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Advantages of Bifacial Solar Panels

Advantages of Bifacial Solar Panels

In the solar {industry|market|sector}{, a new product trend| an exciting new trend in solar products| there is a new trend of solar panels that} is {emerging|developing}. {Bifacial solar panels are solar panels that|Solar panels with Bifacials|The Bifacial Solar Panels are panels of solar that} {capture|absorb|take} sunlight from both {their front and rear|their rear and front|sides}. They {are an innovative|offer a unique|provide a novel} solution {to certain types|for certain kinds|to certain kinds} {of solar installations|of solar installations|of solar installation}.

What are Bifacial Panels?

{Mono facial panels|Panels with mono facial faces|The mono-face panels} (traditional) {capture sunlight only|are able to capture sunlight|take in sunlight only} {on one side|in one direction|to one aspect}. {Light solar energy that is|The light solar energy|Solar energy that is} not captured is {reflected|reflecting|reflect} back. Bifacial solar panels {do not|don’t} {have this problem|suffer from this issue}. Instead, they {have|feature|are equipped with} solar cells {on both ends|at both ends|on both sides}. {The panels can|They can|The panels are able to} absorb light {from both|both from} {the front and back|their front as well as back|in the back and front}. This {means that a bifacial panel|implies that a bifacial wall|is why a bifacial panel} {can absorb light that|will absorb light which|is able to absorb light} {has been|was} {reflected off of|bounced off|reflect off of} the ground or {other|another|any other} {material|materials}.

{Some residential applications|Certain residential installations|Certain residential structures}{, such as pergolas or| like pergolas and| like pergolas or} ground-mounted systems{, can|, could| can} benefit from {bifacial solar panels|Bifacial solar panels|solar panels that have bifacial faces}. For {most property owners|the majority of property owners|the majority of homeowners}{,|} {however, rooftop installations with|however, rooftop installations using|rooftop installations that incorporate} {bifacial solar panels won’t be|solar panels that are bifacial won’t be|Bifacial solar panels aren’t} {feasible|practical}. Instead{, panels that are raised| panels that are elevated| panels that are raised} and {angled away from a|set away from a|tilted away from the} mounting surface{ will|| can} {allow light to|let light|permit light to} reflect back {into|onto|to} the panels.

How does a Bifacial Solar Panels work?

The panels {absorb light from both|reflect light from|absorb light from} the {front and back sides|sides facing forward and back|back and front sides}{, allowing| and allow| which allows} {for diffused light as much|to diffuse light as much|for the diffusion of light to be as large} as {possible|is possible|it is possible}. {Albedo light refers to|The term “albedo” refers to|Albedo light refers} the {part of the|portion of} {sunlight that is reflected|light that bounces|sun’s light that is reflecting} off {a|of a} surface. It {can reach 30%|is able to reach 30 percent|can be as high as 30%} efficiency{ and depends on several|, and is influenced by several| and is dependent on a variety of} {factors such as|aspects like|variables like} the reflectivity of {ground surfaces|surfaces on ground|the surface}{, height above ground and| as well as the height above ground, and| in relation to height above the ground, as well as} tilt angle. Diffused light {is the|is|refers to the} scattered light that {passes through|travels in|can travel in} any direction. The bifacial {panel can|panel is able to|panels can} absorb direct {radiation from the sun|sunlight|sunrays} {and reflected|and reflect|as well as reflected} radiation from {nearby solar panels|solar panels nearby}. It {can also absorb|also absorbs|is also able to absorb} {indirect diffused|diffused indirect} radiation from {clouds or air particles|air particles or clouds|air or clouds}.

