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{Buying a Home|A Home Purchase|The purchase of a home} {with|using|by using a} Solar Lease

{Buying a Home|A Home Purchase|The purchase of a home} {with|using|by using a} Solar Lease

You’ve {worked tirelessly to find|spent a lot of time searching for|spent hours searching for} the {perfect home with|ideal home that has|ideal house that includes} everything you {need, even|require, including|want, including} solar panels. A {leased solar panel system|solar panel that is leased|solar panel lease} {may be a problem|could be a challenge|is a possibility} {if you’re in the market|when you’re looking|for those who are looking} {for a home|for a house|to purchase a house}. It {can|could|may} {also make it more difficult|make it harder|cause more difficulty} to {find the right property|locate the perfect property|find the right home}.

[xfield_company] is {a strong|an avid|a fervent} advocate {for|of} {solar energy|the use of solar power|renewable energy sources} in all{ its|} forms. {However, systems must also|But, the systems must|However, the system must} be financially {viable|sustainable}. {Our customers can shop for|Customers can purchase|Customers can buy} solar panels and {accessories|other accessories|solar accessories}. {This is mainly|This is mostly|These are mostly} for projects. This article is {for those|for people|aimed at those} who are {interested in full-scale|looking for full-scale|interested in large-scale} {solar solutions|solar power solutions|solar-powered solutions}. {It explains|This article explains|This article will provide} {everything|all} you {need to know about purchasing|must know about buying|should know about purchasing} {a home|an apartment|homes} {with solar panels leased|that has solar panels to lease|with solar panels that you lease}.

{What are solar panels|Are solar panels a good idea|Which are the solar panel types}? {And what are their benefits|What are their advantages|And what are their advantages}?

{Solar panels convert|The solar panels transform|Solar panel solar converts} sunlight {to|into} energy. They {can also generate|also produce} {electricity which can be|electricity that can be|energy that is} stored{ either|} in {batteries or thermal storage|thermal storage or batteries|thermal storage or in batteries}. Solar panels are {becoming more common|increasingly being used|now becoming more popular} in {residential areas, particularly|residential areas, especially|homes, particularly} in {sunny states|states with sunny weather|sunny areas}. This {allows homeowners to get|gives homeowners|lets homeowners get} {more bang for their bucks|the most value for their money|more value for their money}.

Solar panels {can help you save|can save you|will help you save} {money on your electricity bills|energy costs|the cost of your electricity}. {However,|But} the {amount you save will depend|amount you save will be contingent|savings you make will depend} on {how big|how large|the size of} {your solar energy system is|the solar power system you have}{, how much sunlight| and how much sun| as well as the amount of sunlight} {you get,|you receive, and|is available, and} {whether you lease or|the length of lease you have, and whether or not you|when you decide to lease or} {buy|purchase} {your|the} panels. {Your savings can|The savings you make will|Savings can} {also be affected by your|be affected by your|be affected by the} utility {company|provider}. {This will depend on|It will be contingent on|It’s all about} {how they set the|the way they calculate|how they determine} {electricity bills|electric bills|electricity rates} and {how they compensate|how they pay|the way they compensate} {you for excess solar energy|for solar energy that is not|the solar power that isn’t} {sent|that is sent|delivered} {to|into|through} the grid. {The|National Utility Rate Database|This database, called the} National Utility Rate Database displays the {current electricity rates for|current electricity rates in|latest electricity rates for} your {area|region|location}.

{How does a lease of|What is the process for leasing|What does a lease for} solar panels {work|function|operate}?

Let’s {start by explaining|begin by explaining|first explain} {how a solar panel leasing|the way a solar panel lease|how solar panel leasing} {works and what it means|is done and what it can mean|operates and what it means} {for potential home buyers|to potential buyers of homes|for prospective home buyers}. The {benefits|advantages} of {solar panels leased|leasing solar panels|solar panels that are leased} to homeowners are {low-cost|affordable|cost-effective} and {clean|safe|healthy}. {They don’t have to buy|They don’t need to purchase|You don’t need to purchase} {a complete home system|an entire home system|the entire system for their home}.

{There are off-grid solar panels|Off-grid solar panels can be|There are solar panels off grid} {installed on boats, RVs|that are installed on RVs, boats|placed on boats, RVs}{, cabins and other small| cabins, boats and other small| cabins, and other smaller} structures. Property owners {have two options:|have two optionsto choose from:|can choose between two options:} they can{ either|} lease their equipment{ or purchase| or buy|, or purchase} {a system with|the system using|the system in} {cash or financing|money or finance|money or with financing}.

