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{Can|Could|Are there ways to transport} Solar Energy be Transported?

{Can|Could|Are there ways to transport} Solar Energy be Transported?

Many {people have wondered|have asked|have wondered} {why it isn’t possible|why it’s not possible|what the reason is for not being able} to {load up|fill|charge} deserts with {thousands of solar cells and|hundreds of solar cells and|thousands of solar cells , and} {transport|transfer} the {energy|power} to cities {all over|across|around} the {globe|world}. {The|It is possible that the|In the future, cities on the} West Coast could be powered by {vast|huge} {areas|regions} {of|that are|in} Arizona {or|as well as|and} New Mexico, while the Sahara could {power|provide power to|be used to power} Northern Africa and Southern Europe. {It hasn’t yet happened|This hasn’t happened yet|This isn’t happening yet}{, but it raises| however, it does raise| but it does raise} the question{: Can|: can| of: Can} {solar energy be transported|the solar power be transferred|sunlight be used to transport energy}?

{Although it is possible|While it is feasible} to {transport solar energy from|transfer solar energy from|transport solar energy} one {place to another|location to another|place to the next}{, this would| but this could| however this will} {result in prohibitive costs|cause prohibitive costs|cost a lot of money} and loss of {electricity|power} {due to|because of} resistance. Engineers {would need to adjust|will need to alter|will have to adjust} the voltage {to overcome|to address|in order to solve} {this problem|this issue|the issue}.

{Because the current solar panels|Since the solar panels currently in use|As the current solar panels} {are not very|aren’t very|aren’t} efficient, {it would be|it’s} impossible to {produce|generate} {enough|enough power}. {They’re great|They are great|They’re ideal} {for powering homes, businesses|for powering businesses, homes and homes|to power homes, businesses}{, but not large cities| however, they are not suitable for large cities| however they’re not ideal for big cities}.

What {is|exactly is} Energy Storage?

Solar Energy Storage refers to {technologies that can collect|technologies that are able to collect|technology that collects} {electricity and store it|energy and then store the electricity|electric energy, and keep it stored} in {another|a different} form (chemical{, thermal or mechanical| or thermal| mechanical, thermal or chemical}) before {releasing it when needed|release it at the time of need|making it available when it is needed}. One {such technology|of these technologies} {is lithium-ion batteries|are lithium-ion battery|can be found in lithium-ion batteries}. {While energy storage can never|Although energy storage will never|Although energy storage cannot} {be 100% efficient|fully efficient|achieve 100% efficiency}, {some|a certain amount of|there is a small amount of} energy is lost {in|during|through} the conversion {and retrieval|and recovery|process and the retrieval} of energy. {However, energy storage allows|However, storage of energy allows|But, energy storage can allow} {for flexible energy use|the flexibility of energy usage|to use energy in a variety of ways} {at different times than|in different periods than|at different times from} {when it was generated|the time it was created|when it was first generated}. Storage can {help increase|improve|increase} {system resilience and efficiency|the resilience of the system and improve efficiency|the efficiency and resilience of the system}{, as well as improve| and also improve| as well as enhance} {power quality through matching|the quality of power by coordinating|power quality by matching} {supply and demand|demand and supply}.

{Both energy|Energy|The energy} capacity (the total amount of {stored solar energy|solar energy stored}) {and|as well as|in addition to} power capacity (the {amount of energy available|amount of energy that is available|quantity of energy available} at any {given time|time|given moment}) are two {different things|distinct things|distinct terms}. {You can use different|There are a variety of|It is possible to use various} {storage capacities to handle|storage capacities to perform|capacities of storage to accomplish} {different|various} {tasks|jobs}. {A solar plant can operate|Solar power plants can function|A solar power plant will operate} {smoothly even if|without issue even when|efficiently even if} there {are fluctuations|is a fluctuation} in {its output due to|the output of its system due to|its output caused by} {passing|moving} clouds. {However, longer-term storage can|But, storage that lasts longer can|However, long-term storage could} be {used to provide|utilized to supply|utilized to} {power for days or weeks|energy for a few days or even weeks|power for weeks or days}{, when| in the event that| when} the {sun is not producing|sun isn’t producing|sun’s output is not} enough energy{ or when| or|, or when} there is a {severe|major|significant} {weather|weather-related} {event|incident|storm}.