Bifacial solar panels {are also|come|are} {equipped with a glass-to-glass structure|fitted with a glass-to-glass construction|equipped with a glass-to glass structure}. {These panels offer longer-term durability|They provide longer-term reliability|They offer greater durability} {than the mono-face module with|over the mono-face modules with a|as opposed to mono-face panels with} {glass-to-back sheet structure|back-to-glass sheet construction|back sheet glass} {that was previously available|which was previously available|that was previously offered}. There are {many|a variety of|numerous} {thin-film photovoltaic technology options available|photovoltaic technologies that are thin-film|options for photovoltaics made of thin film} {today|in the present|currently}. {These include copper indium gallium|This includes copper indium gallium|They include copper indium} selenide (CIGS) and dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells. {Many current thin-film solar technology|A lot of the current technology for solar thin-film|The majority of current thin-film solar technologies}{, such as CIGS or| like CIGS and| including CIGS, or} dye-sensitized{, can easily be|, are easily| cells, can be easily} {converted to bifacial solar panels|transformed into bifacial solar panels|transformed into bifacial solar panel}.

Bifacial solar panels {have|are made up of|come with} {rear cover glass and|front cover glass as well as a|the rear cover glass, and a} {bifacial solar cell|the bifacial solar cell|Bifacial solar cells}. {Later, the unabsorbed photon|The photon that is not absorbed|In the future, the photon not absorbed} {in the front layer|inside the front layer|within the front cover glass} {will be absorbed slowly|will be slowly absorbed|is absorbed slowly} {as it recoils|when it is released|as it resettles} {from its surrounding|away from the|from the surrounding} surface. This {increases|improves|boosts} the {efficiency of the|effectiveness of the|effectiveness of} {bifacial solar cells|Bifacial solar cells|solar cells with bifacial symmetry}. {Glass-to-glass structures offer numerous advantages|Glass-to-glass structures provide a variety of advantages|Glass-to glass structures bring many benefits} {to solar panels, including|for solar panels, such as|to solar panels. These include} {reduced moisture corrosion, propagation|less moisture corrosion, the propagation|decreased moisture corrosion, the development} of cracks{,|} and debonding. They {have a reduced|also have a lower|are able to lower the} cell temperature{ and a slow| as well as a slower|, and a lower} {rate of degradation|degrading rate|decay rate}. Bifacial solar panels {are less|are more|tend to be less} flexible, {but they have|however they do have|yet they possess} {a high|an excellent|high} {mechanical strength and flameproof|mechanical strength and a flameproof|physical strength and fireproof} rating.

Bifacial Solar Panels: The Advantages

  • Unique ability to {produce|generate} electricity directly from {the sun|sunlight}.
  • {These panels can produce|They can generate|These panels are able to generate} electricity {using the reflective|by absorbing the|through the reflection of} light {passing|that passes|that is passing} {through them|through them.}
  • Bifacial solar panels {can be|are|may be} {made from either|constructed from|constructed of} transparent or {dual tempered|dual-tempered} back sheets{, which|. This} {is different from the|differs from|is distinct from} {opaque|transparent} back sheets.
  • {Potentially induced degradation is not|The possibility of degradation caused by the sun isn’t|Degradation that could be caused by sunlight isn’t} {a concern with|an issue with|an issue for} {bifacial solar panels|Bifacial solar panels|solar panels with bifacial faces}.
  • The warranty {on|for} {bifacial solar panels is almost|Bifacial solar panels lasts for almost|solar panels with bifacial design is nearly} 30 years. This is {in contrast to|different from} the {25-year warranty on|warranty of 25 years on|warranty of 25 years for} {traditional solar|conventional solar|the traditional} panels.
  • The bifacial solar {panels’|panel’s} glass {helps to prevent|is designed to block|can help to reduce} {UV exposure and moisture permeability|the exposure to UV and also improves moisture permeability|water permeability and UV exposure}.
  • {The modules are protected|The modules are shielded|They are safe} {from chemical corrosion due to|against chemical corrosion because of|from corrosion by chemical due to} their {high strength|strength|strong construction}.
  • The panels are {made of|constructed of|made from} {strong glass that is resistant|tough glass that is resistant|solid glass that is impervious} to cracking.
  • The aluminum frames {of the|of|that make up the} {bifacial solar panels are not|Bifacial solar panels aren’t|Bifacial solar panels don’t come} included. They {don’t|do not} require grounding. This {saves time and material|can save time and materials|means that time and money are saved} {during installation costs|in the process of installation|for installation costs}.
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Bifacial Solar Panels: The disadvantages

