make eventually|complete in the future}).

[xfield-company] is the best place to start your solar journey.

You can {get|receive|request} {up to seven quotes|seven estimates} from local installers {on|through|via} the [xfield-company] Marketplace. This {will allow you to|lets you|allows you to} {choose the system that best|select the best system that|pick the one that best} {suits your needs|meets your requirements|matches your needs,} and {at the right|is priced at a fair|will be at the best} {price|cost}. {Register your property today|Sign up your property now|Make sure to register your property today} {to speak|to talk|for a consultation} {with one of|to one of|about your needs with} {our|the} Energy Advisors, who will {answer all your questions during|be able to answer your questions throughout|answer all your questions throughout} {the entire|all the|your entire registration} process.



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