The {benefits|advantages} of combining {storage and solar|solar and storage|solar energy and storage}

Balancing {electricity loads – Without|the load of electricity – With no|electricity loads – without} storage, electricity {must both|has to|needs to} be {generated and consumed simultaneously|consumed and generated simultaneously|produced and consumed at the same time}. This {could mean that|may mean that|may require} {grid operators|the grid operator|Grid operators} “curtail” {some of the|certain aspects of|certain portions of the} generation {to prevent over-generation and|to avoid over-generation and|in order to avoid over-generation or} reliability {problems|issues}. There {may be times|could be periods|are times} {after sunset,|when the sun sets,|that are after sunset} or {on cloudy days|during cloudy days,|on days with cloudy skies} {when|where|that} {there is less solar|the sun is not producing as much|it is more difficult to get solar} {production|power|energy}{, but there is| however there is| but there is still} {a lot of power demand|plenty of demand for power|an abundance of power demand}. Storage is a {way|method|means} to {store power|conserve power|keep power in reserve}. It {can|is able to} be {charged or filled|filled or charged} {when there is little|when there is a low|with power when there is no} {generation and low|production and a low|production and little} power consumption. {Then it can be dispensed|It can then be dispersed|It is then dispensed} or {used|utilized} {when there is a lot|when there is a large amount|in times of high levels} of demand or {load|demand|loads}. The {electricity|power|energy} {generated by the sun can|produced by the sun could|produced by sun’s rays can} be stored {so|in a way|to ensure} that it {is available for|is accessible to|can be available to} grid operators {whenever they need|at any time they require|when they need} it. This is {how|why|the way} storage {can be used|can serve|could be used} {as an insurance policy|as an insurance|to protect} against {the sun’s rays|sun’s radiation}.

“Firming” Solar generation

{This is short-term storage|It is a type of storage for short-term use|This is a short-term storage option} {that can be used|which can be utilized} to ensure that{ rapid| sudden|} {changes in solar generation|fluctuations in solar power|changes in solar energy} {don’t adversely affect|do not negatively impact|aren’t detrimental to} {the output of a|production of the|power output from a} {sun|solar} power plant. A {small battery|battery of a small size}{, for example, can| could, for instance,| is a good example. It can} be {used to help|utilized to assist|used to aid in helping} {the grid maintain a reliable|grids maintain a stable|the grid to maintain a reliable} and {consistent|constant|steady} {electrical|electricity|power} supply.


{Storage and solar can provide|Solar and storage can offer|Storage and solar power can be used to provide} {power backup in the|energy backups in the|electricity backup in} {event of an electrical outage|case of an electrical failure|event of an outage in the electrical grid}. They {are able to|can} {keep vital facilities running|keep essential facilities operating|ensure that vital facilities are running} {in order to provide|to supply|to ensure} {essential services like|vital services such as} communications. {You can also use solar|Solar power is also a viable option|It is also possible to use solar} and storage {for microgrids or|to power microgrids, or|for microgrids as well as} smaller-scale {applications like|applications such as|devices like} {portable power units and mobile|portable power units or mobile|mobile power units that can be carried around and portable} phones.

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{Can|Could|Are there ways to let} Solar Energy be transported wirelessly?

{Solar thermal power conversion is a|The solar thermal conversion process is an|A solar thermal energy conversion} {method|technique|process} {that converts solar energy into|which converts solar energy into|that converts solar energy to} heat without the {use of|need for} wires. The sun’s {heat|energy|radiation} {would be converted to|will be converted into|could be converted into} heat, {which would|which will|and} {then make|transform|turn} {water into steam|steam from water|steam out of water}. The steam {would then power|then powers|will then power} {a turbine that creates electricity|the turbine, which generates electricity|an electric generator}.

{Although it is possible|While it is possible|Although it is feasible} {to convert solar energy|for solar power to be converted|transform solar energy} {to|into} {another form|another type|an alternative form} of energy {that can|that is able to|which can be used to} {transport, it is|be used for transport, it’s|transport, it’s} not being {done at|implemented on|achieved on} {a sufficient|enough} {scale to be able|scale to|size} {to power more|provide power to more|for more power} than a small {town|city}.

This is {due to solar panels only|because solar panels are only|due to solar panels} {being about 20% efficient|having a 20% efficiency|being around 20% efficient} in {converting sunlight into electricity|the conversion of sunlight into electricity|making electricity from sunlight}. {This means that only|That means only|It means just} 20{ percent|%} of {the sunlight hitting|the light that hits|sunlight that hits} {a solar|the solar|the} panel {is converted to|is converted into|can be converted into} usable energy {for every|per} 100.

{To produce|In order to produce|To generate} {enough energy to power [region|enough energy to power [region]|enough power to power [region}{] or|or the|or}{ [region],| (region),|”region,”} it {would|will} require {a large|a significant|an enormous} {number|amount} {of solar panels|of solar panel|in solar panels}. {Then transport|Then , it would be necessary to transport|It is then necessary to transfer} the energy {over|across} {long|large|vast} distances.