  • {Huge installation of bifacial panels|A huge installation of bifacial panels|The huge installation of Bifacial Panels} cost.
  • Double glass is {a major|the primary|one of the main} {reason for the high cost|reason for the cost|factor in the high price} of {bifacial solar panels|solar panels with bifacial facets|solar panels that have bifacial faces}.
  • Glass is {heavyweight|a heavyweight|very heavy}.
  • Bifacial solar panels {cannot be|can’t be|are not} {used during the|utilized during|employed during the} {night, cloudy days,|dark, cloudy days|evening, on cloudy days,} or {storms|during storms|in storms}.

Bifacial vs. Monofacial solar panels

Monofacial solar panels {have one|are made up of one|feature a single} photovoltaic {face that can absorb|side that absorbs|surface that can absorb} {sunlight and convert|the sunlight, and then convert|light and transform} it {to|into} renewable energy. Bifacial solar panels{ can|| are able to} {absorb sunlight from both|take in sunlight on both|be able to absorb light from two} sides{,|} and {take up less space|require less space|are smaller in size}.

Bifacial panels {are more efficient|work better|perform better} than {traditional panels because|conventional panels due to the fact that|traditional panels as} they {have more surface area|have more surface|are larger in size} {to absorb sunlight|that can absorb light|for absorbing sunlight}. {Vertically arranged bifacial panels|Bifacial panels that are vertically mounted|Bifacial panels with a vertical layout} {can capture sunlight at|are able to capture sunlight during|can catch sunlight at} {sunrise and sunset|sunset and sunrise}. Panels {that are vertically mounted|mounted vertically|that are mounted vertically} {are more resistant to weather|have a greater resistance to the elements|can withstand weather conditions}{ such| conditions such|, such} as {snow and sun,|sun and snow,|sun and snow} which {could block some of|can reduce|may hinder} their {efficiency|effectiveness}. The {durability|longevity|endurance} of {bifacial solar panels is|solar panels with bifacial facets is|bifacial solar panels are} {also higher than that of|significantly higher than|much higher than} {traditional panels|conventional panels|traditional panels}.

Monofacial panels {may still have|could still offer|can still provide} {some benefits|certain advantages|some advantages}{, but there are many| however there are numerous| However, there are many} {other reasons monofacial panels might|other reasons why monofacial panels could|different reasons why monofacial panels may} be {more beneficial than bifacial|better than bifacial panels}. Bifacial panels {can be|are|may be} more {complicated than others|complex than other panels|complicated than other types} and require {extra|additional|more} {work and|effort and the use of|labor and} equipment. {They are|They’re} {more efficient than vertically mounted panels|better than horizontally mounted ones|much more effective than panels mounted vertically}{,|} {but homeowners may|however homeowners might|but homeowners could} {pay more because they require|be charged more due to the requirement for|have to pay more for} ground mounts. {Additional requirements such as|Other requirements like|Additional requirements , such as} {solar tracking systems|the solar tracker system|sensors for solar energy} are{ also|} {required|needed|necessary}.

Bifacial Solar Panel Design

Bifacial panels {are significantly different|differ|are quite different} from {traditional monocrystalline and polycrystalline|the traditional polycrystalline and monocrystalline|conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline} silicon panels. {Although bifacial panels are typically|While bifacial panels are generally|Although bifacial panels typically are} {made of monocrystalline cells there|composed of monocrystalline cells, there|comprised of monocrystalline cells, they} are {also polycrystalline options|polycrystalline alternatives too}. Bifacial panels {are distinguished by|can be distinguished by|stand out due to} their {thin profile|slim profile|thin profiles}. {Many bifacial designs require|A lot of bifacial designs need only|Some bifacial designs require only} {limited framing|minimal framing|the use of a limited frame}. The modules {themselves are protected in|themselves are protected by|are protected with} {a thin transparent layer|an extremely thin layer of transparent|the form of a thin, transparent layer}. {This can be either|It could be|This could be} {a dual-glass or clear back|an opaque back or a dual-glass|double-glass or a clear back} sheet.