A solar lease {allows|permits} you to {get the labor|purchase the work|obtain the labor} and {parts|components|other components} of a solar {installation at|system at|installation for} {a low cost or|an affordable cost or with|the lowest cost, or at} {no upfront cost in return|without upfront costs in exchange|no upfront expense in exchange} for a {fixed monthly fee|monthly fixed fee|fixed monthly cost}. {A solar lease works|The solar lease operates|The solar lease functions} {in the same way as|similarly to|exactly the same way as} {an auto lease,|auto leases,|an auto lease} or {other structured loan payment|any other type of structured loan payment|another type of loan that is structured}. The {lessee doesn’t technically own|lessee isn’t technically the owner of|leasee doesn’t actually own} the {asset|property|item} (or {solar panel|the solar panel|the solar panels}) however.

{Are solar panels good|Are solar panels suitable|Solar panels are good} {for your home|to be used in your house|on your property}?

{The purchase of solar panels|Solar panels|A solar panel purchase} {can|could|will} {increase property value|boost the value of your home|enhance the value of your property}. You {can save money|could save money|can cut down} on {your energy bills|energy costs} {by purchasing a home|by buying a house|when you purchase a house} {that has solar panels already|with solar panels|equipped with solar panels} installed. This {adds|can add|will add} {value to your home|the value of your house}.

{The|It was discovered by the} National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that solar panels{ fully|| that are fully} paid off {add $20 to|can add up to $20 to|can increase by $20} {a home’s value for each|the value of a house for every|the value of your home for every} {$1 of|dollar of|one dollar in} energy savings. Solar panels {increase home size|can increase the size of a home|boost the size of homes} by {$18,000 in sunny states|$18,000 in states with sunny weather|about $18,000 in sunny states} {like|such as} {[region]|the [region]|the region}.

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Solar Leases vs Solar PPAs

{While solar leases and solar|Solar leases and solar|Although solar leases and} {purchasing power agreements|buying power contracts|purchase power agreements} (often {called|known as} PPAs) {can be used for|are both a possibility for|are used to make} solar power {purchase|purchases}{, they are very| however, they’re very| but they’re quite} different. The {main difference is|primary difference lies|major difference lies} {in the structure of the payment plan|on the form of payment|how the plan is structured}.

{A solar lease is a|Solar leases are|The solar lease can be described as a} {contract|type of contract|kind of contract} {that requires a monthly payment|which requires a monthly installment|that demands a monthly fee} {for the installation|to install the system}. {Through net metering, the|Net metering is the method by which|By using net metering,} solar energy {generated|produced} by the system {can be|is|could be} {used to credit the home’s|utilized to pay for the home’s|used to offset the homeowner’s} {electric bills|electric bill|electric bills}.

{A solar purchase power|The solar power purchase|An solar purchase power} {agreement|contract} (PPA) is {a contract between home|an agreement between the home|an agreement between homeowners} and building owners {to buy|to purchase|that allows them to purchase} the {actual solar energy produced|actual solar energy generated|solar energy produced} by the {leased panels at|panels leased at|solar panels leased to} {an amount that is lower|an amount lower|the lower cost} than {usual utility expenses|the usual utility costs|typical utility expenses}. PPAs are {more common|more prevalent|most common} {at utility-scale and commercial|in commercial and utility-scale|at commercial and utility scale} solar {generation|power|energy} {levels|levels}.

What is the {average length|length average|average duration} {of solar leases|of leases for solar|in solar leases}?

Solar leases {typically|usually|generally} {last between 20-|run between 20 and|last between 20and} 25 years. If you {buy a house|purchase a home|purchase a property} {with|equipped with|that has} solar {panels, it|panel systems, there|panelsinstalled, then it} {could|may} be {many decades|a long time|decades} before the {terms of the|terms of your|lease} contract {expire|end}. {You can also|It is also possible to|You may also} “buy out” {most|the majority of|all} solar {energy|power} systems at any {time|point} {during the term|throughout the duration|during the period} of {your lease, depending|the lease, based|your lease, based} {on the fair market value|upon the market fair value|of the value at market} {and conditions|and the conditions|as well as the terms}.