Scientists are {currently working on a solution|working on a solution|currently working on solutions} to this {problem|issue}. They {will find|are looking for|are trying to find} {new|innovative} {ways to store and transport|methods to store and transfer|methods of storing and transporting} solar {electricity|energy|power}.

{Can|Are there ways to store and transport|Could} Solar Power be Stored and {Transported|transported|Transferred}?

There are {several ways|a variety of ways that|many ways that} {solar power can be stored|the solar energy can be stored|to store solar power}{,|} and then {transported|transferred|moved} to {other places|different locations|other locations}. {Although there are many|While there are many|There are numerous} ways{ that| in which|} solar {power|energy} {can be stored and|could be stored or|is stored, and} {transported|moved|then transported}{, the majority cannot| however, not all of them can| but the majority of it cannot} {be transported|transport|transfer} on a {large|massive|huge} scale.

{Different types of energy storage|Energy storage of various kinds|Different kinds of energy storage}

Pumped {hydropower is the|hydropower is one of the|Hydropower is the} most {popular type|well-known type|widely used form} of energy storage {for|used in|that is used by} {the power grid|the grid|electricity grids}. The most {common storage technology|popular storage method|commonly used storage technology} {that is used|used|which is utilized} in {conjunction|combination} {with solar power plants|to solar power plant|in solar power stations} is {pumped hydropower|the pumped hydropower|hydropower pumped}. {Flywheels and compressed air storage|The compressed air and flywheel storage|Compressed air storage and flying wheels} {may|can|could} {offer different storage options,|provide different storage options,|provide different storage options} {such as fast discharge|like fast discharge|including fast discharge,} or {large|huge|big} capacities, {which makes|making} {them appealing|them attractive|these devices appealing} {to grid operators|for grid owners|Grid operators}. {Below are more details about|Here are some more information about|Below are additional details on} {other storage types|different storage options|other types of storage}.

Pumped-Storage Hydropower

A {technology that stores|method of storing|technique that stores} energy {using water, pumped-storage|with water, also known as pumped-storage|with water, pumped storage} hydropower{, is a form| is a type| is a kind} {of energy storage|that stores energy|stored energy}. {When energy demand is low|When the demand for energy is low|If the energy demand is not high}{, electrical energy is used| electricity is utilized| the use of electricity} {to pump water into|for pumping water through|in order to move water from} {a reservoir|the reservoir|reservoirs}. The water {can then flow|then flows|is then pumped} downhill{ to turn a turbine|, turning a turbine| and turn a generator} {that generates electricity for high|which generates electricity to meet the|that produces electricity for high} demand. Pumped {hydro, a proven|hydro, a tried and tested|Hydro, a well-tested} storage {technology|technique} {that has been in use|which has been used|that has been utilized} {in|throughout|across} the United States since 1929, {is well-tested|has been tested extensively|is tested and proven}. It {necessitates appropriate|requires suitable|requires appropriate} {landscapes|environments|areas} and reservoirs. {These can be either|They can be|They could be} {natural or man-made|natural or artificial|man-made or natural} lakes. {This technology also requires lengthy|This type of technology requires long|The technology also requires lengthy} {regulatory approvals and lengthy|approvals from regulators as well as lengthy|regulatory approvals and long} {implementation times|time to implement|execution times}. The {financial payback time for|time to payback for financial investment in|payback period for} {pumped hydro is often|the pumped hydro system is usually|pump hydro is typically} {long due to insufficient realization|lengthy due to the insufficient recognition|long because of the lack of realization} of the {value|benefits|potential value} of its services{ to integrate| in integrating|, which is why it’s a good choice to incorporate} variable {renewables|renewable energy}. These are {just|only|but} {a few of the|some of the|one of the main} reasons {pumped-hydro has not|why pumped-hydro hasn’t|why pumped hydro hasn’t} been {constructed recently|built in recent times|developed in the last few years}{, despite the fact that| despite the fact that| despite the fact} there is {a lot|plenty|an enormous amount} of interest{ in it|} from {those who have asked|those who have applied|people who have asked} {for preliminary permits or licenses|to obtain preliminary licenses or permits|the preliminary permit or licence} {at|from|with} the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Electrochemical Storage

