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{Depreciation|The depreciation rate|Decreasing} of Solar Panels

{Depreciation|The depreciation rate|Decreasing} of Solar Panels

{First, it’s important|It is important|In the beginning, it’s crucial} to {note|be aware|remember} that tax incentives {can be|may be|are} different from {those offered|the incentives offered|those provided} by {the federal and state|state and federal|the state and federal} governments. {Apart from|In addition to|Other than} the {state and deferral tax|tax credits offered by state governments and deferral|deferral and state tax} credits{, the| The| the} most {well-known|popular|widely-known} {tax incentive|incentives for tax purposes|tax-free incentive available} is the {26% solar|solar 26%} credit. {Solar energy consumers|Solar energy users|Customers who use solar energy} {have the option of claiming|can claim|are able to claim} {a 100% depreciation bonus|an 100% depreciation bonus|the 100% depreciation} tax credit {under|as part of|in} the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. This {will reduce|can reduce|will help reduce} {their losses as|the amount they pay as|their losses since} {their solar equipment decreases|their solar equipment gets smaller|the solar equipment they own decreases} {over|in} time. The {following solar equipment is|following solar devices are|below solar equipment is} {eligible for this bonus:|qualified for this bonus|eligible for this bonus}

  • Solar PV panels
  • Inverters
  • Equipment {for the balance-of-system|to balance the system|to support the balance-of-system}
  • Racking
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transformers {for step-up|to boost your performance}
  • Surge arrestors
  • Batteries and other {energy storage devices|devices for energy storage|storage devices for energy}

This bonus {is not only|isn’t just|is not just} for {solar equipment but also|solar systems, but also|solar-powered equipment, but} includes {sales and taxes|taxes and sales}. {This bonus also applies|The bonus is also applicable} to {installation costs, and|the installation cost, as well as|installation costs and} indirect costs (as {long as you can|as you are able to|as long as you} {prove|demonstrate|show} {them|they are not|that they’re not}). There are {different|various|a variety of} tax incentives{ available|| that are available} for solar panels {in different|across different|across various} states. {Some states, like|Certain states, such as|Certain states, like} [region], {offer|provide|have} {better incentives than others|more incentives than others|higher incentives than others}.

Solar Panel Depreciation (or solar panel depreciation) is {one|a} tax code that {drives|encourages|promotes} {innovation and higher investments|the development of new technologies and increases investments|innovations and higher investment} {in renewable energy|into renewable power sources|on renewable energy}. {It also helps consumers lower|Additionally, it helps consumers reduce|It also assists consumers in reducing} {their installation costs|the cost of installation|the costs of installing solar panels}.

Depreciation {simply means that|is simply the term used to describe how|simply signifies that} {an asset’s worth|the value of an asset|an asset’s value} {decreases over|diminishes over|decreases with} time. Depreciation {can be used|is a method used|can be utilized} by {your business|businesses|your company} to {recover the costs|pay back the cost|cover the costs} of assets that {lose value|decrease in value|are devalued} {over time|in time|over time}.

{Solar energy depreciation is not|Depreciation of solar energy is not|Depreciation on solar energy isn’t} {available to homeowners who are|accessible to homeowners|for homeowners} {considering|contemplating|thinking of} {going|switching to|moving to} solar. However, it {does apply|is applicable|can be applied} to businesses {as|since|because} solar energy is {considered a|regarded as a|considered to be a} business expense.

{What is Depreciation|How do you define Depreciation|Is Depreciation a Deficit}?

