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Do solar panels work during a power outage

Do solar panels work during a power outage

{You have shiny|There are shiny|There are beautiful} solar panels {on the|that are on your|on your} roof. {Now you can|You can now|Now you’re able to} {generate a lot of your|produce a significant amount of|generate lots of} {electricity|electric power|energy}. {You’re almost free from|You’re nearly free of|It’s almost time to stop paying} {power bills and|electricity bills and you’ll|the cost of electricity and can} {feel like|have the feeling of|are feeling like} an environmentalist. {One windy night, a|A stormy night|One stormy night, a} storm {knocks down a large|slams into a huge|causes the destruction of a massive} tree {on your block,|that is on your block|in your neighborhood,} and {then the|then|the} power {goes out|is cut off}. {Will your refrigerator still be|What happens to your refrigerator|Is your refrigerator} {working when the sun rises|functioning when the sun rises|operating when the sun sets} {above|over} the {horizon|sky|surface of the horizon}? {Most likely not|Most likely not}.

{You are most likely|Most likely, you are|You’re probably} connected to {your local electric|the local electric|your local electricity} grid {if|when|If} {you have solar panels|there are solar panels|your solar panel is}{ installed| mounted|} {on your roof|in your roofing|at the top of your house}. This means {that you get|you receive|that you are getting} {power from the utility company|electricity from the utility company|energy from the utility provider} {during the day and|throughout the day, and at times|in the daylight hours and also} {when your solar|in the event that your solar|whenever your} panels {don’t|fail to|do not} {produce enough energy|generate enough energy|produce enough power}. {When your panels produce|If your panels generate|If your panels produce} more energy than {you require|you need|what you need}{, you also send power| and you want to send it| then you send power} to them.

{Most home solar panels|The majority of solar panels for homes|The majority of solar panels in homes} are designed to{ be|} {shut down when the|turned off when|removed when} power {goes out|is cut off}. {This prevents them from feeding|They are unable to feed|This stops them from feeding} {power back into|electricity back to} {any wires that could|the wires that may|any wires that might} {have caused the|be the cause of the|be responsible for the power} {outage|interruption|downtime}. {You don’t want your panels|It is not a good idea for your panels|Your panels shouldn’t be able} to {cause utility workers injury|injure utility workers|cause injury to utility workers} {by the live|due to the live|because of the} voltage {that is affected|that is impacted|that’s impacted} by {downed power lines|power lines that have been shut down|the downed power lines}.

{What good are|What is the purpose of|What’s the point of} solar panels{ installed|| that are installed} on {a roof if|the roof when|the roof if} {there is no|there isn’t|there’s no} electricity? {You have to|It is essential to|You must} {find a way|come up with a method|figure out a way} to {keep the electricity on|ensure that electricity is on|keep electricity running}. {How about|What about|Are there} batteries? {Or how can you stop|How can you prevent|What can you do to stop} solar energy from {flowing into|entering|getting into} {the grid when it’s|the power grid when it’s|electricity grids when the sun is} {down|not|off}. These are the {questions|kinds of questions|issues} {we will be answering|we’ll be addressing|we’ll answer}.

Why can't solar panels function in a blackout situation?

{The majority of|Most} homeowners {who have|with} solar panels {on their homes|installed on their home|in their homes} {are|have them|can be} “grid-tied,” which is {when the panels are connected|the case when the panels are connected|when the panels are linked} {with|to|via} an inverter.

The inverter {connects to the|is connected to the|is connected to your} main AC panel {of the house|in the home|inside the house} {as well as a special|and also a|along with a} {smart electric|electronic} meter. This {enables you to record|allows you to track|allows you to keep track of} both the {energy you receive|energy you get|electricity you get} from {the utility company and|your utility provider and|the utility company as well as} the {energy your solar panels|solar energy you|energy that your solar panels} {send|transmit} {to the|back to|into the} grid. {Grid-tied solar systems do not|Grid-connected solar systems don’t|Grid-connected solar systems do not} require {any backup batteries|backup batteries|batteries for backup}.