{Many|A lot of} {people are familiar with|users are aware of|individuals are acquainted with} {electrochemical battery technology|the electrochemical battery technology|electrochemical batteries}{, such as those used| like those found| that is used} in {mobile phones and laptops|laptops and mobile phones}. {A battery stores|Batteries store|The battery stores} energy {by causing|through|by triggering} {a chemical reaction when|an enzymatic reaction when|an chemical reaction whenever} electricity is {fed|injected|introduced} into it. The {chemical energy|energy-producing chemical} reaction that {occurs|takes place|happens} when {a battery is charged is|the battery is charged is|the battery is charged} reversed. {This creates voltage between the|This causes voltage between|The result is that voltage is created between the} two electrical contacts{ and causes|, causing| that causes} current to flow {from|through|out of} {it|the battery}. {While lithium-ion is the|Although lithium-ion is the|While lithium-ion is by far the} most {popular chemistry for|well-known chemistry used in|widely used chemistry for} {batteries, there are|battery batteries, you can also choose|batteriesbut there’s} {other|also other} {options such as lead-acid and|alternatives like lead-acid or|options , such as lead-acid and} sodium.

Thermal Energy Storage

A {family|range|set} of technologies {that uses|that utilizes|which utilizes} {thermal energy storage to store heat|the storage of heat in thermal energy to keep it warm.|thermoelectric energy storage for storing heat.} {is|in} {water, molten salt or|water, molten salt , or|either molten salt, water or} {another fluid|other fluids}. {The thermal storage material is|Thermal storage materials are|This material for thermal storage is} {stored|kept} in {an insulated container|a container that is insulated|a sealed container} until it {is used|is needed|can be used}. {You can use the energy|The energy can be used|It can be used} to {heat or cool,|cool or heat,|cool or heat} or{ you could|| even} generate electricity. The heat{ is|} {used to boil|utilized to heat} {water in thermal energy storage systems|the water inside thermal storage units|liquid in the thermal energy storage system}{ that are|} {intended for|designed to generate|specifically designed for} electricity. The steam {generated|produced} {drives a turbine, which|is used to drive a turbine, which|generates a turbine that} {in turn produces electricity using|generates electricity with|generates electricity using} the same equipment{ as|| that is} {used in traditional electricity generating|utilized in traditional electricity generation|employed in traditional electricity-generating} stations. CSP plants {use|make use of|utilize} {thermal energy storage|the storage of thermal energy|heat energy storage in order} to {store|conserve} heat. This is {because the receiver focuses|due to the receiver focusing|because the receiver directs} sunlight {onto|on} {the working fluid|work fluid|that working liquid}. {As a working fluid|It is a fluid that works|In the context of working fluids}{,|} {supercritical carbon dioxide|the supercritical CO2|supracritical carbon dioxide (SCD)} is {being investigated|under investigation|being studied}. This {could allow for|may allow for|could lead to} {higher temperatures and decrease|greater temperatures and reduce|higher temperatures as well as reduce} {the size of the|dimensions of|in the overall size of the}{ generating| generation|} plant.

{Flywheel storage|Storage for the Flywheel}

Flywheels are {heavy wheels attached|large wheels that are attached|heavy , rigid wheels connected} {to|with} rotating shafts. {The wheel can turn|The wheels can spin|They can be turned} faster {by consuming energy|because it consumes energy|due to the energy it uses}. {An electrical generator can extract|A generator that is electrical can draw|An electrical generator is able to extract} {this energy by attaching|the energy through attachment|the energy it needs by attaching} {to the wheel|onto the wheels|on to the wheel}. {This uses electromagnetism and slows|It uses electromagnetism to slow|The process uses electromagnetism, and slows} {down the wheel to produce|the wheel down to create|the wheel in order to generate} electricity. Flywheels {are capable of providing|can provide|are able to provide} {power quickly, but|energy quickly, however|electricity quickly, but} {they don’t have the ability|they aren’t able|they’re not able} to store {much energy|a lot of energy|energy in large quantities}.

{Storage of compressed air|The storage of compressed air|Air storage in compressed form}

{Large vessels are used to store|The large vessels can be used for storage of|These large containers are designed to hold} compressed air. The compressor pumps {pressurized|compressed} air {into the vessels|through the vessel|inside the containers}. {The compressed air is|This compressed air|Air compressed is}{ then|} released to {power a turbine that|drive a turbine which|power a generator that} {generates|produces} electricity. The {compressed air energy storage systems|energy storage systems for compressed air} {that are currently in use|which are currently in operation|that are in operation} {often release the|typically release|frequently release the} air to {generate electricity as part of|produce electricity as part of|generate electricity as part} {a natural-gas power cycle|the natural gas power cycle|natural-gas power cycles}.