You {can also terminate|may also end|can also cancel} {solar lease agreements early|leases on solar before the due date|leases with solar early}. {This may be subject to|It could result in|It may result in} additional {charges depending|fees depending|charges based} on the {provider|service provider|company}. The lease {will expire|is due to expire,|will end} and those who {don’t want|do not wish|decide not} to renew it{ will most likely|, will likely| could} {have|be able to have|get} the solar system {taken out|removed} {at no cost|for free|without cost}.

Are {Leased Solar Panels|solar panels that are leased|Solar Panels Leased} {a Cost-Effective Option|an effective option for cost-effectiveness|the most cost-effective option}?

Yes, {most houses with|houses that have|most homes with} {leased solar|lease solar systems|leasing solar power} {can save homeowners and buildings|will save both buildings and homeowners|can help homeowners and building owners save} {money on their utility|cash on their energy|costs on their electricity} {bills|costs}. {Solar power systems were|The solar power system was|These systems of power were} {created|developed|designed} to {spread the low-cost investment costs|disperse the investment costs that are low|help spread the low-cost investment costs} of {modern|the latest} solar {energy systems over its|power systems over its|energy systems over their} {many-decade lifespan|decades-long lifespan|long-term lifespan of many decades}. This {allows for fractional monthly|allows for monthly fractional|permits monthly fractional} payments that are {nearly always|almost always|generally} {lower than the cost of|less than|less expensive than} {how much electricity purchased|the amount of electricity that is purchased|the electricity you purchase} {from an electric|by an electricity|through an electrical} utility.

{Leased Solar Panels|Rental Solar Panels to be used|Leasing Solar Panels and Solar} for {Homes|homes}: {Buying and Selling|buying and selling|The buying and selling}

The {agreement and lease terms|lease agreement and lease terms|lease and agreement} {must|have to|are to} be transferred to {your name|you} {if you are purchasing|when you purchase|in the event that you buy} {a home that has leased|an existing home with leased|the home that is leased with} solar panels. {You, the new lessee|The new lessee|The new leasee}{, have the choice| can choose| are able} to {either continue|keep|continue} the lease {as it is|in its current form|as it stands} or {purchase|buy} the system. If the {terms allow|terms permit|lease terms permit}{, you can also terminate| you to do so, you may also decide to terminate| you to, you can also end} the {agreement and take|lease and take|lease and get} the panels {out|off|away}.

{How do you transfer a lease|What is the best way to transfer leases|Transferring a lease} {on|for} {a solar panel|solar panels}?

{The transfer of a lease|Transferring a lease|The transfer of leases} is {usually|generally|typically} {smooth|easy|effortless}. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that 77% of solar {panels|panel} leases {were transferred to new owners|transferred|have been transferred} {successfully|with success|in a smooth manner}. {Only 20% of|Just 20%|A mere 20%} {sellers said|the sellers claimed|sellers reported} {that they had been scared|that they were frightened|they had been frightened} by {potential buyers|buyers who might be interested}.

The first step {for transferring|to transfer|in transferring} {a solar power lease|the lease on solar power|an energy lease from solar} is to {contact|call} the leasing company {that supplied|who supplied|that provided} the panels. {Most likely, they will|It is likely that they will|They will likely} {connect them with|contact|be connected to} {a service transfer specialist|an expert in service transfer|the service transfer specialist}. The specialist will {provide|give|send}{ a copy of| an official copy of|} {the solar agreement to the seller|an agreement with solar to sellers|this solar contract to the owner}{ so that|, so that| so} they can {communicate with|inform|contact} their agent {about the situation|regarding the situation|about the issue}. The seller will {provide|give|send} {a|an official|an original} {copy of the solar agreement to the buyer|document containing the agreement with the sun to the prospective buyer|duplicate of their solar contract to the purchaser} {once|after|when} they have {found a buyer for|identified a buyer for|found a buyer to} the property. They will {also connect the buyer with|be able to connect the buyer to|additionally connect the buyer with} the {service transfer specialist|specialist in service transfer} to {learn more about|find out more information about|discuss} the lease.

The buyer {will then give|then gives|will then present} {the solar agreement to the mortgage lender|an agreement on solar to their mortgage provider|his mortgage company the agreement for solar}. {They will verify|They’ll verify|They’ll confirm} that the {agreement includes|agreement contains|contract contains} {a transferable warranty, which|an transferable warranty, which|the transferable warranty. This} {means that the buyer is|implies that the buyer is|means that the buyer will} not {responsible for any costly|responsible for any expensive|accountable for any costly} repairs that {might affect|could affect|could impact} {their ability to repay|their ability to pay back|the ability of them to repay} their mortgage.