This is {why|the reason} {home solar experts often say|solar experts from home often claim|solar experts at home frequently say}{ that the grid is their battery| they are their own battery|”the grid” is the battery of their system}. {Your solar system can produce|Solar panels can generate|Your solar system could generate} {excess energy and you get|surplus energy, and you can also get|extra energy and earn} credit from{ your|} neighbors. {However, when|But, when|When} the sun {goes down you|sets, you|goes down , you} still {require|need} grid {power from your utility company|energy from your utility company|electricity from your utility provider}. {You can|You could|It is possible to} {get a power bill|receive a bill for power|pay for electricity} {as low|at as little|that is as low} as $0.01 {if you do|If you follow|when you keep} {this balance act right|this right|the right balance}.

A typical grid-tied {system will have|system has|device will have} an automatic shut-off {to stop|feature to prevent|that stops} any {extra energy being sent|additional energy from being transmitted|extra energy from flowing} {over damaged power lines|through damaged power lines|over power lines that are damaged} in the {event|case} of {a blackout|an outage|the power grid going out}. This {safety feature protects|feature is designed to protect|security feature safeguards} {line workers who are out|workers on the line who are|workers working on lines who are} fixing {things when they break|their equipment when it breaks|broken things}.

{However, this|But this|But, it} {doesn’t mean your house won’t|does not mean that your home won’t|doesn’t mean that your house will not} {receive|get|be able to receive} solar {power|energy}. If your {house is in|home is experiencing|home is under} {a blackout,|an outage,|the middle of a blackout, then} {your solar power goes out|your solar power is cut off|the solar power will be cut off}.

How can you use solar power to survive a power outage?

There are {several ways|a variety of ways|many ways that} {you can|to} {keep your home running even|keep your home functioning even|ensure that your home is running} {if the|when the|in the event that} power {goes out|is cut off|is lost}.

  • {Make sure to use|Be sure to have|Use} {a backup|an emergency|an additional} gas generator
  • {Solar batteries can be added to your system|The solar batteries are a great addition to any system.|Batteries from solar can also be added into your systems}
  • {Solar-powered generators are a good|Generators powered by solar energy are a great|Generators that run on solar power are a good} {option|alternative}
  • {Your inverter|The inverter you have|Inverters} {can be replaced with|is able to be replaced by|could be replaced with} {an|the|one of the} Enphase Ensemble or Sunny Boy {system|system.}

1. Backup gas generator

{Although we solar-lovers aren’t inclined|While we solar-lovers don’t tend|Even though we solar-lovers tend not} to {advocate burning|burn|encourage burning} {things to generate power|objects to produce power|items to generate electricity}{, the best| The best| the most effective} {way to ensure you|method to make sure you|way to ensure that you} {have backup power in case|are prepared in the event|have power backup in the event} {of an outage is|there’s a power outage would be|the power goes out is} to {purchase|buy|invest in} {a|an electric|the} generator.

{You can purchase a gas|You can buy a gas|It is possible to purchase a gasoline} generator {with a capacity of|that can produce|that has a power capacity of} {9,000 watts for $1,400 plus|9000 watts for $1400, which includes|9,900 watts at $1,400. This includes} {fuel and installation costs|the cost of installation and fuel|the installation cost and fuel}. This {will allow|allows|can allow} you to {power|run} your entire {house while|home while|house as} {utility workers restore|utility workers repair|utilities workers fix} the grid.

{You can often outlast any|It is possible to survive an|You are able to usually last through an} {extended outage by having|long-lasting outage with|prolonged outage by using} {a generator and fuel|an engine and fuel|fuel and a generator}. If {you have|you need|you’re forced} to, you {can even|could|may be able to} {help|assist} your {neighbor|neighbour}. {While your solar panels won’t|Although your solar panels will not|Even though your solar panels won’t} be able {to turn on|to start|turn on} {again until the grid is restored|once the power grid has been restored|for a while until grid power is back up}, at {least|the very least} {you will have|you’ll have|you’ll be able to} {power|electricity|energy}.