Depreciation{, by definition,|, as a term implies,| by definition} {is the loss of value over time|refers to the depreciation of value|means the loss in value that occurs over the course of time} {due to|because of} wear and tear{ or obsoletion| or the process of obsolescence|, or even obsolescence}. Depreciation {can be accounted for|is accounted for|can be counted} by taxpayers {when they file|when filing|as they file} their {annual taxes to reduce|tax returns each year to lower|annual tax returns to lessen} their tax {liability|burden|liabilities}. This {can lead to significant|could result in significant|could lead to substantial} savings. There are {many types|a variety|numerous types} of {tangible and intangible property|tangible and intangible properties|property, both tangible and intangible} {that can depreciate|that are depreciable|which can be depreciated}{, provided they last| when they are used for| in the event that they last for} {more than one year|longer than one year|more than a year}.

Here are {some|a few} examples of {property that is|properties that are|property} {depreciating:|declining:|depreciating}

  • Buildings
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Software for computers

{To be eligible|In order to be eligible|To qualify} {for the tax deduction|to claim tax deductions|for tax deductions}{, taxpayers must use| tax deduction, taxpayers must utilize| Taxpayers must make use of} the property {to generate|to earn|for earning} income. {They cannot deduct the property’s|The property cannot be deducted for|They are not able to deduct the property’s} {business-related use if they use|commercial use if they are using|business-related use when they use} it for {personal and business|business or personal|both personal and business} {reasons|motives}. {It’s no longer|It is no longer|It’s not} possible to depreciate {the property after|the property once|a property after} the owner has {recovered|recouped|paid back} {its cost or|the cost or has|its costs or} {retired from|removed from|was removed from the} service.

{Benefits of depreciation for businesses|The benefits of depreciation for business|Depreciation benefits for businesses}

{Businesses are exempt from|Businesses are not subject to|Companies are not exempt from} depreciation {because it only applies|since it is only applicable|as it only applies} to {people who make money|those who earn money|those who earn a profit} {from the|from their|through the} property. {A company|Businesses|Companies} {can deduct depreciation to|can deduct depreciation in order to|is able to deduct depreciation to} {spread out the costs|help spread the cost|divide the costs} of {acquiring|purchasing|buying} assets over {time|the course of time}. This allows for {more|a more} precise {measurement of revenues|measurements of revenue|estimation of revenues} {and profits, which is|as well as profits. This is|and profit, both of which are} {crucial|essential|vital} {for accounting and reporting|in accounting and reporting|for reporting and accounting} {as well as decision-making|and also for making decisions|as well as for decision-making}.

{Businesses can take advantage of|Companies can benefit from|Businesses can profit from} depreciation {to|for|in order to}:

  • Recover {assets’ costs|the costs of assets|costs associated with assets’ use} {during their useful lives|in their use|throughout their useful lives}
  • {Save tax|Tax savings}
  • {Maintain accurate records of revenue|Keep accurate records of revenue|Keep accurate records of income}

How does {the depreciation of|depreciation of|the depreciation process of} solar panels {work|function|operate}?

{These are numerous methods for|There are a variety of methods for|There are many ways of} {calculating the savings from|the calculation of|to calculate the benefits of} solar devaluation. {The five-year|Five-year|A five year} Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation {schedule is the most popular|plan is the most well-known|schedule is the most sought-after}.

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{A simple|An easy|An} {example|illustration} {of the Depreciation|from the depreciation|for the Depreciation} Process