{After|Once} {the mortgage lender|that the lender for mortgage|your mortgage provider} has {done|completed|conducted} {their due diligence and approved|their due diligence and has approved|the due diligence and approved} {the mortgage, the|for the loan, the|that mortgage loan} {representative|agent} {for solar|for the solar|of the solar} lease transfer will {send|forward|mail} the form to {the|both the} {seller and buyer|buyers and sellers|buyer and seller}. {Each party will complete|Both parties must complete|Each of them will fill out} {and sign the form|and sign the form}.

The {buyer will need to|purchaser will have to|buyer must} {pass a credit check|undergo a credit screening|complete a credit verification} {in order for|to allow|to enable} {the solar company|Solar companies|the company that sells solar} to {determine|decide|know} {if they can afford|whether they are able to afford|the amount they can afford for} {their monthly payments|the monthly installments|the monthly payment}. This is {one of|among} the {final steps in|last steps of} the {transfer process|process of transfer}. {A credit score of 680 is|Credit scores of 680 are|An average credit score of 680 points is} {usually|typically|generally} required.

{Once the company has|After the company has|When the company has formally} {approved the buyer|accepted the purchase|granted approval to the buyer} of the {home|property|house}{, the tenant will| the tenant will then| The tenant will} be {assigned|given|granted} {a solar lease|the solar lease|an e-lease}. The {approval process can|process of approval can|process for approval could} {take up to two to|take between two and|be between two and} three{ working|} days. {The solar transfer specialist|Solar transfer specialists|A solar transfer expert} will {complete|finish|conclude} the transfer {once you have|after you have|after you’ve} {closed|completed the closing process|completed closing} {on your home|on your property|on your home}.

The {pros of buying|benefits of purchasing|advantages of buying} {a home|an apartment|a house} {with solar panels leased|that has solar panels to lease|with solar panels that can be leased}

More {residences|homes|houses} {have leased photovoltaic power|are leasing photovoltaic power|have contracted photovoltaic power leases} {than ever before due to|more than they ever have before because of|more than ever before thanks to} the {popularity of|increasing popularity of|rising popularity of this} {simple, sustainable|easy, sustainable|simple, renewable} energy. {People aren’t selling their homes|There aren’t many people selling their homes|The majority of homeowners aren’t selling their houses} {due to their|because of their|due to the} solar {lease almost always|leases almost all the time|leases nearly always}. This means{ that|} there are many {great benefits|benefits|advantages} {to continuing the lease contract|for extending the lease|of extending the lease} with a new {buyer|owner|purchaser}.

{Apart from the carbon offset|In addition to the offset from carbon|Alongside the carbon offset} {that comes with adopting clean|associated with the switch to clean|which comes with adopting green}{, renewable energies| renewable energy sources}{, a buyer who leases| the buyer who leases| those who lease} solar panels {to their|for their|to the} home {may also enjoy|can also benefit from|will also be able to enjoy} {the following benefits|these benefits|the following advantages}.

  • Electricity {costs are expected|expenses are anticipated|prices are expected} to be {low for|minimal for|low during} the {remainder lease agreement|remaining lease term|remainder of the lease agreement}
  • {Complex lease agreements can discourage|Lease agreements that are complicated can deter|The complexity of lease agreements could deter} {home buying power and lower|the homebuyer and reduce|buyers from buying homes and limit} {potential|the likelihood of} buyers.
  • There {are no future|are no further|aren’t any future} maintenance {costs or concerns|expenses or worries|or other costs}. Everything is {taken care of|handled|taken care} by the {lessor|leaser|leasing company}.

The {Cons of Buying|Benefits of Buying|downsides of buying} {a Home With Leased Solar|an apartment with leased solar|the home with lease-to-own solar} Panels

{Homes with solar array|Solar arrays in homes with|Properties with solar array} lease agreements {can add another|could add an additional|can add an extra} {layer of stress|burden|added stress} {to an already exhausting|to an already stressful|on top of an already stressful} {home buying process|purchasing a home|buying a house}. To {avoid additional headaches|avoid further headaches|prevent additional stress}{, many house hunters| most home buyers| the majority of homebuyers} {won’t even consider buying|will not even think about buying|aren’t going to even think about purchasing} {a home|homes|an apartment} {with solar panel leases|that has solar panel leases|with leases for solar panels}.