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{Cons of|The cons of having} {a backup|an emergency|the backup} generator

{Gas generators can be noisy|Gas generators can be loud|Generators that run on gas can be noisy}{, obnoxious, and| and obnoxious. They also| or obnoxious and can} {pollute the environment|pollute the surroundings|cause environmental pollution}. Imagine the {noise|sound} and smell{ that would be| that could be|} {created if your|produced if your|generated if the} generators were {run simultaneously|simultaneously run|operated simultaneously} by {your ten nearest|the ten closest|your 10 closest} neighbors.

{You also run the risk|There is also the possibility|Also, you run the risk} {of your fire starting|that your fire could start|of your fire bursting} {because of stored fuel|due to the fuel stored|because of the fuel you have stored}. This {can happen|could happen|is a possibility} {if you fill near|when you fill up near|in the event that you fill} the hot metal {parts on|parts of|components on} {a generator|the generator|an engine}. {It is not good|It’s not a good idea|It’s not ideal} {if your power goes out|when your power is cut off|to lose power} {due to increased fire risk|because of the increased risk of fire|due to a higher risk of fire}.

{Although|While} {there are cleaner generators|some cleaner power generators are available|it is true that there exist cleaner generators} {that run|running} {on natural gas or diesel|using diesel or natural gas|on diesel or natural gas}{, the cost of any| however the price of any| but the cost of anything} {more is very high|additional generator is extremely high|other generator is very expensive}. The [xfield_company] power {outage of|outage in|blackout of} February 2021 {shows|demonstrates|has shown} that natural gas {can be|is} {very unstable, even in|extremely unstable, even during|very unstable, even during} winter blackouts.

Generators {are not an attractive|aren’t a great|are not a desirable} {option, other than|alternative, aside from|option, except for} {the low cost|the cost|their low price}. Let’s {take a look at|look at|examine} {some solar options, including|the various solar options, including|several solar options, such as} {the so-called solar generators|the solar generators that are described|those referred to as solar generators} in the {section below|following section|next section}.

2. Solar battery

{A solar battery system is the|Solar battery systems are the|The solar-powered battery is your} {best|ideal|most suitable} {option for complete|solution to have|choice for} {peace of mind in times|assurance in the event|security in the event} of power {outage|failure|interruptions}.

{Nothing can beat the feeling|It’s hard to beat the feeling|There is nothing like the sensation} of {being the only home|having the sole home|being the only house} {on the block that has|on the block with|in the neighborhood that keeps} the lights on{ even after|, even after|, even when} the grid {goes out|is cut off|has gone out}. {However, the generous among|But, those who are generous among|However, the most generous of} us would {rather have|prefer to see|like to have} {all our neighbors enjoy|everyone else enjoy|all of our neighbors have} the same {privilege|benefits}. The {transition|switch} {from grid power to battery backup power|between grid and battery power|of power from the grid to backup battery} {can|could} be {seamless and reassuring|smooth and relaxing|effortless and comforting} {with a solar|by using a solar|with a solar-powered} battery.

There are {many options available|a variety of options to choose from|numerous options to choose from}. From a {bank|large bank|collection} of {deep cycle lead-acid batteries|lead-acid batteries with deep cycles|lead-acid deep cycle batteries} to the {sleek and easy-to-use|sleek and user-friendly|stylish and simple-to-use} [xfield_company] Tesla Powerwall{, there are many| There are a variety of| There are many}. Solar installers are {skilled in|proficient in|adept at} {installing solar panels alongside|the installation of solar panels in conjunction with|setting up solar panels along with} batteries, {so you may|and you could|so you might} be {surprised by the variety|pleasantly surprised by the range|amazed by the array} of Powerwall {options available|alternatives available|options that are available}.