Let’s {say you have|say that you have|suppose you own} {a solar system that costs|an solar system that is priced at|the solar panel that costs} $100,000. {The first step is to|First, you must|It is the first thing to do} {claim the 26%|take advantage of the} tax credit. {The|It is the|This is because the} IRS {reduces the tax credit’s|cuts the credit’s|lowers tax credits’} {basis|base|amount} by half. {This leaves you with|The result is|It leaves} (26{% /| percent /| percent or} 23{%| percent}). The $100,000 {cost|investment|price} {can be|could be|is} {depreciated by 13% to|reduced by 13% to|depreciated by 13% , to} {bring it down|bring it|reduce it} to $87,000. The {100% bonus can|bonus of 100% can|100% bonus is able to} be claimed {within|in} the first year {after|following} {the installation of|installing|you have installed} your solar {system|panel}. Experts {recommend the|suggest using the|recommend using the} MACRS model {for calculating|to calculate} {how much|the amount|the amount that} {your solar system will depreciate|your solar system’s value will decrease|the solar system you have installed will appreciate}. Let’s {say|suppose|assume} {that the federal government|you’re in the US and that federal law|there is a federal tax credit that} {offers|provides|gives} {24% solar energy tax|the tax of 24% on solar energy|the solar energy tax credit at 24%} credit{, while| and| however,} the state government {offers only|only offers|provides only} {5%|5percent|five percent}. After subtracting the {26% solar credit|solar tax credit of 26}{, the cost fell to| it is| cost, the total amount dropped to} $87,000. This is the {base cost|cost of base|basic cost}. Add {the rates|in the rates|the costs} of {the federal and state|both the federal and state|the state and federal} governments to {find out|figure out|determine} {how much you can|the amount you can|how much you could} {save|reduce your expenses}.

  • Federal tax credit{: $87,000| $87,700| 87,000} {x|+|divided by} 24{%| percent} = $20.880
  • {State tax credit: $87,000|Tax credit for state tax: $87,000|Credit for State taxes: $87,700}{,|} {X 5% = 4,350|5 x $87,000 = 4,350|5,5 x 8,350}

The {federal tax incentive|tax incentive offered by the federal government|tax incentive from the federal government} {can be claimed|is available} {in its entirety|completely|in full} {within|in} {the first|one|of the initial} year. The amount of{ the|} state {credit you are claiming|tax credit you claim|credit you’re claiming} {is dependent on how long|depends on the time|will depend on the length of time} it {takes to claim|is to claim it}.

What is the {depreciation rate|depreciation percentage|rate of depreciation} for 26{%| percent} Solar Tax Credit?

The IRS {states|declares} that the {depreciation base|base for depreciation} is one-half {the amount of|of the} tax credits {allowed|that are allowed|permitted}. If you {buy|purchase|decide to purchase} solar in 2021{ and|, and} {the tax credit is 26 percent|you receive a tax-free credit of 26 percent|your tax credits are 26 per cent}{, your depreciation base would| the depreciation base will| then your depreciation basis would} {be|represent|comprise} 87{% of the total price| percent of the cost| percent of the price} of solar (100{%| percent} {-|+|(or} [26%*.5{]|*.5|(or 26%*.5}).

{What are the|How much are|Which are} Federal {and State Savings Rates|as well as State Savings rates|or State Savings Rates}?

Businesses {can now depreciate 100|are now able to depreciate 100|are now able depreciate 100}{% of their cost basis| percent of their cost basis| percent of their cost base} {for the first year|in the first year|for the first time} {at the federal level|on a federal scale|in the Federal level}{,|} {thanks to|because of|due to} The Tax Cut and Jobs Act. The five-year {plan will spread|plan will distribute|program will spread} {your state savings|the savings of your state|the state savings}. {Your tax brackets|The tax brackets you choose} will be {needed|used} to {calculate your state and federal|determine your federal and state|calculate your federal and state} savings. In the {example below|following example}{, we will use| we will be using| we’ll use} 24{% federal tax| percent federal tax| per cent federal tax,} and {8% state tax|the state tax of 8|8percent state tax}.

How do you {calculate|determine|estimate} {your solar depreciation savings|the solar depreciation savings|the savings from solar depreciation}?

To {calculate the|determine the|calculate} savings, {we will use|we’ll use|we’ll employ} {the|to calculate the savings, we will use|for calculating the cost savings we’ll use the} MACRS method. Imagine {that you bought|you purchased|that you purchase} {a solar system|an array of solar panels|the solar system you want} {for $500,000 in|worth $500,000 in|for $500,000 by} 2021. {This will make you eligible|This would make you eligible|It will qualify you} to {receive|take advantage of|be eligible for} the {26% Federal Solar|Federal Solar 26%} Incentive Credit. Since the depreciable basis is half of the tax credit amount, we’ll need to take 13% off the solar system costs (26%*.5), which leaves us with $435,000 of depreciable basis ($500,000*[100%-13%]).