Bifacial solar {panels mounting|panel mounting|panels ‘ mounting} systems {are different from traditional|differ from conventional|differ from traditional} solutions. Bifacial solar panels {require|need} the least shaded {area|areas|surface} {on their front and back|on their back and front|both on their front and back} surfaces{ in order|} to {maximize solar energy capture|capture the maximum amount of solar energy|maximise solar energy capture}. To {reduce shading from|minimize shading on|lessen the shade on} the {modules’ backsides,|back of the module,|modules’ backsides} new {racking solutions can use|rack solutions are able to use|rack designs can make use of} {narrower support rails and|smaller support rails as well as|more narrow support rails and} junction boxes.

Bifacial Solar Panels for Commercial and utility-scale Applications

Bifacial solar {panel use is|panel usage is|panels are} {ideal for commercial and utility-scale|perfect for utility and commercial|ideal for utility and commercial} installations that {make use of|utilize|use} solar trackers. [xfield_company], a {manufacturer of solar panels,|producer of solar panels} {found that bifacial solar panels|discovered that bifacial solar panels|discovered that solar panels with bifacial symmetry} {produced|generated|created} {11 percent more solar energy|an increase of 11 percent in solar power|eleven percent higher solar output}{ in| when used in|} {a tilted|an inclined|the tilted} {and ground-mounted solar system|as well as a ground mounted solar array|or ground-mounted system of solar} in China. A system {with bifacial|that has bifacial|using bifacial solar} panels and {solar tracker produced|a solar tracker generated|solar tracker produces} {27 percent more|an increase of 27 percent in|27 % more} solar {power|energy} than {one using traditional panels|a conventional panel|traditional panels}.

{Because|Since} {they absorb more energy from both sides|the panels absorb energy more from each side|that they take in more power from the two sides of their body}, bifacial {modules|panels|solar modules} {can increase the energy output|could boost the energy output|can boost the output of energy} of {large-scale|massive} solar farms. {A solar panel mounted|Solar panels that are placed|A solar panel that is placed} above {ground can|the ground will|the ground can} {reflect sunlight and absorb it|be able to reflect light and then absorb the energy|take in sunlight, and reflect it} {by|through|into} solar cells {backwards|that are oriented backwards|in the opposite direction}. The surface {below will influence|beneath will affect|below can affect} {how much or little light|the amount or how much light|the amount of light that} is reflected back {to the|to|onto the} panels. Reflected sunlight {will be|is} {more intense on lighter surfaces|more intense on surfaces with lighter colors|brighter on lighter surfaces}{, such as sand than| like sand, than| like sand. This is more so} {on darker surfaces, like|on darker surfaces like|those with darker surfaces, such as} {dirt or asphalt|asphalt or dirt}.

Can you use bifacial solar panels for residential installations?

Bifacial modules don’t suit rooftop solar installations. {They are more cost-effective|They’re more affordable|They’re cheaper} for larger solar {projects with|projects that have|installations that use} {reflected|reflection of|reflective} sunlight.

Bifacial panels {can be used|are able to be utilized|can be employed} in residential {situations, but|settings, however|areas, but} {they are best suited to|they are most suitable for|they’re best suited for} {commercial or utility-scale solar power|large-scale commercial and utility scale solar energy|utilities or commercial scale} {projects|plants|systems} in the solar {industry|sector|power industry}. Bifacial panels {can be used|are able|can be utilized} to shade {free-standing structures|structures that are freestanding} {such as pergolas and generate|like pergolas, and also generate|such as pergolas and produce} {excess|extra|surplus} energy. {In any case where|If|In all cases where} the panels {are not directly|aren’t directly|aren’t} {visible, bifacial panels may|visible, bifacial panels can|viewable, bifacial panel panels could} {also be used|be utilized|also be employed}. Bifacial solar panel {canopies|canopy|covers} and awnings {allow for|permit|allow} {reflected sunlight to reach|reflection of sunlight onto|reflective sunlight to hit} the {panels’ backs|backs of panels}.