There are {certified installers from|installers certified by} [xfield_company] that can {help you install if you|assist you in installing if you|help you install your solar system if} {have your heart set|are set on installing|want to install it yourself}. There are {many options for|a variety of options available to|many options available to} {you if you are open-minded|those who are open|you if you’re open-minded} and {willing to explore|open to exploring|eager to investigate} {your options|the possibilities}. {You can find batteries|There are batteries available|There are many batteries} {from|made by|that are manufactured by} [xfield_company] that are {comparable in price and functionality|similar in terms of price and performance|identical in terms of cost and function}.

Solar {without|with|with no} batteries (i.e. {A solar-plus battery installation is|A solar-plus battery installation|The solar-plus installation does} {not like solar without|not the same as solar with|different from solar without} batteries (i.e. {Your little solar island|The solar island you have installed|Your solar-powered island} will charge and {discharge the|discharge|drain the} {batteries throughout the day|battery throughout the entire day|batteries all day long}{,|} even {though|if|when} the blackout {is still|remains|is} in {effect|place}. {You can continue running|It is possible to continue operating|It can run} {this way even if|in this manner even if|in this way even when} {there is a power cut|there’s a power outage|there’s a power interruption}.

Why not get off-grid?

{People who are looking|If you are trying|Individuals who want} to {eliminate all|get rid of all|completely eliminate} fossil fuels{ and make sure| and ensure|, and make sure} that only {clean|renewable} {energy flows|electricity flows|power is flowing} through their {wires may|lines could|pipes could} {be inclined to go completely|decide to go|consider going completely} {off-grid|off grid}. {This is an option,|It is an option,|It’s an option} {however it can be very|but it could be extremely|but it is} {expensive|costly|expensive}.

{Although going solar is less|While going solar is more|Even though going solar is now less} {expensive than ever|costly than ever before|cost-effective than ever}{, it can still be| however, it is| but it’s still} {a significant financial commitment|an expensive financial commitment|an investment of a substantial amount}. {Choosing an off-grid setup|The choice of an off-grid system|Making the decision to go off grid} {can prove very costly|could be very expensive|can be extremely costly}. A small{, off-grid system| off-grid setup|, off-grid solution} {that includes|which includes|that incorporates} solar battery storage {can|could|may} {cost thousands more|cost more|be more expensive} than one {connected|that is connected} to{ the|} grid. This is {because of|due to} the {high-priced hardware required|expensive hardware needed|costly hardware that is required}.

Off-grid batteries {must|should|have to} be {capable of providing|able to provide|able to supply} {the right amount of|enough|sufficient} {electricity for you during|power for|energy for you through} three {snowy and cloudy days|days of cloudy and snowy weather|cloudy, snowy days} {in the|during|in} winter. {While it might seem excessive|Although it may seem like a lot|While this may seem excessive} {in the|in|during} summer, you {don’t|do not|wouldn’t} {want your home to be without power|wish to have your house without electricity|need your residence to go without power}{ and have| and|, and} {to resort to a fossil-fuel|to use a fossil fuel|the option of a fossil fuel} generator. {This puts you back to|That puts you back at|It’s back to} {square one|the beginning|starting from scratch}.

[xfield_company] Equipment is battery-ready to end power outages

We {can help you determine|can assist you in determining|will help you determine} {if your home is eligible|whether your house is eligible|whether your home is suitable} {for solar energy|to receive solar power|for solar power}. [xfield_company] provides a {range of best-in-class|variety of top-of-the-line|selection of the top} {solar storage brands|brand names in solar energy storage|manufacturers of solar-powered storage}. We also {offer|provide} solar panel installation {to ensure|so|services to ensure} that you {don’t|never|do not} {have to worry|need to be concerned|need to worry} about power {interruptions|outages|disruptions ever} {again|for the rest of your life|once more}.