{Apart from the extra|In addition to the additional|Other than the added} {paperwork, purchasing a home|documentation, buying a house|documents, purchasing a house} {with solar panels leased may|that is solar-powered may|with solar panels for lease could} {have one or more of|be a bit more expensive than a home with solar panels.|come with one or more of} these {drawbacks|disadvantages}.

  • Transfer costs that {could|may|can} be {incurred|paid for|charged} (if they are {included in|not included in|part of} the {contract|agreement|terms of the contract}).
  • {Low-electricity customers will pay more|Customers with low electricity will have to pay higher|Electricity customers with lower electricity rates will be charged more} {monthly fees|monthly charges|per month.}
  • Additional credit checks{ and potentially|, and possibly| as well as} disqualifying measures

Additional Benefits {of Buying|of Purchasing|to Buying} {a House with Solar|an Energy-efficient Home with Solar|the house with solar} Panels

What are the {advantages|benefits} of {purchasing a house with|buying a home with|buying a house that has} solar {panel roofs|roofs made of panels}?

{Let’s start with|Let’s begin with|We’ll start by providing} some {background information|details|basic information}. {Many homeowners either buy|A lot of homeowners purchase|Most homeowners either purchase} their solar panels {directly|on their own|from them directly} or {use|take out|make use of} {a loan|loans|the loan option} to purchase {them|the panels}. {Some homeowners lease their systems|Certain homeowners lease their solar panels|Some homeowners lease their solar systems} to {lower the cost of|reduce the cost of|save money on} installation.

{There is one major difference|There’s a major distinction|There’s one significant difference} between the two {types|kinds|forms} of solar {systems acquisition|system acquisitions|system purchases}{:| that is| and} ownership. {While you own the system|When you own the equipment|You own the system} when you {buy|purchase} {a solar panel system|solar panels}{, a| the| A} {lease or power purchase agreement|leasing agreement or power purchase|contract for a lease, or power purchase} (PPA) {gives you|provides you with|offers you} the option {to purchase|of purchasing|of buying} {the equipment from|solar equipment through|this equipment directly from} a {third party|third-party}.

  • According to Zillow {research, homes with|research, homes that have|study, homes powered by} solar power {sold at|were sold for|were sold at} 4.1{% higher prices| percent more| percentage more} {than similar|over similar|than comparable} homes {without it in 2019|that did not have it in the year 2019|without solar power in 2019}. {Home sellers|Sellers of homes|Homeowners} {can expect to make|are likely to earn|could expect to earn} an additional $9,274 {from a|on the|through the} {sale of their home|sale of their house|selling their home}. {Homes may sell for more|The price of homes can be higher|Home sales may be more} in {certain parts|some areas|specific areas} of the {country|country|nation}.
  • You’ll pay less {on your|for your|for} {electricity bills|electric bills|electricity bill}. Solar panels {typically cost $200-$250|are typically priced between $200 and $250|generally cost between $200 and $250} per panel, {depending|based} on {which brand you choose|the brand you select|the model you choose} and {how many|the number of} panels you {have|own}. Consumer Affairs estimates that solar energy {could reduce|can cut|could cut down} {your energy bill|your energy bills|the cost of energy} by {up to 75%|as much as 75%|75% or more}. This {could mean that|means|means that} you {can save thousands|could save thousands|could save hundreds of dollars} over {time|the course of time}.
  • Solar power {can offer|may provide|is a source of} tax incentives {and|as well as} other benefits{:|.} If {you are eligible,|you’re eligible,|you’re eligible} solar {can provide you with|power can offer|energy can give you} {tax credits, rebates|refunds, tax credit|incentives to pay taxes, rebates}{ and|, and} tax breaks.
  • Greater grid independence{: Being| Greater grid independence: Being| A greater grid independence} “off {the|from the|off the} grid” {doesn’t mean you can|does not mean that you cannot|does not mean you have to} {rely on utilities|depend on utility companies|depend on utilities} {for|to provide} {power|electricity|energy}. You {can decide how much|are able to decide on the amount of|decide how much} {connectivity|connection} to the grid {you would|you’d} {like|prefer}. If {you don’t wish|you do not want|you’re not looking} to {disconnect completely|completely disconnect|be completely disconnected} from {utilities, you can|the grid, you may|utilities, you could} {still connect part of the|still connect a portion of the|remain connected in a small} way.