Solar Fuels

{The sun’s energy can|The sun’s energy could|Sun’s energy can} be {used to produce|utilized to create|used to make} new fuels. {These can be burned|They can be burned|They can be burned,} or {consumed to generate|used to produce|consumed to create} energy. Researchers are currently {studying|investigating|researching} {hydrogen, which|the hydrogen that|hydrogen. It} is {produced|created|made} by {separating|the process of separating|the separation of} hydrogen from oxygen {in water,|in water|within water,} {as well as methane,|and methane,|along with methane} {which is produced by combining|that is created by mixing|which is made by combining} {hydrogen with carbon dioxide|carbon dioxide with hydrogen|carbon dioxide and hydrogen}. Natural gas is {mainly composed|made up primarily|mostly composed} of methane{, which|. It|. Methane} is {used to heat homes or|utilized to heat homes or|used to heat homes and} {produce|generate|create} electricity.

Virtual Storage

{You can also store solar energy|It is also possible to store energy from solar sources|Also, you can store the solar power} {by|in} {changing the way you use|altering the way you utilize|changing the method you use} {existing devices|the devices you already have|existing equipment}. The {building can|structure can|building could} {be|also be|become} “stored” {thermal energy by|with thermal power by|in thermal energy through} {cooling or heating|heating or cooling} it {before the peak in|prior to the peak of|prior to peak} electrical demand. This {will allow it to|allows it to|means that it will} not {need to use|require|be reliant on} electricity {later in the afternoon|in the afternoon|after the afternoon hours}. {By storing warm or cool|In storing cool or warm} air, the {building acts|structure functions|building functions} as {a|an insulated|the} thermos. Similar {processes can be used|methods can be utilized|techniques can be employed} to {distribute demand across|spread demand throughout|spread the demand over} the day {by using|using|with the help of} water heaters.

{Residential and commercial customers,|Commercial and residential customers,|Commercial and residential customers} {as well as|and|along with} {utility companies and|utilities and|utility companies as well as} large-scale solar operators{, can| can|, could} benefit from {solar-plus-storage systems|storage systems that incorporate solar|solar storage systems}. As {research advances and costs|technology advances and the costs|research advances and prices} for solar {large – scale|large-scale} {energy storage fall|storage of energy fall|storage drop}{, solar and storage remedies| the solar storage and solar solutions| solar storage solutions and solar energy} {will become more accessible|are becoming more affordable}.

{These all sound great|They sound fantastic|All sound wonderful}{, but they are not| however they aren’t| however, they aren’t} {able to be shipped|capable of being shipped|suitable for shipping} {or stored in large|and stored in huge|or stored in massive} {quantities|amounts}. {It is only|It’s only|It’s just} {a matter of time before|an issue of time before|the matter of time until} solar {power can travel around|energy can be transported around|energy is able to travel across} the {globe thanks to new|world thanks to recent|world due to the latest} {developments|advancements|advances} {in solar storage technology|of solar energy storage|regarding solar power storage} {and|as well as} renewable energy {technology|technologies}.

Another {non-science related barrier|barrier that is not related to science|issue that isn't related to science} is {government instability|the instability of government.|instability in the government.}

{Although it is somewhat|While it may seem|Although it’s a bit} {off-topic, this does refer|off-topic, it does point|off topic, it is referring} to another {reason for transporting|reason why we transport|motive for transporting} solar energy {across|around} {the|all over the|throughout the} globe…government instability.

{Most countries can get along|The majority of countries are able to get along|A majority of countries can coexist} or {tolerate one another|even tolerate each other|accept one another} {as a group|in a group|as a whole}. This is {especially true for|particularly true for|especially true of} countries {that|which} produce energy (coal{, oil and batteries| batteries, oil and coal| as well as batteries and oil}). {It is|It’s} not in {anyone’s best interests|the best interest of anyone|anyone’s best interest} to {disturb|disrupt|alter} the status quo{, have|, or have| or to have} {citizens of another country revolt|citizens from another country revolt|people from another country rebel} {and overthrow their government|and take over their government,|to overthrow their governments} and then {refuse to buy|not buy|refuse to purchase} {energy from them|the energy they produce from their country|electricity from these countries}.

{Although solar energy can|While solar energy could} be stored and {transported in many|transferred in a variety of|transported in various} ways, none{ of these|} {are possible at this time|is currently feasible|are currently possible}. It’s {only a matter of|just a matter of|only a matter} time {before new designs and storage|until new storage and design} {methods|techniques} {for solar cells|that use solar energy|to store solar power} are {developed|created|devised} by {scientists|researchers}.



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