{What is the cost|What’s the cost|What’s the price} of {adding|the addition of} {battery storage|batteries} {to your solar system|in your solar panel|for your solar array}? {Prices|Costs|The prices} {for solar battery storage systems|of solar batteries storage|in solar storage batteries} {vary|can vary|differ} {depending on how much|according to the amount of|in accordance with the amount of} {power you want|power you need to have|energy you’d like to make} {available when|to have available when|available in the event that} the grid {goes|is|is shut} down, {which brand|the brand|the type} {of solar panels you lease or|of panels that you lease|and model of solar panel you rent or} {purchase|buy}{, and the| and the| and the overall} {size|dimensions} {of your system|that your solar system is|the system}. {We offer a free evaluation|We provide a no-cost evaluation|We’ll give you a free assessment} of your solar {system that|system which|panel system that} includes a cost-benefit {analysis to|analysis that will|study to} {help you decide whether|determine if|assist you in deciding if} {adding storage would be economically|the addition of storage is economically|adding storage is financially} {beneficial|advantageous|profitable}.

Should you wait to go solar if you are not ready to get our solar battery backup?

{There is no reason|There’s no reason|There’s no reason for you} to {delay|put off|wait}. {Without battery backup|With no backup battery|If you don’t have backup batteries}{, you can| you will| it is possible to} save money {immediately|right away|instantly}. [xfield_company] has thousands {upon|on} thousands of customers {who|that} {do not|don’t} have {solar battery backup|a backup battery for solar|backup solar batteries}{, but still enjoy savings| however, they still save| and still have savings} {of 20-100|between 20 and 100|of 20 to 100}{% on their electricity| percent on their electricity| percent on their power bills}.

Solar system owners {are making|earn} {extra income and profit from|additional income and profit from the|an additional income and profiting from} {excess energy they produce|surplus energy that they generate|excess energy they generate}. The {typical|average} {ROI is 125% within|ROI is 125% in|return on investment is 125% over} {5 years, and it|five years, and|5 yearsand} {keeps increasing|continues to grow|increases} {after|following} {that|the initial}. {Our|The|RateGuardian(TM) Solar PPA} RateGuardian(TM), Solar PPA {allows homeowners to pay \$0|lets homeowners pay no cost|lets homeowners pay nothing} {for solar panels, installation|to install solar panels|on solar panel installation,}{ and|, and} {lock in|secure|guarantee} {a lower electricity rate|an electricity rate that is lower|lower electricity rates} than {their|the|the rate they pay for electricity from their} utility grid. {You will|It is possible to|If you don’t, you’ll} {lose money if you delay|be losing money if you put off|pay more if you wait to} {going|making the switch to|switching to} solar. {Utility rate increases|Rate increases for utilities|Increases in utility rates} are {an inevitable|a normal|a regular} {part of everyday|element of daily|aspect of} life.

3. Solar generator

For {a few|around a|just a few} {hundred dollars,|hundreds of dollars|thousand dollars,} you {can|could} {get|purchase|buy} {a|an|the} “solar generator” from [xfield_company] that will at {least|a minimum|the very least} {keep your food warm and|ensure that your meals are warm as well as|make sure your meal is warm, and keep} {your space heater running|the space heater on|your space heater in operation}.

{Keep in mind|Be aware|Remember} that {these portable options|portable devices|these portable solutions} {are able to be charged|can be charged|are able to charge} {with or against|by|using solar panels or} solar panels {when the grid’s|when the grid is|as long as the grid is} {up|in use}. However, without the same equipment required for a full-solar-plus-storage system, they will not charge from solar when it is down.

4. A special inverter or inverter system

{There is an easy way|It is possible|It’s easy} {for homeowners with|for homeowners who have|homeowners with} solar panels to {make use of|benefit from|harness} the energy {they produce|they generate|produced by solar panels} without {having|the need|needing} {to connect to the grid|be connected to the grid|an electrical connection}{ or have| or|, or} to {set up energy storage|install energy storage|install storage for energy}.