Solar panels are {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} {way to save money on|option to cut down on|method to reduce} your energy {bills|costs|bill}. Energy companies {offer large|provide huge|offer huge} {subsidies to homeowners, but|incentives to homeowners, however|discounts to homeowners, however} {they can be expensive|they are expensive|solar panels can be costly} to {install|set up}.

{While both options are excellent|Although both are great|Both options are excellent} {choices for anyone|options for anyone who is|alternatives for those who are} {interested in|looking to install|who is interested in} {a solar panel system|the solar panel option|solar panels}{, it is important to| It is essential to| however, you must} {consider your personal circumstances before|take into account your individual circumstances prior to|be aware of your own personal situation before} {choosing the best option|selecting the most suitable option|making a decision on the best choice}. {You might also consider buying|It is also possible to consider purchasing|It’s also worth considering buying} solar panel {equipment|systems|products} {if your goal is|for your purpose if you want|in order} to {increase|boost|improve} {the value of|the worth of|its value for} your {home|house} and {take advantage of|reap|benefit from} the {system’s financial benefits|financial benefits of solar panel systems|financial advantages of the system}.

{You may also be eligible|You could also be eligible|It is possible} to {receive tax deductions|get tax-free deductions in exchange|claim tax benefits} {for|to improve} energy efficiency. If you’re {only|just} {interested in the system’s|interested in the|looking at the system’s} environmental {benefits, leasing|benefits, then leasing|advantages, leasing} {a solar system|solar panels|solar systems} {could be the best choice|is a good option|might be the best option}. {The equipment may not be|It’s not|The system may not be} {your best option if you|the best choice if you|your ideal choice if} {don’t want to take full|do not want to take on full|aren’t ready to take complete} {responsibility for it,|accountability for the system,|liability for your system. You} {aren’t eligible|don’t qualify} {for tax credits for investment|to receive tax-free investment credits|to get tax credits for investments} or {want to wait|prefer to wait|are waiting} until {next year to reap|the next year to reap|next year before reaping} the financial {benefits|rewards}.

{Should I Buy a Home|Should I Purchase a Home|Do I need to buy a home} {with Leased Solar Panels|with Solar Panels Leased|that has solar panels leased}?

{Leasing solar panels to|The leasing of solar panels for|Letting solar panels be installed on} your {home is usually|house is generally|home is typically} {a good deal|an excellent deal|beneficial}{, unless the terms are| in the event that the terms are| however, the terms must not be} {unfavorable|not favorable|negative}. {Leasing solar panels does|The leasing of solar panels will|Solar panels that are leased do} {not affect the property’s value|have no effect on the value of your property|not impact the value of the home}. {Purchased solar panels can increase|The purchase of solar panels may increase|Solar panels purchased can boost} the {home’s selling price|value of the property|price of selling a home}.

{This means that most|The majority of|That means that} {homes with solar panels|houses with solar panels that are|homes that have solar panels} {leased can save money over|that are leased will save money in|leases can save money in} the {long-term|long run|long term} without {having to buy|the need to purchase|having to purchase} the property {at a high|at a premium|for a large} {price|cost}. {Apart from the advice of|In addition to the advice of|As a supplement to the advice given by} your {realtor, it is|agent, it’s|realtor, it’s} {best to contact|recommended to speak with|ideal to get in touch with} the solar {panel system’s|panel’s} previous owner to {fully understand|understand|get a full understanding of} the {terms before you become|conditions before becoming|terms prior to becoming} {the new owner|your new proprietor|an owner}.

If you {decide against leasing|are not planning to lease|don’t want to lease} {a home|an apartment|homes} {with solar panels,|that has solar panels} {but still|however, you still|but you} {want to be a|would like to be|desire to be} {part of the solar revolution,|participant in the revolution of solar power, then|member of this solar movement,} we {recommend|suggest} {starting small with a folding|beginning with a small, folding|starting with a foldable} solar panel. Small-scale solar generators{, also|, commonly| also} {known as|called} {folding solar panels|solar panels that fold}{, can be used| are a great option| can be used} {to power your|to power|for powering} backyard {parties or trips|barbecues or excursions|gatherings or travels} {around the country|across the country|across the nation}. {They are free from|They do not require|They’re not dependent on} any {source of solar energy|solar power source}.



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