Bifacial panels {are a good|are an excellent|can be a great} {option if you|alternative if you|option for those who} prefer a ground-mounted {system to|option over|system over} {a rooftop one|rooftop ones|an on-roof one}. {A residential ground-mounted system works|Ground-mounted systems for residential use work|A ground-mounted residential system functions} {in the same way as|similarly to|exactly the same way as} {commercial or utility applications|utility or commercial applications|utility or commercial installations}. It is {elevated above the|raised above the|elevated above} {ground to allow for|surface to allow|ground in order for} sunlight to {reach|penetrate|get to} the panels{‘ backsides| the backsides| their back sides}.

Five Reasons Bifacial Panels are ideal for farms

  1. There is {more|also more} space

Ground mounts are {better|ideal|more suitable} {for maximum|to ensure the highest|for the best} {production of bifacial panels|manufacturing of bifacial panel|the production capacity of bifacial panels}. Ground mounts {can be placed|can be set|are able to be placed} {farther|further|more} {apart than|away from|than} roof mounts. To {maximize|make the most of} {space|the space available|the area}{,|} {rooftop solar panels are|roof solar panels|the rooftop solar panel is} {often|typically|usually} {placed flush next to|set flush with|placed in a flush position next to} {one another|each other}. {If the array is|When the solar arrays are|In the event that the panel is} {taller|higher|larger} {than the ground,|that the floor,|then the surrounding ground} {like|such as|for example,} an awning,{ then|} there {won’t be much reflected|will be less reflection|won’t be a lot of reflected} {light from the back side|sunlight coming from the back|light coming off the back} of {the panels|panels|the panel}.

{Farms and other rural businesses|Rural businesses and farms|Businesses in rural areas and farms} {have more land available,|have more land available|are able to use more land,} {which allows for you to|which means you can|that allows you to} {spread out|disperse|extend} your bifacial {panels to|panels in order to|panel to} {take full advantage|maximize the benefits|benefit from the full potential} of {ground reflectivity|the ground reflection|reflectivity on the ground}.

You {can also control|can also regulate|also have the option of controlling} {how much light is|the amount of light that is|the amount of light} {reflected|reflecting|reflect back}. {Your|The} panels will be {exposed to more|more exposed to} light {if|when|in the event that} they {have a reflective surface|have reflective surfaces|are reflective} {such as white rocks,|like white rocks,|like white rocks} sand{ or another|, or any other| or some other} {silver or white material|silver or white substance|white or silver material}.

Ground mounts {can also|can|may also} be {used in other ways|utilized in different ways|used for other purposes}. {You could use them|They can be used|They could be used} {as a cover for|to cover|as a covering for} your {yard or porch|porch or yard|patio or garden}{, or| or even| or} as {a carport|an autoport|carports}. If {you are|you’re} {interested in the bifacial-solar concept|looking into the concept of bifacial solar|fascinated by the idea of bifacial-solar}{, make sure to investigate| be sure to research| ensure you research} {all options|the various options|every option}.

  1. More Durable

{Farmers and businesses that are|Businesses and farmers who are|Farmers and companies} {involved in agriculture need to|involved in agriculture must|engaged in agriculture should} be {confident|sure|certain} that {their solar panels|the solar panels they install} {will last for a long|are durable for an extended|can last for quite a} {time|period of time}. {This ensures that they will|This will ensure that they can|It is a guarantee that they will} continue to {produce|make|manufacture} {high-efficiency solar panels for|efficient solar panels for|high-efficiency solar panels over the course of} {many decades|several decades|many years}.