[xfield_company] produces special solar inverters. {These inverters are designed to|They are specifically designed to|Inverters designed for this purpose} {disconnect automatically|immediately disconnect|instantly disconnect} {from the grid|to the power grid|from grid power} in {case|the event} {of a power outage|an outage occurs,|there is a power failure} {while still providing|but still provide|and still supply} {power from your|the power you need from your|energy from the} solar panel.

Secure Power Outages

{Most solar inverters come with|The majority of solar inverters have|Many solar inverters include} the {automatic shut-off that|auto shut-off feature|automatic shut-off} we {mentioned above|discussed above|have mentioned previously}. {However|But|In contrast}, [xfield_company] inverters {allow homeowners to convert to|permit homeowners to switch to a|permit homeowners to convert to a} solar {system when there is|systems when there are|power when there are} power {outages|interruptions|disruptions}..

{[xfield_company]’s inverter|The inverter of [xfield_company]} {is limited to producing|can only produce} {2,000 watts per hour|220 watts|an average of 2,000 watts per hour} {of|in|and 2,000 watts per hour of} “opportunity {energy|power|electricity}” and {can be|is able to|it can} {shut down if it draws|removed if it is drawing|stopped if it uses} {too much|excessive} {power|energy}. It {only works|is only operational|only operates} {when|only when} {the sun is shining|it is sunny|sunlight is on}.

It {might|may|could} {seem like a lot,|appear like a lot,|seem like a lot} {but it’s only|however, it’s just|but this is only} 20 {100-watt light bulbs|light bulbs of 100 watts|light bulbs with a power of 100 watts}. {It is not|This isn’t|It’s not} enough to {power|provide power to|supply power to} an air {conditioner|cooling unit|conditioning unit}. Only {essential appliances are eligible|the most essential appliances can be eligible|essential appliances qualify} {for opportunity power|for power-up opportunities|to use opportunity power}. {You can plug in|Plug in|You can connect} your {refrigerator and lamp|lamp and refrigerator|lamps and refrigerators}{, along with your| as well as your| and} {TV and smartphone|television and phone|television and mobile phone} to keep {yourself company|you entertained|you busy}.

[xfield_company]’s {total cost|total costs|cost total} and {the outlet may|outlet could|outlet might} be {$1,000 higher|over $1,000 more|$1000 more} than an inverter {with|that has|equipped with} the backup {feature|option}. This {might be an appealing|could be a desirable|is an attractive} {option if you consider|alternative if you take into account|choice if you think about} the {10-year life span|10-year lifespan|10 year life-span} {of the inverter|that the inverter has|for the unit}.


[xfield_company] is another {that has worked hard|which has been working hard|company that has been hard at work} to {make solar work|ensure that solar power is available|allow solar to work} {even when|regardless of whether|in the event that} the grid {is down|is not working|isn’t working}. {[xfield_company]’s energy|The [xfield_company]’s|[xfield_company] Solar’s energy} management {system and|system as well as|systems and} microinverters {work together to produce|are able to create|work in tandem to generate} “grid-agnostic” solar {power|energy}. It {can transmit|is able to transmit|can transfer} {power from|the power generated by|energy from} {your solar panels to your|the solar panels to your|your solar panels to} appliances{ as|, as| so} long as {there is|there’s} enough sunlight{, even without batteries| and batteries are not needed| even with no batteries}.

[xfield_company] would prefer {that you buy|to purchase|that you purchase} {its|the|their} solar battery storage {solution|system} {with|that is part of|together with} {the|its|it’s} Ensemble Solar systems. This {would allow|will allow|will enable} your home to {run 24/7|operate 24/7|run continuously} {from stored|using stored|by storing} solar energy. {You might also be willing|It is also possible|You may also want} to {spend several thousand more|pay a few thousand dollars more|shell out a few thousand} {for|to purchase|on} [xfield_company] IQ7 microinverters or the Ensemble system.



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