We {need to|will need to|must} {multiply $435,000 by 24 percent|divide $435,000 times 24 percent|add up $435,000 and 24 per cent}{ in order|} to {calculate federal|calculate the federal|determine federal} savings. {This will give us|This gives us|That will result in} $104,400 {for the first|in the first|for the initial} year. {We will multiply the $435,000|We’ll multiply the $435,000|The $435,000 will be multiplied} by 8.8{, which| and this| This} {will give us|gives us|will result in} $34,800. {Your state savings|The savings you earn from your state|Your savings from the state} {will be|is|are} calculated over the {5-year|five-year|5 year} MACRS calendar.

Solar depreciation {can save you|could save you|is a way to save} $139,200. {That’s almost|This is nearly|That’s nearly} 28{%| percent} (or 27.84{%| percent}) {of the total|from the overall|on the entire} {cost of your system|cost of your solar system|expense of your system}.

The {Advantages|Benefits} {of Going|from Going|in going} Solar for {Businesses|Business|businesses}

{Using|Utilizing} {the|using the|applying the} MACRS {Solar Tax Repayment Schedule|The Solar Tax Repayment Plan|the Solar Tax Repayment Scheduling} {can|will|could} {help your company afford|aid your business in obtaining|assist your company in making} {a solar investment|an investment in solar|the cost of a solar investment}. This is {significant|important|crucial} {because solar money invested|since solar energy|because investing in solar} {has numerous advantages for|offers numerous benefits for|can bring many benefits to} {all businesses|every business|any business}. {These are just a few|This is just one|These are only a few} of the {many|numerous} {reasons to consider installing|reasons to think about installing|advantages to putting in} {a solar system|solar panels|an solar system}.

Federal Tax Credit

{Businesses have a lot of|Companies can avail a variety of|There are many business} {incentives with|incentives through|advantages with} {the federal tax credit|the tax credits granted by Congress|Federal tax credit}. It {reduces tax burdens significantly|significantly reduces tax burdens|can reduce tax burdens considerably}. Based on {a percentage|the percentage of tax|an amount}{, it| that| which} {allows you to reduce|lets you reduce|helps you cut down} {your tax liability|the tax burden|your tax obligation} {dollar for dollar|by a dollar|in dollar terms}. The percentages {will vary depending|can vary based|may differ based} {on the date you|the date that you first|on the date when you first} {installed the system|set up the software|have installed your system}. You {may also be eligible|could also qualify|could also be eligible} {for additional tax credits from|to receive additional tax credits from|for tax credits that are not provided by} your state.


{Depreciation on|The depreciation of|Depreciation for} solar panel {investments makes it more affordable|investments can make it more affordable|investment makes it less expensive} and {reduces your tax burden|lowers tax burden|less tax-exempt}{, as mentioned previously| as previously mentioned| like we mentioned earlier}. {The accelerated depreciation schedule|The depreciation schedule that is accelerated|Accelerated depreciation} {makes it easier to|helps you|allows you to better} manage {your first year’s costs|the costs of your first year|your initial year’s expenses}.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC).

Another {significant|major|important} {financial benefit is the|financial gain is|economic benefit is} Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. {Some states require utility companies|Certain states require utilities|Certain states require utility companies} to {produce a certain percentage|generate a certain amount|produce a specific percentage} of their {energy|power} {from renewable|using renewable energy|by using sustainable} {sources|resources|source} (RECs). {Many of these|A majority of these|Some} states {require that a certain amount|stipulate that a certain number|have a requirement that a certain amount} of certificates {be generated|come|are generated} {from solar energy sources only|by solar energy sources alone|using solar energy sources exclusively}.