Bifacial panels {are stronger|are more durable|last longer} than {conventional one-sided panels that|traditional one-sided panels which|standard one-sided panels that} {have|feature|include} back sheets. They {feature glass facings|have glass faces} {on both sides|each side|across both edges}. Tempered glass is {used for|the material used to make|utilized for} the glass. It is extremely {strong|durable|tough} and {can withstand any force|is able to withstand any force|can withstand all forces}{, including projectiles from| even| that is thrown at it, even projectiles from} {hurricane force winds|the force of hurricanes}.

  1. Longer Warranties

[xfield_company], a {bifacial panel manufacturer, offers|Bifacial panel maker, provides|manufacturer of bifacial panels, offers} {a 30-year warranty|30 years of warranty|the 30-year guarantee}. {This is five years more|This is five years longer|It’s five years more} than the {25-year warranty that|warranty of 25 years that|warranty of 25 years} {many manufacturers offer for one-sided|some manufacturers provide for single-sided|several manufacturers offer for one-sided} {panels|panels}.

{Your bifacial panels will produce|Bifacial panels produce|The bifacial panels you have will generate} {more energy per panel|greater energy for each panel|higher energy output per unit}{ and last longer| and last for longer|, and will last longer}.

  1. In Every Way{, Trackers are Better| Trackers are superior| the Trackers are better} {Than|than} {Trackers|Trackers in every way.}

Trackers {are a method|are a way|can be a means} {of increasing per-panel solar production|to increase solar power per panel|of increasing solar output per panel}. Trackers {adjust|alter|can adjust} {the angle of solar panels|angles of solar panels|their angle on solar panel} {to match|in accordance with|to align with} the {sun’s position|position of the sun} {in|at the top of|on} the sky. This {allows you to get|lets you get|allows you to enjoy} more direct sunlight{ and|, and} {lasts|will last} longer.

{Trackers have many moving parts|Trackers are made up of many moving parts|There are many moving parts in trackers}. {As with|Like|Similar to} {all appliances and mechanisms|any appliance or mechanism|every appliance and mechanism}{, there are| there are| they have} {more moving parts which can|many moving parts that can|more moving parts that could} {cause problems|create problems|cause issues}. Trackers {can be more expensive|are more costly|can be costly} and {take longer|can take longer|require more time} to {set up|install}.

{While the cost|Although the price} of installing trackers {with|using|that use} traditional panels is {lower|less|less expensive} than{ that of|| those with} Bifacial panels{, they will|, they|} {still produce similar amounts|yield similar quantities|nevertheless produce the same amount}. There {are no|aren’t any} moving parts{ so you don’t|, so you don’t| and you do not} {have to worry|need to be concerned|have to be worried} about {them breaking|breaking them}.

  1. {Comparable to regular solar cells|Similar to normal solar cells|Like regular solar cells.}

{As you might|Like you would|As you’d} {expect, bifacial|imagine, bifacial|think, bifacial solar} panels are {more expensive than regular ones|more expensive than regular panels|higher priced than regular ones} {in most cases|generally|in the majority of cases}. [xfield_company] has a {strong relationship to|close relationship with|solid relationship with} Canadian Solar, and we {use them exclusively to obtain|make use of them exclusively to purchase|utilize them exclusively for} {bifacial solar panels at prices|Bifacial solar panels for sale at prices|Bifacial solar panels at costs} {that are very|which are|that are quite} {comparable to regular|similar to standard} {panels|panels}.

[xfield_company] can offer {ground-mounted solar panels with|ground-mounted solar panels that have|solar panels for ground mounted with} {bifacial panels at a similar|Bifacial panels for a similar|bifacial panels that are priced at the same} {price to conventional panels for|cost to conventional panels for|price to conventional panels to} farms {looking to increase|that want to increase|seeking to boost} their production.

{For a similar|At a comparable|For the same} {price, you get better|cost, you can get higher|price, you will get superior} production and {quality|better quality|higher quality}. This is the {best|highest quality|most} {you can ask for|you can get|that you can ask for}.

[xfield_company] can often {reduce their upfront costs|lower their initial costs|reduce the initial cost of their solar panels} {by using a grant|through grants|with grants} or{ a|} federal credit. {Combining this with the faster|In combination with the speedier|This, when combined with the quicker} production of bifacial {panels will|panels can|solar panels will} {ensure that you can quickly|guarantee that you will be able to quickly|make sure that you are able to swiftly} {recover|get back|make a profit on} {your|the} investment.

Tariff exemptions on Bifacial Panels

{In the past few|In the last few|Over the last several} years{, tariffs on equipment and| tariffs on equipment and| tariffs on equipment as well as} solar panels {have had a|had|has had a} {major|significant|huge} impact on the {industry|solar industry|sector}. Trump {imposed tariffs on non-domestically|put tariffs on non-domestically|has imposed tariffs on foreign} {produced solar panels in 2018|manufactured solar panels in the year 2018|produced solar panels in the year of 2018}. {These tariffs were designed|The tariffs were aimed} to {encourage|spur|boost} {growth in the US’s|expansion in the|growth in the United States’} solar {manufacturing and production sector|production and manufacturing}. {This restricted|The tariffs impeded|This limited} {access to solar panels at|the availability of solar panels at|access to solar panels for} {a lower price|the lower cost|cheaper prices}.

{These tariffs have been maintained|The tariffs have been maintained|These tariffs have been imposed} {by|through|under} {the|this administration|during the} Biden administration since {it took|taking|they took} {over the presidency|its presidency|to the office}. {In fact, they decided|They even decided|In fact, they have decided} to extend them {for 4|for four|by 4} {more years in|additional years starting in|more years , beginning in} 2022. {However, they made|But, they took} an important {decision by|choice by|decision in} {exempting bifacial panels from the|exempting bifacial panels of the|disqualifying bifacial panels from} tariffs. This {decision is crucial for|is crucial to|is a crucial decision for} {consumers as|consumers since|customers as} {it allows them to access|they can access|it allows them access to} {cheaper|lower-cost} panels.

Are bifacial panels worth the investment?

{Although bifacial solar modules|While bifacial solar panels|Although bifacial solar solar modules} {are a good|are an excellent|can be a great} {option for utility and commercial|alternative for commercial and utility} solar {developers|builders|companies}, they {don’t|won’t|do not} {work well for residential rooftop|make sense for rooftop residential|perform well on rooftop residential} projects. Bifacial solar panels {are more expensive|cost more|are more costly} than the equipment {required|needed|that is required}{, so homeowners will still| and homeowners will| for residential rooftops, which means homeowners} {have to pay more|be required to shell out more|need to pay} for {them|the panels|these panels}. {However, they offer greater|They do however offer better|But they provide greater} {efficiency and cost savings|efficiency and lower costs|effectiveness and savings}. {No matter how large|Whatever the size of|However big} your project{ is, where|, or where| is, the location} it is {located|situated}{, or what other factors| and what other considerations| or any other requirements} you {may have|might have to consider|have in mind}{, getting multiple quotes| when comparing quotes| in mind, getting multiple estimates} for {a solar panel installation|solar panel installations|solar panel installation} {can be a great|is a good|is an excellent} {way to find a great|method to get a good|option to secure a fantastic} {deal|bargain|price}. {Register your property on|Sign up your property to|Join} the [xfield_company] solar pv market{ and start| and begin|, and you will begin} {receiving quotes from qualified|getting quotes from licensed|receiving quotes from professional}{, pre-screened solar installers| solar installers that have been pre-screened| solar installers who have been pre-screened and approved} {in your local area|within your area|in your region}. You {can also request a quote|may also request a quote|can also request a quotation} for bifacial {panels by simply|panels simply by|solar panels by} {making a note in the|adding a note to the|noting it in your} profile.



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