{This can make solar power|This makes solar power|Solar power is} {even more attractive, since|even more appealing, as|more appealing as} {you will own|you’ll own|you’ll have} {one|just one|an} SREC per megawatt-hour {of solar energy produced|of solar energy generated|produced by solar power}. {To meet their quotas,|To fulfill their quotas,|In order to meet their quotas} {utility companies will buy|utilities will purchase} your certificates. {You could make|You can earn|It is possible to earn} {hundreds of dollars in|thousands of dollars|several hundred dollars} {some|certain} {cases|instances|situations}.

Energy Independence

Solar panels {can also provide|also offer|also can provide} energy independence{ which can|, which could| that can} {save you money over|help you save money in|reduce your costs in} the {long term|long run|long-term}. Natural {gas and fossil fuel|fossil and gas|gasoline and fossil fuel} prices {can fluctuate|fluctuate|can vary} {from month to month|between months}{, which| and this| which} {can make|makes|could make} {financial planning difficult for businesses|the financial planning of businesses difficult|business financial planning difficult}. Solar panels {allow you to|let you|can be used to} {create your own electricity|generate your own electricity|create your own power}{, which reduces dependence on| and reduce the dependence on| that reduces the need for} {utilities companies and their unpredictable|utility companies and their fluctuating} {prices|costs|price}.

Why is solar {investing|investment|energy} more {beneficial|effective|profitable} {than|over} other equipment?

Solar {investment can bring|energy can provide|investments can bring} {many benefits to businesses|numerous benefits for businesses|many advantages to companies}{, such as lowering utility| including lowering energy| that include lowering electricity} {bills and saving the environment|costs and preserving the environment|bills as well as helping to save the planet}. {You also get a lot|Additionally, you can get a significant amount|Also, you will receive a substantial amount} of {money back|cash back in|cash back within} the first year{ thanks| due|, thanks} to the 100{%| percent} bonus depreciation {policy|plan}. {Businesses will likely|Companies will probably|Businesses are likely to} {choose the asset that offers|select the investment that will provide|pick the option that provides} the {highest|most|greatest} return. {However, only solar will|But, solar is the only option that will|However, only solar can} {offer the best return|provide the highest return|give the most profit} {in year one|in the first year|for the first year}. {This will|It can|This can} be used to {pay for|cover} {solar installation costs,|the installation of solar panels,|solar installation costs} or{ can| it can|} be {reinvested elsewhere|invested elsewhere|put back into other projects}.

Are {You Thinking of Going|you thinking of going|You Thinking About Going} Solar? {Get in touch with|Contact} [xfield_company] {for more information|for more details.|to learn more about the possibilities.}

{Many businesses can now|A lot of businesses are now able to|Many companies can now} {go solar with|switch to solar through|opt for solar power through} {government|government-sponsored|the help of government} programs. {Although solar is a significant|While solar is an expensive|Although solar is a major} investment, it {can offer|offers|is able to provide} {unbeatable|incredible|unparalleled} {returns and benefits|results and advantages|rewards and benefits}. The {initial costs of solar|cost of the initial solar installation|costs for solar’s initial phase} are {significantly lower due to|considerably lower thanks to|much lower because of} tax credits {and|as well as} an {accelerated amortization schedule|amortization schedule that is accelerated|amortization schedule with accelerated rates}. [xfield_company] is {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} {resource for anyone considering|source for anyone who is considering|resource for anyone thinking of} {going solar|the solar option|making the switch to solar}.

[xfield_company] {is a specialist|is an expert|has expertise} {in the design and installation of solar energy|for the development and construction of solar|on the installation and design of solar power} systems. {With a custom-designed system|By designing a system that is custom-designed}{, we’ll maximize your| will maximize the| you’ll get the most} return on {investment|your investment}. {We are happy|We’re happy|We’re here} to answer {your questions about|any questions you have about|your questions regarding} solar energy{ and provide| and offer|, and also provide} {a quote|an estimate|the price}.



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